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“Our Southern HE-Haw for the day is

another Boo-Hoo for civilization;

We must laugh to avoid crying!”


Joan Hough

I should preface all that follows here with something once taught me in a University Speech class: the lowest classes, the lowest, uneducated elements in society, initiate Language changes.  It is the duty and responsibility of educated people to hold on to traditional definitions and pronunciations of words or an entire nation rapidly becomes a multiplicity of towers of Babel filled not with languages from other lands, but of English words with deliberately altered meanings.  Incomprehensible to the public at large, the new language is understood only by persons of a certain element and serves to alienate all others.

Not content with merely changing our culture, our laws, our religion, and our life styles, a few UNIVERSITY somebodies are now attempting to change our English language via “gender consideration” or rather “ female gender pandering.”  Their laughable efforts are a bit reminiscent of those the Ebonics movement attempted to use to teach black children to read in a   approach referred to by some as the “he be good” method.

  So “man/ men/male,” according to North Carolina language experts, have now become demeaning, dirty, ugly words--- despicable female-lowering words; thus, it is announced that folks must not use the term "MASTER bedroom.”  Why?  Because it evokes so-called “Civil War”[1] memories of white, Southern male masters, plantations, black, boiled in oil slaves, and, even as important, gives more power to males—especially to white males.

 Instead of another war on the still in existence, Southern Confederacy (that’s the subject of another treatise) we have a war on American white men now—human beings who should be recognized as the most discriminated against human genre on earth.  In this latest attack against men, somebody following the mandates of the politically correct orthodoxy, is exhibiting HIS abundance of ignorance of the truth that in the South there were some enormous plantations and enormous amounts of black slaves owned by black male MASTERS, by white woMEN and some plantations and slaves were even owned by black woMEN.

 Somebody is unaware that there were even Yankee men who actually were the Masters of plantations in the South—men who had learned their slave-managing skills while living in the north.  (Those Yankee men may well have been the models for Simon Legree in the poem by that name.)

Somebody is also ignorant of the fact that not too long before the “Uncivil” War there were plantations even in New York City owned by white Yankee MASTERS, and that once, in very nearly every New England household, there were black slaves and nobody and I do mean nobody, mistreated other human beings as skillfully as did some of those New England money-worshipping, factory-operating Yankee masters and mistresses.

   Somebody has never learned the whole truth—that after noble northerners were paid by the government to release their slaves, those ever so benevolent, noble Yankee men and women owners, sneakily, sold many of the supposed to be freed black folks to the South to grow the cotton used in their Yankee garment factories.  

  How many Americans on both sides of the mythical Mason and Dixon line know that the Radical Marxist- Republican #1 MAN in Mr. Lincoln’s grand old army did not free his own slaves until a considerable amount of time after the end of the War of Northern Aggression? That Republican President and Slave Master was Hiram Ulysses Grant, known as Ulysses S. Grant and as a great planner of the U.S. army’s efforts to kill civilians—to, especially, starve and bomb Southern women and their babies.

  Grant was also the very one who chose to sacrifice Yankee sons to starvation in prisons in a South without food where even civilians starved.   Grant sacrificed Yankee boys, rather than accept President Davis’ offer to exchange them.  It seems it was Grant’s idea and Lincoln agreed to refuse to send food, medicine, and Yankee doctors to their own northern boys in Southern prisons.  What a fine compassionate huMAN was that Grant!  Of course the lack of reaction to this in the north may have been the result of the whole deal kept secret or may have had  something to do with the fact that many thousands of the captive Yankees were either new to America immigrants brought here by the Republicans to fight or were “hired” soldiers paid by well-heeled northerners to take the place of their own sons in the north’s draft.  None of the politically correct historians have made mention of this as either a possibility or a probability.

For the historically uneducated among us: After James Buchanan left the Oval office, Lincoln, became the Radical/Marxists’ second attempt at occupying that office.   As soon as they got rid of Lincoln and Lincoln’s personal plans for Reconstruction, and then kicked out Andrew Johnson, their support went to Ulysses S. Grant. (What on earth does the S stand for?    Claiming Grant, as they did William Tecumseh Sherman, as one of  “their” boys, they seated him in the Oval Office.  He presided over a farce of an all powerful central government loaded with crime. A darling of the Marxists, he allowed and assisted the victory celebrating, Radical /Marxist Republicans to plunder and inflict a multitude of Reconstruction horrors on Southerners.

But away from the Uncivil War and back to another war-- the Language War:

 The new, self-declared arbiters of the American language are exhibiting their hatred for American and English history by deliberately setting out to alter an increasing number of our words.  They, to use one of the favorite words of our black citizens, “disrespect” the results of the natural, lengthy, gradual, evolutionary development of our language; they shun the traditions of the English language-- traditions long established by English humanity in both the old and the new worlds. 

  The would-be, instant language changers first started with God.  In their view, God was not the Father, not the Son, not the Holy Ghost.  So God, if the new “Lords of Language” should ever decide HE exists, would be a what?  A she?  An “it,” a Mother Government?  He definitely, for them, cannot be a “He. ” Actually some of the changers are calling God -- “she.”   Others did decide that God had existed, but existed no longer—he was dead, but he was, indeed, a he.

Then the language terrorists started messing around with "Chairman"--turning it into "Chair person."

  My reaction?   Baloney.  God is no female; my South would have won if he were—(because, surely, a female God would think just like me or some other Southern lady of the very type that Sherman declared must be terminated because she thought Sherman should be -and Lincoln—and Stanton—and Fremont and Dana and Wade and everybody in the U.S. Congress and every European jail bird in the U.S. army.

As for “chairman,” I’ve held that exalted title numbers of happy times and I am 100 percent female.  I am a very female -female  who loves little red and white ribbons, and feels not the least bit insulted by being called “Chairman. ” I do admit I like it when “Madame” is inserted before the word. I think that rather sweet.

  I’m so female that even smiling young males still hasten to pick up anything I drop, and open doors for little ole me.  They have even found shoes I managed to lose under a seat in a movie  theater.  I am not insulted by the term "human.”  I think any feMALE offended by the inclusion of man in a word meaning both men and women should be dismissed as, obviously lacking a significant amount of gray matter and being, therefore, a hopelessly addled bit of huMANity.

  In order to be consistent, she would be forced to decline to be called "woMAN" and refuse to consider herself a "feMALE".  Maybe she can conceive an entire new set of words will make her content.  Oops!  I referred to her as "sHE" and as a HEr!  Oh, me! Oh, my!!  

But perhaps I am unfair.  As a Southern female, maybe I have an advantage.  We Southern females even in our 90s can still be “one of the girls” and don't mind glorying in our femininity.  Of course we've been accused of thinking that males, as in "MANkind" are created to make life beautiful for us, to protect us, to hold us tight in the comfort of their arms.   Our only question concerning this is,   "Aren't they?"  But then, it is said that we’re not “typical” American females –that men have spoiled us because, after all, we’re Southern females and Southern men know how to treat ladies and northern men, when dealing with us, tend to become Southerners quite quickly.

 Yes, I speak in praise and affection for Southern men and for all northern men who become Southerners.   Why?   Why do I deem these males so worthy of accolades?  Because  behind  most Southern gentlemen there’s a mama who rocked their cradles -- because manners still live in most of our Southern gentlemen, manners that haven’t been entirely erased by the new, national movements in multiculturalism, same sex marriages, female gender-divinity worship, and female demanded egalitarianism.

 There is no doubt that men have shown an admirable amount of self-restraint concerning the brass young women who twist about declaring their equality in the military, in sports and every aspect of life on earth-- oblivious to the truth that even the strongest of women cannot compete physically with the strongest of men.

   Some women, however, seemed to be ignorant even of the phylogenetic importance of males. If there had not been men brave enough, strong enough, quick enough, agile enough, able enough and willing to kill mastodons and bring home the bacon (so to speak) females would not even exist.  There would be no babies—no people.  Is it not strange how some she-males flame with fury when told this truth?  Guess they do not accept the other side of the phylogenetic coin---that little cave wives, unable to beat up boorish mates learned instead to control them first with female softness and then with female words. This development resulted in the AVERAGE female having more skill with spoken language than does the average male. She has a larger vocabulary.

I have no doubt, whatsoever, that "MANkind" includes all of us Southern feMALES — and even Yankee ones, if the idea that delightful and important, even wonderful differences exist in males and females happens to ring Yankee women’s bells.

Hey!  I even think it is absolutely and laughingly ridiculous to avoid using "his" in sentences in the old grammar fashion meaning male and female as in “To each, his own.” And “Each person has his own favorite color.” I also feel myself included when I hear “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Confederate ancestors.”

 The University of North Carolina's is avoiding the use of the word "freshman" because of the presence of "man" in it.[i] Do they also find offensive, the word “woMEN?”

Of the women who accept this latest alteration of the “Mother” Language of America, I say, “Poor things!” I say the same of the silly, stupid males who go along with this mess in order to get along.

Things and people are growing crazier and goofier by the minute.  Why, there’s even a movement in Sweden for no more stand up urinals for males, because this makes men more "upright" and dominant than women.[ii]  So in the name of unisex, must little boys be trained to raise up toilet seats and lower them afterwards, or will toilets, to the chagrin of feMALES, have seats entirely removed?

It would serve certain woMEN right if this results. Nothing quite is as exhilarating as a nighttime dip in cold water.

When will this insanity cease?  When will folks with good, walking around sense bring a screeching halt to this latest, puerile attack on our American culture and language?  When will the highly educated NC University professors end the attack on the English language by their colleagues? 

 Reflecting on the horrors now being associated with the words “Master bedroom,” one can only speculate as to what the “language agitators’ sensibilities must be concerning  “MASTURbation.”  Despite the spelling of the word’s first two syllables slight difference, we still can hear “Master.”

 It is a bitter truth that the United Nations, THE Cathedral for many of America’s intellectual elites, is demanding an American sex education program in which even kindergarten kiddies will be taught the delights of MASTURbation. Already at the behest of the United Nations and the proponents of the Hate Bill and the persons who took over the American Psychological Association, little school girls have already been subjected to “kiss another girl” assignments in order to develop tolerance for Lesbianism. (How the Communists among us must love this latest bit of educational reform!)

 The big questions now sky rocketing from ocean to ocean, from coast to coast, from here to outer space is: Will the  Language Mongers go along with it or will they stomp down all inclinations to attack the “master” in -- MASTURbator, MASTURbatory” and MASTURBATION?  How will they adapt these words to give proper deference to feMALES? 

You may have concluded that there is no connection between the attack on our English-American language and the attack in the past on our Confederate States of America, then you haven’t learned the truth about the real cause of the Second Secession and the reason the-Republican controlled U.S. government destroyed Southern Constitutionalists, Southern Christians, Southern people, and Southern Conservatives, who believed in States’ Rights.  You must not understand why the Marxist/Radical Republicans found it so necessary to imprison all those northerners who believed the South was right after Abe suspended the writ of habeas corpus  thereby denying them their constitutional rights.

I’ll give you a clue.  Communists were then and continue now to do everything possible to destroy homeowners, to destroy the tender and loving basis of the family structure between the man and the woman who are to be a father and a mother—who desire to place their hearts in a home for their family.  By elevating females into so-called perfect equality with males, the male loses all of his desires to protect and treasure his woman and their offspring.  Hedonism replaces honor, responsibility, and duty for the man.  This, for some males, might be just the thing---offer him a life of bachelor fun and free sex—but it destroys the very glue of civilization—the family.   Abortion, for a woman unable to depend on the support of her impregnator, becomes her fall back action unless somebody or an all powerful government, able to take away everything, gives her everything she needs in order to take and make little soldiers or workers of her eggs and the transient male’s seeds.  Of course abortion is also encouraged by the government for other purposes.

As revealed in The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels, Communists are hell-bent on abolishing the family.  They insist that the family consisting of a male, a female and children is an unnatural unit related only to property, and nasty capitalism.  The family is but a hang-over from the feudal system, so must be eliminated. Families, contend the Communists, exploit the children. “The bourgeois claptrap about the family and education, about the hallowed correlation of parent and child, becomes all the more disgusting. Children [are] simple articles of commerce and instruments of labour. “

 Communists stress the egalitarianism of every person on the planet.  They prefer, it suits their purpose, to see women in capitalist societies as, the equals of black folks and illegal immigrants and downtrodden—all mistreated by white male capitalists.  Women, according to the Commies, need to be freed from the yokes placed on them by men and by children.


Communists’ opinion of men under capitalism ( ordinary men who own homes and land)  is “”bourgeois, not content with having wives and daughters of their proletariats (men who own nothing)  at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives.”  “Bourgeois marriage is in reality a system of wives in common . . .  and thus, at the most, what the Communists. .  . Desire to introduce, in substitution for [something] hypocritically concealed [is] an openly legalized community of women.”  (The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels)

So those intellectuals, who subscribe to the Communist credo never cease causing problems between males and females — never cease stirring not only racial and sexual cauldrons, but hurl gender and equality into the boiling pots, also.

 How sad it is that some women never learn that equality with males is not desirable in all things. As an incredibly wise Southern lady once said, “We’re superior, but dumb women are going to fool around and make us equal.  Why, those silly witches are too dense to realize that Southern ladies know just how to conceal iron fists in our velvet gloves—that we glory in the truth that ours is the power not only to produce precious babies, but to make our boy babies into the fine men we want them to be.”


We Southern women know for sure, that God knew just what HE was doing when he made MALES just for us feMALES!  Whether our men are northerners or Southerners, they are OURS—and we do not look kindly on anyone attempting to denigrate what belongs to us.

[1] There was no effort on the part of the Confederates to take over the U.S. government. The 1861-1865  War of northern invasion was NOT a Civil War by the then definition of the term. In order to put a good face on a war of genocide and holocaust, the northern invaders of the South altered the meaning of the term. 


[ii]    Ibid.



j. kirk murrell
05/05/2013 11:21

I want to thank you people for the fine reading, and historical understanding, of the war of northern agression and how the outcome of that desperate stuggle for the souths independence, and freedom, and the loss of that struggle, has without any doubt brought about Federal controled, tax payer funded abortion, and homo-sexual marriage by Federal force,hate-crime legislation.The Mass-Murderer of Philidelphia,Gosnell the abortionist killing thousands of innocent babies, and still there are those within the Federal government and others, who would defend that man,because of Roe vs Wade, even Obama. The seat of power is in Washington,supposedly where rational decisions are made, for the supposed, good of the people. But you and I know as Christains, that there is no rationalizing nearly 60 million dead babies,I know God is soverign and absolute, and does not change His mind.I know that alot of our troubles, come from these things going on in the country. The Government of the US does not any longer follow the Constitution or the Word Of God and hasnt for years,I agree that we must fix the mess that were in,and if thats not possible ,we as a people with prayers for guidance and protection ,will have to seperate ourselves from the Oppressors within Washington DC peacefully.Any move that we make as Free,independent, Christian people,or possibly if need be, an independent nation, we must first always look to God and His Word and pray for His Will to be done,we know thats how the Founders did it during the first secession from Britain. thanks again, Your friend, Kirk Murrell Drasco Arkansas

05/05/2013 15:00

Thank you Kirk for your thoughtful comment regarding our Society website. We sincerely appreciate your visit and love of God. Share our site with other Confederates and consider membership in the Society as only through this venue can we ever have hope of re-establishing our exiled government. Kevin


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