Confederate Society
By Joan Hough: contributing member of the Confederate Society.


       Something, of great significance that most Confederate descendants do not know is that the U.S. government, in its war of Northern Aggression against the South, employed the use of a type of brain-wash now called propaganda.  Created by highly talented folks, the propaganda was aimed to develop in ordinary northerners the Radical-Marxist-Republicans own extreme vindictiveness toward the South.  “Because the stakes were so high for these Republicans in control of the U.S. government, they continued to preach the absolute destruction of the South, relying upon a secret weapon to attune Northern public opinion eventually to their own fine pitch of unrelieved hatred.  That weapon was wartime propaganda.”[i] For a Southerner to read any of it today takes a very strong stomach.

         Frank Conner, in his The South Under Siege- 1830 to 2000 does mention a tiny portion of the north’s propaganda involving the claim that Confederate soldiers, after chopping them off, kicked around like footballs, the heads of Yankee soldiers.[ii]

 It is easy to imagine the effect of such words on naïve Yankee mothers.

       Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton and the Assistant Secretary of War Charles Dana certainly rolled out plenty of virulent propaganda describing Confederate atrocities that never existed, and the Loyal League and the Loyal Publication League with chapters all over the north, at the encouragement of the northern capitalists who understood exactly what the Marxist Radicals wanted to accomplish, aided the cause by promulgating their own versions of inventively lurid, horrifying atrocities their imaginations created and saw committed by Confederates; they even disseminated cartoons depicting hideously depraved acts of decadent Confederates.

       Southerners were portrayed with a lack of character making them an inferior people.  The ownership of slaves brutalized and degraded all white Southerners; the slaveholder was a brooding, obnoxious degenerate, who harbored in his soul a barbaric hatred of his slaves and of all right-thinking Northerners.[iii]  He was committed to sexually abusing his captive female slaves.

       Nowhere was it ever mentioned that Yankee Radical Republican Ulysses Grant owned slaves or that in the New England States most households had once held slaves until Washington D.C. had been paid for their release, or that most of the rich families in the New England states had made their fortunes in the slave trade, or that all the ships bringing slaves to America were northern ones flying the U.S. flag, or that the Confederate Constitution forbad the importation of even one new slave while the U.S. Constitution never did, nor that all nations in the world, eventually, freed their slaves without shedding one ounce of blood.

        Many Americans on both sides of the Mason Dixon line declared that the Constitution could have been amended to free the slaves so they were “bought free” by government, as they had been in the north and there would have been no danger to the Union. But this would not have given the Republicans the all-powerful central government so craved by the 1848 Marxist Republicans.

       “Senator Charles Sumner had declared at the out-set of the war that the people of the North were in conflict with a people lower in the scale of civilization than themselves.  And Horace Greeley had said in the New York Tribune that the Confederates would not fight fair because they were “a people to whose natural ugliness of disposition is added the ferocity of exasperated wild beasts.” [iv]

       After reading that Karl Marx, as a foreign correspondent ten years for a New York Tribune wrote 362 articles which were circulated to over 200,000 readers,[v] it should become quite clear why every one of the “ten commandments in the Communist “bible” are now ingrained in American laws. (The Commie “bible” is The Communist Manifesto written by Marx and Friedrich Engels, who also wrote for the New York Tribune.) Two of Communist commandments are amendments to the U.S. Constitution, establishing Income tax and a Central Bank. The goals of Communism are also supported by at least one other amendment, which removes the U.S. Senators from the control of their individual states—and, totally blows away the states’ rights guarantee of the original Constitution. (An all powerful central government is absolutely required for the flourishing of Communism.)

        Marx’s job with the Tribune was the only real, regular--steady job the man ever had.[vi] He was a friend of Charles Dana who was the Tribune’s Managing Editor. Dana arranged for Marx and Engels to be hired by big time Socialist Horace Greeley. Greeley used many of the Marx’s articles for editorials without crediting Marx as the author.[vii] Some readers might question if some of the anti-South verbiage accredited to Greeley is not his, but that of a proud Communist who even today is acclaimed as a world-renowned philosopher and economist.

       Propaganda issued both by the U.S. government and by Marxist-Radical groups laid the foundation and furnished the pattern for all of the anti-Confederate ravings receiving wide circulation today.  With this in mind, what follows here is an attempt to counter some of the highly propagandized Marxist lies and the resulting misconceptions of modern Americans concerning the South’s true history.  Please know no fabulously rich foundations have underwritten this article to further the goals of the New World Order—or to help establish the verity of their already bought historians, educators, and publicists.




       Most mixed race children existing in America today resulted from decadent White Southern Planters’ seeds, or so is the educated conclusion of Professor Anya Jabour, which she reports in her book Topsy Turvy.

       Jabour in her supposedly “well balanced” and “wonderful social history,” reveals her anti-South, cultural bigotry and proves herself a captive of the Lincoln-Republican Radicals‘ myths by declaring: “most mixed-race children in the slaveholding South were the result of slaveholding men’s sexual relationships with slave women.”[viii]

       Oh really?  Most? It is an ignoble reality that Yankee soldiers, during their supposed great war to free slaves, planted vast amounts of their white seeds in black women and girls. But don’t expect Jabour to mention this in her text, which is supposed to be THE definitive history text on Confederate women, children and the “Uncivil War.” It seems not all lauded historians have learned of the Orders of the Rebellion collection of communications and orders[ix]issued mostly by the Union forces—but including some captured from the Confederates.

       With writings such as Jabour’s, there should be no wonder as to why Americans believe lies about the Confederacy and why black people, students, and University academicians are so easily convinced they should hate the Confederate flag.

       What so many Americans have not been allowed to learn is that when the Union’s men returned north, they left behind them so much white DNA that mulatto children resulted in great numbers. (Check the increase in the next after the War census and remember that the Planters were almost all on the Battlefields[x] while Sherman and his “boys” were free to do whatever they had the urge to do on the Southern home front.)

       Preying on the helpless was such fun! “Rather than bloodshed, and pain and terror, each day brought fascinating new scenes to Sherman’s eager young troops, and most of them wished that the lark would have no end.”[xi] In various Sherman’s camps throughout his marching days there were some mighty happy times.

       David Conyngham, of that army noted, “at night the camps roared with laughter and the songs of revivals and music halls. Negroes danced and sang, juggled, played banjos and fiddles and homemade drums, rattled bones and entertained troops in African tongues.  Soldiers and black girls made love all about the camps. The most attractive young women rode by day in baggage wagons, where they led ‘luxurious lives’ dressed in finery stolen from plantation homes and fed at the servants’ mess.”

       Conyngham went on to remark that it would have been vexatious to the Grand Turk or Brigham Young if they could only see how many of the dark houris[xii] were escorted about by the military.

        If Mr. Lincoln’s men failed to find willing black women, they forced their sexual will on unwilling black ones—as did Beast Butler’s Corporal William M. Chinock when he raped African American Mary Ellen De Riley. Chinock’s punishment meted out by Butler was a reduction in rank and a forty dollar fine[xiii] easily paid from all the money stolen in Louisiana by Butler and his soldiers.  (One could expect a rapist to take advantage of the “freedom to steal” attitude of his commanding officer.)

       Numbers of U.S. officers have denied that rapes occurred during the so-called “Civil” War, however, “Federal court-martial records document more than 350 trials for rape alone, not including those rape cases that may have been buried under assault or other

charges.” [xiv] It is most probable that the given number merely represents but a small portion of that rape on Southern women iceberg amount rising above the Yankee’s Sea of Liars’ Tranquility.  Looking just a wee bit below the water’s surface one soon remembers that truth can be expected to be hidden by politically correct historians if it makes the victors look bad.

       We may never know the true extent of raping by the “noble” soldiers in the United States. army.  Thomas J. DiLorenzo explains, “Although it is oddly missing from most histories of Sherman’s march, many eyewitness accounts of rape by Union soldiers have been recorded.  In the University of South Carolina library in Columbia, South Carolina here are hundreds of personal accounts in letters and diaries of South Carolinians who wrote of their own rape experiences with Mr. Lincoln’s and Mr. Sherman’s soldiers.[xv]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Many accounts emphasize that black women  suffered the most and that many black men, in response, became just as bitterly opposed to the Federal army as any secessionist was.”[xvi] [The accounts in the South Carolina library were probably written by white female Southerners as personal revelations of their own rapes.  Black women in that period were not prone to do much, if any, writing.]


       ”One of the worst atrocities of rape and rapture affecting young black Southern females was committed in May 1862 by a brigade in the Army of the Ohio, under the command of Colonel John B. Turchin.  Because black girls suffered rapes in the Athens, Alabama area, Colonel Turchin was tried by the army and convicted of being guilty of encouraging criminal behavior in those soldiers under his command. His court martial punishment was loss of his Colonel’s eagles and banishment from the U.S. army. . . But enter Mrs. Turchin and Abe Lincoln on the scene.  In lieu of punishment, Turchin “was promoted to Brigadier General and placed at the head of a new command.” [xvii]

     The Chicago Tribune applauded this action, as did a future Republican, U.S. president, Brig. Gen. James A. Garfield, an officer involved in Turchin’s trial [Garfield changed his tune from negative to positive,                                                                          after the President entered the picture]. [xviii] (Garfield later became a U.S. Republican President.)

       The home of Charlotte Hine in Athens, Alabama was robbed of food and valuables and then a blue-clad gang invaded the slaves’ quarters and raped a young girl.[xix]

       On the plantation of John Malone, Union troops hit the slaves’ quarters and raped.  When one black woman went to the soldiers’ commanding officer to file complaints and charge the U.S. soldiers with the committing the crime of rape, the commanding officer said, “I would not arrest one of my men on Negro testimony.” [xx]

In Columbia, a black woman servant of minister Peter Shand was raped by seven soldiers of the U.S. Army.  They then forced her face down in muddy water in a ditch and drowned the poor helpless woman.[xxi]


       “Rape and Rapture” involving Southern women of any color became normal expectations of Mr. Sherman’s invaders. [xxii] Sherman, as expected, regularly denied any acts of rape were committed by his army of “boys”--even by any of those boys imported from the jails of Germany.

        “Sherman’s biographer Lee Kennett denies the presence of criminals in his hero Sherman’s army, although Kenneth does admit, “some officers believed that such things were done by a small, incorrigibly criminal element in the ranks, a notion that has long been popular among the military.”  Several regimental and brigade commanders laid all the troubles in their units to these ‘rotten apples.’   

        Kenneth, certainly never present on the scene, comes to the soldiers’ defense and scoffs at the Commanders’ conclusions by writing “Deservedly or not, whole units got the reputation of ruffians and pillagers. In Sherman’s army, for example, ‘the New York regiments were said to be filled with big city criminals and foreigners fresh from the jails of the Old World.” Kenneth then declares this not true, that the army was actually filled with religious, mid-western young men –--“DECENT” AND “GOD FEARING”[xxiii]--too fine to perform any really bad acts– and that Southerners were just as bad in their activities as were these fine young men.[xxiv]

       From Kennett, himself we learn, however, that over half a million foreigners were brought in to fight for the U.S.  Kenneth must think that not a one of those imported                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             foreigners was in Sherman’s fine army of good, “God-fearing” boys. [xxv]

       If Sherman’s boys were “God-fearing” in that day and time—then, since the mid-west was not filled with large numbers of Jewish-Americans and no significant number of Chinese and no Muslims, one must assume the” God-fearing Americans” had to be “Christians.”  Oddly that word is not employed by Kenneth.

       Southerners, themselves, on the scene were known to declare that most of Sherman’s soldiers showed no signs of any religion.

       Statements countering the conclusions drawn by Kennett, are those of a Dr.Clyde N. Wilson, who is a Retired Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina.  His work is highly respected by Southern Truth Seekers.  Wilson wrote: “It is true that Sherman’s force contained many good Midwestern Americans who were doing what they believed was right. It also had larger contingents of mercenaries, criminals, and foreigners than any American army before or since.  Why would such good Americans want to destroy the statue of Washington at the South Carolina capitol and burn up William Gilmore Simm’s library with its hundreds of irreplaceable manuscripts of Washington, Nathaniel Greene, Francis Marion, and other Revolutionary heroes?”

       “Or destroy churches and schools and convents?  Put pistols to the heads of women and black servants to frighten them into disclosing the whereabouts of the valuables?  Open fresh graves (of which there were a great many in the South as possible hiding places for silver and jewelry.  Or like the foreign-born, syphilitic Union general Kilpatrick, force women to dance to gay tunes with his men while their homes and their town were being forever wiped on the map by fire. Or tear up little girls’ dolls and nail the family pet to a door?  One Georgia lady was visited by several wives of Union officers who choosily selected and divided up her possessions.  When she protested she was called a spy and sent without ceremony to a brutal prison in Tennessee.[xxvi] 

       It is mind boggling-- the vigor of Kennett’s attempts to cleanse the filth-covered reputation of his hero Sherman’s army. Kennett actually denies that Sherman’s troops burned vast numbers of rural homes or homes in towns. Kennett contends that only a minority of the houses in the country or in town burned because of being fired by the Northerners — and those houses “were usually vacant ones ”  so if fires spread from them to others nearby —this was not intended. (Oh, how often did occur such “accidents” accidentally--when flammable liquids were accidently applied, and accidently, embers were dropped and torches, accidently touched wood or curtains or bedcovers or books!)

        Kennett stands corrected by the entire population of women, children, old folks, handicapped and sick folks who were all forced out of their homes in Columbia, South Carolina, Jackson, Meridian and on little farms all along Sherman’s route from Vicksburg to the Atlantic.

       Kennett thinks nothing is wrong about Sherman’s declaration that if Southerners burn bridges, he had the right to burn all the houses near them.[xxvii]  This deliberate kind of house conflagration does not really count as house burning, evidently.

         After studying Kennett’s chapter entitled “The Vandals,” a reader is led to conclude that only the most wicked of Southerners had their homes burned –  i.e. Southerners of accomplishment and prestige and that such destruction of the property of those villainous committers of treason was more than justified.

       In the Kennett index, the word “rape” leads the reader to two pages of denials of rape and declarations about how safe Southern women felt that their jewelry would not be touched, etc., etc.  He expressed his doubt about the veracity of any one reporting cases of rape, and his scorn for any “outrages” reported by Southern women—inferring that all such “outrages” were exaggerated bits of nothing.[xxviii]   Undoubtedly this is because Kennett is convinced, and so declares, that the fine young Midwestern men in Sherman’s army were simply too religious to commit such a crime.[xxix]

 Kennett seems totally unaware as to the very large number of non-Midwesterners in Sherman’s great, fun-filled bunch of soldiers—and that many of them were straight out of Germany and many straight out of German jails.  [Kennett is a great one to quote if one wishes to continue spreading the Myths of Sherman’s greatness and Lincoln’s benevolent compassion.]

       There is plenty of proof that outrages, despite Kennett ’s assertions, did exist.  In fact in a single incident more than a dozen-- all at one time, all in one place, helpless, young, black female slaves gave rapture to a band of “noble “ Union soldiers who fought to “free the slaves” in South Carolina.  Those nubile young black women, actually eighteen of them, were discovered in one hideously ugly pile of bayonetted bodies.  It might be suspected that their poor bodies were without clothing.  

       Strange, is it not, that this tragedy is not one ever mentioned by certain organizations noted for inculcating hatred in blacks for Southern whites. But these same organized groups of people also blithely move through life avoiding any mention of the truth that the U.S. flag was more the flag of slavery than the Confederate battle flag ever was.

        Unfortunately Southern planters, haven’t gone to fight on the battlefields were nowhere on the home scene –and that is precisely why those girls were raped and murdered by white US soldiers wielding U.S. government-issued bayonets.[xxx]  

        Sherman’s “boys” no doubt made lots of girls howl!  The “eighteen who experienced gang rape and rapture ending in murder” debacle is just one example of the many gang rapes made by Lincoln’s regiments on scores of slave women.[xxxi]  If there is no formal record of this particular happening, or not much record, it is because the eighteen, butchered women were unable to file any complaints with the U.S. Army. Of other such happenings, a lack of records occurred because so many of the ones left living were too broken emotionally, too humiliated, or too wise to the ways of the U.S. military to cross swords, so to speak, with the  white Union officers.

       It, of course, is unknown as to whether the rapture was made possible for the brave northerners before or after the deaths of the eighteen young women.

       Evidently in the spirit of emancipation, and with great kindness, the noble, humanitarian Union soldiers freed those young women from the evil sexual advances of Southern plantation owners.  Those good Yankees arranged for the freed girls to proceed straight to Heaven.  It would be grossly unfair to accuse those particular white Yankees of siring any mixed-race children—at least not with the any of those bayonetted eighteen black girls as mothers.  The probability of mulatto babies was evaded, then and there—but had any resulted, politically correct historians would have blamed their presence on Southern planters—maybe even Southern planters named Jeff Davis or Robert E Lee, or Jeb Stuart or P.G.T. Beauregard or Wade Hampton. Neither Sherman, nor Lincoln, or Grant or any Marxist in the Republican party was fit to tie the shoelaces of any for any planter who was a real Southerner and not some “northerner come South to buy a plantation and melt slaves in oil.” 

        The mass murder of the eighteen helpless black women was recorded in the diary of Mary Chesnut. The bodies were found on the Sumter District plantation of her niece and nephew, Minnie and James Frierson.[xxxii]  

       In the home of Charlotte Hine, on the outskirts of Athens, Alabama, the slaves’ quarters were invaded by a blue-clad gang who gang-raped a black girl.

 “At the plantation of John Malone, outside of town, troops went to the slaves’ quarters and there, too, committed rape.”

        Several soldiers came to the house of Mrs. Charlotte line and committed rape on the person of a colored girl and then entered the house and plundered it of all the sugar…”

       One black woman dared charge a soldier with the crime of rape, his commanding officer tried to hush it up, commenting, ‘I would not arrest one of my men on Negro testimony.’” [xxxiii]

       Of course rapes were committed and regularly by U.S. soldiers under the command of Generals other than Sherman.

        There are over 300 statements acknowledging incidents of rape made by Mr. Lincoln’s own officers, found in the U.S. Army’s official military Orders of the Rebellion (O.R.) records now available in Cornell University’s digital library online.[xxxiv]

       It is unfortunate for truth’s sake that so many modern historians have failed to avail themselves of the O.R. records.  What records of atrocities, when atrocities are actually reported, can be more reliable that the U.S. government’s own military’s source of information?  Is it true, as some serious scholars are now claiming -- that the telling of truths concerning the “Civil” War and other involvements of the U.S. government is prohibited by the various foundations concentrating on the history-education of American voters to be.

       American private foundations are said to have paid and to be continuing to pay large sums of money in the form of scholarships, grants, or honors.  This money goes to historians, would be historians, educators and other opinion shapers.  The foundations virtually train the grant recipients, the students and the honorees, so that rather than hamper the movement of the U.S. into global government, they will act as best man or maid of honor at the United States’ marriage with Russia in the glorious days ahead for the U.S. when it is absorbed into the glorious union of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  And, perhaps, as important, they will bitterly attack all persons expressing ideas counter to those of the foundations.                                                                                                                          

       There are some important reasons why the foundations do not wish the truth about the “Civil” War to be told.  Probably the most outstanding one involves the ideology of and composition of the forces that planned the invasion of the South.  This force labeled Southerners as traitors because of the South’s legal secession. The War of Northern Aggression created by this force was a successful continuation of their Revolution that failed miserably in Europe.

  This force grew wealthy by looting Southerners of their rich land, and the gold in Southern banks, and of every precious gem or precious piece of art and everything of value held in Southern homes. This enemy of the South altered the entire make-up of the U.S. government by shutting the mouths of the wise men of the South.

        This force’s control of the U.S. government has never faltered.  What is today is what was planned when the glory that was the Confederate States of America was dimmed by the concerted efforts of aggressors who imposed on the South the horror of cultural genocide and a Yankee-made Holocaust that makes the European one look like Bob and Nancy’s 1930s experience in First Grade.

       Colonel John B. Turchin’s court martial report contains the notes that a part of his brigade debauched the females in the Negro huts for weeks. [xxxv]

       “Debauching of the negroes” was reported by the north’s officers as occurring in numerous places the northerners invaded –such as In northern Missouri. Official US military information was sent the Secretary of War concerning military forces “committing rapes on negroes in Northern Missouri as well as in Athens, Alabama where “an indecent outrage” was committed on a servant girl and part of a brigade “quarter[ed] in the negro huts FOR WEEKS, debauching the females.[xxxvi]

       “Negro women are debauched” was, also, an item in the official report of Third Ohio Cavalry activities in Woodville, Alabama.[xxxvii] 

       Black girls and women in Memphis, Tennessee were not neglected by Yankee troops.  The military report originating in Memphis read:  “The [white] cavalry broke en masse in the camps of the colored women and are committing all sorts of outrage.”[xxxviii]

       General Rufus A. Saxton informed Secretary of War Edwin Stanton on December 30, 1864: Saxton described the attitude of the Yankee soldiers:  “I found the prejudice of color and race here in full force, and the general feeling of the army of occupation was unfriendly to the blacks. It was manifested in various forms of personal insult and abuse, in depredations on their plantations, stealing and destroying their crops and domestic animals, and robbing them of their money. . . . The women were held as the legitimate prey of lus. .” [xxxix]   [Emphasis added.]

       In Bayou Grande Cailou, Louisiana the Sixteenth Indiana Mounted Infantry made its presence known to the civilian population there. Later Mr. Pelton reported to their commanding officer that a soldier had shot a little mulatto girl and killed her and had also fired at a Negro man.  The commanding officer went to see if this had actually occurred.  He found a mulatto girl, twelve or thirteen years of age, lying dead in a field.  A Negro man on the place told the officer that a drunken soldier had killed her and he had seen the killing with his own eyes.

       “On November 20, Gen. Robert A. Cameron reported, “I heard by rumor . . . one of [Capt. Columbus Moore’s] men had attempted to rape a mulatto girl and had shot and killed her for resisting.” [xl]

       Who could stop the rapes while Southern men were away fighting battles against Union men?       There were no men with guns to protect Southern females of any color.

        Lincoln, Sherman, Sheridan, Butler and other Union Generals deliberately made their war on the unprotected women—even the pregnant ones and even the ones with babies at their breasts. The Yankees warred on infants, children, old folks, sick folks and handicapped ones. Why would they care about the safety of women who happened to be black?

       Sherman admitted his war was against all white Southerners:  ”We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hated hand of war, as well as their organized armies.”

           For the “persistent secessionist” Sherman stated, "To the petulant and persistent secessionists, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or SHE is disposed of the better. [xli]

On June 21, 1864, the general wrote, “There is a class of people {Southerners] men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order.”

          With extermination, not of soldiers alone, but of women and children as Sherman’s announced plan,[xlii] so what United States official, drunk with power and blood lust, really cared about a bit of black or white rape here and there? The Union’s Bible quoting President or his US Congress, wherein Republican Marxists held the power, uttered not a word of restraint.

 There is yet to be discovered any anti-rape utterances made by General William Tecumseh Sherman and his good drinking buddy, General Grant and an entire bevy of the identified as Mr. Lincoln’s openly Communist-Marxist high ranking army officers [xliii] and others in his administration.

        Lincoln’s infamous Spy Chief Allan Pinkerton, the most famous of the Communist “Charterists,” a radical group of Socialists pursued by British agents.[xliv]  Mr.Pinkerton, one of the sponsors of John Brown and his murderous group was someone not likely to file a single complaint against the Republicans’ rapist murderers.)

     The atrocities committed against black  Southern women by the men under the control of General Tecumseh Sherman was such that if White Southern women would not have been surprised to  learn that like  Donatien Alphonse Francois, the Marquis de Sade, Sherman made lamp shades  from the skins of Southern babies. Sherman certainly, undeniably enjoyed killing Southern babies as much as his “boys seem to enjoy bashing the brains out of tiny pet dogs before the watching eyes of the children who owned the little pups.[xlv]  

       The official records of the United States military reveal that In Woodville, Alabama the Third Ohio Cavalry [full of fine young German recruits] in August of 1862 indulged in the debauching of Negro women.[xlvi]

Rape and Rapture involving Southern women became normal expectations of the invaders. Evidence of this is found in the University of South Carolina library, which contains hundreds of personal accounts of rape at the hands of Sherman’s army.[xlvii]

Black women were raped in the presence of white women and children.[xlviii] No one knows how many babies resulted, but as Mr. Sherman’s white rapist-soldiers were reported to be young men, one might suspect them able to father children.

       White Union soldiers were not loath to engage in gang rape of black slave women.[xlix] Black women in Georgia were taken by Union soldiers and “violated without mercy.” [l]

        “Poor Negroes were terribly victimized by their brutal assailants, many of them...left in a condition little short of death. Regiments, in successive relays subjected scores of these poor women to the torture of their embraces.”[li]

        Jabour in her Topsy Turvy insists that the members of Mr. Lincoln’s army fought Southerners in order to free the black slaves—does she mean free only male slaves? If so, even the actions of the Yankees against black male slaves in numerous places in the South would put the lie to that.  Unfortunately time does not permit an in-depth consideration of that aspect of the “Not a Civil War.”

       William Gilmore Simms, one of America’s foremost men of letters and a renowned historian wrote: “We have been told of successful outrages of this unmentionable character being practiced upon women dwelling in the suburbs. Many are understood to have taken place in remote country settlements, and two cases are described where young negresses were brutally forced by the wretches and afterwards murdered—one of them being thrust, when half dead, head down, into a mud puddle, and there held until she was suffocated.”

 “The poor Negroes were terribly victimized by their brutal assailants, many of them, besides the instance mentioned, being left in a condition little short of death. Regiments, in successive relays, subjected scores of these poor women to the torture of their embraces, and—but we dare not farther pursue the subject­­ —There are some horrors which the historian dare not pursue –which the painter dare not delineate.  They both drop the curtain over crimes which humanity bleeds to contemplate.” ­” [lii]

       In the Athens, Alabama, home of Milly Ann Clayton, soldiers attempted to rape a servant girl but were halted in the process.      At the home of Charlotte Hine, “a blue-clad gang invaded the slaves’ quarters and raped a black girl.” [liii]

       Troops committed rape in the slaves’ quarters at John Malone’s plantation. When one black woman tried to charge a white northern soldier with the crime, his commanding officer (under Colonel’s Turchin’s command) said, “I would not arrest one of my men on negro testimony.” [liv]

       Did the fact that Sherman had several regiments filled with new to America young Germans, many straight out of European jails, [lv] have anything to do with their acts of rape, robbery, theft, torture, assault, insult, and wanton property destruction? Did Sherman wink, as has been reported, when he told them to cease plundering and burning? Why was he able to control them in places in North Carolina, but claimed to be unable to do so elsewhere? Why did he deny any occurrences of rape?

       Perhaps murder, rather than rape of female civilians was more greatly desired by the great General Sherman. When told that the great number of corpses lying in the streets of Atlanta were those of women and young children, Sherman declared such “a beautiful sight.” Sherman’s words were reported by O.E. Poe, one of Sherman’s own United States officers.[lvi]

       Sherman’s contention that Southern women and children should be killed has been documented and written about so many times it should be unnecessary to be repeated again in this document.  To give credit where credit is due, however, it must be reported there is no record of General Sherman declaring that his men should seek rapture through rape of either black or of white women.

        Sherman did finally admit, however, “No doubt many acts of pillage, robbery, and violence were committed by these [his] bummers, for I have since heard of jewelry taken from women, and the plunder of articles that never reached the commissary; but these acts were exceptional and incidental.  I never heard of any cases of rape…” [lvii]

       In northern Missouri, “United States military forces “committing rapes on the negroes” was reported by letter on August 13, 1861 to Secretary of War Simon Cameron.[lviii]

       Union Brigadier General William Dwight, Jr. confessed the crimes of his men in the state of Louisiana. He reported, “Negro women were ravished in the presence of white women and children. [lix]

       In Nashville, Tennessee, sexual abuse of black women by Yankee soldiers was “common.” [lx]

In Clinton, Georgia, once Sherman’s boys departed, the Macon telegraph reported, “Atrocities most heinous were committed, female servants [were] taken and violated without mercy.[lxi]

       During the Federal occupation of Columbia, South Carolina saw scenes enacted before the eyes of Sophie Sosnowski, headmistress of a girls school that appalled her.  She recalled, “The scenes enacted at that dwelling in connection with the Negro servants are not fit for female pen to dwell upon….At last the [black men] themselves became thoroughly disgusted and …vowed vengeance for the base treatment their women had been subjected to.” [lxii]

          Rapes did occur and they were numerous despite the assertions of Sherman as stated by Michael Fellman:  “Sherman and all of the soldiers who discussed this issue agreed that almost no white women were raped. “[lxiii] [Oddly, Fellman failed to add “or black women.”]

        Fellman reports: “ Colonel Oscar Jackson, for one, in the midst of entering into his diary his encyclopedia of the fire and pillage wrought by his men, while acknowledging that his soldiers exploited prostitutes, insisted that ‘the persons of women, it is my belief, have very seldom been violated, and I have been in a position to know.”

        Fellman declares “Sherman himself, indulgent in concern to most forms of destruction, believed that his men had observed these limits toward women.  Jackson also added in his diary, I here record my opinion that few of our soldiers had connection with blacks, very few. . .”

       Fellman then states that “This statement [of Jackson’s] seems to be less concerned with rape than with voluntary sexual self-soiling by white soldiers with black women, which he would have abhorred more on racist principles rather than on grounds of humanity.”[lxiv]   

       Soldiers commanded by U.S. Generals besides Sherman performed rapes.  For example in New Orleans Cpl. William M. Chinock  a U.S. soldier raped Mary Ellen De Rilley,  an African American woman thought to have been a  person in a  black family which had been freed many long years before the war.  Chinock raped the wrong girl when he raped this Louisiana De Rilley.  She persisted until she saw him charged, tried, and found guilty of committing the crime.  The great white father, General Beast Butler, evidently did not feel that the happening was worth more than a reduction in rank for the attacker and a fine of forty bucks which, most likely, was easily paid by the culprit from some of the enormous amounts of money U.S. soldiers and their General had stolen from Louisianans. [lxv]

       Due to the release to the public of the official records of the US Army in the War of the Rebellion, the denials by government officials and army generals that rapes did not occur are now seen as the absolute falsehoods they are.  

       Of course, it cannot be denied that, in addition to rape, there were innumerable cases of cooperative sexual activities of Southern slave women and Yankee white soldiers who, quite obviously, were not interested in avoiding Yankee Colonel’s Jackson’s idea of “self-soiling.”  No doubt there were impregnations accompanying the interracial togetherness.

       Whether black women were willing or unwilling, the natural results of sexual rapture is such that it can honestly be said that without morning-after pills, diaphragms, birth control pills, or condoms, Yankee soldier rapists, undoubtedly, sired large numbers of mixed race babies.

       The denials that rapes occurred and in large numbers made by high ranking officers, including Generals such as Sherman should not cause any person with even “walking around sense” to believe that those men told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.   Their lies were founded on two legs—one, to cover themselves and their men and two, as an extent of their belief that they were above all laws of God and man.  If they believed in God, then they had a conscience-problem which they chose to deny.  They believed that lying, like killing, was justifiable when dealing with the enemy and the enemy’s women and children. This is very similar to the code of an old world religion now here in America—that lying is honorable so long as it supports that so-called religion.

  Sherman certainly justified his horrendous behavior and that of his “boys.”  By declaring those who commit treason deserve such.

       Southerners said then and now say:  “But there will come the day when the truth will destroy the lies--then it will be absolutely clear that it was Sherman and Lincoln and their colleagues who committed the treason.  Only the South supported the U.S. Constitution.  Deo Vindice!”

       As for the rapes done but denied by the Yankees, it has been admitted by some of the wisest of men, that too often mankind is plagued with a case of “penis erectus non compos mentis.”

       To the reader who contends that what happened so long ago has little significance in today’s world, an article published May 16, 2013 in the Houston Chronicle may bring home the truth that times change but people never do—meaning that there are ever evil actions committed by some human beings, even by armies of them. 

       The Chronicle presented an associated press article in which it is reported that there were in the year 2012 there were 26,000 reported sexual assault cases in the U.S. military.  Following on the heels of the insistence by some women that women be sent to fight the enemies –in the trenches, so to speak, side by side, shoulder to shoulder with the men of the military, the problem of ”female battlefield egalitarianism” appears more than simply problematic. Some of the abuse cases even involved high-ranking military officers—ironically, one assigned to serve as a special protector of the rights of military females.

        An informal survey of Military wives and widows appears to reveal a prevalence of women who reject the idea of “battling skirts” fighting side by side with the husbands of other women.  They also are in favor of the rejection by their daughters of future military careers entailing a great many physical hardships and dangers including the possibility of rapes by the enemy without and the one within.

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David Weaver
10/03/2015 10:21

I always felt deep inside my soul the truth and the reality of the things that happened, as a child, being white, from Louisiana and Mississippi, most of my friends were black, and still today. The soul knows cause it feels like an animal that holds up its tail and ears to feel through the tips of the hairs the vibrations around it.
I didn't understand why I was so emotionally attracted to my true black friends and their families. But before I read these articles, I already imagined that these atrocities that were committed. As a child your senses are fresh and the truth cannot be hidden, but during that period you have no vocabulary to describe what you feel so the mere touching and innocently interacting with, in this case, one of my black friends, one soul to another is taking in information. Information of what my friends' ancestors have been through, especially the emotional periods. I further believe the hate groups that were formed in the south were either created or encouraged by post war union officers to create a division amongst blacks and whites, and once the new breed of children came about and brainwashed by the newly created system designed by these officials who I also believe stolen the land of plantations and gave it to northern blacks who were already brain washed and made to believe that southern men did these horrible things. When I was a child in kindergarten, 1972, I remember sitting in the lunch room and staring at the pictures that hung on the wall of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, And as I starred at these images I could feel the evil, I was so petrified, I couldn't move, to the point a little girl sitting across from me asked the teacher who are the people in the picture, I guess she could see me being frightened by their sight. Prior to kindergarten, I had attended an all black head start because my mother could not afford the white head start. I never heard my mother ever talk bad about black peoples or any race for that matter of the person, white or black, if they done her injustice. Therefore I believe most Union soldiers were of the evil sort and the ones that were brainwashed thinking they were freeing the blacks from evildoers, when they witnessed and realized they were on the wrong side, I'm sure the true good hearted soldiers did one of three things, reported the war crime and was killed in the next battle or in his sleep, left the company at first chance, or committed suicide.

09/21/2016 10:33

Great and informative post


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