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The following is a response from Craig Maus, The Confederate Society's President, to a person who asked the question of how and what means is separation possible.

Hello Sir:

  Your question as to HOW requires a detailed explanation because it is MOST IMPORTANT.

 First, I want to personally Thank You for asking it because it indicates a willingness and readiness whose time is long over-do resulting from the continued Multiple Crisis’s created from Washington’s zealous madness.  
I have taken the liberty to include the Members of the Board of Directors of The Confederate Society and WELCOME their input as to- “How Separation?”

 Let me first begin, as I Respectfully do Not know how familiar you are with the Republic’s History, in attempting explanation of your question.

 Let me enumerate:
  1. The Question of Secession has NEVER been addressed to this day.

    It has been ‘talked around’ with many Laws having been passed since 1865 by the National Government making conditions henceforth all the more ‘cloudy’ and confused but, NEVER having addressed the Un-answered question of Secession under the 10th Amendment.

    Thus the Washington Government has made, thru elimination, revision and non-speak, a ‘CONDITION’ that suggests secession has been duly addressed that supports their


  2. Understand also that the Confederate Government did NOT SURRENDER ITSELF when the War ended.
    Our Military did but NOT the Government which means it can be Re-stored through Re-Seatment.

I consider that Government to be in exile & absentia.
  1. You must also be made aware of what Salmon Chase, the Supreme Court Justice at that time said to Edward Stanton, Lincoln’s Sec’y of War after the War ended:

    “If YOU bring ANY of those men (Gov’t Officials or Military of The Confederacy before me, then that which you won on the Battlefield will be LOST in a Court of Law!”


  2. You must remember that Lincoln had Portrayed the Confederacy and her People, from the Start, as Rebels associated with an Act of Treason.


    Because as noted in # 3- they COULDN’T because we were Never Rebels & had NEVER committed ANY Act of Treason!

  3. Jimmy Ward, a Member of our Board of Director’s whose Father- Bill Ward- has written an extensive piece about this and I am going to ask Jimmy to send it to you.

    Bill Ward speaks in great Detail how Salmon Chase & Stanton GOT AROUND what was being called ‘The Trial of the Century’ at the time as President Davis WANTED, IN THE WORSE WAY, to bring before the Supreme Court of the United States, the CASE for OUR POSITION & RIGHT OF EXISTENCE!

    But they found (Chase & Company) a loophole within the 14th Amendment that THEY PASSED in 1868 ( 3-years AFTER the War ), when Our States were being ‘represented’ by

    Carpet-Baggers and Federal Judges, that allowed them to AVOID that TRIAL from Ever Happening.

    Thus their LIE BEGAN along with the Usurpation of this Republic.
    It has been in play ever since and over the last 150 years but NOT before their Supreme Court ruled, AFTERWARDS, & AGAIN ‘once more’


  1. Thus an Entire Nation hence has been Moved to Think that Secession was ‘ALWAYS’ Illegal… when in FACT it Was LEGAL-  prior to 1867, but made Illegal afterwards!

‘These most Salient Series of Cardinal Events’ has been conveniently glossed over with time and replaced with SLAVERY as the key and singular issue regarding everything.
The ABSURDITY of that claim & ‘teaching’ speaks to the level of stupidity and dumbing down that has contributed, et al, to WHY America finds itself in the many

  1. So ONE MUST BE CAREFUL AS TO WHO they are ‘listening to’ when anyone talks about Secession and Must be sure to clarify what they KNOW or are saying that may be designed to deliberately miss-lead YOU.
    Are they talking about Secession when it was Legal, or Secession when it was made Illegal, that resulted in the ILLEGAL ACTIONS OF LINCOLNS INVASION OF ANOTHER COUNTRY that claimed the LIVES OF 650,000 MEN ON BOTH SIDES….subsequently changing this Republic in THEIR IMAGE!

  2. Now to your question and the Position taken by our Confederate Society:

  3. We need to go ‘Back to the Future’ and ADDRESS THAT WHICH REMAINS UN-ADDRESSED.
  4. To attempt anything ‘In-Between’ would be IMPOSSIBLE & a Fools Errand because Washington’s Law’s hence SUPPORT THEIR HEGEMONY of Deceit that has made the States, who created the Original but NO longer Federal Government, their bastard ‘children’…. relegating them to a status of Servitude along with the People.
  5. Remember this above all else:

  • Prior to the conclusion of the War in 1865, we had a very Unique Constitution that I refer to as The ORIGINAL.

    TODAY, we have TWO (2) Constitutions - the ONE that existed PRIOR TO THE WAR whose ‘Language’ is entirely different than the ONE WRITTEN AFTER THE WAR!

  • And within Each, there are TWO SETS of LAWS with entirely TWO ‘Messages’ contained within them.

  • And which ONE I would ask is Always under ATTACK TODAY- the One written PRIOR….or the ’One’ written after?

     Thus, this would bring into QUESTION every element of their creation, that was NEVER TO HAVE BEEN under the Original Republic that REVEALS, in my opinion, the very Nakedness of their current National/Central Government which they have become.
  1. Post war amendments which stripped away additional sovereignty under the guise of fairness, not fair to participants of the Confederacy, or as they would refer to them as members in Rebellion, against their cause of centralization.  
  2. Contained in Their 14th Amendment was many Usurious ‘conditions’ that created the Basis for their New National Government that they would build upon over the years following. Among them:

  1. The Acts of Reconstruction.

    Originally ‘scripted’ and sold as the ‘form of punishment’ the former States of the Confederacy deserved (Remember, President Davis NEVER got his trial) when these ACTS had a Far More Intended Purpose!

    Rather, it would serve as the BASIS from which the entire Country ( NORTHERN STATES AS WELL) would be ‘ReConstructed’ allowing for the disposition of

    State Sovereignty under the Original Republic to be Transferred (ALL POWER) to the Central/National Government that the States had originally created.

    (The serpent cares less about who it ultimately bites as long as it can FEED)

    NOTE this had been a ‘smoldering’ question (Sovereignty and Central Government) long before 1860 and was eloquently questioned by John C. Calhoun in 1831. A copy of his exclaim can be seen on our website- where he raises these very questions.

  2. Those ‘Acts’ were Designed to achieve exactly what they were called- RECONSTRUCT… BUT the People had NO idea of their Real Significance & Intentions.

  3. Included in the 14th Amendment was the requirement that ALL STATES REVISE THEIR Former STATE CONSTITUTIONS TO CONFORM WITH THE NEW POLICY’S OF THE NEW NATIONAL GOVERNMENT whose many ‘edicts’, in the form of New Laws, would be forthcoming. Y’all are seeing those today in MANY FORMS.
    And yet, to this very day, Those People in Washington have the temerity call themselves a Federal Government which they LONG AGO STOPPED BEING.

    All this is Part of the Dumbing down process through which their Illusion prospers.

  4. Also included was the provision that forced every American to become what they now called a ‘Federal Citizen’.

    NO longer would you be a citizen of your former SOVEREIGN COUNTRY- THE STATE YOU LIVED IN (that is why General Lee always referred to Virginia as His Country), but a Citizen of the National Government.

  5. Consider the ramifications of this from a Legal perspective and the position it allowed the new National Government in ALL things following INCLUDING how they would be now able to appropriate your MONEY from you?

    The New National Government now had an Open ‘Check-Book’ and the former State Citizens whose prior Sovereignty protected them from all this, would be NO more thanks to the NEW & Various titles they created called ‘Federal Law’.


    Can YOU understand why NONE of this has BEEN REMOTELY TAUGHT IN THEIR GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS…..gee, I wonder Why?

    I refer to the above as the 1st Leg of their 3-Legged Stool of Reconstruction- The Political Leg. The Economic and Cultural Legs would follow afterwards.

  6. Now ‘weigh’ the importance of their 17th Amendment, passed in 1913 THAT HAD two PRIMARY PURPOSES TO IT:

  1. IT took from the State Legislatures their RIGHT to appoint ‘FEDERAL’ Senators to the U.S. Senate and made it an ‘Election Process’.

    They closed that Last Door they had forgotten about WITHIN THEIR Political Reconstruction- and now You’re Senatorial choice would NO longer be yours but a ‘choice’ given you from one of the two complicit parties, ‘Influenced’ by every out of town Special Interest Group and Political Action Committee (PAC’s) whose MONEY buys them much the same as the ‘National Election’ process is handled and YOU think you are in control of them- WHAT AN ILLSUION.

    Does the term Slam-Dunk sound familiar- are y’all ‘Connecting the Dots’ YET?

  2. Also included in their 17th Amendment was the Creation of Their Federal Reserve System. Do I even need to comment about what that group IS ABOUT & has done?

    (They were the 2nd leg of Reconstruction- the Economic Leg)


  1. Now to your question Sir Knowing the Facts as they have been given you- How do we Separate?

  1. This requires an ASSEMBLY of Legal Minds that would NOT be afraid to undertake this task but would require an enormous amount of money.

  2. That money would have to come from the People and before that could happen, a Coordinated Undertaking via Networking across EVERY STATE would have to be realized.

  3. This is what our Confederate Society has been proposing for over 20 years but there are SOME on this side of the Mason-Dixon who have PREVENTED that.

    You draw your conclusions as to who they are but they are rather ‘Notable’. WHY should be the question and that is why I suggest to ANYONE claiming to uphold to the values of the Original Republic this, of anyone:

  • Are you a Confederate and,

  • Do YOU believe in the Restoration of that Confederate Governments that was NEVER SURRENDERED?

  • YES or NO….no ughs, maybes, ifs and or buts, etc.- YES or NO!
  1. Within this process I would presume would be the requirement that those Americans seeking Separation and a return to State Sovereignty would have to become Confederate Citizens.

    This is NOT a Difficult undertaking nor would it CONFLICT with your present U.S. Citizenry.

  2. Many have asked how this might impact their Gov’t. Pensions (Military or Otherwise) today and their Social-Security etc.?


    They/You would hold Dual-Citizenship just as some today hold Dual Citizenship being a Citizen of the ‘U.S.’ and let us say, a citizen of Italy as well.

    The U.S. National Government would be Compelled via their LAWS to honor their stated commitment.

    Isn't Role Reversal GREAT when it works for the PEOPLE?

  3. In this manner, it would ELIMINATE CONFRONTATION and Force the Legal Questions of more than 150 years that have laid dormant to be finally addressed.

  4.  Thus, and frankly, those Laws that have been passed since, that serve the Empire as does Quicksand to a Swamp, would be circumvented allowing us to address those in

    Existence prior to 1865 that have since become circumvented.

  5.  Then the Cardinal Question as to OUR Right of Secession, as it were, would be addressed and we could get the hell outa Dodge WITH Our People and ANY requesting Confederate Citizenship….and Confederate Statehood.

    In turn,  Individuality and Prosperity would RETURN as the Sovereign States would again be in Control of what works best for them with a very LIMITED, LIMTED ‘Federal Gov’t’, for the lack of a better description, as noted within the Confederate Constitution.  


    Thus we would be free from the Behemoths Boot Straps that have stolen our Identity and Individual Standings.
  1. I would call ANYONE’s attention to the Confederate Constitution in this process and would suggest you read it.

  2. It ACTUALLY IMPROVES UPON THE U.S. CONSTITUTION as it has addressed and eliminated those Many ‘Loopholes’ that Lincoln seized upon to circumvent & subsequently subvert the reasons for his Invasion of OUR Country-The Confederate States of America, resulting in their National Government of today that has become the Socialized Epitome of what Those People always envisioned for themselves to begin with. 
  In conclusion, it ALL starts with Involvement and becoming ‘Reacquainted’ with the History you have been denied representing a Republic based upon God’s teachings that made it and her People… the Best, Biggest and Free ‘Est  BEFORE Greed, Power and Control intervened.

  I have tried my best to explain to you what Must be done and what has happened Sir.

Deo Vindice,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America


From: DDMC
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 11:52 PM
To: Craig Maus
Subject: Re: FW: Consider This Picture- A Tale of Two Country's !


Yes. How and by what means is Separation possible?


(Part One of a Four Part Commentary)

by Joan Hough 

It is with pleasure that I report that I have received an absolutely gorgeous Confederate POW-MIA “Ladder to Heaven-farewell” flag. Pictures of it failed to reveal its true beauty, so I had anticipated neither its array of colors nor its remarkable design. It is spectacular. 

Flag purchase information is available at

Dedicated to the memory of those who died and those who survived in Mr. Lincoln’s prison camps, this beautiful flag represents all imprisoned Confederates, as well as all Confederate combatants and all Southern civilians (50,000 or more) killed by the Union Army. 

I bought this flag in memory of all Confederates, including my very own bone of my bone, blood of my blood, Confederate kin folks—beginning with my cousins, Sam and George Mullinax, and their soldier father, Matthew. George was killed at Second Manassas. Sam was, imprisoned, tortured and murdered at Camp Douglas in Lincoln’s Chicago. The two Mullinax sons were Houghs through their mother Henrietta Hough. Cousin Sam’s body was lost along with thousands of others at Camp Douglas. Our family fears that part of him had popped up through the ground in the driveway of a business next to the Chicago swamp where so many confederate bodies were dumped—or that his young body wound up on one of the northwest medical schools’ dissection tables. His name was not placed on the Memorial monument dedicated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, but is listed elsewhere. (Fifty percent of all who died at Camp Douglas had their bodies disappear. “During the existence of Camp Douglas prison at least six thousand prisoners perished.” One Civil War prison historian reported, “After the Civil War ended, Chicago faced the problem of disposing of more than 6,000 bodies of Confederate soldiers. . . because no cemetery in Chicago wanted Confederate soldiers buried in its soil, Oak Woods Cemetery, which was outside the city limits at the time, was selected. ..the names of the dead did not appear on the grave site until mandated by federal legislation in 1912.” There is no list containing the names of all the dead.

For me, our South’s new flag, in addition, represents a great, great grandfather of mine, David W. Sedberry who, after being imprisoned in two Yankee prisons, eventually walked home on bare and bleeding feet from Point Lookout to North Carolina. His first imprisonment was in Washington, D.C. on the site where the Supreme Court now meets.

When I look at this flag I also think of my children’s great grandfather, General Leroy Augustus Stafford, who died bravely at the Battle of the Wilderness, leaving fatherless ten offspring. Next comes to my mind, my great grandfather Henry Clay Hough, who at age seventeen was buried in Vicksburg by cannon balls, dug himself out, then captured and sick, was sent by Sherman and Grant to the hospital in Shreveport. He, still ill, immediately joined fellow soldiers there, helped build “Fort Humbug,” and then waited in vain to fight the Yankees again.

The flag certainly reminds me of my great uncle, John C. Hough. Captured twice by the Yankees, he was left semi-blind after eighteen months of imprisonment in Illinois at Rock Island.

Like thousands of fine Southern men, my relatives listed here and numerous others of my blood lost either their lives or a vast part of their health and their worldly goods at the hands of Marxist-Communist inspired Invaders from the north. Despite this loss, we in my family considered ourselves lucky that our women and children were not burned out of our houses, shot down in the road, and were not forced to beg strangers for food, but could still dig some out of the good Louisiana dirt. We are thankful that, unlike more than two thousand young women and little children captured by Sherman in Georgia’s Roswell and New Manchester, our family members were not shipped into white slavery in the north. Most of the captured Georgians remain lost until this very day, for they, neither alive nor dead, ever returned home again. Surely, memory of them should live on in our old South’s new flag.

Ken Lightfoot. “Narrative: Confederate POW-MIA Flag: A brief overview of confederates in Union POW camps,” (Unpublished paper circulated by the Dixie Defenders, Georgia, 2011).

James E. Stallings, Sr. Georgia’s Confederate Soldiers Who Died as Prisoners of War: and Angels did attend and comfort them, (Saline, MI, , McNaughton & Gunn, 2008), p. 83.

James E. Stallings, Sr., p. 82.

Kelly Pucci, Camp Douglas: Chicago’s Civil War Prison ( Charleston, South Carolina: Acadia Publishing, 2007), p. 101.

James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy. The South Was Right (Gretna: Pelican, 1998), pp. 123-124. 

Mary Deborah Petite, The Women Will Howl (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2008), p. 155.








Memories Evoked by the Old South’s New Flag


Part Two of a Four Part Commentary


By: Joan Hough




The Old South’s new flag represents all Confederates imprisoned or dead in Union prisons, all Confederate warriors and all civilians killed during and after the war. Some Southerners see this flag, also, as a poignant reminder of all that Reconstruction was, of all that Confederates lost and all the sufferings experienced by those captured civilians and x-military who were imprisoned, not in a formal prison, but in their own Southern state itself because of the Marxist-Republicans’ program of Reconstruction.


All true Southerners, white ones, brown ones, black ones, red ones—no matter their ages, were, definitely, imprisoned by the U.S. government when all folks in every Southern state became slaves under the total control of the U.S. government’s military leaders. Torture and death could be administered to Confederates during Reconstruction at any time on the slightest whim of any General assigned as the controller of a Southern district. Extortion of Southerners was almost routine. The U.S. Republican-controlled government taxed all true Southerners into poverty and destitution, thus virtually enslaving everyone with any connection with anyone who wore the gray. Even General Sherman and his Republican Senator brother profited economically from dirt cheap Southerners’ lands’ “taxed away by the victors.


The Holocaust


During the war, a true Holocaust was perpetrated by Generals Sherman, Sheridan, Sheridan, Grant and others acting under the auspices and approval of Lincoln, his Marxist- Radical Republicans and the crazed abolitionist -- Democrats. Their acts of genocide and war crimes are still being praised by authors crying out the usual politically correct lies, as seen in the words of biographer Fellman: “Witnessing Sherman’s ever-advancing, seemingly unstoppable, increasingly destructive army undoubtedly was a major fact that caused the Southerners to lose heart, thus leading toward the end of the war. This furious man, with his considerable terrorist capabilities, may have been effective in ending the way in a way more forgiving or at least more limited approaches to fighting the war had not achieved.” [emphasis added]


This new flag is not yet possessed by most Confederate descendants, but the good Lord knows it should be, Folks, no matter where they live, who honor their Confederate lineage should acquire this amazing reminder of the sacrifices made by Southern families. The flag is available in both large and small sizes. Purchase information can be obtained at:


A fascinating article about this new flag was written by Kenn Lightfoot of the Dixie Defenders 2096. In it Lightfoot calls attention to the large numbers of imprisoned Confederate black soldiers, Confederate Indian soldiers, and Confederate white soldiers who met their deaths due to the direct policies of Mr. Lincoln, his Republican Congress, and his leaders in the U.S. military. Lightfoot details some of the agonies inflicted on our imprisoned Confederates by the order of Congress with Lincoln’s approval.




While reading Lightfoot’s words, some will recall that many or most of Lincoln’s congressmen, his military leaders, and his appointees were Republican Party Radicals whom some serious scholars are now identifying as "Communists.” Among this bunch was an American born Socialist-Communist by name of Charles Dana.


It defies all logic to see Charles Dana, Mr. Lincoln’s Assistant Secretary of War—Secretary of War Stanton’s right hand man and chief propagandist, as anything except a Communist. “Communist sympathizer” or “fellow traveler” is too mild a term for such a man.


Retaliation Program of Northern Vengeance


For want of meat,

The dog was eat.

(Posted on bulletin board by prisoner at Camp Douglas)


The U.S. government's official program of retaliation, that started in the summer of 1863, was responsible for an enormous amount of helpless, imprisoned Southerners deaths. (Was 1863 when the North was losing the war? Even a biased Sherman biographer wrote that in 1864 the morale of Union troops was at an all time low.)


Because of the policy of "Retaliation," horrendous, undeniable evils were committed by the people of the north living in a veritable land of plenty, a land filled with PLENTY--plenty of food, plenty of clothing, plenty of shoes, plenty of blankets, plenty of firewood, plenty of building materials, plenty of medicines, plenty of ways and means to build warm barracks, plenty of high ground to build barracks on, plenty of fresh, uncontaminated water, plenty of physicians and plenty of folks conditioned by clever Marxist-designed propaganda to hate Southerners.


Due to their unquestioning acceptance of superbly invented lies as truth, northerners believed Union soldiers were cruelly tortured by the South. Just as desired by the Marxist lie creators, northerners approved, allowed to be implemented, and even found entertaining torturous treatment of incarcerated, totally helpless Confederates — many of the soldier boys just boys of age fourteen. Northerners became convinced that it was justifiable for Southern men and boys to be forced to freeze to death-by removing blankets or having to strip nude and go out in the snow in below zero weather to take care of bodily needs at night—diarrhea meant freezing. Prisoners were deliberately forced to suffer hideous, easily preventable diseases (such as diet caused scurvy which caused lips and teeth to fall out). Thousands starved to death. Prisoners were deliberately exposed to small pox and used in an early form of biological warfare. Northerners, moral, pious do-gooders that they were, found no fault with prison programs that caused defenseless Confederates to die from “poisoned” water (polluted by raw sewage, etc.) and from forced sleeping on floors covered in cold water and the shooting of numbers of prisoners (always declared accidental, of course) causing their deaths. Northerners were primed to find it amusing when Southerners were beaten with clubs, tortured to death or deliberately murdered.


Proof of this was, certainly evident at Camp Douglas prison when crowds of citizen-onlookers brought picnic lunches to eat as they gawked at mistreated Confederates riding the 2x4 board “mule” or standing barefoot in the snow, hanging from their thumbs, catching and eating rats, and even dogs and cats, maybe even seated sans pants and underpants on ice, forced to stand barefoot in snow for hours, or otherwise experiencing humiliation or death- giving punishment. At Camp Douglas, 20 men were forced to share 6 knives and forks ; 120 men had to share 20 tin cups. Some men were made to wear chains attached to heavy metal balls.


Evidently moral northerners were as entranced by these sights as if they watched any circus tent show or were Romans enjoying the actions in the coliseum. Undoubtedly these sight-seeing humans gave no thought to how similar they were to those folks in other far away “civilized nations” –folks who hastened to the live entertainment offered by the dancing on air--the kicking and writhing of folks being hung for imaginary crimes or crimes as slight as the stealing by a starving man of a loaf of bread for his starving children.


Some Americans may think that Yankees should be excused for their beliefs and their actions because of the avalanche of mind-boggling propaganda to which northerners were subjected — because, after all, some of the imprisoned Confederates were brainwashed into joining the Union’s army, in the west. It is true that a few Confederates did succumb to brainwashing, but only a very, very few despite the fact that all prisoners, once Retribution began, were treated in ways that, it is now realized, approximate at least some of the torture-type brain wash methods later employed, with a few Pavlovian embellishments, on American military captives in Korea and Viet Nam.


The big difference in the “Uncivil” War period and more modern “police action undeclared wars” is that there were few Confederates who ratted on their own kind. None gave propaganda speeches to his fellows, and none of the Southerner- converts to the Union went on to become a U.S. Senator and head a Senatorial Committee which kept parents from learning truths about their missing-in-action sons and the details of the Senator’s own treasonous aid to America’s Communist enemies. No Southerner after his stint in the hands of his enemies, in a fit of anger turned his back on his fellow soldiers’ weeping relatives and walked out on them, rather than tell the truth about their loved ones. And none of those Yankee-made "converts" was then selected by some grand old Party as the Republican candidate for the Presidency.



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Edward Hunter, Brainwashing from Pavlov to Powers (Linden, New Jersey: Reprinted by The Bookmailer 1960, originally printed by Farrar, Straus & Cudahy).




Part Three of a Four Part Commentary

By Joan Hough

More on The Retaliation Program 

The beautiful new Confederate POW-MIA flag is dedicated to all Confederates who fought, all who were imprisoned, all who died and all civilians who died/suffered/or were imprisoned. These brave Southerners continue to cry out from their graves that the truth about that war against them be told, that the real perpetrators of horrors be revealed and their motives and actions be made known to all Americans. This, then, is the purpose of the following commentary:

Beginning in the mid eighteen hundreds, there was a major influence on the U.S. government by Marxist-Republican-Radicals. It becomes obvious, when one learns the identities of the major Marxists/Communists in the U.S. in that time, that some of them were initially responsible for the creation of the RETALIATION PROGRAM the U.S. Congress put into place in all Union prisons for Confederates. 

The creators of the Retaliation Program were sadistic monsters and masters of propaganda. Their propaganda not only motivated the creation and installation of the Program, but convinced the north's citizens to want it as a justified treatment for decadent, despicable, depraved, fiendish Southerners. Some of the Radicals' propaganda then crept into the minds of nearly ALL Americans and sits there still, occasionally spilling out in books or from professors’ mouths. 

The First 13th Amendment Ratified by Three States

The probability is that Marxist propaganda gave wings to General Sherman’s desire to deal death to Southern women and their children. Some of that propaganda is still found on the lips of modern politicians (even Southern ones) and is prattled about in positive tones by most journalists, by folks in a “Glenn Beck profession,” and by many Southerners who continue declaring that the war was fought by the north to free the slaves, and by the south, to keep slavery forever. They all appear ignorant of the truth that Lincoln and his Republicans promised slavery forever to the South if Southerners would only pay the tariffs and give the north all the bucks it wanted for internal improvements. Congress supported Lincoln’s promise with the passage of a new laws, that had the South agreed to pay the tariff, and accept them, would have become the 13th Amendment. This amendment was the original Thirteenth Amendment. Named the Corwin Amendment of 1861, it was passed by both houses, and ratified by Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland. Although still on the books, implementation of it was halted when the South refused to pay the “Dane geld” and support the North’s programs of internal improvement “which were nothing more than corporate subsidies that were awarded to a select few, well connected, individuals or businesses for building canals, railroads, and roadways.” 

The internal improvement system was to provide protective tariffs that would ultimately help only the Northern merchants. The South was aghast when it wound up paying 90 percent of the tariffs. Secession resulted because the Whig/Republican Party’s political agenda of “protectionism, government control of the money supply through a nationalized banking system, and government subsidies for railroad, shipping and canal-building business (‘internal improvements’) simply became more than the South could handle without becoming bankrupt and impoverished.

Communist Propaganda= Virulent Hatred

The stakes were extremely high for the Radicals because even then their “New World Order” was in the game plan—only by a different name. They required the public’s support of their plan if they were to achieve its first step which was the total destruction of the South, the elimination of Constitutional government, the erasing of States Rights, the reduction of Southern religious influence, and the building of an all-powerful, central U.S. government. 

In order to obtain the northern public’s support of their agenda, the Radicals employed a secret weapon--that weapon was wartime propaganda. With it they fine- tuned Northern public opinion until it reached the Marxist’ own high level of unrelieved hate. To accomplish this, they called into action their biggest and best propagandists. 

Most Americans fail to recall that Sherman’s hatred was so virulent and his sense of human decency, so limited that he, in mad man fashion, waged war primarily on women, children, old folks, sick folks, and inanimate buildings, especially the homes of the defenseless. He burned the civilians out of their homes and destroyed all their animals, and all the food in their houses and in their fields and gardens, leaving all civilians [even babies] to die from slow starvation. Only on rare occasions did he take his troops filled with many European-German foreigners into battle against folks capable of defending themselves—such as when he, joined by other Union troops, fought Southern men in Vicksburg. It seems political correct Americans have selectively remembered Sherman’s words and actions or have deliberately chosen to forget that he said, “There is a class of people, men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace, and order, even as far south as Tennessee.” 

One cannot avoid associating the great New York Tribune propagandist-managing editor with the Republicans remarkably clever propaganda. As you may recall, Charles A. Dana, the Tribune's renowned editor and part owner, was not only the Assistant Secretary of War, but was a known intimate of Karl Marx. Marx was even employed by Dana. Dana traveled about collecting ideas and reporting them to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. Of course Stanton made use of his subordinate, Dana’s journalistic-writing expertise. Stanton cranked out huge amounts of vicious, virulent, anti-South,” kill all Southerners” propaganda, but it, obviously, was Dana who was the King-pin, imaginative writer-creator of the most successful of the Stanton issued horror tales presenting Southerners to the north’s public, as brooding, obnoxious, slave beating degenerates. Dana was, after all a professional writer—Stanton was not. Dana was the one with the accomplished propaganda skills, so had high value to Stanton who was deeply involved in the business of propagandizing. Dana’s type of written brainwash was not subtle, was not pretty, but was utterly successful. His work was likely to have inspired a number of Communist-infiltrated groups to involve themselves in the creation and dissemination of lies about Confederates.

Strange, is it not, how all historians have omitted the Master propagandist Republican Dana's responsibility for any of the humongous cruelties created via the Retaliation Program. One would think that the results of all that propaganda--the Congressional approved actions resulting in the tortures and murders of thousands of Confederates in the one hundred and six Union prisons would still be read and studied in the tax paid for history books of children today. 

How sad it is that the Republican Party’s past efforts have been so sugar- coated and so concealed by lies that Lincoln cultist authors continually obtain contracts with publishers and fill American schools and book sellers’ shop with scores of new, brightly covered, Lincoln and Sherman aggrandizing tomes containing not a single word about the treatment the Republicans showered upon all of the Confederate prisoners, but pages of lies and more lies about Andersonville, the South’s prison for Union men. 

The Republicans with their proud Lincoln roots and their Democratic sycophants have done their utmost to keep Americans from ever learning the truth. They must know that only when more Americans know the truth will it be possible for all Americans to be free from the evils in the all powerful central, unintended by America’s forefathers, unconstitutional government which is still in existence.

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Memories Evoked by Old South’s New Flag

Part 4 of a 4 part series

by Joan Hough

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
(John 8:32)

By the act of purchasing the wonderful, wonderful new POW-MIA flag and by calling its existence to the attention of others, anyone can join with the members of Dixie Defenders Camp No. 2086 and aid God by disseminating and reminding readers of Confederate truth.

Deo Vindice

One of the most poignantly meaningful attributes of the new flag is found on its great seal where inscribed are the words--"Deo Vindice." According to the message accompanying the flag, these words are defined by the designer to mean "God Vindicates." 

The American Heritage Dictionary defines: "vindicate" as:

1. to clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof

2. to prove justification or support for

3. to justify or prove the worth of, especially in light of later developments

4. to defend, maintain, or insist on the recognition of

5. TO EXACT REVENGE FOR--TO AVENGE [emphasis added]

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “avenge” as:

1. to inflict a punishment or penalty in return for; revenge 

2. to take vengeance on behalf of

3. from the Latin—to vindicate

Interestingly, four definitions of Deo Vindice given us by a Latin scholar are:

1. Where God is the Avenger 2. Because God is the champion 3. With God as our Avenger 4. God, the origin of our defender.

A Sweet Form of Confederate Vengeance

The telling of the Confederate truth is one of the sweetest forms of vengeance and of the very type that surely the good Lord would approve.

The idea of such truth-telling is captured in the words presented in the bit of verse below (just a portion of a poem) as an important idea in the battle to right Yankee wrongs. 

Both Avenger meanings-- “one who revenges” and “defender”—as the definition of Vindice in the following bit of verse. “What was” refers to the Radical’s anti-Confederate propaganda. “What is” tells that it is still ongoing. 

Heavy, heavy is my heart,
Tears course down,
Down this Southern face,
Yes, I weep because I know,
Oh, God do I know!

Oh, anguish! I know the truth,
It strikes me with its too sharp point,
Strikes deep in the heart of me,
It tears my soul, it clouds my reason,
Lying enemies accused my kin of treason.

That enemy of my kin is mine
Always and forever,
As the cross is my sign,
How long must what was remain an is?
How can what was, and still is hurt so much?

I hear a long dead whisper,
Feel a long death touch,
Hear a long dead plea,
“Is this too much?
“Seek vengeance, seek it for me,
At least make liars forsake the lie
And with truth testify.”

But how can I obtain what truth needs
When none with U.S. power heeds?
“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord,
“Deo Vindice, Deo Vindice,”

But how can I obtain what truth needs
When none with U.S. power heeds?
:Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord,
“Deo Vindice, Deo Vindice.”
But I must add
“Let Vindice be aided by me.”

This poem by Joan Hough may be read in its three part entirety –one part on each of the following sites.



by Al Benson Jr.

The article that appeared on  was headlined “Anti-Russians display controversial  US Confederate flag in Kiev.” I could tell that the people who put this little piece together knew as much about American history as the Easter Bunny. In fact, the bunny might have a little edge on them. To start off, the Confederate flags, any of them, were never “US Confederate flags.”  They were American flags, but never US flags. They are right about the Confederate flag being controversial, but only because they have made such a big fuss over it with their lies and distortions about it.

The article started off: “This was the flag of slave-holding states in the United States that seceded in 1861, causing Civil War.” Wrong again, boys! The Confederate flag seen in Kiev, and I watched the You Tube video of it myself,  was the Confederate Battle  Flag, or more properly, the Confederate Naval Jack. It was only ever carried by Confederate fighting men. It was never the “official” flag of the Confederate States although the 2nd and 3rd National Confederate flags did have the St. Andrews Cross on them. A side bar to the article referred to it as the “Stars and Bars.” Wrong again.  The Stars and Bars was the First National flag of the Confederacy and had no St. Andrews Cross on it. And so the comedy or errors continued.

The article droned on: “Today the symbol is used by the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi groups, and other organizations who are hostile to African-Americans…Many people were greatly disturbed to see that the Confederate flag is now being displayed, not in the United States, but in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Larry Holmes, a civil rights activist in New York City, explained why the flag was so offensive…” Just a little more skewed “history” if history you can even call it, which I doubt. I am curious as to whether the totally objective and unbiased writer of this article ever went online and did any homework about the KKK. If he did, he wasn’t about to tell anyone what he found. You can look on the Internet and find photographs of KKK marches and demonstrations from years ago, some of them consisting of hundereds of KKK members–all carrying not Confederate, but United States flags. If you follow the simplistic logic of this columnist then that must make the US flag “racist” also, doesn’t it? In fact, I remember seeing a KKK demonstration in Charleston, West Virginia well over 35 years ago at which the US flag was prominently displayed. Don’t remember seeing any Confederate flags at all there.

And then, there is the matter of the “civil rights activist” from New York City who talked about why Confederate flags are so terribly “offensive.” I wonder if anyone bothered to look up Mr. Holmes on the Internet. I didn’t think so. Had they bothered they would have found out, on that “Larry Holmes is the highest official in the Workers World Party, holding the position of First Secretary, and a member of the party Secretariat. He founded the Millions for Mumia movement, which seeks the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal…” Remember him? He’s the cop killer that shot a Philadelphia police officer in the back and then stood over him and shot him five times more, once in the face. An ex-Black Panther, good old Mumia is a real piece of work. Mr. Holmes apparently would like to see him released. Wikipedia also commented on the Workers World Party which he is First Secretary of. It observed: “Workers World Party (WWP) is a Marxist-Leninist communist party in the United States” which split from the Socialist Workers Party several years ago, over disputes that have nothing to do with the present situation. So, it seems that Larry Holmes, the “civil rights activist” is a Marxist-Leninist.  Does that give you the slightest clue as to why he hates the Confederate flag–any Confederate flag anywhere?

Don’t you just love it when these honest, objective news commentators refurbish all the Marxists by rebaptizing  them as “civil rights activists?” Years ago, when we were in New England, I recall hearing about a man who was a featured guest lecturer for several days at a prestigious college there.  I’ve referred to this before, so some who have read my articles for awhile will know whereof I speak. The man was billed, for the gullible students, as a “community organizer.” Well, he was an organizer all right, but hardly one for communities. Turned out he was a well-known Communist Party member, and part of a Communist front group that was active in, guess what–”civil rights.” “Community organizer”–does that sound familiar? “Civil rights activist”–just one more Red biscuit on the same collectivist plate. So the opposition to a Confederate flag over in Kiev comes from a Marxist, or possibly more than one Marxist, and our sterling, totally objective news media just sorta happened to forget to mention that. Makes you wonder what else they “forgot” to mention. It also makes, or should make, you realize that these are not the people you want to get your news from.

When the Berlin Wall was coming down, Confederate flags appeared all over Eastern Europe in demonstrations.  They were universally viewed there, as one Romanian girl told us, as “freedom flags.”

The Confederate flag is, truly, a symbol of resistance to tyranny, both in this messed-up country and in Europe and even some places in Africa. And this is exactly why Communists of all stripes absolutely detest it and why they are working to get the American public to feel the same way they do.  Their misery loves company. It doesn’t love liberty.

If you want to learn about the true origins of Marxism in the United States then read the book written by Walter D. Kennedy and myself, Lincoln’s Marxists published by Pelican Publishing in Gretna, Louisiana.

The passage below is taken from a novel, though one based upon common sense and the historical realities of North and South.  The “Jim Crow” laws did indeed have their basis in the North: New York in the 1820s dealt with the threat of a black swing vote by raising property qualifications for black voters; and the author aptly describes a “lost cause” myth which would have developed in the postwar North to glorify its defeat, and find a convenient scapegoat.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"


If the South Had Won Gettysburg

“Southerners were appalled, as well as perplexed, at the growing problems of discrimination and segregation in the North.  That the North would have fought for the freedom of the black man, then turn around and display animosity at him for moving into the North and expressing his newly-found freedoms, seemed hypocrisy at its worst to the average citizen of the Confederacy.

The turn of the century brought to the United States what became known as the “Jim Crow” laws, named after a traditional song and dance, ironically of the South. Contemporary Southern social analysts have blamed the animosities felt in the North against the former slaves and sons and daughters of formers slaves, on several things.

First, there was the idea in the north that the Civil War had, in essence been a “black man’s war” in which hundreds of thousands of northern boys had sacrificed life and limb for the emancipation of the black man.  The immediate woes that beset the United States after the war ended in defeat for the North needed some focal point, and the poor, uneducated former slave – the stranger to Northerners – became the convenient scapegoat.

In addition, the freeing of slaves flooded the job market in the North with workers who were willing to work for “slave wages” – much less than the ex-Union soldiers, also looking for jobs at the end of the war in 1863.  Many veterans were fired from jobs and replaced with ex-slaves.  The results were riots all over the North over nearly a decade.

The Southerner’s more lenient attitudes toward black people stemmed from generations of living with blacks, growing up with them, working beside them in the fields, and later, in the factories.  Most Southerners would have admitted, even during the War between the States that they had always felt an uneasiness – a guilt, even – in seeing blacks held in servitude as slaves.

The stories of mistreatment and whippings had always been regarded in the South as ludicrous, pre-war propaganda by Abolitionists who had never seen a black man or woman.  Certainly there were instances of a cruel overseer who applied punishment a little too often, but slaves in the old South had been considered property – and expensive property, as well – and were to be treated like an item of value.  As one Southern social historian put it, you wouldn’t take a sledge-hammer to your brand new, expensive horseless carriage the first time it didn’t run; you would find out why it wasn’t working and fix it.

Southerners saw black men and women grow up, fall in love, marry, give birth, laugh, cry, and mourn the deaths of family members. There was something wrong here, many felt.  These black people were not really property, like a plow or a horseless carriage.  Under the skin, though many a Southerner, we are a very much alike.

It had to be a terrible moral burden, a society-wide, sublimated guilt about slavery that, once the war was over and the name-calling by Abolitionists had ended, could finally be seen in its true light, and was dealt with swiftly by the hurried measures to free the blacks from bondage.  To the average Southerner, blacks were not only property, but people too.  To the Northerners, blacks were first a symbol, then a threat.”

If the South Had Won Gettysburg, Mark Nesbitt, Thomas Publications, 1980, pp. 88-89)