Confederate Society

Part 1.


Joan Hough

 “Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna,” "Our supreme and holy Grace, protecting us and ours, deliver us, God, from the savage race of Northmen which lays waste our realm.”  [i] [References in Part III.]

White Christians in Europe once prayed for deliverance from barbarians -- from those raiding, raping, murdering, enslaving Vikings--from “those Danes--those men of the North.”  At first, Christians paid extortion money to stop the invading Danes.

 As long as they paid the Dane geld, they never got rid of the Danes.  Once they “wised up,” and took up arms against the invaders, however, they enabled God’s vengeance and, finally, were freed from the Vikings.

Sad to say, modern barbarians -- modern Vikings, now live among us. Most of them wear American faces, so look just like us. Some of them are the offspring of those 2nd Wave Vikings, the 19th century Vikings, under the micro-management of Abe Lincoln, slew or mutilated our Southern people—babies and all. The New Vikings of today are concentrated in number, in importance, and in wealth. They are based in the north and especially in Washington, D.C. And we are now paying them “the Dane geld[ii]—it is now called “Income tax” and “interest on national debts” and “what we owe the never audited Federal Reserve Bank.”

  Is there no way they can be defeated and evicted from our land? Will our God say, “yes” to our prayers? Can we do as did those ancient Christians?  Can we get rid of the Vikings or will we continue “simply praying and paying the Dane?”

The Vikings referred to here within wreaked their ravages in three “time waves” –

the first, from 793 to 1066,

the second, from

1849 to 1930

and the third, wave, the New Vikings

 from 1930 until now.

Once upon a time, in my father’s grandfather’s day (in the 1860’s) Southerners asked themselves this same question as they prayed to God to save them from the greed-fed fury of the north.  The answer given them seems to have been “Wait.”

 We have waited. We have prayed. We have remembered and now we see fulfilled our President Jeff Davis’ prediction: “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.”

While we waited, we mistakenly allowed our smiling, ever so rich, new Viking politicians in the NORTH CONTROLLED Republican and Democratic Party and their Viking puppeteers, to drag us into a type of government known as a Democracy—another word for a Marxist form of Socialist-Communism.[iii]   Ours is now the very type of government that inspired Vladimir Ilich Lenin to say, “Democracy and Socialism are inseparable.” [iv] 

Our new Vikings are in the process of teaching the whole world to sing a song called “Democracy” while they, our “enemies within,” move our sovereign nation into the NORTH AMERICAN UNION -- another step up the ladder to that Communist nirvana known as THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 

We have permitted our Viking leaders and their Viking puppeteers -- their controllers (“the Unholy Foursome* -- The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and the International Bankers) to continue the Marxist designed slaughter of the U.S. Constitution and of the Republic that Constitution was designed to hold in place.

  We have napped as they, the modern Vikings, filled our courts with anti-Constitution politicians who have reinterpreted the Constitution until it would no longer be recognizable by those who originally approved it as The Law of our Land.

 Those realizing this truth are labeled terrorists. [v] Surprisingly we have not yet risen enough in the estimation of the New Vikings to be declared “rebels.”

Part II.

The originators of the states’ U.S Constitution would not have accepted any of the unconstitutional Amendments illegally passed by the Vikings and declared the law of the land by the Viking politicians on the U.S. Supreme Court. Those who first approved the Constitution would never have accepted the reinterpretations of its meanings now being spat out by black robed men and women who, in open opposition to the Constitution, “make” law, rather than fulfill the obligations of their oath to defend the Constitution.

◦                     One amendment, not legally passed, designed long ago to give black slaves the rights of citizenship, has now been twisted to allow non-English speaking, non-English reading foreigners to vote via American ballots written in non-English languages.[i] (This is despite the fact that English speaking is a legal pre-requisite for citizenship.)  

[“Pre-requisite for citizenship”] Able to read, write, and speak English and have good knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government.”

 Due to the deliberate misinterpretations by the Viking Court justices, a few words casually included in the preamble [ a mere introduction] to the Constitution are now used to justify vast numbers of Constitutionally illegal actions by officials of the U.S. government. The black robed Vikings have made some weird decisions based on the words “to provide for the general welfare.”

 Because a farmer had grown corn and fed his pigs with it, the Court declared he broke the Interstate Commerce law. They ruled that had he not grown corn, he would have purchased it in Interstate commerce. The Supreme Court declared the Interstate Commerce law the only law broken. Judges based their entire ruling on that clause, and on “the general welfare” words, casually included in the introduction (the preamble) to the Constitution.[ii] The decision of these New Viking judges became the green light for greedy government officials’ usurpation of an increasing number of the freedoms and constitutional honored, God-given rights of American citizens.

 The original Constitutionalists would abhor the “re-interpretations” of the Constitution by the Supreme Court justices that legalizes Communist-pushed income taxes.  They would be horrified at the use of those taxes by the central government in its mind-controlling efforts in public schools. They would not tolerate the removal of U.S. Senators from control of an individual state and thus from the control of the people.  They would replace, in a constitutional fashion, all Constitutional amendments, which alter the entire, original design of the Republic by erasing any segment of States Rights. (Replacement is only possible when true constitutionalists obtain Congressional seats.)

 Present New Vikings and their sycophants preach that all supporters of the U.S. Constitution are radical rightists, tea party nuts, members of “Hate Groups” and are racists, anti-Semitics, and potential terrorists posing great danger to the nation.[iii]

 The New Vikings declare that the Constitution is a horse and buggy document no longer necessary in a changed world—that the United Nation’s World Court should determine the legalities of all American policies—that the United Nations should patrol our voting polls[iv] and our cities, and its troops be utilized in controlling America’s citizens.

 Fema Camps, which have popped up surrounded by high barbed wire, now exist throughout the U.S. and only select ones of the New Vikings know why.  Note Bush on Oct. 17, 2006 signed into law, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act which allows the U.S. President to place federal troops anywhere in America without the consent of Governors in order to restore public order.  All the President must do is declare a “public emergency.”  All Obama has to do is say it’s a “national emergency” and Pop, goes the weasel. And so the Army is hiring ‘CORRECTION OFFICERS INTERNMENT/RESETTLEMENT SPECIALISTS.

Such action was made possible because Bush eliminated Posse Comitatus so the military can patrol city streets and arrest us. (Shades of Beast Butler!) Obama made habeas corpus null and void on Dec. 31, 2011.[v]

 Any queries as to what Constitutional authority the government has to build such camps causes the questioner to be ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist.”  A US Congressman has a new bill concerning the reason for the camps’ existence,[vi] as if laws have ever stopped any branch of the U.S. government from any action.

 Many Americans, unaware as to how important the United Nations is to the New World Order plan for sophisticated Communism, accept the presence of the UN in our America.  They do so because they are been hoodwinked into believing that times change and when they change, they change everything, so for our protection we need a United Nations. Some Americans little realize that time changes, but people never do—leaders remain as greed-filled for power and money now as they were in Biblical times—and will do anything and everything to get what they want—murder, steal, lie, cheat, blackmail, threaten, and murder.   Viking Politicians will not only send other people’s children to die in foreign wars, but will, at the bidding of their Viking superiors, create those very wars.

  The first Republicans, Marxists in their credo, emphasized that for a political Party to maintain power, the central government must control the education of each generation of children and work toward the dissolution of the family unit.[vii]  Each child must grow to a being devoted only to the all powerful central government.  Present day Viking Democrats and Republicans have adopted that ideology and continue on with it. (Bush’s “ No Child left behind” is but one example of that concept in action; another is the U.S. government’s “Hate Bill”[viii] placing members of select groups above—more important in law, than even a child’s parents.)  Another example is the acceptance and sponsorship of the new public school programs for teaching the joys of homosexuality to all our young in all grades of school.

 The United Nations has entered the American picture for the purpose of causing American schools to do a “better” job of educating the kids sexually.[ix] It is said that the encouragement of masturbation and belief in the normalcy of same sex relationships will be taught even five year olds.[x]  Where on earth did this early sex education originate?  Could it have been influenced by a third world religion’s acceptance of  “marriage” of men to infant female brides?  What comes next?  Shall we see our children taught some of the sexual practices such as female circumcision as normal—that incest is natural and desirable because the Egyptian leaders once practiced it? 

 This emphasis on early sexual practices is not one acceptable in civilized nations. In civilized nations it has always been believed that children should be allowed to develop their sexual needs on their own terms, that in childhood, they should be kept free of influences seeking to develop adult sexual interests and passions in them.  Why are the New Vikings so determined to enter areas where no  civilized human being has trod before?

“Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna.”

Part III.

"Our supreme and holy Grace, protecting us and ours, deliver us, God, from the savage race of Northmen which lays waste our realm.”[i]

Idiots and traitors seduced by the New Vikings are now declaring our form of government not a Republic, but a “Democracy”.

 That word “Democracy” alone would have incensed our nation’s founding fathers whose wise efforts had restrained the central government with the chains of the Constitution and created for us a Republic, rather than a Democracy. A Republic, which has deteriorated, thanks to Vikings’ efforts, into a Socialist-Democracy.

Knowledgeable of all the myriad vices of a Democracy, our forefathers refused to place that word anywhere in any U.S. document, so it is not found in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. 

The Founding Fathers abhorred the idea of giving allegiance to an all-powerful, central government and its flag, rather than to God. They did not believe that “love of country” required “worship of government” and it’s leader. Actually they feared the inherent fire of government and sought to contain its blaze.  They realized that government’s fire, restrained, was capable of life saving warmth, but, if allowed to flame wildly, would create total destruction.

  Our Viking enemies, believing the Communist maxim that the “end justifies the means,” through true genocidal efforts have washed away almost all vestiges of Southern culture and historical truth, and most of the teachings of Christianity. Their efforts have been well enabled by the controlled communications media and by the government harnessed American educational system, each grade level dedicated to saturating its captive audiences with an enormous variety of politically correct lies, including historical ones concerning everything from the “Civil” War to the necessary adoption of every platform in the Communist Manifesto (not, of course, with the original source identified).

 If only a few thousand more Confederate descendants will reduce their time before the TV, cease harkening to NPR, turn into “truth seekers,” and read truth instead—the battle against the New Vikings can and will be won.

 Our America is in the throes of a devastating, cancerous illness—one, if properly treated, will not become lethal.  The seeds of the United States’ cancerous illness were planted back in the 1800s.  Recognizing and treating the symptoms, rather than the cause of America’s illness will not bring health back to the patient.  Confederate descendants and all American patriots on the North American continent should busy themselves learning the real reasons why the South seceded from the United States and that the secession was both moral and absolutely legal.

Southerners should cease attending to the moving lips and pens of the “renowned” historians and their mindless followers-- should seek truth from honest men. They should learn that the South was promised it could hold its slaves forever if it would just pay the tariff and remain in the Union, but refused the deal because slavery was not the cause of secession, the reason was the north’s treason.  The north shredded the U.S. Constitution and totally changed the original U.S. government.   Southerners should hurl off the brainwash and learn the true allegiance of the enemies of the South in the 1860s.  The “ism” involved then is the same one appearing in the successful operations of today’s New Vikings, as they, with the aid of the United Nations, take the U.S. into the New World Order

Americans should throw off the Marxist-Lincoln cult lies obscuring historical truths and take a close look at the actual motives of the aggressors in the War of Northern Aggression. Southerners, especially, should cease thinking that they already know the truth. They do not -- they know only what they have been taught by the Lincoln Myth salesmen situated in all places of prominence including Churches, Universities, Government, West Point, etc.—men and women whose very livelihood and promotions depend upon their own acceptance and  their salesmanship of lies they may not even realize are Marxist.  Even Southerners underestimate the success the politically correct, governmental brainwash has had.

             Only by marked effort can anyone overcome the intellectual blindness resulting from the acceptance of politically correct lies. Only with effort can Americans overcome the programmed into them unwillingness to recognize truth in something different from that which they have been taught.  We Southerners, however, should have a greater incentive than other Americans to learn the real truth.  It is possible that we may have, buried within us a natural need to find the truth, a need born out of the horrendous treatment of our families by “ the men of the north”.  We may know that we must learn it, so that it will spread throughout the nation and enable us to recruit others to “fight the new Vikings” and aid God in revenging the South.

The viral root existing in our diseased nation was brought to America in the 1849 by a few thousand of highly educated German soldiers -- Marxist-Communists –refugees from their failed 1848 European Socialist Revolution. Their virus spread wildly in the northeast, blazingly hot in 1860. It resulted in their invasion of our South in 1861. Genocide and Holocaust inflicted on our South[ii] was but one result of the arrival of the 1848ers and their virus.

 Only by learning the techniques employed by those Commie enemies can American patriots conquer today’s Vikings. Those very techniques were used to enable the creation of the Hate Bill (approved by Presidents Bush and Obama)) and to bring about the so called “normalization” of homosexuality by the APA.)[iii]  Only by learning the hidden truths concerning the past, can Americans cease swallowing—can throw up and out the anti-South lies originally created by the Marxist-controlled Republican Party in the 1800s.

 Knowledge IS power!  Only with increased knowledge can Southerners- can Americans- combat the New Vikings and their continued Communist/Socialist plans to alter and destroy our America. These plans are in use by both major political parties. Even the “New World Order Wars” (mutilating and killing our finest young men) are an integral part of the plans. 

In order to defeat the New Vikings and Support our troops, we must cease paying the Dane geld.  Without it, it will be possible that we can  really support out troops by bringing  our sons home not only from the  seemingly never ending wars, but from our military bases all over the world. We can only do this by placing in public office those who know the TRUTH and are brave enough to speak it, to stand up for it—to fight for the original American concept: friends with all, allies with none and not one penny for foreign aid. To that it should be added—no more catering to industrial-defense consortiums, to Democrats for War and Rhino Republicans.

Americans who look back to the 1800s should be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, join the fight against the New Vikings, and, with God’s help, with the spreading of truth, revenge our horrifically sinned against South and resuscitate America’s freedom.  We can free ourselves from the Enemy Within, the New Vikings.


God bless our Southern Land,

Guard our beloved land,

God save the South.

Make us victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Spread Thy shield over us,

God save the South.

God of our sires arise!

Scatter our enemies,

Who mock Thy truth.

Confound their politics,

Frustrate their knavish tricks,

In Thee our faith we fix,

God save the South.

In the fierce battle hour,

With Thine almighty power,

Assist our youth.

May they with victory crowned,

Joining one choral round,

With heart and voice resound,

 God save the South!

(In Cullings from the Confederacy,  p. 22.

"We never pay any-one Dane-geld,

  No matter how trifling the cost;

For the end of that game is oppression and shame,

And the nation that pays it is lost.

Rudyard Kipling[iv]

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[iii] The Communist Manifesto’s Road to Socialism through Democracy

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04/16/2013 13:06

Semper Blogging !

Gunny G
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J. Kirk Murrell
04/25/2013 23:29

God save the South

j. kirk murrell
05/05/2013 20:48

I can see what you are talking about being able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the down-hill trend,Charles Darwin also came onto the scene just prior to the War of Northern aggression in the 1850s? It also seems to me that some in the the federal government have since the end of the War, intended to force children into public school,and force them to accept the study of evolution.Evolution has done a mountain of harm to the country. As I read,in another article several years ago,making people think there no more than an animal,another federal withdrawal from the word of God and the Constitution.The Federal government wants to absolutley control all of the people.We people,know thats why they want all of our guns so the people could not make a defence for themselves.Southern people have alot of common sense and know that every indvidual family needs to be able to have a gun or guns in there own home.I was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas, so as a young boy and adult I had the freedom to roam the woods where I live, hunting rabbits and squirrels and sometimes a deer.Freedom,Courage and Wisdom, comes from our relationship with God, and the study of Gods word and I belive it is also important to study our history as well.The Confederate States people of the 1860s I belive, knew that if they lost the War and there independence,that the Federal government would make that loss very hard,I think thats why the Soldiers of the South fought so hard.I honestly think that the Souths loss; in the fight for there independence, was the beginning of the long slide down-hill for the whole of America .But all is not lost,we have hope in Jesus Christ our Saviour. Your friend Kirk Murrell Drasco Arkansas C.S.A. God save the South


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