Confederate Society
by: Kevin Carroll

The people of America decided their next President through January of 2017. The selection process is nasty and full of deceptions, gravitas and righteousness. In reality, neither candidate has the ability or desire to correct the inherent defects that exist in both monetary  and fiscal policy. 

The Federal Reserve authorizes the printing of endless fiat currencies without any supervision of government. The bank controls the government. The government, desperate for growth, strides to collect more revenue (taxes) in order to  perpetuate it own self. The Fed is the spigot filling up  the tub with money and the  IRS is the drain sucking it all out. They work well together. The politicians of both parties are in on the game and play musical chairs trading off power within the kabuki dance of  an admiring and complicit media.   

Now if one were to take a look at the  electoral map, it would find that the old Southern Confederacy today controls only 200 votes if Maryland is included (she has 10). Obviously, no one would  consider Maryland a  ”red” State. If adding to the Southern States the Western States were added which comprise 53 votes (Arizona at 11) the “confederacy” of those  two regions would not exceed 253 short of  the required 270 to win. In that event some party would have to secure either Ohio or a combination of Wisconsin and Indiana in order to win the election.

The vote for political direction in America has seldom changed since  1865. Northeastern States supported by the left coast has- and  always will -select the President. The South and West are placated to, but do not have much more than tie breaking ability. The lives and  fate of these constituencies are typically determined by others whose values and lifestyles are quite opposite. 

America today is red states and blue states. Once the word state was State. There was a time when we were a united States and not the current United States. We were a union of States now we are a Union of states. The emphasis on a  document’s capitalization has consequences and students that should learn the basics of  governmental formation. They won't learn that we were constructed and founded as a nation of  all States as opposed to a Nation of one State. The differences are subtle to many but impossible to others. The  difference, if even realized, is the seed which allows liberty to prosper, spirituality to flourish and righteousness to  govern.  

The real deception is  in believing that victory of either party will modify the collision coarse America is on  with disaster. Washington based politicians, which are  power mongering fools,  are sin-ominous with evil as they all spin webs of deceit to convince simple minded people of the "righteousness" of their nefarious purposes. They wave the shiny object to distract Americans while behind the curtain they roll out ways and methods of subverting Liberty at the cost of security (that is another article in an of itself).

The red States of the South and West can never control their own destiny as long as the current system prevails. The Constitution was to provide for Liberty at the human level, a gift from almighty God, yet Government now controls how those red States shall be forever governed and what form that Liberty shall be allowed. 



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