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Editors note: The information below was submitted to us by a member and below that are some additional comments by Craig Maus, President of the Confederate Society. 

South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas had already legally and peacefully seceded from the Union before Lincoln takes office.

April 14 1861...Lincoln violates the US Constitution by illegally calling for states to raise 75,000 troops to invade the South. Only Congress can do this, not the President.

His Secretary of State, William Seward, writes up this Illegal proclamation which will later prove to have many lies contained therein... ... Troops.htm

Here is a highlight of the lies. "...and in every event the utmost care will be observed, consistently with the objects aforesaid, to avoid any devastation, any destruction of or interference with property, or any disturbance of peaceful citizens in any part of the country".

He has his Secretary of War, Simon Cameron send telegrams to each states Governor asking for volunteer soldiers.

He gets these replies from Southern Governors...

North Carolina- John W. Ellis, Governor of North Carolina, to Simon Cameron, U.S. Secretary of War, 15 April 1861...
"Your dispatch is received, and if genuine, which its extraordinary character leads me to doubt, I have to say in reply that I regard the levy of troops made by the Administration for the purpose of subjugating the States of the South as in violation of the Constitution and a gross usurpation of power. I can be no party to this wicked violation of the laws of the country and to this war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troops from North Carolina."

Kentucky- B. Magoffin, Governor of Kentucky, to Cameron, 15 April 1861...
"Your dispatch is received. In answer I say emphatically Kentucky will furnish no troops for the wicked purpose of subduing her sister Southern States."

Virginia- John Letcher, Governor of Virginia, to Cameron, 16 April 1861...
"I received your telegram of the 15th, the genuineness of which I doubted. Since that time I have received your communication, mailed the same day, in which I am requested to detach from the militia of the State of Virginia 'the quota designated in the table' which you append, 'to serve as infantry or riflemen for the period of three months, unless sooner discharged.'

In reply to this communication I have only to say that the militia of Virginia will not be furnished to the powers at Washington for any such use or purpose as they have in view. Your object is to subjugate the Southern States, and a requisition made upon me for such an object--an object, in my judgement, not within the purview of the Constitution or the act of 1795--will not be complied with. You have chosen to inaugurate civil war, and having done so, we will meet it in a spirit as determined as the Administration has exhibited toward the South."

Tennessee-Isham G. Harris, Governor of Tennessee, to Cameron, 17 April 1861...
"Your dispatch of 15th instant, informing me that Tennessee is called upon for two regiments of militia for immediate service, is received. Tennessee will not furnish a single man for purpose of coercion, but 50,000, if necessary, for the defense of our rights and those of our Southern brethren."

Missouri- C.F. Jackson, Governor of Missouri, to Cameron, 17 April 1861...
"Your dispatch of the 15th instant, making a call on Missouri for four regiments of men for immediate service, has been received. There can be, I apprehend, no doubt but the men are intended to form a part of the President's army to make war upon the people of the seceded States.

Your requisition, in my judgement, is illegal, unconstitutional, and revolutionary in its object, inhuman and diabolical, and cannot be complied with. Not one man will the State of Missouri furnish to carry on any such unholy crusade."

Arkansas- H.M. Rector, Governor of Arkansas, to Cameron, 22 April 1861...
"In answer to your requisition for troops from Arkansas to subjugate the Southern States, I have to say that none will be furnished. The demand is only adding insult to injury. The people of this Commonwealth are freemen, not slaves, and will defend to the last extremity their honor, lives, and property against Northern mendacity and usurpation."

Delaware- William Burton, Governor of Delaware, to Cameron, 25 April 1861...
"I have the honor to receive your communication of the 15th instant, requesting me to cause to be immediately detached from the militia of this State one regiment, consisting of 780 men, 'to serve as infantry or riflemen, for the period of three months, unless sooner discharged.'

The laws of this State confer upon the Executive no authority whatever enabling him to comply with your requisition, there being no organized militia in the State nor any law authorizing such organization.

There are volunteer companies formed and their officers commissioned by the Executive, and others are being formed, but it is altogether optional with them to offer their service to the U.S. authorities, the Executive having no power vested in him to order them into its service.”

Sharing w/All Patriots bcc herein Bill w/permission to forward:

  And in addition to this fine piece you sent us here in The Confederate Society (below herein), let me add this to the Long list of un-Constitutional actions undertaken by King Lincoln that many are equally & probably unaware of:

As did King George III before him (Lincoln) do, who brought in Hessian Troops to put down the Same Rebels called Colonists only 80 years earlier, so too did King Lincoln.

We fought his superior numbered forces to a standstill with inferior weaponry & fewer arsenals so what did Sic Semper Tyrannus do- he went to his European ‘friends’ and cut a deal whereby they emptied their jails of the scum they didn’t want giving them their ‘freedom’ providing they would fight for & in Lincoln’s ‘Union’ Army.

Many of this Scum-Sucking band were members of ‘Uncle Billy’s (Sherman’s) army who raped, pillaged and murdered thousands of civilians in their ‘march to the sea’.

Lincoln also used his ‘Executive Privilege’ along with his Radical Red RepubliCONS in ‘congress’ to ‘pass’ his Empowerment Act that forcibly conscripted the Irish Immigrants coming to America into the Union Army when in fact they were NOT citizens.

The Empowerment Act provided him with multi thousands of much needed additional Troops that essentially said this:

“You can be conscripted into our Army even though you are NOT a Citizen because arriving here (in the U.S.), suggests you intended on becoming a citizen allowing us to conscript you.”

How many I wonder were ever ‘Taught’ about these actions while his Rich Socialist Friends and Families were paying $300.00, the price to be EXCLUDED from conscription, resulting in “A Rich Man’s War and a Poor Man’s Fight” slogan.

Separation IS Paramount! Separation IS Survival!

‘Played like a Fiddle and Washington has been the Riddle’.

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

by Al Benson Jr.

The city of Fort Smith, Arkansas may be familiar to many people. It has been pictured in many Western movies. It is the city where Judge Isaac Parker, the “hanging judge” presided over his court. Judge Parker sentenced over 70 people to hang during his judicial career, and from what I have read over the years, they probably deserved it. Others who probably deserved it and didn’t get hung, through lawyers intervening in their cases one way or another. One movie I saw years ago, “True Grit” had one of Judge Parker’s marshals, played by John Wayne, referring to the legal representatives in Fort Smith as “pettifogging lawyers.”

I’ve only been to Fort Smith once, back in the 1970s, but I remember it as a distinctly Southern town. But that was then, not now. That insidious political disease known an Political Correctness (in reality it’s Cultural Marxism) has quietly seeped into many places in the South to the point where often you can hardly tell you are in the South anymore.

Suffice it to say that the public school system in Fort Smith has now imbibed in Cultural Marxism in regard to Confederate symbols like so many other places. Given the history of the public school system I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. Untortunately, I am afraid that many who should know the real history don’t, and so they climb aboard the dumbed-down bandwagon also.

According to the Times Record a local attorney, Joey McCutchen (they aren’t all bad) is suing the Fort Smith School Board because of their decision to remove the Confederate flag, the “Dixie” fight song, and the school mascot from Southside High School in Fort Smith.

According to the Times Record article: “The move, according to a statement from the school district came after ‘giving great consideration to the continuing impact of perceived symbols of racism on the community, state, and nation’.” So we are removing all Confederate symbols all across the country now because they are “perceived symbols of racism.” They don’t actually have to be “racist” symbols–all they have to do is to be “perceived” as that and that’s more than enough for the usual knee’jerk reaction from all the politically correct types stepping out from under their leftist rocks.

McCutchen is suing the school board on behalf of a Fort Smith resident, Curtis Sorrells, and the suit cites violation of the open meetings provision of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.  The suit said that the publicized agenda for the June 23 School Board Committee of the Whole meeting called only for a closed meeting for discussion of Superintendent Benny Gooden’s yearly performance.  The purpose of this notice was to lead members of the public and media into believing that the meeting was solely to discuss a personnel issue and that the meeting would not be open to the public.”

It was at this closed meeting according to that “members voted to recommend changing Southside High School’s mascot and fight song. Fort Smith attorney Joey McCutchen filed the lawsuit claiming the school board violated the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act by holding a committee vote without notifying the public.” Well, yes, if you are going to work for the cultural demise of a large group of your students you obviously don’t want to do it openly. McCutchen said: “The school board did not say one word about why they were for or against, and that is concerning, so I think we, the voters, need to come out. We need to get a school board that will engage us in the process because that’s what our government stands for.” Actually it may be what government used to stand for. Nowadays it stands for whatever it can get away with! One Confederate flag supporter said “I’m tired of all the political bull.” Friend, you better hang onto your Confederate flag because all this ain’t going away any time soon.

We have to understand that all these incidents, and so many have been reported that you can’t cover them all, are all part of one fabric–one agenda–and most of these public schools are just itching to find a reason, any reason, to ban Confederate symbols of any kind. The only thing that will stop them is a massive turnout of local citizens protesting what they are trying to do, citizens telling them that if they remove Confederate symbols then their children will no longer attend that school but will find educational alternatives. They’d be better off finding educational alternatives anyway, but that’s the kind of thing school boards might respond to, as most local school districts get federal funding based on how many students attend their schools and if a particular school ends up losing 75-100 students that will adversely affect what they get from the feds. They can understand that.

The Fort Smith situation shows us a couple things. For one, there are some decent lawyers out there who do try to do the right thing. I have known, over the years, a handful of Christian lawyers who do strive to make their faith part of their law practice.

For another thing, we should start checking out on the Internet the number of these cases that have shown up since the Charleston shootings. I’ve done some of that and, believe me, they are legion and they all seem to follow a similar pattern, which means they are all part of a preconceived agenda. Hence they are not, in any way, locally spontaneous. All the people involved in different communities may not all know one another, but there is a common thread that runs through all these attempts at banning anything Confederate, whether it be in schools, whole towns, or wherever. These people are all operating off the same blueprint. So you have to ask–where did the blueprint come from?

As the Times Record article noted, Confederate symbols are perceived symbols of racism. That in no way makes the perception accurate, but then, the leftists and those who finance them really don’t care about that anyway. Their aim is to get people thinking in a certain direction that serves their purpose. Whether that direction is accurate or not (and it usually isn’t) makes not one iota of difference.

That this is a campaign of ethnic cleansing by the left should be apparent by looking at those who support it, the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with a host of lesser leftist luminaries.  No one in their right mind could ever consider such groups as “objective” or “middle of the road” no matter what the “news” media tells us. So start checking out some of these outfits that promote ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide in regard to Confederate history and culture. You won’t like what you find if you do the homework. And when you do find it, you should heed the biblical admonition in Ephesians 5:11 and expose it.

by Al Benson Jr.

Twenty five years ago this year Ken Burns launched his supposedly epic series entitled “The Civil War.” One thing you have to understand about Mr. Burns going in, he is a modern day radical abolitionist. That is his mindset. Oh, he feigns objectivity but a quick look at his work will show you that he is anything but objective.

His original “Civil War” series lasted several nights on prime time television and to be sure I got it all I sat through the entire thing. Supposedly it took Mr. Burns five years of research and a ton of Rockefeller money, all to discover that, guess what, the war was really all about slavery! What a surprise! Knowing at least part of his funding sources could anyone who has followed any of this think his conclusions would be any different.

Well, that was a long time ago, you may say. However I’ve been told that Mr. Burns is about to redo and update this series and bring it back again. After all, almost a whole generation has gone by since this series was last presented and so it’s about time now, especially in light of all this planned fuss over Confederate flags and symbols, to reintroduce this generation to the “Civil War was only about slavery issue” so that people will not forget this holy mantra of the left.

Back in October of 1990 I did an article for The Christian News out of New Haven, Missouri about Mr. Burns’ series and the title of it was exactly the same as the title for this article. Mr. Burns probably has the financial backing to update and redigitalize his material. Unfortunately, I don’t have such, so all I can do is to go back to my original article and pull out some significant excerpts and hope this will suffice. Since I expect that most folks reading this will not have seen my original article this will probably not be repetitious to most. So please bear with me.

“Being a student of that period of U.S. history that encompasses the period from around 1820-1890, I was naturally interested when I saw several articles in newspapers touting public television’s “Civil War” series, shown the week of September 23rd for five successive nights. The series got such favorable  preview publicity in the media that I felt it might be the crowning achievement of propaganda in regard to the War Between the States.  Being somewhat forewarned, and being, though Northern by birth, basically of a Southern disposition in regard to the War, I was not, unfortunately, disappointed in my assessment of the series.”

“If, in some faint vein, I had hoped for objectivity in this series, such a vain hope was dashed on the first night’s broadcast. We were supposed to have the ’causes’ of the War outlined on the first broadcast. The ’causes’ all boiled down to the same stale abolitionist rhetoric that far too many of our ‘history’ books parrot today–the reason the war was fought was to free the slaves, a noble endeavor on the part of the North. The whole question of states’ rights and constitutional issues was given no more than a line or two, barely lip service. The theological implications of the War were totally ignored, as if they had never existed, and indeed, for the promoters of the program they probably did not, consciously. We were told that the man that put this series together spent five years researching his subject. That may be, but he surely didn’t read the same books I have!”

“The series hardly dealt with the Unitarian-influenced abolitionist movement in the North and the pressure that radical movement exerted on Northern politicians. It did not at all deal with the revival of reformation Christianity taking place in the South before the war.”

“John Brown, the abolitionist terrorist, was mentioned chiefly in his connection to the aborted raid at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. One got the impression from the program that Brown did all that he did on his own. Never was there a mention of the wealthy group of Northerners, one a Unitarian clergyman, called ‘the Secret Six’ that paid for a great deal of John Browns terrorism, both in Kansas and other places. Why weren’t these Northern financiers of Brown’s terrorism mentioned? They are mentioned in the National Park Service museum at Harpers Ferry. Their pictures are on the wall there.”

Lord willing, I will continue with these comments in another article. I don’t know when Mr. Burns’ updated series will be rebroadcast but it might not hurt to sit in when it is and make note of all the things that have been conveniently left out. I am sure you will find the list considerable.

by Al Benson Jr.(PART II) 

I have been informed that Mr. Burns’ update for his “Civil War” series has been on public television this week (probably for the first rebroadcast of many) so I wanted to conclude my comments about it during this week. As readers can probably deduce from my comments in the first article, I have significant disagreements with Mr. Burns’ worldview.

One thing that bothered me was the way in which he dealt with some of the personalities, notably Stonewall Jackson.  In my original Christian News article back in October of 1990 I stated: “Other things in this series bothered me. Stonewall Jackson, one of the South’s ablest generals and a devoted Christian gentleman, was labeled  as a ‘cold-eyed killer, unloved by his men and fond of slaughter. I’m no expert on Jackson (though I have read two or three books about him) but I’ve read enough to know that such a description is utter hogwash!  Jackson’s Christianity was couched in terms that made him appear to be a religious fanatic. Robert E. Lee was dealt with somewhat more charitably, but probably because his own devotion as a Christian is so well-known that, like George Washington, he cannot be vilified with impunity.” (At least that was the situation when I wrote the original article. In the fanatical political correctness now afoot in the land I’m not so sure that norm holds anymore.)

“The series was very will done, artistically, with skillful use of old photos of the period, along with background music and sound effects of that time. All this was blended together in such a way as to make it all very watchable, particularly if you happen to be a history buff. All you had to watch out for were the conclusions drawn from the series.”

“The part of the series that dealt with the battles was well done and probably mostly accurate. The horrible bloodiness of the conflict was noted and not glamorized, and that was good.  Having visied several of the battlefields noted in the series, I would have to say that, historically, that was the best part of the series.” (Although now I understand that the National Park Service has gone around and changed all the plaques to state the the reason the war was fought was only over slavery, and that’s not good because it is totally erroneous. Slavery was one reason for the War, among many, and not the main reason no matter what these politically correct “historians” try to shove down your throats.)

“The program hinted at the fact that, after two years of ‘Civil War” Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, not out of a concern for slaves, but mainly as a political move, a ‘noble’ reason for the conflict to continue. Other historians have said it with more authority, though.”

“The final episode  dealt with the collapse of the Confederacy, Lincoln’s assassination, and the remainder of the lives of some well-known ‘Civil War’ figures. The birth of the Ku Klux Klan was mentioned, but NOT ONE WORD was said about the “reconstruction” period specifically, one of the most shameful periods in our history. That part of the picture was totally ignored. Down the memory hole if you will!”

“One thing admitted in this series was that the War Between the States changed the course of our history. One narrator in the series said we were never the same country after the war.  He seemed to feel that the change was for the better.” (Looking at what we have to deal with in our day, I’m not so sure of that. I think, in many ways, it’s worse.) “Another speaker summed it up by saying that, before the war, when the United States were spoken of, it was in the plural form ‘The United States are’ after the war the singular term  ‘The United States is’ came into usage. So much for the rights of and our recognition of individual states. These were swallowed up by a strong national government. Due to apostasy in this country (and most  of our troubles can be traced back to that cause) the War Between the States was truly the American Revolution (and our French Revolution) a revolution that most God-fearing Americans, both North and South lost!  Most have not realized that even unto this day.  Slaves were not freed in the truest sense of the word.  Care and ownership was just transferred from plantation owners to politicians who had big plans to use ex-slaves as a gigantic voting block  to keep them (the politicians) in power.  Many even said as much, though naturally, with less offensive terminology.”

“One of the concluding narrations was given by a lady “historian” who went so far as to say that as long as we have the downtrodden and the homeless on the streets the Civil War is never really over. One might translate that to mean “until the federal government is willing to provide cradle to the grave security for all citizens (socialism) the Civil War goes on!” And don’t we hear echoes of this same mantra today?

I have to agree with Mr. Burns on one point–the War never really has ended, but I don’t agree with his reasons. It has not ended because the Yankee/Marxist regimes that inhabit Washington have determined that the South and its Christian heritage and culture must be destroyed and they will not discontinue their war on us until they have accomplished that. We need to wake up and realize that. This latest planned and orchestrated attack on all things Confederate should be a wake-up call to Southern folks and all honorable folks everywhere as to the fact that the Ruling Elite expects you to surrender your history, faith, and culture to their minions and they will fight you until you do. Lets make sure they have a long, long fight!

 By Joan Hough

I encourage you to share this commentary with others. Knowledge is power. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is more likely to be destructive.  (Note:  The REAL definition of ignorance is:  “UNINFORMED.")

 Folks who are offended when they are declared ignorant— might wish to look up the definition before attacking the informer. They will learn that “Ignorant” does not actually mean “stupid." Anyone can be ignorant—even the brightest among us. Of course the stupid can also be ignorant. Ignorance does not discriminate between rapid and slow learners. It may be true, however, that the brightest of us are often more apt at recognizing our ignorance and making an effort to do something about it.

Political Correctness is a method of degrading freedom of speech; it is a sneaky, merging on direct, attack on the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.  Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. Begun at the University of Wisconsin, P.C. was first used to prevent people from recognizing the differences that exist in nationality, beliefs, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Political Correctness  has resulted in all sorts of bizarre attacks on written and spoken language. “Chairman” became an outmoded word—no longer to be assigned as a title for a female “chairperson.”  The use of neutral pronouns such as “his” and “him” in formal written language was denounced and she, her, and them were declared proper substitutes.

This strange feminist movement resulted in the reported recent decision of at least one set of parents to allow their toddler to choose his or her sexual identity. The boy child is now reportedly choosing to wear dresses, to be reared as a girl, and to go to the girls’ bathroom at school. ( One must wonder as to the role persuasion and conditioning play in the child’s home environment.)

Political Correctness in Science places enormous restrictions and pressures on any scientist who disagrees with the beliefs of the majority on evolution, relativity, global warming, cancer cures, etc.

Political correctness or P.C. also means the alteration of one's choice of words in order to avoid either offending a group of people or reinforcing a stereotype considered to be disadvantageous to the group. More specifically, groups which (or whose putative leaders or other activists) claim some status as systemically oppressed or discriminated against will periodically attempt to change the terms by which they are referred to and demand that society as a whole change its usage of words as well.

George Orwell in his Nineteen Eighty Four  defined “political correctness” as a means of limiting thought by controlling language.  In the 1980s here appeared throughout America a movement in which people declared that legally acceptable words, expressions, and selected ideas should be made illegal—that people who used them should be punished. This came to be.  In communities and in the nation today words, expressions, actions, and ideas have been declared politically incorrect; people guilty of using them, are found guilty of  breaking written or unwritten laws and are legally punished by government or punished by the tyranny of the community.  For example, just a few years back in Houston, a very young, elementary school girl was suspended from school because while jumping rope or something, she responded “Oh, that is so gay!” to something said by another child.

Political restrictions on language have been placed by various groups (mobs) of people for the purpose of restricting ideas they do not wish expressed and for silencing opposition they do not wish to develop.

For our own protection we should all learn just what the term “Political Correctness” encompasses. It is a direct offshoot of CULTURAL MARXISM.  Because Confederate descendants, although numbering in the millions, have no organization such as the NAACP or the AntiPoverty group—and no enormous and powerful lobby organization like the Jewish and Labor ones, Confederates are ordinarily ignored or treated with scorn by government officials.  Even the people who have much to write about political correctness have little to say about the multitude of ways it affects Historians and schools and people who would spread long hidden historical truths about the South and Mr. Lincoln and his Republican control U.S. government.

In this brief discussion of political correctness, you are apt to read more about political correctness as it affects our South, than you are likely to have read before.

Political Correctness is most dangerous to Southerners when we only consider its form of “”Don’t say this and do say that!” or “Don’t write this and don’t write that.” or “Don’t read this and do read that.” We are believing the politically correct when we believe that all the so-called new historians who are telling secrets about the north’s treatment of the South are “revisionists,” simply writing history as they wish it and not as it actually occurred. The truth, of course, is precisely the opposite.  It is the “OLD, traditionalist historians” who sell the “revised” history—lies devised by the winners are not true history. Those who perpetuate those lies are perpetuating “victor revised history.”

We are proponents of Political Correctness:

•           If we continue to accept and verbally promote historical lies because, in our ignorance, we are unaware they ARE lies.

•           If we buy the lies extolling the goodness and humaneness of the originators of the Republican Party—and believe the Party’s own propaganda that it was organized by noble men interested only in abolishing slavery,

•           If we refuse to acknowledge the truth—that originators of the Republican Party had every intention of altering the U.S. government from a Republic into a new world order of global government called a Democracy, while it functioned as an oligarchy controlled Empire,

•           If we act, or write, or speak in a manner designed to cater to the ignorance of northerners and that of fellow Southerners,

•           If we choose to remain ignorant concerning the real purpose Alvin E. Bovay had in joining with Horace Greeley to create the Republican Party.

•            If we avoid Confederate topics the powers” have decided are too ugly to be mentioned—might make “ladies” cry, might offend northerners, might incense Republicans, or might make an ethnic someone feel “uncomfortable.”

•            If, as Southerners, we avoid telling the real truth about Abe Lincoln and his Radical Republican Marxists,

•            If we avoid telling the real historical truths about what the United States government did in the South during the “Uncivil” War and during that Republican Radical Marxists designed period of Reconstruction,

•            If we avoid learning and telling the real reasons the South was invaded,

•            If we accept and spread the brainwashed into us lies and deny that the original purpose of the Republican Party was to continue the failed European Socialist War, to begin making Marxism an American reality, by redistributing Southerners’ wealth of land, forests, and money,

•           If we remain ignorant of the role 1848er Marxists played in the origin of and formation of the Republican Party,

•             If we denigrate efforts to distribute Confederate truth and attempt in any manner to halt such distribution,

•           If we condemn the actions of people when they expose Political Correctness,

•           If we know not and know not that we know not—and refuse to listen to the truth about political correctness,

IT CANNOT BE DENIED, We are PROPONENTS/supporters aiders/co-conspirators, and abettors OF Political Correctness.

For Confederates faithful to the Cause, there is no such thing as “not enough Political Correctness.” Any amount of Political Correctness is TOO MUCH!  For many of us, our pro Politically Correct actions are born out of ignorance; for some of us, our actions are the result of brainwashing. Whatever the causation, the political correctness of our speech and our writings and our condemnations of those who challenge political correctness are merely tips of the political correctness iceberg. The humongous iceberg of  now Politically Correct beliefs was first formed and placed into writing in 1848. It was dealt with in a formal fashion in Germany in 1923. Those of us who have studied the subject are aware that the later gathering did not actually “originate” Political Correctness—just re-named the process involved in that portion of  what later became known as a tentacle of “brainwashing.”  The Communist Manifesto had already set into motion a long list of actions, words, and purposes that were to be considered as politically correct by Communists/Socialists/ and elitists Republicans in the 1800s.

Molding of opinions in our America today begins with a child’s enrollment in first grade or kindergarten and with his viewing of many of the “ kiddy shows” on television.  His conditioning continues on throughout his classroom days. Reinforcement to that conditioning is given by previously conditioned parents and other adults.

 “Reconstruction” was a dozen or so year period following the War during which  Republican Radical Socialist/Communists took total possession of Southerners.  They stole Southerners’ lands, trees, farms, plantations, money, books, pictures, pianos, etc., etc., etc.--everything that the soldiers had failed to steal during their invasions. This grand form of theft was made possible because the Republicans placed the South under military law.  Five U.S. Army generals served the Republican-controlled U.S. government as dictators.  Each, a virtual king in his district. (General Sheridan who burned the entire Shenandoah Valley region, was the almighty Lord of Louisiana and Texas.)

 Reconstruction was designed to remold and remake--to reconstruct the minds of all Southerners. The idea was  that Southerner “Bible Thumpers”  were all to made into wonderful replicates of the noble New England Republicans.  One of the “remaking” processes involved the replacement of all Southern teachers with good northern Republican teachers. The South was filled with these during Reconstruction.  Southern school books were replaced with Republican approved, Republican published texts.  Southern schools, community or church sponsored,  had their teachers and their textbooks replaced.  U.S. schools for former slaves were opened throughout the South. Southern white children, digging, picking turnip greens or harnessed to plows (because all their mules and horses had been killed or stolen by Yankees) watched black children skip merrily off to free schools and books paid for with stolen Southern silver. 

Among the many brainwashing techniques used on adult Southerners was the Iron Clad Oath –which most had to be taken if they were to eat. For many Southerners, attempting to earn a living for their families, political correctness became a survival requirement, a pre-requisite for obtaining work—for any kind of paying job. They were virtually white slaves to the U.S. General in their district, and to the US government. Confederate officers were forced to rely on their bartering skills, or to pluck a living from their gardens—selling, as did one General, vegetables on a street corner.

 Governmental brainwashing has continued down through the ages. Should you doubt this, ponder this question— how many of us throughout our 11 or 12 years of public education, routinely, heard the secession of the South defended during the vast multitude of hours we served as a captive audience of governmental teachings? Children today are in school around 900 to 1,000 or so instructional hours each year—in how many of these hours do they hear the truth about our South?

  With scheduled time to be spent today on sex lessons (kindergarten kids to be introduced to the joys of masturbation) as demanded by the United Nations and its supporters, and the U.N.’s advocated New World Order take over of private education, how much time will be given truth telling in any subject?

For a ten year period before and during the War for Southern Liberty, Political Correctness tenets in the words of Karl Marx were successfully promoted  by the United States’ most widely circulated newspaper, The New York Tribune.  The Tribune was, owned and edited by Socialist Horace Greeley, the founder of numerous communes throughout the Northeast.  At the urging of Charles Dana, managing editor, Greeley hired Karl Marx and Marx wrote (even editorials) for the Tribune for ten years.

 Furtherance of the Marxist beliefs was also skillfully accomplished through the publication of thousands of pages of anti-South propaganda by the U.S. Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, and Marx’s close friend, the Assistant Secretary of War, Charles Dana. Northerners were given some very large doses of political correct materials.

The following information, all presented in a verbatim quote, informs us as to what Political Correctness encapsulates. After reading it, the horrific influence political correctness has on American lives should be clearly understood,. 

The bastion of Totalitarian Collectivism [TC] is based upon a culture of political correctness. Before authoritarians impose their rigid formulas for shaping and defining a false reality, the ground needs to be prepared for molding public opinion.  The details and narrative of mind control works best when people have already adopted an urbanity of collective singularity. The nature of “TC” is the next level beyond political correctness. 

A glaring example of the beginnings of an upside down world is outlined in Political correctness has replaced British Politics! It is noteworthy that the two primary totalitarian European regimes of the twentieth century were engaged in their own versions of ideology dogma.

So how did it all start? Political Correctness started in a think tank (called The Frankfurt School) in Germany in 1923. The purpose was to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia. Why wasn't the wonderful idea of communism spreading?

The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):

•             the creation of racism offences

•             continual change to create confusion

•             the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

•             the undermining of schools and teachers' authority

•             huge immigration to destroy national identity

•             the promotion of excessive drinking

•             emptying the churches

•             an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime

•             dependency on the state or state benefits

•             control and dumbing down of media

•             encouraging the breakdown of the family"''"

It was no coincidence that the same themes of cultural destruction affect the British Empire after the “so called” victory over fascism. The cultural Marxism that emerged in the post war era has an undisputed record of causing the decline and destruction of Western Civilization.

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by Al Benson Jr.

By now most folks that have not been asleep for the last 20 years realize that Mary Landrieu’s brother, Mitch, the mayor of New Orleans has decided that his fair city will partake of the ethnic cleansing going on all over the South in regard to anything Confederate. Mitch feels this will get him the socialist vote in New Orleans and if he can get that, he doesn’t much care about the rest.

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana is also running for president and he seems to have taken the position, at least at this point, that he doesn’t want the socialist vote because he seems to be trying to find some way to force the Mayor of New Orleans to leave the Confederate monuments alone. Jindal has said he has told his staff to check into the Heritage Act to determine whether he has the legal authority to block removing the Confederate monuments. It sounds good, only problem is that, at this point, no one seems  to know what the Heritage Act is and whether Jindal has the authority to use it if, in fact, such an act exists. Frankly, I hope it does, but there seems to be some doubt about it. No doubt there will be some that will look at what Jindal is doing as a way to get the “redneck” vote in Louisiana if he does end up getting the Republican nod. It wouldn’t be the first time a politician did something like this. I hope he is sincere, but after watching the political class for over 40 years now, if it turned out to be more rhetoric than substance it wouldn’t surprise me.

So far, though, Jindal has been relatively consistent. He did refuse to take the Confederate flag off the SCV specialty tags in Louisiana, although there are some that are saying that the Legislature will take another look at that in the next session. They are, after all, being prodded by the NAACP, one of the ultra-leftist organizations out there so much will depend on the tenacity of the Southern heritage folks in Louisiana before the next legislative session because you can bet the farm that the NAACP will camp out at the capital and besiege the legislators long before the legislature actually convenes with their woeful tales of how the SCV license tags are “offensive” and make black people feel “uncomfortable” and all the rest of the usual bovine fertilizer. Confederate license tags don’t seem to have hindered the progress of blacks in Louisiana to any noticeable extent over the years, but watch the NAACP work that issue until, suddenly, SCV license tags will become the source of all the ills of man or beast in Louisiana since 1865.

I would hope the legislature would have the common sense to leave this issue alone, but politicians being what they are–panderers after the politically correct vote–you just can’t depend on them doing what’s right.

As you observe what the political and religious left is doing in regard to Confederate flags and monuments it would seem to be contradictory. They claim that vandalizing Confederate monuments and burning Confederate flags, or just outright stealing them, is what they are doing to promote “unity” and “national healing.” They couldn’t be that stupid if you paid them! If you really want to promote “national healing” then the last thing you do is to tear down the symbols of your opposition’s race and culture. If you really want to promote healing you just leave those symbols alone.

The fact that the left is vehemently trashing anything Southern shows that they have no interest in reconciliation or healing. The left has never been about that. They have always been about destruction–the destruction of anyone or thing that they don’t agree with or that stands in their way. Their real agenda is hatred and division and what they really hate is resistance to their agenda. They are all about class struggle–and what that really means is  their class overcoming your class–their ideology overcoming yours, their faith overcoming yours, particularly if you are a Christian.

I pray that Southern folks, particularly Southern Christians, are beginning to get that message. “Those people”  call good evil and evil good and, even in spite of some weak-kneed Christians who just want to “be nice” to everyone, the left needs to be resisted.

By: James W. King
Camp Commander, Albany Georgia
Sons of Confederate Veterans

  The Confederate States of America (CSA) and the Confederate Battle Flag are symbols of resistance to the tyranny and despotism of an overreaching, socialistic, highly centralized and authoritarian dictatorial government; so it’s no wonder the elite power brokers want it erased from memory. While it was waved by racists during the Civil Rights movement, so was the American flag in at least equal numbers. In fact, the American flag flew over a “racist  America ” far longer than the Confederacy stood as a nation. These facts demonstrate the abject hypocrisy and vapid thought processes of the elites, the race hucksters and their propaganda machine.

    The culture war on the South is ongoing and at the highest level the Socialist-Communist Left (aka Democratic Party) and One World Government (New World Order) proponents are leading the attack. Americans who condemn, berate, disparage, and demand the Confederate flag and CSA monuments removed are acting as "Useful Idiots" as defined by Communist Vladimir Lenin years ago. Socialism and Communism are operating under the cloak and guise of "Humanitarianism" and those Americans that have been deceived are many. Black Americans were especially targeted for indoctrination and the efforts have been highly successful. Polls indicate that about 80% oppose the CSA flag and other CSA memorials. Racism is a Communist word coined in the 1930 era as part of the "divide and conquer" plan to take control of America by pitting white and black Americans against each other. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and others were trained at the Communist Highlander school at Monteagle Tennessee. 

    It is very important that we know and understand who America's enemy are and what the enemies goal for America is. The two primary goals are to establish totalitarian Socialism and Secular Humanism (the belief that there is no God and that man, science, and government can solve all problems).  To accomplish these goals America's Constitution and Bill of Rights are being violated and knowingly misrepresented and shredded by activist Supreme Court judges. Calling the Constitution a "Living Document" is a scheme developed by these liberals that allows them to interpret it as they choose rather than as America's founding fathers (who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia) intended.

   Over the last month following the tragic shooting in a South Carolina church by a mentally deranged and probably drug influenced 21 year old white male who had been photographed with a CSA flag, the liberal Left has made unwarranted and unethical attacks against everything associated with the CSA. The mayor of Memphis Tennessee and the city council voted to remove the grave and statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The fact that Forrest was an early civil rights advocate for blacks is ignored. In 1875 he gave a speech for the "Pole Bearers" a forerunner of the NAACP promoting black Civil Rights. Numerous weak kneed and emasculated Republican politicians who are historically ignorant and either do not understand or care that the Confederate flag represents the same values as the original Betsy Ross U.S. flag have joined with the Socialist-Communist Left in denouncing and removing the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag represents limited constitutional federal government, states rights, resistance to tyranny, and christian values and principles.

  James Webb who was Secretary of the Navy under president Ronald Reagan and later a Democratic Senator from Virginia is quoted as saying  "to tar the sacrifices of the Confederate soldier as acts of racism is one of the great blasphemies of the modern era". 

   In the late 1980's the NAACP was experiencing great reductions in membership numbers so they began a crusade against everything Confederate instead of addressing crime, school dropout, unwed mothers, and teen pregnancy.  The "Culture War" against the Conservative and Christian South began about 1830 by the Socialist North and has continued unabated to this day.  What we are witnessing today is an all out attack on Western Culture and Civilization and a movement toward a totalitarian Socialist "One World Government". Historically ignorant indoctrinated Americans acting as Vladimir Lenin's "useful idiots" as serving as a vanguard for the attacks. For over 50 years the liberal left has talked multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, and freedom of speech but they obviously don't include Confederate Americans. Political correctness does not allow it.

From Craig Maus in response to Mr. King-
Thank you for sending your article to me James-

You ‘echo’ Sir that which The Confederate Society has said would come for over 2-Decades should the efforts of those in Washington remain on-going & successful.  

Sadly, the resulting ‘Discriminatory & Divisive Political Policies’ of those in Washington are but the Tactical Applications associated with an odious Ideology that has long been in play for over 150 years.

An Ideology that continues to gain in Size & Power thanks in large part to the manufactured dumbing down of each Generation via a controlled EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT resulting in the most prolific example associated with the- ‘Ask Me NO Questions and I’ll Tell Ye NO Lies’ axiom associated with the human condition.

By NOT taking the action we and others suggested long ago, an Enormous Price is NOW being extracted from ALL.

This is what is to be expected when the Illusion of ‘Fairness’ under the guise & Doctrine of ‘Social-Humanitarianism’  percolates & permeates from the same Political Ideology whose extract is every bit the same political poison that was once known & totally forbade within the original American Republic.

The result- Cultural Obliteration brought about by the obscurity known as ‘Political Correctness’ leaving this Country & any responsible for the fabric of its creation Defenseless!

By any other description-Genocide via a Tactical Application known as Neutralization.

This is how Many Countries throughout World History have fallen, becoming Victims within a self-created parody emanating from Political deception. Washington brought this about & referred to their skullduggery as……

“The Acts of RECONSTRUCTION” and have been using them ever since 1868.

Nothing less than an All-Out counter-offensive will serve as the preventative measure needed to lessen, and hopefully, prevent the  further Political Usurpation, Eradication & Exploitation now being waged upon Each & Every One of us NO matter ones colour or gender.

Adding to this onslaught, as our Confederate Society has noted, has been Washington’s Leftist Lackey Lieutenants within each of their Special Interest organizations who simply advance their Political Poison realizing ‘special gains’ in return for their capitulation.

America’s  RECONSTRUCTION began long ago. It has remained a ‘Political Genetic’ employed by BOTH Parties that are entirely beyond anything resembling ‘Representative’.

      Both have been engaged, clearly, in America’s Transformation.

      Anyone still believing or thinking otherwise is already a statistical Casualty but are Not yet aware of it.

Refusing or deciding to ignore America’s plight remains tantamount to writing one’s own epitaph.

There is NO ‘cavalry’ or ‘Santa Claus’ coming to save the day.

If you want to STOP this madness, then YOU will have to do it along with those who not long ago were thought of us as being ‘nuts’ for simply understanding & predicting the entirety of what was to come and befell us all.

It is now before everyone!

OUR History included men & women who understood these simple political parameters who combined that sense of awareness with a STEEL RESOLVE that few, if any, ever dared to cross.

It was a Sacred Bridge…..but look at how things have changed via Reconstruction?

What we are witnessing today is the RESULTANT Genocide of a Country that has been materially RECONSTRUCTED because of a concocted War created by Political Usurpers.

 The accompanying Eugenics and what those policies have done relative to what Those People did, have had the predictable results our Confederate Society claimed they would.

One did not have to possess a crystal ball to see the future but simply possess the same STEEL RESOLVE once common place & associated with our ancestors.

Our Confederacy possessed this quality & UNDERSTOOD these ‘parameters’ only too well.

We may have passed the ‘Point of No-Return’ but I remain hopeful that ‘things’ are still ‘salvageable’……..but Time is fleeting and It waits for NO Man!

ALL this and more should have been seen for what it was worth when the naacp, one of Washington’s many Special Interest Lackey’s,  fired the ‘first shots’ in 1991 with their ‘Resolution’ against ALL THINGS SOUTHERN and MOST Particularly Confederate.

That was when many a ‘Bell’ should have sounded throughout this Country, particularly HERE IN DIXIE!

Those People, like their White counter-parts, are but an extension of an Ideology created from a ruthless War that was designed to re-create the purpose of the Original Republic whose original government was a LIMITED Federal Republic & at their Greater Expense of one & all alike NO matter your color or gender….and always using  ‘Fairness & Humanitarianism’ to hold the upper hand allowing for Deception to perpetuate.

Those People have ‘ridden this pony’ to their un-ending delight.

Thus, We have ALL become Statistical Casualties resulting from Those Peoples’ Socialized endeavors.

 They are the equivalent of Political PLANNED ‘PARENTHOOD’.
Race has become their ‘unfiltered’ dynamic allowing for this American Tragedy to go unfettered without a single voice ever being raised for fear of becoming the ultimate social pariah- a ‘Racist’!

The naacp used this methodology in the South and upon our Confederacy to re-charge their waning batteries in 1991 as any and all human civil rights actions had been heretofore dealt with in their entirety…… but a New & Improved Dynamic was necessary in order to maintain their realized Power Crystal and it was more than clear as to what was COMING.

AMERICA has since been running away from itself using every excuse in the book to avoid the unpleasantness associated with the definition of character, resolve & Involvement!

This Black Lives Matter Movement is simply another example, extension & outgrowth similar to that of the naacp’s in 1991 thanks to an Altered dynamic that serves the few at the greater expense of the majority.

It is nothing more than a Political Cloaking Device that subordinates the cardinal Truth that was once intrinsic to the general welfare of the greater WHOLE!

Illegal Immigration is akin to this narrative as we are NO LONGER A NATION OF LAWS but a NATION OF EXCUSES maintaining positions based upon perceived Dynamics associated with ‘FAIRNESS’….the ultimate precursor to the obliteration of the Declaration and Constitution that spoke of LAW and NOT a manipulated SOCIAL FRANCHISE associated with Political Fairness whose ‘CORRECTNESS’ is destroying us ALL!

In 1991 James we approached the SCV Hierarchy.

We told them to use their CASH CANNONS & turn them around & point them in the direction of an enemy that was clearly targeting & descending on us here in Dixie.

We shouldn’t have had to explain to them WHY as the WHY was clearly apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

*We were told to go and whistle ‘DIXIE’!

ALL organizations have their Fat-Cats who simply want to ingratiate themselves at another’s expense.
 And they are NO different James.

The South once despised a Scalawag MORE than the Yankee.

The South knew the difference and I’d like to think we still do.

 * The time is long overdue James when the Good Southerner’s and Good Northerner’s SEPARATE themselves from these Pretenders in Charge and say NO MORE EVERMORE.

We MUST close ranks before our time runs out James.

Once again I would respectfully suggest a Confederate Alliance be established CONSISTING of all like-minded men & women across this country who can still understand & distinguish the Smell of Stench and what it portends from the reality at hand and come together as Brothers & Sisters before it is too late.

The Camps MUST rebel and use the money they freely give to the Fat Cats who have sold them out and turn their Cash Cannons around and point them in the direction of the enemy that is advancing and burning our cities in the name of excuses associated with a Political Dementia brought about by an Ideology whose liquidation of mankind has been seen the world over time and again….. an IDEOLOGY once known to these former Sovereign States of this Original Republic’s Confederation.

Deo Vindice!

Separation NOW less Certain Holocaust Tomorrow!


Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Editors Note: They NAACP in Ft. Myers (Lee County) is also trying to rid this image of General Lee from the county courthouse.  They will never stop until they expunge all semblances of our Confederate history.

by Al Benson Jr.

Some of you may remember Mary Landrieu, the former senator from Louisiana who was such a gung-ho supporter of Obamacare and other socialist schemes. Her continuing support for the current Marxist regime finally cost her the senate seat she had held forever, or so it seemed.

I haven’t kept up with Mary’s daily activities since she departed from the “District of Corruption” so I don’t know what pies she’s got her fingers into now, but you can bet, knowing the socialist mindset, she ain’t sitting home knitting doilies. Neither is her brother, Mitch, the current mayor of New Orleans. It seems that brother Mitch has jumped on the leftist bandwagon in regard to removing Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

So far here in Louisiana we had been spared much of the ethnic cleansing that has been going on in so many other Southern states. I’ve enjoyed watching the pickup trucks in my area with big Confederate Battle Flags on them. I’ve seen more in the past 3 weeks than in the almost thirteen years we’ve been here and there was a big Confederate flag rally over in West Monroe last July 14th. So the sentiments of average folks are for keeping the flag and the monuments.

However, you have to realize that Mayor Mitch and the other socialists in Louisiana are not average folks. Average folks don’t have an agenda. The socialists do–and a large part of that agenda is the wanton destruction of Southern and Christian culture. And you will get that from some of these socialists that even go to church. Church is a good cover for socialists and it fools lots of folks who should know better but don’t. I never forgot the saying from years ago (and it’s still true) “not many preachers become Communists but lots of Communists become preachers.”

At any rate, Mayor Mitch (who knows if Sister Mary is helping or not) has decided that his opening salvo against Confederate heritage will be fired at Lee Circle, one of the oldest monuments now standing in New Orleans. I’ve seen a picture of it and it’s a beautiful monument with General Lee standing at the top.

The Human Relations Commission in New Orleans supposedly makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of age, color, creed, gender identification, gender or sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry…disability, race, religion, and so on. According to a communication from the Sons of Confederate Veterans: “The Human Relations Commission is holding a public hearing to discuss the question of whether to remove Robert E. Lee Statue, PGT Beauregard statue, Battle of Liberty Place monument, Jefferson Davis statue.  That will open the door and set a precedence to changing all things Confederate later.” You see, in this case, the Human Relations Commission has chosen to ignore the “national origin/ancestry” part of their charge when it comes to Confederate monuments. All that stuff applies to everyone but white folks it would seem.

The SCV communication continued: “The New Orleans Human Relations Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 6 pm in the City Council Chamber, 1300 Perdido Street on code section 146-611–Removal from public property by request from the New Orleans City Council, evaluation and recommendation: Robert E. Lee statue, PGT Beauregard statue, Battle of Liberty Place monument, Jefferson Davis statue. If you would like to submit a comment, please complete the feedback form below.  The comment period will close at 5 pm on Tuesday, August 11.  Comments received before 5 pm on August 11 will be included as part of the official public record…When you leave your comments, be polite and Southern. Be sure that you cite discrimination based upon heritage (one of the criteria) The New Orleans Human Rights Laws make it unlawful to discriminate in.” 

It would be good if lots of Confederate-minded folks in the New Orleans area could make it to that August 13th hearing because you can bet the farm that the leftists will be there to deep six your Confederate heritage and Christian culture if they can get away with it. Remember–their agenda is your destruction.