Confederate Society
Dear Patriots:

  As WE have been advising for some time- all y’all ever had to do was ‘Connect the Dots’…..

Cross-Referencing the Politics with the ‘Economics’ associated with that Body Politic, factoring in the Corporate & Special Interest Influence also associated with that Body Politic, ‘multiplied & divided’ by the Thousands of Lobbyists & very Special Interests, and the ever-evolving Political Ideology would clearly come into Focus regarding the

‘Sum-Total’ of this Country’s ‘Landscape’.

Those who control and Own this Government- Nationally as well as Internationally would become very Clear & the Nexus that allowed for Each of these components to advance, via their myriad of Masterful illusion and delusion, would Expose the Carnage and Rape that America has undergone for multiple decades.

  Equally,  the altered ‘Script’ in which Our Country’s History & Origin was so pillaged & violated would also be made clear as well the manner in which they pulled this off via a Bastardized Government Sponsored School System culminating in this the Grand Deception of 150 years in which the age old Tactic of Divide & Conquer was employed resulting in the American Republic NEVER standing a chance after the Chicanery was put into play after 1865!

  The culminating Homogenization, driven by Marginalizing continuously the Demographics of this Country via this National Government’s Deliberate & Altered Immigration Policy (Revised Immigration Act of 1965) and this National Government’s REFUSAL to insure and guarantee the Integrity of its Sovereign Borders led by Multiple Administrations of a Two-Party Demagoguery whose Constituency I call the RepublicRats has, over these last 150 years, brought this Country to its knees.

 The current generation, for the most part is clueless as is, sadly, the generation before it and ALL OF THE ABOVE HAS COMBINED TO CREATE THE CONDITIONS FOR THE MOST PERFECT POLITICAL STORM!

  Washington is beyond Corrupt and the current ‘Administration’ is immersed in a Synchronistic Ideology whose Confluence exceeds the ability of most to comprehend thanks in large part to the omission of Common Sense & Basic Awareness.

 Thus we are witnessing the ultimate TRANSFORMATION this maniacal Ideologue, Obama & Company, PROMISED- playing ALL ends against the middle while achieving his heinous orthodoxy while the Country is falling apart.

  America produces NOTHING and the GDP is an abomination for what was once the richest Country in the World that has Now become the Largest Debtor Country in the World…. while Washington and their Independent Marxist Federal Reserve System is buying the Treasury’s incredible debt with worthless Greenbacks that have NO collateral and NO backing other than the word of the various Independent Central Bankers who can literally disappear tomorrow without any trace.

 Detroit is the CLASSIC example of this TOTAL FAILURE and for EVERY REASON DESCRIBED ABOVE.

  Now they are DEFAULTING ON THE BOND HOLDERS that were once the epitome of Non-touchable NOTES guaranteed beyond ANY CALAMITY AND ‘COMPROMISE’.

  ( I suppose we should have learned a lesson from what Obama did to the former GM Bond Holders)

  These Bond Holders were Guaranteed payment BEFORE any Municipal Payments could EVER be made such as Salaries to Police and Fireman.

  That was the ‘Glue’ that kept things in perspective BUT now that is Gone as well and creates an Alarming standard for other cities that have emulated the ‘Federal’ (HA!) Body Politic putting EVERYTHING INTO QUESTION & REVEALING THE CONCERNS WE CONFEDERATES HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR OVER 150 YEARS.

 So…. NOW you may be finally getting a ‘GLIMPSE’ into the Real Reasons as to why we Fought?

This is what YOUR Politicians have done to YOU!

  It is a Cataclysmic Failure and their House of Financial Cards is about to come crashing down- Big Time!!!!!!!!

 And when that happens and the natural Chaos that will naturally follow, perhaps then YOU will discover what this National Government has been about but NOT before YOU witness how Washington plans on handling that Chaos via their many ABC Departments that this Administration and previous ones have given an open license to and the intention of those many FEMA Camps currently in existence.

 I cannot believe the Transition within 6 Score of Years that a Country could be so Robbed of Everything with her People allowing it to occur right beneath their very noses in broad daylight without raising a single hand to stop this Political Madness AND continuing to believe that Washington is a Government that ‘believes’ it “Derives Its Authority From The Consent of the GOVERNED.”

  What an absolute Denial and Delinquency from Reality!

 Simply unbelievable that a Government could convince an American Country, despite their continued obfuscation & abrogation from them, that they were working in their best interests.

  Yup, PT Barnum said it best- “A Sucker is Bourne Everyday”……but Getting Over on an Entire Nation in only 150 years to accomplish their Nefarious Ends via their employed Means will go down in World History as one of the Most Clarion Examples of Treachery and Deceit.

  Damn but WE Confederates Told You So !.


Separation is Survival & the Perpetuation of the Old Republic,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America


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