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Editor's note: It fills the Confederate cause with a great sadness to know we have lost one of our own. Tommy (PoP) Aaron was always supportive and graceful in his advice to our Confederate Society. He posted some of our comments and essays on his own site. The Demastus blog and email is the quintessential trading post for all hearts who are Confederate in the cause.His noble undertaking has given rise to the patriot flaggers who keep the memory of fallen brothers alive and do more to advance the word of Confederate than any organization- including this Society. Our sorrow is only overcome by the knowledge that he has passed unto our Lord and in doing so can proudly boast what few can; that he  gave for his Confederate Country like few have ever done in their days. God bless you our brother and may your soul rest eternal.  From your fellow brothers at the Confederate Society. 

From our brethren at PoP's Southern American....

It is with sadness to learn of the passing of Tommy "PoP" Aaron.  He was an example of a die-hard and faithful Southern patriot; a Southern American, as he preferred to be called.  PoP was a humble man and shunned calling attention to himself.  His good works, enthusiasm and pleasant personality drew his friends to him for advice and camaraderie. His enemies are those who work against the things PoP loved so much.  He endeared himself to the Confederate community with numerous web sites and blogs.  His Christian demeanor was never  called into question, as he was quick to praise his Lord.  He was stern, but gentlemanly-strong,and never overbearing.  His dedication to Tennessee Confederate Flaggers  allowed a voice be given to the Confederate veterans who have been maligned by slander.  He welcomed debate, but in keeping with his character, demanded it be clean with documented facts only.  He spent over forty years “fighting those people”, as he referred to those who tarnished the legacy of the men who fought for our beloved South.  The man from East Ridge, Tennessee has done his duty to his God and to the Southland.  May we follow his example.



06/13/2013 13:33

Tommy “PoP” Aaron
So sad, but what a fighter he was, true to his Southern heritage. He is the one responsible for me finally putting my memories to pen by starting up NamSouth without telling me and then urging me to go ahead. (This was after he did the same for another blog, but I didn't follow through.) So, PoPs, in that simple task alone, you have educated many, many people in the Cause. I'm sure you are receiving a rowdy welcome from your Confederate ancestors now!

06/13/2013 15:34

Thank you Brock. We have all lost a friend when Pop died but his legacy will continue on. People like you and Susan Hathaway have also done a tremendous amount to advance our noble cause. We acknowledge you and admire your passion and skill in advancing our noble cause. It is an honor to know you and pray that we can honor PoPs legacy by being true to ourselves and the Confederate cause....Kevin

06/13/2013 15:51

Thanks, but Susan does far more.:)

02/27/2016 04:50

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