Confederate Society
by Al Benson Jr.

This is a question I have begun to ask myself of late, and I’m not altogether sure I like the answer I’ve been getting. In some few cases the answer may be yes, but in an increasing number of cases the answer coming up is a resounding NO! Most elected representatives in Washington do not really represent the voters in their states. Many are little more than political shills for the Ruling Establishment and the New World Order clique , and their agenda is to take us down that path as quickly and as bloodlessly as possible. But if they have to spill some blood (ours) then that’s okay too. Their agenda is to make us all hate our history an heritage and love Big Brother.

Part of their method of fostering our love affair with Big Brother is to try to “educate” us into viewing our history, our culture, and eventually our Christian faith, in a negative light. All these have to go, you see, for their New World Order to succeed.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the secular (humanist) halls of Washington. Our flags and symbols must go before we can be properly programmed to “love” Big Brother.

To that end, there was a story on USA Today  for April 21st about Confederate emblems being removed at the US Capitol. The article noted: “State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the US Capitol where each had been displayed. Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Thursday the flags, which had been removed during renovation, will be replaced with prints of each state’s commemorative coin.” Isn’t that touching? Other states get their flags back but some Southern states get a picture of their state coin instead. Any Southern congressperson complain about this? Sounds like discrimination to me–all the state flags are equal but some are less equal than others. What about the majority of the people in the states those flags represent? Well, Ms. Miller gushes on about the feelings of those that find our state flags offensive and how she is “sympathetic” to their views. What about the views of those of us that don’t see these state flags in that light? If the truth be told, (and don’t expect to hear it from the politicians) our views don’t matter. Should youi happen to be a Mississippian and happen to like your state flag the way it is, why  you must be a”racist” or a “homophobe” or a “male chauvinist pig” or whatever other title the cultural Marxist crowd can sling at you–and your views, and mine, do not matter! Get that through your heads. Our views do not count! And most of our elected officials will not stand up for us! A small, small handful will, but the rest are bought and sold. Their souls already belong to Big Brother!  Southerners who appreciate their culture and history are now persona non grata. You don’t count! I don’t count! So quit thinking you are just going to vote Republican in November and straighten it all out. You ain’t!

The agenda this year will be the same as last year–only worse. You will be subjected to yet another round of cultural purges and your flags, symbols, monuments, and history will be continually denigrated, in Washington, in the media, in our “halls of learning” and this will continue until many of you will feel ashamed to stand up and defend them. This is the first step in learning to “love” Big Brother. Get you to start denying what you have loved  and believed in, and you are half way there. And if they can get you to deny it, then you won’t be bothered trying to pass any of it along to your children or grandchildren, and that’s part of the plan, too. Your descendants must be brought up and “educated” in an environment where they are taught not to fight back, not to resist,  but only to acquiesce to the “will of the majority”  (really minority).

As time passes more and more of you will begin to realize that your elected officials really don’t give a hoot about you and what you want. They are mostly there to serve the interests of those wanting to change your culture into some monstrosity none of us will even recognize. And they expect you and I to be quiet and learn to do what they (and their bosses) want.

The French Revolution was a perfect example of their agenda. Remove everything form the past, including God, and start over with a blank slate, naturally with no “god” but the state. You see, in all of these things, there is always a theological perspective. They just don’t tell you that.

Those who read history will know where all that took them–straight to the guillotine  and the “Reign of Terror.” They thought man was perfectible, by their standards, and that, without God, they could build a modern Tower of Babel and get to Heaven by their own efforts, and hence, be their own “gods.” France has yet to recover totally from this silly humanist experiment–and now their spiritual descendants  want the same for this country–beginning with the South.

So whether people recognize it or not, spiritual warfare has been declared on the South, (actually it’s been going on since 1861) but we were told it was all “political” so don’t worry about it. But now it must become relentless. It almost seems that the Devil’s disciples feel their time might be getting short and they’ve got to put us and our culture and symbols, including Christian symbols, down as quickly as possible. Hint–in the long run, they won’t make it!

My question is, how many Southern folks will wake up and realize that this is a spiritual battle, that we will get no help or support from government at any level, nor even from many of our churches that have, unknowingly or otherwise, sold out to the New Workd Order.

Maybe we’ve gotten to the point we should have started at in the beginning. We will have to turn to the Trinitarian God of Holy Scripture for help and ask His guidance and strength to know how to fight back against those who would seek to destroy not only our culture but our faith as well. That is their ultimate objective. Let us pray that the Lord will be pleased to use us in some small way in His fight against evil, and especially the culture-destroying part of it we are faced with today.

by Al Benson Jr.

We have arrived at that time of year where the “historians” never hesitate to tell us about Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, and the distinct impression given in most articles and history books is the Lee’s surrender was automatically the end of the War. If not stated directly, it is implied that when Lee surrendered the South surrendered. Not quite so. All that Lee surrendered was the Army of Northern Virginia, nothing else. As commander of all the Confederate armies at that time, he could have surrendered them all. He didn’t. Joe Johnston surrendered his army in North Carolina at the end of April and other Confederate generals surrendered as May and June dragged on. Some, like Jo Shelby, refused to surrender.  They buried their battle flags in the Rio Grande and crossed over into Mexico. Others just walked away. I have been told though I can’t verify it, that Cherokee General Stand Watie did not technically surrender. Rather he signed a “cessation of hostilities” agreement and his men went home with their weapons. A more informed historian than me might know more about that.

However all that may be, the Confederate Government never did surrender. President Davis and his cabinet fled with the intent of working their way west to continue the struggle against Yankee/Marxism. Most of them were captured. A couple got away. But, for all that, the  Confederate Government never officially surrendered. And maybe that was a good thing–because no matter what they ever might have said on paper, the Yankee/Marxist Regime in Washington never stopped fighting the War. With the shooting over, though, they had to change their tactics.

The military historian Carl von Clausewitz once noted that: “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” In other words it’s all political (and theological) whether they fight or negotiate. You might also look at the reverse of von Clausewitz’s statement and note that “peace” is also the continuation of politics “by other means”–depending on how you define “peace.” If you define it the way the Yankee/Marxist does then it’s really not peace, but that term is used to define it so most people won’t realize that the federal government is still at war with them, even though they’ve been told that a “state of peace” now exists. In other words, “peace is war–by other means.” To the Yankee/Marxist it cannot be otherwise, for he is at war with you until he crushes you and only then will you have “peace” with him, and for you, that’s usually the peace of the grave!

So it was in the late 1860s via “reconstruction” and  when the Yankee troops left the South twelve years later after the War ended,  that closed phase one of “reconstruction” and paved the way for phase two. The effects of phase one, however, lingered on in the South, due to the implementation of the public school system and the forced use of Yankee/Marxist “history” books. The residual effect of those was intended to carry over until phase two could be implemented. Phase two of “reconstruction”  was implemented with the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and that continues on until this day. “Civil rights” have now been expanded to include sodomite rights, transgender rights, lesbian rights, illegal immigration and Muslim terrorist rights, including the right to vote and get all the freebies that most hard-working Americans end up paying for and are denied.

So, looking at how our Ruling Establishment operates, I have to contend that the “peace” we are now suffering under is really nothing more than the continuation of the War of Northern Aggression “by other means.”

The first phase of “reconstruction” was not quite able to destroy Southern culture and faith. That’s not to say they didn’t mightily try, but they couldn’t quite bring it all off–and Confederate flags and monuments all over the South attested to that. The flags and monuments were, in a sense, the Southerners’ way of saying “You tried to kill to kill us culturally (and theologically) but you didn’t quite make it.” But not to worry–the Yankee/Marxists plan to atone for their shortsightedness this time around. This time they will make sure they grind both us and our culture into the ground so they can stand with their jackboot on our necks while we cry out “Uncle Sam” or how about “He loved Big Brother.” It’s all the same.

If you don’t think this is what they have planned for us then you have totally misunderstood the Yankee/Marxist worldview. This is exactly their agenda for us, and good Southern folks had better wake up to that fact. The Yankee/Marxist only understands one thing–resistance! You can’t dialogue with him; you can’t negotiate with him, you can’t “be nice” to him. He takes all that as a sign of weakness and plows ahead even more ruthlessly. You have to resist him. You have to continue to resist him. The Bible says “Resist the devil and he will flee.” Same principle–same adversary. Unless we are prepared to do that and to teach our children to do that, we will lose. It’s as simple as that, and we had better wake up and realize it!

Fort Sumter
April 12 - 14, 1861 
Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

When South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20, 1860, United States Maj. Robert Anderson and his force of 85 soldiers were positioned at Fort Moultrie near the mouth of Charleston Harbor. On December 26, fearing for the safety of his men, Anderson moved his command to Fort Sumter, an imposing fortification in the middle of the harbor. While politicians and military commanders wrote and screamed about the legality and appropriateness of this provocative move, Anderson’s position became perilous. Just after the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861, Anderson reported that he had only a six week supply of food left in the fort and Confederate patience for a foreign force in its territory was wearing thin.

On Thursday, April 11, 1861, Confederate Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard dispatched aides to Maj. Anderson to demand the fort’s surrender. Anderson refused. The next morning, at 4:30 a.m., Confederate batteries opened fire on Fort Sumter and continued for 34 hours. The Civil War had begun! Anderson did not return the fire for the first two hours. The fort's supply of ammunition was not suited for an equal fight and Anderson lacked fuses for his exploding shells--only solid shot could be used against the Rebel batteries. At about 7:00 A.M., Union Capt. Abner Doubleday, the fort's second in command, was afforded the honor of firing the first shot in defense of the fort.

The firing continued all day, although much less rapidly since the Union fired aimed to conserve ammunition. "The crashing of the shot, the bursting of the shells, the falling of the walls, and the roar of the flames, made a pandemonium of the fort," wrote Doubleday. The fort's large flag staff was struck and the colors fell to the ground and a brave lieutenant, Norman J. Hall, bravely exposed himself to enemy fire as he put the Stars and Stripes back up. That evening, the firing was sporadic with but an occasional round landing on or in Fort Sumter.

On Saturday, April 13, Anderson surrendered the fort. Incredibly, no soldiers were killed in battle. The generous terms of surrender, however, allowed Anderson to perform a 100-gun salute before he and his men evacuated the fort the next day. The salute began at 2:00 P.M. on April 14, but was cut short to 50 guns after an accidental explosion killed one of the gunners and mortally wounded another. Carrying their tattered banner, the men marched out of the fort and boarded a boat that ferried them to the Union ships outside the harbor. They were greeted as heroes on their return to the North.

Shiloh, Tennessee
April 6, 1862

The battle of Pittsburg Landing began as a complete surprise to the Federal Army encamped around the Shiloh church. Despite a Confederate force of nearly 40,000 men, concealed less than two miles to their front, no one in the Union force seemed aware of the danger. However, young inexperienced Southern troops yelled, blew their bugles, beat their drums, and even fired their damp weapons to see if the powder was dry.

The Confederate Army had been arranged in three battle lines. The Third Corps under General William J. Hardee would constitute the front line. The second line would be led by General Braxton Bragg, and follow the first line by several hundred yards. At a similar distance behind Bragg would follow General Leonidas Polk's First Corps, and the reserves would consist of three brigades under General John C. Breckinridge.

The suddenness and ferocity of the attack forced the Federals out of their camps. Federal officers began to regroup their brigades and rally their men, and soon determined defenses were in place to oppose the attack. Slowly falling back, the Federals fought for every yard, as the Confederate advance continued.

Some of the fiercest fighting would occur after midday on the Confederate right, at what would become known as the "Hornet's Nest." Wave after wave of courageous Southern charges were cut down by General Benjamin Prentiss's men, who were prone behind a fence. The turning point of the fight for the Hornet's Nest would take place through the beautiful blossoms of a peach orchard located there. General John C. Breckinridge was brought forward with his reserves in a last-ditch effort to break the bottleneck. For an hour, Breckinridge led his brigades in attacks on the Hornet's Nest, with little success. Breckinridge decided to make one final desperate charge with the help of General Johnston.

The sheet of flame burst from the Hornet's Nest as the Confederate line charged through the peach orchard. The Hornet's Nest had fallen.

As the Federal soldiers fell back they continued to fire in the direction of the southerners. A shot cut an artery in Johnston's leg; the blood flowing into his boot was not at first apparent. The general's horse was led under cover and the general was lifted to the ground. Having dispatched his personal doctor to care for some Federal soldiers, no one present would apply a tourniquet. Cradled in the arms of his brother-in-law, General Albert Sidney Johnston gave a faint smile and slipped away.

The command of the Confederate Army now fell to General Beauregard. Grant's men had been pushed back to the Tennessee River. Thousands of Federal Soldiers hid behind the bluffs. Prentiss' stand at the Hornets' Nest had slowed the Confederate advance long enough for evening to come. Beauregard wired Jefferson Davis that he would finish Grant up the next morning. But Federal Major General Don Carlos Buell and his 20,000 men would arrive that night.

By James Ronald Kennedy

As the first American bombs begin to rain down on mud and adobe structures in some far distant land, “patriotic” Americans rush to support “our men in uniform” which actually means that we must not question the empire’s new no-win war. President Obama, the Federal Empire’s current glorious leader, has announced the initiation of yet another imperial no-win war and “conservatives” have once again rushed to support the empire’s war efforts and its glorious leader. The mere fact that a neo Marxist, community organizer, with little or no experience in international politics and military strategy is the one commanding our efforts should give any reasonable person reason to pause and re-consider the wisdom of this new no-win war. Yet just the opposite is happening.

The Federal Empire’s ruling elite can always count on Americans, especially Southerners, to “rally round the flag” anytime a president decides to attack an enemy that “threatens” American interest in some far distant part of the world. Like Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the ringing of a bell, Southerners can always be counted on to stand behind the “good ole USA” whenever Washington’s ruling elites rattle the war sabers. This knee-jerk nationalism—disguised as patriotism—has provided the Federal Empire with the political support needed to maintain a vast military-industrial complex and countless sons and daughters to serve as the Empire’s cannon fodder. As we send our military marching off to yet another no-win war, perhaps we should identify who the real winners are in these numerous wars to “protect vital national interests.”

The invasion, conquest, and continuing occupation of the Confederate States of America was the first major imperial war conducted by the Federal Empire and with such a triumphant beginning more imperial conquests were sure to follow! It was certainly a no-win war for “we the people” of the once sovereign states of Dixie! But who were the winners? It cost the taxpayers of the North approximately $3 billion in treasure alone—the invader also paid a substantial price extracted by the expert marksmanship of Southern farm boys defending their homes from the invader’s torch. But power hungry national politicians, Northern War Governors, their crony capitalists friends especially in the railroad and iron mills and of course the big banking houses that financed the War were the big winners. The initial and continuing cost paid by the Southern people is discussed in Our Re-United Country? The sad reality of reconciliation, Kennedy and Kennedy, published in the July-August 2014 issue of the Confederate Veteran. The bottom line is that the United States of America’s victory over the Confederate States of America established Washington, D.C. as the unquestioned ruler of North America. In the process of war and Reconstruction the ruling elites of the newly created Federal Empire destroyed the original and legitimate government—a government consisting of a federation of Sovereign States with a constitutionally limited federal government, reserving maximum freedom and liberty to “we the people” within our respective sovereign state. America’s constitutionally limited Republic of Republics was replaced with a new and perverted supreme federal government and as the Federal Empire’s centralized power and control expanded, the liberties of “we the people” of the once sovereign states disappeared.

Two republics were destroyed as a result of Lincoln’s aggressive war of invasion and conquest—the Republic of the Confederate States of America created by the free and unbridled consent of the governed in each Southern State and America’s original Republic of Republics as established by the Founding Fathers representing the consent of the governed in the original thirteen colonies that seceded from Great Britain in 1776. An all powerful, supreme Federal Empire now stands where individual freedom and liberty once flourished. The Federal Empire, as with all empires, demands constant expansion of its political and commercial control both at home and abroad. The price of the empire’s constant expansion is paid with blood and treasure “voluntarily” surrendered by the empire’s subjects. And to be clear; “we the people” of once sovereign states are no longer citizens—citizenship requires the enjoyment of maximum freedom and liberty—we are now mere subjects of the supreme federal government. As good “patriotic” subjects our duty is to simply hear and obey our masters in Washington, D.C.

Empires love war. War allows the ruling elite to do things that would not have been possible absent the created crises of war. War allows the empire’s ruling elite to engage in “the murderous pursuit of worthless objectives.” Worthless objectives? For example; “to save the Union” or revenge “Remember the Maine” or “to make the world safe for democracy” or “the war to end all wars” or “nation building” or the most common used today “to protect vital national interests.” These vital national interests usually include the unacknowledged protection of such things as pipelines in the Balkans in which cronies have a financial interest or to protect shipping routes from Saudi Arabian oil fields in which cronies have financial interests. The common denominator in all of America’s wars since the rise of the Federal Empire is that as a result of each war the Federal Empire’s political, commercial (as in crony capitalism), and military position is substantially increased with each war. Just as in Lincoln’s war, the ruling elite and those with close connections to the ruling elite profit handsomely while the empire’s “patriotic” subjects pay the ultimate price in blood, treasure and personal freedoms.

Even though “we the subjects” prefer to live in peace none-the-less we always support the empire’s wars. Nazi leader Hermann Goering’s chilling words at the Nuremberg trials after World War II should serve as a warning to “we the subjects” of any empire: “Why of course the people don’t want war…it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship…the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

How much more Southern blood and treasure will “we the subjects” of the Federal Empire “voluntarily” sacrifice on the altar of empire? What do we gain by the ever increasing political, commercial, and military power of the Federal Empire? As in the recent “economic” crises of 2007 the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C. and their crony allies on Wall Street profited because they were “too big to fail” but “we the subjects” lost because we were too small—as in expendable—to count. Empires love war and those who confuse nationalism with patriotism will eventually pay the price of the empire’s endless no-win wars. Empires do not voluntarily surrender their ill-gotten perks, privileges and power; therefore it is foolish to think that by merely electing “good” conservatives and sending them to the Empire’s capitol that reform will automatically take place. Perhaps it is time for “we the people” of the once sovereign states of Dixie to follow the example of Quebec and Scotland and begin to demand the right of self-determination, the right to be the masters in our own homes. Imagine the impact of a grassroots effort to compel the Federal Empire to acknowledge the right of the Sovereign State(s) to nullify unconstitutional acts of the Federal government or to secede if necessary to preserve the rights and liberties of “we the people.” Perhaps it is time to think about a living under a government of our own choosing; a government that protects our borders and leaves us and the world alone!

By Bernard Thuersam 

William T. Sherman viewed Southerners as he later viewed American Indians, to be exterminated or banished to reservations as punishment for having resisted government power. They were subjects and merely temporary occupants of land belonging to his government whom they served. The revealing excerpts below are taken from “Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama,” published in 1872:

Headquarters, Department of Tennessee, Vicksburg, January 1, 1863.

[To] Major R. M. Sawyer, AAG Army of Tennessee, Huntsville:

“Dear Sawyer — In my former letter I have answered all your questions save one, and that relates to the treatment of inhabitants known, or suspected to be, hostile or “secesh.” The war which prevails in our land is essentially a war of races. The Southern people entered into a clear compact of government, but still maintained a species of separate interests, history and prejudices. These latter became stronger and stronger, till they have led to war, which has developed the fruits of the bitterest kind.

We of the North are, beyond all question, right in our lawful cause, but we are not bound to ignore the fact that the people of the South have prejudices that form part of their nature, and which they cannot throw off without an effort of reason or the slower process of natural change.

Now, the question arises, should we treat as absolute enemies all in the South who differ with us in opinions or prejudices . . . [and] kill or banish them? Or should we give them time to think and gradually change their conduct so as to conform to the new order of things which is slowly and gradually creeping into their country?

When men take arms to resist our rightful authority, we are compelled to use force because all reason and argument ceases when arms are resorted to.

If the people, or any of them, keep up a correspondence with parties in hostility, they are spies, and can be punished with death or minor punishment. These are well established principles of war, and the people of the South having appealed to war, are barred from appealing to our Constitution, which they have practically and publicly defied. They have appealed to war and must abide its rules and laws.

The United States, as a belligerent party claiming right in the soil as the ultimate sovereign, have a right to change the population, and it may be and it, both politic and best, that we should do so in certain districts. When the inhabitants persist too long in hostility, it may be both politic and right that we should banish them and appropriate their lands to a more loyal and useful population.

No man would deny that the United States would be benefited by dispossessing a single prejudiced, hard-headed and disloyal planter and substitute in his place a dozen or more patient, industrious, good families, even if they be of foreign birth.

It is all idle nonsense for these Southern planters to say that they made the South, that they own it, and that they can do as they please — even to break up our government, and to shut up the natural avenues of trade, intercourse and commerce.

We know, and they know if they are intelligent beings, that, as compared with the whole world they are but as five millions are to one thousand millions — that they did not create the land — that their only title to its use and enjoyment is the deed of the United States, and if they appeal to war they hold their all by a very insecure tenure.

For my part, I believe that this war is the result of false political doctrine, for which we are all as a people responsible, viz: That any and every people has a right to self-government . . . In this belief, while I assert for our Government the highest military prerogatives, I am willing to bear in patience that political nonsense of . . . State Rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of press, and other such trash as have deluded the Southern people into war, anarchy, bloodshed, and the foulest crimes that have disgraced any time or any people.

I would advise the commanding officers at Huntsville and such other towns as are occupied by our troops, to assemble the inhabitants and explain to them these plain, self-evident propositions, and tell them that it is for them now to say whether they and their children shall inherit their share.

The Government of the United States has in North-Alabama any and all rights which they choose to enforce in war — to take their lives, their homes, their lands, their everything . . . and war is simply power unrestrained by constitution or compact. If they want eternal warfare, well and good; we will accept the issue and dispossess them, and put our friends in possession. Many, many people, with less pertinacity than the South, have been wiped out of national existence.

To those who submit to the rightful law and authority, all gentleness and forbearance; but to the petulant and persistent secessionists, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better. Satan and the rebellious saints of heaven were allowed a continuance of existence in hell merely to swell their just punishment.”

W.T. Sherman, Major General Commanding

(Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama, William Garrett, Plantation Printing Company’s Press, 1872, pp. 486-488)