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Dear Patriots (thousands copied herein w/permission to forward),

  There are few times in which the Ideology associated with the perverse Political Oligarchy who Rules this Country reveals itself- but in this, their ‘hour of weakness’, as clearly witnessed in the VIDEO herein, their Mindset & The opinion they have of us is REVEALED in ‘full disclosure’.

  We are obviously considered a Nuisance and not more than a step above the 15th century class known as the Proletariat!  

  What should be EQUALLY apparent, as I have asked this question before and WILL AGAIN-

Does Anyone Truly believe that they believe, that they derive their authority from the consent of the Governed? US?

Clearly, as evidenced herein, many of them do NOT!

  Listen to this Marxist ‘representative’, Jim McDermott, from Washington State reveal himself (Video herein) in which he Castigates the People sitting before him in yesterday’s Congressional Hearings regarding the IRS’s miss-use of Government power whose sanctions and sailing orders, we now know, were known by the White House Chief Council.

  This, and ALL ELSE that has, is & continues to occur, defies any heretofore suggestions that Obama did not KNOW ANYTHING about that which was & has been underway given this his background, statements, associations and relationships with some of the most sinister anti-American characters ever assembled within the same body of Government.

  Yet this group of entrenched Marxists have cajoled the American People over many decades into believing they were somehow responsible for the plight and condition of every miss-begotten group who ever cried FOUL, using the less informed to establish, clearly, Discriminatory Practices that would elevate, advance and solidify their Political Position over us.

  And NOW that their Political Practices of Many Decades are finally catching up with them because they have become too Fat & too Large resulting from a ‘Fast & Furious’ Feeding Frenzy at the expense of this Electorate, resulting in ‘sloppiness’ and getting Caught with one too many of their sticky fingers in one too many Cookie Jars, they would castigate & excoriate the same body of citizens who have paid for their self-indulgence and for NO other reason than to defer from ACCOUNTABILITY resulting in NO ONE KNOWING NOTHING about ANYTHING!

  Listen to what this pariah McDermott had to say resulting in Ryan having to dress him down because he was so OBVIOUS.

  Now that a Vast Majority of this Country’s People are finally awakening to the Reality of this Republic’s condition, THEY DON’T LIKE IT and would create a standard of application that would DENY YOU, simply because of YOUR Political beliefs, those rights to which YOU are entitled but who, willingly, gave these same rights to others without question & over time while looking the other way because these ‘other folks’ were willing accomplices in the Theft and Alteration of the American Republic.


  There are several Video’s herein attached to this one.

  I suggest YOU watch Ryan’s rebuke of McDermott but also, watch and listen to McDermott’s May 30, 2009 speech regarding Obama’s HealthCare Bill.



  This is what has been in the WORKS for Decades.


  Of course, that same and unfortunate Political ‘Picture’s prequel, if you will, was that which we have been telling y’all about entitled- The War for Southern Independence.


  In closing, let me remind and share again with YOU, what that ‘Film Critic’ of old said in 1831:


“Stripped of all its covering, the naked question is whether ours is a Federal (meaning Republic of Sovereigns) or,

Consolidated Government (meaning National/Central);

A Constitutional or Absolute one;

A Government resting solidly on the Basis of the Sovereignty of the States, or the Unrestrained will of a Majority;

A Form of Government, as in All other Unlimited one’s in which…

Injustice, Violence and Force must ultimately prevail.”


And what, by God, is ‘appearing’ Before YOU today- Injustice, Violence & Force thanks to the Unrestrained Will of a Majority!


This analysis was noted & stated by the famous John C. Calhoun


  Now all YOU have to do is ‘Connect the Dots’ between 1831 & 1860 and that which resulted after our Country was Invaded & Destroyed by “Those People” (as General Lee called them) in 1865- YOUR Original Confederation of Sovereigns-


The Constitutional One!


And ALL that has occurred since as evidenced by just one of the many Political maniacs like McDermott who are Ruling, NOT Representing ,YOU today.


By the Eternal, WE MUST SEPARATE & Restore the Original Republic,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America


Deo Vindice!

Will YOU Join Us Now? 


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