Confederate Society
by Al Benson Jr.

In order to protect our future (if such is still possible) and to pass on to our grandchildren truth and accurate history, we must have an understanding of our past much beyond that which the “good old boys” of revisionist/humanist “history” will ever be willing to give us. Let us briefly examine a few truths that will never flow from the pens of James McPherson and his Cultural Marxist clique.

The War for Southern Independence was mainly theological in nature. It was partly cultural, but that was based on theology as all culture is based on theology. It was partly economic and partly political, but the theological issues were the main issues, even though “historians” today will never address that just as they are extremely reluctant to address the amount of Marxist penetration in the early Republican Party and in Lincoln’s armies. It’s almost as if they take the position that “what you don’t know can’t hurt us.”

However, a true understanding of history must subordinate other causes to the theological cause. In Webster’s 1828 Dictionary a confederacy is defined as a league or covenant. Even in Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary it is defined as a “league or compact” which is pretty close. Now “covenant” is a religious term, a biblical term. At its root, our “Civil” War was fought over the definition of that term “covenant.” The South saw that term in a biblical context and sought to revive (confoedus revivo) the old national covenent which the states made when they created a very limited federal government.

The North held an opposing view. Many of them, like “Honest Abe” thought the “Union” was something perpetual, that it had even existed before the states. They, therefore, took the view of Thomas Hobbs that, basically, the king (government) had the absolute right to do whatever it wished, something like what we have in Washington today. Contrary to what he might admit to publicly, that was the position adhered to by the railsplitter/lobbyist from Illinois.

Webster’s Dictionary also defined the United States by stating that the United States ARE a confederacy.  Webster used the plural term, which was and is correct. That was the term predominantly in use until the railsplitter/lobbyist began saying “The United States is a great nation.” Abe’s emphasis was always, ever, on centralism (expressed in bad grammar) and not on truth. That’s why the Marxists loved him. He was a kindred collectivist spirit.

The North, due to its shifting theologies, Unitarianism, Transcendentalism, deism, spiritualism, socialism, and eventually Arminianism, saw the concept of “covenant” in an unbiblical context.  As the War geared up, in terms of becoming long and protracted, the North thought more in terms of a bloody apocalypse that was necessary to cleanse the land of the “evil” of slavery.

Unitarianism and deism were the driving forces in the North promoting this view. Julia Ward Howe, in her Unitarian-inspired “Battle Hymn of the Republic” which is in many Christian hymnals and doesn’t belong there, saw the Yankee/Marxist armies slicing up the evil serpent of the South with their “terrible swift sword!” You can talk about your economics and all the rest all you want, but that kind of Northern mindset reflected a distinctly anti-Christian Northern theology.

There were, to be sure, sincere evangelical Christians in the North.  But, in the main, they no longer thought covenantally as did most Reformed Scots-Irish Christians in the South. The influence of radical Arminians  like Charles Finney had infected many of them in terms of thinking only individually rather than in terms of the continuity of the Faith over a period of generations. Everything revolved around their individual salvation and nothing before they came along seemed relevant to their lives. Now I’m not saying that folks shouldn’t be saved. What I’m saying is that this needs to be in the context of a church. The Arminian concepts of extreme free will and “free moral agency” had permeated Northern Christianity, leading many to believe that they actually had a hand in their own salvation. They lost their historical frame of reference and could only think in terms of “here and now.”

Most Southerners did not just go mindlessly to defend their country and region. They were no more jingoistic than anyone else. The Southern clergy supported the Confederate war effort only so long as they felt their country was about doing the Lord’s will. There was notable Christian revival in the Southern armies–indeed the Confederate army may well have been the last Christian army on the face of the earth. It has been compared, in that regard, to Oliver Cromwell’s army by some historians.

It has been reported by some that, in the Union armies, chaplains gave out both evangelical and Unitarian-oriented material to troops. Many in the Union identified their invasion of the South as bringing in the Kingdom of God. This myth has carried forward even to our day. If you happen to have viewed the Ted Turner video Gettysburg and watched carefully, you were probably able to pick out strains of this in the dialogue of the Northern soldiers. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

The driving force in the destruction of any Christian culture has always been envy. What depraved and fallen human nature can not imitate it sets out to destroy. Look at the wanton destruction that the Northern armies perpetrated on the South, much of it needless. Churches were burned and desecrated and libraries and schools were destroyed. Most of it was needless. You have to admit that the Marxists in many of the Union armies destroyed Southern property because they hated the idea of private property, which is also a biblical concept.

Lincoln had a radical view of the nature of true union, as previously mentioned, and as Donnie Kennedy and I noted in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. His was not a biblically-based view, but rather one that was totally man-centered. In his efforts to promote his peculiar view of the Union, the railspllitter/lobbyist from Illinois took pains to superimpose his view back onto previous history.  Therefore, history had to be redefined so as to conform to the man-centered Northern viewpoint. This is still being done in our day, with secular saints such as James McPherson and Ken Burns frantically running to and fro striving to instill in future generations the liberal myth that the “Civil War” was totally fought over slavery and nothing else. They are so persistent in their efforts it almost seems that they, somehow, realize their time is short. However, God will always vindicate His truth. “Deo Vindice.”

Jimmy Ward's preface: For those who aren't familiar with my Dad, he's been writing for over 50 years with works printed throughout the country - half that time defending every category of the Confederacy with enough volumes to publish four books on the Great Eradicator, or Abe Lincoln. Just so you know, the title of his article is purely rhetorical. Like any good trial lawyer, he already knows the answer to his question. And though physically he is severely handicapped, he continues to press on...fighting with the pen.  

By: Bill Ward;

When it was time for the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner to be held by the Rowan County Republican Party, I once again found myself wondering why the Republicans insist on holding Abraham Lincoln in such a high state of reverence and esteem.

Lincoln himself denied being a Republican, saying: “They say I am a Republican, but I am a Whig.” That was appropriate since Whigs believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution, which Lincoln would demonstrate many times during his presidency. Whigs also believed in so-called “internal improvements,” corporate welfare programs that Lincoln highly favored.

The esteem in which Lincoln is held probably would not be the case had he not been assassinated. But that one bullet fired by John Wilkes Booth placed the Great Abe in a state of grace that surpasses all martyrdom. Over the years, thanks to “popular” history texts and numerous misguided historians, who prefer their own version of history to that which was passed down from Lincoln’s time, the Great Abe continues to live in the minds of some in a state of deification.

But realistically, if you had the opportunity to have gone through old documents and books that contain attributes of articles from 19th century magazines and newspapers, you would have quickly seen that the emperor has no clothes. I refer to articles written by people who actually rubbed elbows with Lincoln and heard him speak privately as both a citizen and as President of the United States.

Lincoln’s character comes across like a beacon to those of us who have dug deeply into his life, in that Lincoln was a foul-mouthed boor who enjoyed telling dirty jokes laced with adult curse words. His language was so bad at times, especially in closed meetings with members of congress and his cabinet, some men got up and left the room from embarrassment. Of course much of Lincoln’s public utterances and writing can beguile the reader into thinking that the man was surely pure of heart and mind.

A stereotypical politician, many of Lincoln’s decisions mirrored those of politicians today. Virtually everything he did contained a flip-flop factor. He was firmly in the pockets of the Northern railroad and industrial magnates, and his strong belief in corporate welfare eventually led to the War Between the States. The Southern agrarian society wearied of paying excessive tariffs — up to 75 percent of the total taken in by the Washington government — to fund Lincoln’s support of Northern business interests. Secession seemed to be the only answer to Southerners’ plight, and peaceful secession was desired.

But Lincoln would have none of that; even after his closest top advisors suggested that he leave Ft. Sumter alone. No one around Lincoln could see the sense in provisioning Ft. Sumter and possibly starting a war. But Lincoln had his own agenda, and that was to provoke a confrontation, which he did.

During the war, Lincoln’s generals — such as Grant, Sherman and Sheridan — with Lincoln’s blessings, rode roughshod over the South and the Southern civilian population. Not confining their wrath to the battlefields and Confederate soldiers, the Union Army killed 50,000 Southern civilians, black and white.

Neither was the North spared Lincoln’s wrath. Anyone, especially newspapers and reporters, daring to speak out and make unfavorable comments about the administration or conduct of the war, was arrested and jailed by Union soldiers. The writ of habeas corpus was suspended with the executive branch acting alone. Thousands of newspaper reporters, editors and publishers were jailed by the Union Army. They were advised not to try and seek legal counsel or to contact their families as they were transported to an undisclosed Federal prison.

There is also the myth of the Emancipation Proclamation that has caused Lincoln to be referred to as the “Great Emancipator” in popular history books. Lincoln actually doubted the legality or constitutionality of the Proclamation, and his closest advisors were opposed to it. He maintained that the proclamation was merely a war measure, not an attempt at genuine emancipation.

A simple reading of the document shows that it freed few if any slaves. Slaves were “freed” only in those areas occupied by the Union Army. The Proclamation did not affect slaves on a broad sweep throughout the South and it did not even mention slaves held in the northern states or D.C.

By now, it should be clear to the Republican Party that it should free itself from political bondage. More important issues are on the table than aggrandizing Abraham Lincoln.

by Al Benson Jr.

By now most of you have probably read about the big fuss over the Confederate Navel Jack that has been hanging in the Summerall Chapel at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s been hanging there for several years, with never a problem, until Charleston councilman Henry Darby decided it had to come down.

Supposedly, Mr. Darby was approached several months ago by two of his constituents who were concerned about a Confederate flag hanging in the chapel at the Citadel. It seems that neither Mr. Darby nor his constituents feel that flag should be in a chapel. Why in Heaven’s name not? It is, after all, with its Cross of St. Andrew, a Christian flag.

But, we have the usual “reasons” thrown out there–well you know it’s “racist” and all that, and after all the KKK carried it in parades, and so on and so forth. The KKK carried the US flag in lots more big parades than they ever carried the Confederate flag in, so, by this reasoning, we should also ban the US flag, right? Well, not quite. We have to be selective in what we ban. In other words, if it represents Southern heritage and culture, then let’s get rid of it. All else gets an automatic pass.

Turns out that the state’s attorney general has stated that the Confederate flag in the chapel is protected under state law, in its present location, by the Heritage Act, as a “monument or memorial erected on public property of the state.” The attorney general has ruled as much.

Mr. Darby had proposed cutting $975,000 from the money given to the Citadel to help pay for the restoration of their sports stadium.  Looks like with the attorney general’s ruling in favor of the flag, the Citadel will get that money.

Darby said he was afraid this would happen, and so he said if it did, he would then be forced to ask the South Carolina division of the NAACP to step in.  The NAACP has had its long nose wrapped around the Confederate flag in South Carolina for over a decade now. It hasn’t, thankfully, done them as much good as they hoped it would, but it seems that they just don’t know how to quit. There may be a lesson there for Southern Heritage activists and other patriots. Too often some of us tuck tail and run after the first time we lose a skirmish. The Left doesn’t. If they lose they just keep on keeping on until they wear down their opposition.

Mr. Darby claimed he didn’t want the Confederate flag totally taken down, just moved out of the chapel and into a museum. The question then should be asked–how long will it remain in the “museum” before someone comes along and complains about seeing it there? Then those ethnocentrists who hate the flag will say “We don’t want you to get rid of it, just put it down in the basement where no one is forced to see it.” This is the same game they played with the Confederate flag over the State House–just get it down where no one can see it. So it came off the flagpole atop the State House and was put on a much lower flag pole elsewhere, which the complainers agreed do, and after awhile they complained about the new location too. What they really want is for all Confederate flags to come down everywhere, but they are willing to take a Fabian approach with that and do it gradually because they count on our short memories.

At some point, you are forced to ask the question–who are the real “racists”? Seems to be that those who are not willing to let others display the symbols of their culture and heritage, but want them all removed, are much more “racist” than those who don’t. But let’s don’t kid ourselves. This is nothing more than Cultural Marxism being used to attack the South and its heritage and it’s long past time that we started to fight back.

By: Eric Margolis, reprinted from Lew 

GENEVA – Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin usually wears a perfect poker face. But last week in Shangahi, the icy-cold Russian president came awfully close to bursting into a big grin.

And why not? Putin had just stolen a march on his western rivals. The US-British attempt to wound Russia’s economy and punish Putin for disobedience had just blown up in their red faces.

After 20 years of difficult talks, Russia and China had just signed a huge deal that called for Russia to export  38 billion cubic meters of gas worth some $400 billion to China. The agreement begins in 2018 and will involve one of the globe’s largest engineering projects that links Russia’s remote gas fields to China’s pipeline system.

In addition, China will invest at least $20 billion in Russian industry and boost imports of Russian products, notably military systems. China will become Russia’s largest trade partner.

This was not the much ballyhooed “pivot to Asia” that President Barack Obama expected. It is, however, the long-dreaded embrace between the Chinese dragon and Russian bear that has given western strategists the willies.

One must suspect that the recent fracas in Ukraine was the last straw that pushed China to make a strategic alignment with Russia. Until now, the two great powers had quietly cooperated, not always without problems. Thanks to all the bluster and sabre-rattling from the US and its allies over Eastern Europe and the South China Sea, China decided to deepen and expand its entente with Moscow.

The Republicans in the US Congress who have been beating the war drums and calling for Obama to get tough with Russia (whatever that means) now share blame for pushing Moscow into China’s arms. All perfectly predictable and perfectly dumb. A diplomatic fiasco of the first water.

Russia has thus given its economy a big boost and made western sanctions look inconsequential. Chinese funds will allow cash-strapped Russia to modernize its oil and gas industry. The new gas pipelines will be a major economic boost for Russia’s distressed eastern regions and Siberia.

If the gas deal works and prospers, it will serve as a template for heightened Sino-Russian cooperation in military projects, such as fifth generation fighter aircraft, missile systems, naval forces and advanced electronics. Until today, Russia had been reluctant to share more advanced military systems with China because of China’s copying of Russian technology, then refusing to pay adequate royalties.

For China, the deal offers many advantages. China has been energy deficient for years. Beijing desperately needs to find new energy sources to fuel its growing economy. Russian gas offers a clean alternative to the filthy coal China has used for power and heat. Estimates are that a switch to gas will reduce air pollution by at least 25% in China’s northern cities, maybe much more. Having gasped for air through numerous Beijing nights, I fully appreciate what this means.

Russia has long been reluctant to cooperate too closely with China on Far East industrial projects. Russians have little love for China – or “Kitai” – because China evokes memories of the Mongol-Tatar invasions that ravaged large parts of Russia for hundreds of years. Distrust and even straight out dislike is wired into the mentality of many Russians. During the 19thcentury, Russia joined the western powers and Japan in raping China.

Demography lies at the heart of Russia’s fears of China. Russia’s far eastern regions, with the vital port of Vladivostok, has only 7.4 million citizens. Ten times as many Chinese lived just across the border in the northeast region known as the “Dongbei.” This highly strategic region and Manchuria became an arena of conflict at the end of the 19thcentury between Russia, Japan, and China, leading to the bloody 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War, the first big, modern war of the 20thcentury.

Some 1.5 million Chinese infiltrate annually over the Russian border and settle illegally, producing a situation akin to that between the US and Mexico. Fears are expressed in Moscow that the 2 million illegal Chinese settlers in Russia’s Far East may one day expand to 20 or 30 million, outnumbering Russian inhabitants.

When I was invited in 1980 by Chinese military intelligence to “exchange views” in Beijing, I cheekily asked how long it would take for the Chinese Army to take Vladivostok. After a long, uncomfortable silence, a general spat out, “one week.”

Russia still holds vast tracts of land seized in the mid 1800’s from China. Beijing and Moscow will have their work cut out to resolve lingering disputes and build mutual respect and trust. There is a big deficit on both sides right now.

Today, China’s growing energy imports are very vulnerable to interdiction. The US and lately India have the capability to block inbound Chinese oil tankers and maritime cargo exports, either of which would shut down China’s major industries.

Key choke points would be the inner and outer island chains of the South and North China Seas, and the narrow Malacca  Strait. India’s new aircraft carriers and submarines are being specifically built to interdict China’s oil imports.

Pipeline oil from Russia would be secure from most attacks and offer China its long-sought energy security.

This new deal is so good on many levels that old fears and mistrust must yield to its logic.

Most important,  the Sino-Russian energy deal may further alter the world’s balance of power to the East. Russia and China working in tandem could offset the great power and wealth of the US and its rich allies. It is a major geopolitical event.

Editor's note: Below is a reply to one of our communiques regarding the wasting of uniformed soldiers in places like Vietnam, Korea and Iraq (just to name a few) by the Oligarchy in Washington to advance political agendas and gain more power and control. Many, if not most, of these un-necessary wars are ignited with false flag events to con the American citizenry into believing that they are somehow justified. Please review our presentation in "connect the dots" titled, All Wars are Bankers Wars for more information. 

By: L. Dowless

The American Civil war was actually a war of Fascism versus the anti-Fascist...and the anti-Fascists lost!

  Yes...the rebel flag is in reality, the true flag of individual liberty & freedom...and the US flag the Flag of corporate slavery/Neo-Fascism!

 The developments that came out of the Civil war were...that the check against the centralized government imposing itself on the states, was removed.

 The check against the development of centralized banks and currency was removed..And finally.. legalized slavery was NOT outlawed, thank you, it simply changed hands from those hands of individuals into the hands of  corporations.., all that they must do is label the slaves "inmates", and such a statement is made without any references to specifics along the lines in regard to what constitutes an inmate, or a check of any sort to keep the label from being abused, as it is certain to be so in the near future...In other words, what one has here is the future precedence to a Persecuting Fascist/corporatist American Government, who can legally enslave the people for profit, should it feel that the need ever arises to do so!

Such an occurrence could easily happen when the economy fails for example. The only reason that it did not do so during the 1930's is because the US Government did not have the revenue to implement it, but they had it after WW2. What happened then was that in the 1960's the socialist leg of the forthcoming Fascist government was imposed...During the early 1980's the checks and balances on the corporations had begun to be removed..Time moved on and during Bush's administration the checks against him declaring a national emergency and imposing martial law were removed (the patriot's act)...With Obama's inauguration what we actually had was the official endorsement of the new Fascist collective government...Keep in mind that he actually had two inaugurations, the second one bearing very strong occult overtones.

This one was the official endorsement of the new Fascist collective authoritarian government. Fascist governments glorify the occult, as you should recall from history.  It is plain to see that within the next few years that the plan is to literally allow the corporations to make wholesale slaves out of the American people...I am talking of labor camps/death camps here...All of these negative developments are obviously  intentional..Now one can see what the real reasons are for usurping our precious constitution.  

Yes they are going to confiscate your guns, and very soon...Yes you will have a vastly increased tax mandate, and if you cannot conform for any reason, or will not, then you will be delivered into the labor camps....I say this without hesitation at all...a forced labor, concentration camp system is coming very soon to all Americans.

If one refuses to conform or resists in any way, or cannot keep up with the production rates established inside the camp, then he will be transported into the liquidation system, which will be an Auschwitz like death camp, but much worse, with our more recent discoveries about the human body and our technology, such as lasers, for instance. Someone somewhere really does need to sound the's coming if the economy is not resurrected soon, and no facts exist to suggest that it will..because the US Government is intentionally wanting this repressive development to come. Once one understands this fact, then he can view the entire U.S. history through different eyes, especially from 1960 down to the present time, and for at least 30 years into the future...but we do not have nowhere near that long.!

Now you know how they intend to pay back the Chinese..., with the sweat and blood of innocent American citizens! Why has no one not ever made notice of these facts ever before, and written anything about them? There are lots more that is very obvious that I could say as well...Our history has been twisted(propagandized) Americans have been lied to about their history in the US reeducation facilities(public school systems) There is much much more that I could say here as well! Prejudice against the white south has been encouraged and promoted as a divisive distraction with the purpose of keeping us from taking notice of their true actions and intentions. It is an appeal to emotion..! How can the US citizenry allow themselves to be consumed by such pervasive ignorance?