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Editor's note: This well written essay could also be called, "Lincoln so loved the United States he sent 600,000 Southern sons and daughters to their deaths to ensure the u in united stayed capitalized". 
united States = 50 sovereigns
United States = 1 sovereign. 
The question is which do we prefer?  

BY: Joan Hough

 Sorry to burst any historical balloons, but Lincoln did NOT love the United States, he hated it--hated the Constitution and hated the South.  Lest it be forgotten, our South was as much the United States as was Lincoln's north.  It was maybe “more.”  Our South was not simply “part” of the United States—part of the “country,” it WAS the country—the states of the South WERE the United States.  And there is a reason this can be said.

 The entire foundation of the United States was the Constitution. Nobody loved the Constitution and the Republic it guaranteed more than did Southerners. Nobody dedicated more blood, more sweat, and more tears in birthing the Constitution and the nation—than did Southerners whose lodestar was the sovereignty of each individual state. 

Southerners chose the word “state” as the label for each individual Southern NATION.  Northerners certainly accepted this title.   Remember the word “state” in the 1700s meant “nation.”  In fact, it still has that same meaning despite efforts on the part of the New World Order gang to erase the true meaning of the word “state” along with the true meanings of other significant words and phrases, and even some insignificant words in the U.S. Constitution.

The Marxist Republicans, later joined by folks in the Democratic Party, have slyly gone about replacing real definitions and meanings of words and sentences in the U.S. Constitution with ones that further their goals.  One example of Marxist cleverness is seen in their re-naming of their invasion of the South as a CIVIL WAR, which it was not.

  How can someone be said to love the United States whose actions prove he hates its foundation? What motivates anyone to deny that Lincoln hated the Constitution?  Does a man who loves the Constitution repeatedly and deliberately break its laws and involve himself in the shredding of it? Lincoln, of course, was a bit cleverer—more devious-- than a recent U.S. president who stated that the Constitution is “just a gd piece of paper.”  Lincoln talked a good Constitutional talk, while not taking a single step in a Constitutional walk.

 Southern men certainly did as much fighting the British as did the northerners!  Southerners in the late 1700s were more dedicated to America than were the New Englanders.  “The British had started the Southern Campaign believing Southerners were more loyal to King George than their Northern brethren. ”[i] They soon discovered how wrong they were.  There was a lack of patriot armies in the South, but there was no lack of patriots—men like the Swamp Fox with whom a number of my direct and collateral ancestors fought the British Red Coats and the Loyalists.

 Southerners fought their war against the British for a long time before the big battles occurred in the north.  Southerners were successful despite not lining up on battlefields in those long lines and rushing forward to shoot similarly lined-up British and Loyalists. The South was filled with militiamen -- expert shooters, great snipers who fought to victory in “Indian/guerrilla style.”  No British or Loyalist expedition was truly safe outside the major cities’ in the South. There were constant skirmishes.  My own ancestors participated in them.

In the North there were more large-scale battles, but there was also more overt support for the British.   Surely even northerner history professors must finally acknowledge this truth once they learn: “while Washington’s troops were freezing in their tents at Valley Forge, the Tory merchants of Philadelphia kept the British warm and well fed.”   While Washington’s men were starving in New Jersey, farmers for miles around refused to sell food to the American army but sold, instead to the British in New Jersey and New York City. [ii] What a black mark on Yankee patriotism that is!      

Anyone who doubts that the South was more patriotic than the north, if they take an effort to determine the truth, will find there was more support of the secession from the British Kingdom in the South than in the north.  Certainly Southerners were, as a whole, more determined to win.  Even in the War of 1812 when the New Englanders were ready to hurry back to the arms of a King, it was Southerners who persisted and forced the Brits to sign that treaty of peace. 

 Our Southerners have always fought in all United States Wars— and, in fact, have outnumbered the northerners and the westerners in the Marine Corps for many years.

There would not have been a United States had not the South been insistent.  The shopkeepers of the north were eager to quit the fight and kneel down to the King; Southerners prevented that. “While Boston enjoys its claim as the cradle of the Revolution, it seems there were tens of thousands of Northerners willing to stay wrapped in the arms of Mother England.  Southerners were the true revolutionaries, common folk and independent-minded planters tired of an imperial government” were the ones “who wore down the British army.”[iii]

  Lincoln loved himself and, his queer bedfellows and, no doubt, his children, but most of all LINCOLN LOVED MONEY AND POWER.

LINCOLN LOVED HIS Marxist flavored CONCEPT OF THE UNION---WHICH HE VERY WELL KNEW WAS NOT THE ONE THE WRITERS AND SIGNERS OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION DESIGNED IN THEIR CREATION OF THE NATION. He hated the Constitution and hated that part of the UNITED STATES that supported it—the South and Southerners. But oh, how well he and his Marxist supporters sold the world a pack of lies concerning the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution!

Lincoln was enthralled with and corrupted by power.  He sold his soul to the Communists in order to eat high on the hog of the power that only the Radicals/Marxist Republicans could get and give to him.

The truth teller is disheartened that so many northerners have developed the idea that Lincoln LOVED our Republic —that Lincoln loved our original Republican form of government created July 9, 1778 by men who loathed the very thought of a democracy.  That Republic was the REAL United States--- not the Republican Party’s 1865 re-creation Lincoln and his Radical MARXISTS put in its place.  That work of Lincoln’s was the Marxist dream of DEMOCRACY fulfilled. 

 The 1848er's  Marxists gave the U.S.  their plan for COMMUNIST INCOME TAX. They gave the U.S. the Commie’s plan for a CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM, and the Communist plan for Public Education, a total brainwashing system which has been employed since Reconstruction on captive audiences consisting of every generation of American students.  This educational program was seen by the Marxist Republicans and by the Marxist Democrats as an absolute necessity for the continuation of the “Democracy” created in the U.S. by the Communists.  This plan is still in process and is accomplished via tax-paid-for central government controlled schools of all levels from preschool through university levels.  The Communists engineered the removal of every aspect of the rights of the individual states guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  Removal of the U.S. senators from the control of their home states was just one part of the grand Commie scheme.

 If Lincoln's actions were representative of LOVE—what the heck would have been the crimes committed by the northerners had his actions been associated with HATE or Greed?

There was one plan of Lincoln’s however, that may have, actually, been well intended.  He seemed to anticipate the hate that his party was sowing into the black population and that this hatred would, in years to come, be constantly magnified by the Party in power.  He worked diligently—he donated some of his much loved money to repatriate blacks or to settle them somewhere outside of the United States.  Maybe he was thinking of the safety of his descendants to be or perhaps he had a premonition of what would happen in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, or numbers of other places where blacks in large numbers attacked whites.

 Lincoln feared the savagery of the African culture and that the instantaneous release of a people only recently removed from there would cause enormous problems for America.  No doubt Lincoln was aware that slavery had been the practice in every nation in the world, yet not a one had to resort to wholesale mass murders of any people in order to eliminate slavery. No wars were fought to free slaves. He knew that his USA government had no need to kill about a million Americans in order to free a few thousand slaves.

One can only wonder why certain American foundations make it imperative that professional historians persist in reporting that it was and that those who say otherwise are “rewriting” history.

Lincoln's great "love" for the United States, gave our South the modern world’s first genocide and a real American Holocaust.  His great love gave Confederate boys, helpless in northern prisons, torture and pain unto death--their bodies never given a Christian burial---if even buried.  Thanks to Mr. Lincoln, his Radical Marxist Republicans and a very few crazed abolitionists, many Southern boys were cut into thousands of little pieces by the north's medical students.  (Nobody knows where went all the Southern bodies that simply disappeared in Chicago---some may still be rising up in pieces in Chicago's driveways.)

 Were it not for fellow Confederates imprisoned with lost sons of Southern families, many families would never have learned of the fate of fathers, sons, cousins, brothers held in prison at Camp Douglas—because that United States’ prison simply omitted keeping or it destroyed months of its records. In fact today there are few, if any, Chicago citizens aware there ever was a Union prison in Chicago-so completely has been erased all evidence of its horrible existence.   Few Americans, for that matter, even know that once upon a time Chicagoans paid their coins and climbed up into warm watch towers to observe the torturing of Southern boys forced to lie motionless, semi-nude in snow and ice or forced to scream in agony as they “rode the mule” built by their brave Yankee guardians.[iv] Noble Yankee citizens observed the dwindling away of the helpless

Confederate privates as the U.S. Congress’ mandated starvation took its toll.

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Lincoln’s United States Republicans in their controlled U.S. Senate passed a Resolution and sent out a mandate to all of the U.S. military prisons authorizing TORTURE of helpless Confederates.  Lincoln, who “so loved the United States Constitution, ” must have thought torture of those Southern men (he still termed “U.S. citizens”) was quite constitutional.


        Lincoln, “the great Saint-Christian” now declared to have been devoted to Christ—made absolutely no effort to negate his Congress’ ordered tortures of thousands upon thousands of helpless, imprisoned, American Confederate boys—and rejoiced in the wholesale deliberate killing of civilians (women, toddlers, bigger kids, old folks, crippled folks, and sick folks.  The war on civilians was definitely approved by Mr. Lincoln who micromanaged his army’s attacks on them.

In the last few years a few pro-Confederate authors have contended that it was either a waste of time or a poor strategy to attack Mr. Lincoln.  Some deluded Americans now contend that Lincoln loved his country—loved the U.S. government and that his love for the nation made him a far better President than is the present one. These conclusions somehow seem bizarre to and befuddle the minds of less omniscient folks such as I.  We cannot cease thinking that if Lincoln’s treatment of Southern women and their babies and little kids was based on love for the nation, God only knows what would have been the fate of Southerners had Lincoln felt hate for the Constitution and the nation Southerners did so much to create.

The dazzling success of the Marxist-Republicans efforts to write lies as American history surrounds all of us.  For example:

The Daughters of the American Revolution includes some mighty bright young women.  Thousands of them, no doubt, are Confederate descendants.  These young Southerners annually and joyfully celebrate Mr. Lincoln's birthday.  They participate gladly in what amounts to a group genuflection each time the name of that booted out of the pulpit for Socialism/Communism, that x-Baptist preacher, Francis Bellamy’s name is mentioned.  They recite his Pledge of Allegiance with the greatest of reverence-- are completely oblivious to the truth—that with the word “indivisible,” Bellamy accuses their ancestors of treason.  Lincoln declared that “the Union created the states,” and anyone attempting to take a state out of the Union committed treason—the nation was “indivisible” so no state could leave it unless the rest of the states agreed to that leaving. Think about that!  Any American who bothers to study the birth of our United States knows better than that!  If you do not—you should take the time to read the work of some “real, honest” historians.

 One of the elected officers in a very large Confederate organization declared that Communists had no influence whatsoever on the “Civil” War and in no way had any role in the birth of the Republican Party---that Carl Marx was not even born by the time that war started in 1861.  Obviously that officer lacks any knowledge of the couple of hundred of propaganda-articles Marx wrote for America’s newspaper with the largest circulation, The New York Tribune, before and throughout the War of Northern Aggression and is unaware that THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO authored at the behest of the European Illuminati was written in 1848 by Marx and his good buddy Engels. Knowledge of that nice complimentary letter Marx wrote to Lincoln—congratulating him on his election, undoubtedly is not widespread.  Knowledge of Engels part in the creation of the Republican Party seems to have been considered a national secret.

Those who know not the truth should not be judged harshly for their ignorance, however, because the Republican government—the victors -- have made sure that the truth about their mighty efforts to manipulate the northerners to invade the sovereign South and knock off as many land owners as possible was truth buried right along with the Southern victims of genocide and Holocaust. Read the Communist Manifesto and it is evident just how much hate the Commies had for the South.   Of course they hated the South; the South was full of landowners.  Even the tiniest of farms were on lands owned by Southerners. (Southern farmers acquired much land as bounty land because of their service in the various American wars before 1861.)  

Lincoln was evil.  He was anti- Christianity, an atheist who wanted to destroy Christianity.  He was a hypocrite who bemused most northern Christian ministers so they accepted his lies.   His personal problems often overwhelmed him. He was a mentally ill hate monger— a neurotic mess.  He was a liar, unparalleled in history.  His Marxists grew to despise him when he planned to cheat them out of control of the South. After his execution they decided he had real value. He, then, became their most useful tool, a popular martyr.  In his  absence, Reconstruction brought them enormous wealth and increased their power.

How could any mentally normal person laugh when told of all the bodies of dead women and children littering the streets in one of Mr. Sherman's burned Southern towns? Lincoln laughed.   How do we know Lincoln laughed?  One of his own soldiers told us so.

Poor Lincoln---instead of admiring him, Northerners should feel sorry for him—he was so mentally crippled.  He had delusions of grandeur—must have had because he actually thought he could prevail against the COMMUNISTS who created the Republican Party—he could take away from them the Reconstruction of their dreams and replace it with one he controlled.  All the riches of the South and lifetime power would wind up in his hands-- not theirs. His plan was to give Southern states full constitutional rights and welcome them back into the Union,[i] no doubt  to serve his own political purposes.  He considered himself smarter and more powerful than they. When they turned against him, he left the Republican Party and started himself a separate Party.  Later the Party and he reconciled, but he had torn his drawers with the controlling element—the Radicals (Marxists). 

The world knows how Lincoln’s dream ended—but only recently has the word leaked out that non-Confederates engineered the execution of Lincoln.  Confederates carried it out---but the real conspirators were Republican Party born. A gullible Southerner was used to free the “Radical Republicans” of a no longer desired leader.   A planned kidnapping morphed into murder.  Men more clever than any actor masterminded the execution of the United States President.   Despite what the politically correct, well-rewarded historians and politicians have poured into receptive American brains, those planners were not Southerners.

How could anyone really think Southerners could arrange for Lincoln to be poorly guarded by a guard who just, accidentally, happened to leave his post to get a few beers while Mr. Lincoln viewed a play?  And that guard was, accidentally, overlooked--never interviewed by anyone investigating the murder of the nation’s most powerful political figure.  How can anyone think that Marxist-Radical Republican Edwin Stanton (the Secretary of War who wanted to be President) accidentally happened to refuse Lincoln the loyal guard, Lincoln himself requested.  Stanton told Lincoln the guy was busy when he wasn't. 

 How can anyone think a guy named Booth just accidentally happened to find an unguarded door and meandered through it, gun in hand? How can anyone think the telegraph wires all around D.C. –wires under the direct control of the Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton-- would accidentally all stop working at one time, so that troops could not be ordered to block the roads to an escaping Booth?  How can anyone think the next Republican President Ulysses S. Grant, a Radical Republican West Point graduate, would accidentally, happen to turn down an invitation to accompany his Commander in Chief, President Lincoln, to the theatre the very night of the execution?[ii] 

Southerners are, we must admit, very bright—but there are, after all, some things they cannot do.  Do you insist on thinking that they were able to arrange all of these so-called accidental happenings?

Aw, come on! 

  Now, on the other hand, Communists seem quite adept at arranging convenient accidents and removals from office of friends and foes.   They seem to specialize in just that kind of thing.  Poor Trotsky--  Poor Lenin--  Poor Lincoln! And, some say, General George Patton, who might have become a U.S. President, was by “accident,” accidentally removed from the Communist dangers involved in such a possibility.    Certainly those who crossed swords with the Party met horrible ends, but the real planners of their deaths flourished.  Some say the same about the men behind the men who bumped off John F. Kennedy and brother Bobby. And what about that anti-Communist Nixon?  He certainly wasn’t killed, but, certainly, he was bumped off.  And then there were those strange deaths of a slew of folks either connected in some fashion, or involved with a U.S. President.

Power corrupts— those with it and those seeking it.

There is a very old, Confederate prayer that ends: “God save the South. ”  It seems that it is time for that very prayer to be heard again.  Maybe this time God’s answer will be, “Yes, I will and I’ll let some of y’all help me.” 

If the South were saved, it just might have the ability to save the United States—maybe.  Surely the South has the ability to save, at least, itself—after all, this nation IS NOT INDIVISIBLE.  Lincoln and Francis Bellamy’s declarations to the contrary, one state or many states can secede whenever they choose to do so. 

 Lincoln’s Invasion of our South and the United States’ role in Southern genocide and the Southern Holocaust cannot alter truth: might does not make right.

[i] John Chandler Griffin. Abraham Lincoln’s Execution, Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Co., 2006. 

[ii] Ibid.




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Mike, you miss the main point of this website. There is no treason as you suggest, we are Americans just like yourselves. We are separate which offends you and prevents you from understanding your own past and destiny. Take a second look before calling us treasonous, that is a ridiculous thing to say.


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