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Joan Hough

     All persons in what General Sherman’s “boys” referred to as “the Bible thumping South” should now be aware that in the year of our Lord, 2013, the, unconstitutional, almost all-powerful central government of the united States is waging war against Christianity. The governments most aimed at target are Christianity’s presence in that segment of America, known as our Southern States.

     Christians have for centuries viewed as abominations practices that the u.S. Government is now introducing in classrooms throughout the land, from kindergarten up, as not only “normal” forms of behavior, but as behaviors greatly to be desired.  There can be absolutely no reason to doubt that the three branches of u.S. Government are determined to win their battle against the Christian religion, the Christian culture, and the down through the centuries Christian definition of what is normality, what are acceptable personal and social behaviors, and what is sinful. The Greatest Battle of the 21st Century has begun.

      In our South, Christianity has always been the stabilizing factor that kept Southerners from tossing wildly about in turbulent waters.  Even persons without any belief in a power outside themselves have benefitted by living among Southerners who believe in the Trinity, or, at the least, in Deism.  The acceptance of the Christian mores has resulted in the development of a culture of civilized behavior which has made life in the South something that in the past, ushered happiness and contentment into being for an entire populace.  

     For outsiders to even begin to understand the importance of Christianity in the Confederate South-- they should tour the South’s oldest cemeteries and read a few of the stones of the ancestors of many of the present day Southerners.  


     Southerners certainly realized that self-control was not a natural developmental thing occurring in the young, but was something that adults must help each child learn.  The Christian religion was seen as a vital, contributing factor in the learning process; Southern children were taught responsibility, decency, cleanliness, compassion, honesty, the importance of self-control, and they developed a Christian conscience –which, without question, made the world a better place for humans. Interestingly, our U.S. Marines are determined specialists in self-discipline (self-control) and since the 1800s; most of the Marines were once children of the South.


     Homosexuality, Lesbianism and transvestitism, etc. are now declared by u.S law to be “normal.” In California teen-aged males may say today that they “feel” themselves to be females and the government then gives them access to sit down pee places with “other” girls in tax paid for school rest rooms.   Tomorrow, those same males, declaring themselves males (for the day) can be stand-up boys at the urinals where the boys meet and greet. 

     In other American schools, nutty parents have shoved aside the wisdom of the ages regarding the teaching of the child his sexual and social role by providing models and guidance.  These parents insist that their children be allowed to “decide” just what sex they wish to be and that the school bow to the child’s decision, a decision which is really the parents’ creation and which will, more than likely, murder their child’s future happiness and hope.

     What a fine world we live in – one in which tolerance has become lethal and laisser-fair, fatal.  As President Bush I. so gleefully exclaimed during his one term in office, “The New World Order is here!”

     The harsh American reality of today is:  All that once never WAS, now IS—that is, that which for centuries has been condemned by Christians as that which was not normal behavior is now declared normal by the men and women in the American Psychological Association and those in charge of the u.S. Government.  These people are attempting to force all Christians to accept concepts of twisted bizarreness as perfect normality.  After centuries of being atypical, an anomaly, an abnormality—a neuroses—each type of sexual perversion has suddenly been determined by the so-called “experts” to be mere bits of normal human behavior—each as respectable, as normal, as desirable as is heterosexuality.

If an American rejects the idea that homosexuality is desirable and normal, he is slapped with the label of a mental illness termed homophobia.


     To refresh your memory on just how this all came to be, read the out of print, but still available, history of the legalization of homosexuality.  This amazing historical truth is revealed in former Congressman William Dannemeyer’s book, Shadow in the Land. Read it and learn just who to thank for the “new age of enlightenment” in which the abnormal became normal.

     Our American politicians and their Communistic NEW WORLD ORDER are the ones responsible for turning our Christian culture upside down.  They are our chosen leaders whose words we much obey.  They include Georgia’s Hank Johnson of “Guam will sink if too many sailors and Marines go ashore” brilliance. (His more intelligent aids attempted in vain to cover his stupidity by having him claim that he was talking about the island’s ecosystem suffering if the land were overpopulated.) Another stalwart member of the chosen ones is Nancy Pelosi of “we must pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” fame. She proved herself qualified to be Speaker of the House when she was asked if something she was voting for was constitutional and she responded with “you’ve gotta be kidding me.” She presented further proof when she presented her highly garbled, weirdly distorted version of Constitutional law. Her antics resulted in articles such as:

      And then there are all the other wonderful Democrat and Republican Senators and Representatives who swore a sacred oath to uphold the law of the land—that is, the U.S. Constitution and at the very moment their oath-taking hand came down, they joined the treasonous actions of “domestics” attacking that document and our nation.


     We now are expected to be convinced that all politicians, once elected to office or selected by Presidential appointment, are the most brilliant, wisest men/women our world has ever known---that the men and women declared geniuses in the world’s past were mentally retarded folks—that only those people in today’s u.S. Government—people such as Georgia’s Hank and California’s Nancy have any “smarts.”     

     We are advised that the sharpest minds on the globe have always been those of Mr. Obama’s Muslims.  This must be true, because President Obama tells us that Muslims contributed magnificently in the creation of our American Republic form of government—that without them there would be no united States.  Mr. Obama may be unaware of exactly how many states are in our nation—how many stars are on our flag- and what each star stands for, and may believe that the united States Marine Corps is a body of the dead, a corpse—but no highly educated, in Indonesia and at Harvard, U.S. President ever lies about anything.  Does he? 

     Due to the efforts of our intelligent politicians and their gift to us of a multitude of wonderful laws supporting perversions, perverts viewed for centuries by Christians as abominations must now be given a multitudinous amount of very special privileges. They have suddenly, just as envisioned by George Orwell in his Animal Farm, become “more equal” than the rest of us.  Americans see the proof of this in the amazing “Hate Bill.”

     If the Man-Boy Association, the one that marched in the Gay New York Parade, triumph as expected, soon pedophilia will be declared normal and protected.  Just as is happening in America now where governmental approval is given a certain religion, which allows adults males to take babies as wives, the U.S. government will not frown on the sexual practices advocated by the M-B Association.  The desired unions will be considered as adult homosexuality is now, not just a legal joy of sexual right, but as something the government-recommends for all men and boys should try.

     In America, children were once shielded from folks attempting to rush them into sexual maturity.  That shield, the Republican and Democratic sanctioned United Nations has crushed into non-existence. The United Nations has already put its plan for the sexual education of America’s youngest school children into some classrooms.  The children, even at the kindergarten level will be taught the delights of masturbation.  Americans may expect soon to see children involved in the new York “Gay” parades which contain such cheerful, happy “gays” –some clad all in chains while others carried nice whips and indulged in kissing and an interesting variety of usually non-public type behaviors. Undoubtedly Americans will grow accustomed to the public sight of vast numbers of sexual spectaculars.

     The next phase of the Republican and Democratic Leaders in Congress attack on Christianity involves the legal recognition of Atheism as a religion.  After centuries of being considered the enemy of religion, Atheism will become protected, as are other non-Christian religions in America.  How about them apples?  They are rotten to the core, and so is any judge who says otherwise. 

     Communism obviously embraces atheism and Communists are proponents of that religion.  In 1848, as the Communist/Socialist fought and lost their first Socialist Revolution in Europe, the European Illuminati hired two writers to pen a book of rules, their holy bible. The Commie’s holy bible was, primarily, the work of a fallen away Jew by name of Karl Marx.  Marx, with more than one rabbi in his family tree, was well versed in the Holy Bible’s Old Testament, so he and his good buddy Friedrich Engels stole from it the concept of “ten commandments.”  They wrote their own Communist Ten Commandments and placed them in their Marxist bible, The Communist Manifesto.  Check them out here-  See them with your own eyes.  Their god is the one still worshipped by all good American Socialist/Communists in both American Political Parties today--- the all-powerful State (the nation).

     American Communists of today, just as they did in the 1800s, pay homage to all-powerful central government.  They deny that the central government of the united States was originally created by the states--created as only a minor component in the Republican form of government. They deny that the nation’s founding fathers so detested and loathed democracy that they refused to place the word “democracy” in a single one of the nation’s original documents.  Communists ignore the fact that the word does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the individual, original constitutions of the states.  They reject the truth that our nation’s founding fathers designed the central government to be subservient to the states.  They deny that states rights had a major place in the Constitution and were the very foundation of the government.

     In order to achieve their international dream of The New World Order, Communists acclaimed their absolute need of Democracy as the type of government and from that time of their en masse arrival on the North American Continent in 1849, worked to eradicate the Republic type of government and replace it with Democracy.  People who understand the differences in a Democracy and a Republic find those differences an easy explanation for the Communists need to achieve a conversion.  It is easily seen why the destruction of the Constitutional loving, Republic loving South had to be accomplished.

      The war against our South and Southerners devoted to a Constitutional form of government was successful.  The Marxist victors propagandized so skillfully that all Americans now believe it the duty of the nation to wage wars across the globe in order to make the entire world “safe for DEMOCRACY.”  Since the 1800s America’s Communists, infiltrated into both political parties have managed to smear states’ rights falsely with accusations of racism and slavery; they have cleverly concealed the truth as to the real reason the Republicans invaded the Confederate States of America.  Americans remain unaware that the War of Northern Aggression was waged to destroy the u.S. Republican, Constitutional form of government and replace it with the Communists’ Democracy, their gateway to the New World Order.  The erasure of Christianity in the South was another goal of the Communists.  Their capture of the South’s educational system was another rung up for them on the NWO ladder to global control. 

     Does religious freedom mean that Communists and other atheists should be allowed to flaunt their religion in public schools where Christ’s name is unmentionable?  Wake up!  Communists already do just that.  Atheism and another recent to America religion, highly approved by the President, are well on the way to becoming the only two U.S. government sanctioned religions.  “God bless you,” is on the way out in public schools.  There is a definite “destroy Christianity” national movement aided and abetted by both the Democratic politicians and many Republican ones.  People disliking the truth that Jesus was white join them.  Communists, in the name of “Reconstruction, ” seized the minds of both the white and the black children of the South and soon controlled all schools in the nation.  They still do.

     The occult Wicca religion has already been allowed access to the minds of children.  A short time back some schoolteacher in the New England area wrote Wicca words to the Christmas Carols and taught her pupils to sing them.  Parents in her school district, evidently, did not complain much—but then Yankees since the early 1800s have been noted for creating or adopting some rather strange cultist religions that Southerners termed forms of “humanism.”

     Rituals emerged this very year that should make normal people acknowledge that the anti-Christ movement has emerged worldwide.  In one of the recent rituals occurring in Mexico, the mama of a little five-year-old boy plucked out his eyeballs while members of her family encouraged her.  Down in New Orleans a woman was found with numbers of carcasses of dead monkeys in her home.  Used, she claimed, in religious rituals. The Mexican woman may be among America’s latest specially approved by the President and Congress’s immigrants.  Probably the Louisiana woman is with us due to the good works of Lyndon B. Johnson’s promotion of priority placement of third world natives at the head of America’s citizenship lines.

     Some types of so-called religious rituals tend to cause normal Americans to wonder how long it will be before Sadism becomes a legally recognized religion, followed, of course, on/under its heels by masochism.  Can Cannibalism be far behind? There still exists some religions that condone such: CNN..reported such in a ghastly video of a Syrian civil war incident. A man, said to be a well-known rebel fighter, carves into the body of a government soldier and cuts out his heart and liver. "I swear to [Allah] we will eat your hearts out, you soldiers of Bashar. You dogs. [Allah] is greater!" the man says. Heroes of Baba Amr ... we will take out their hearts to eat them."

     The ritualistic worship of “hedonism” apparently has been underway by “sophisticated, well-heeled” Americans for some time.  In fact many of the nation’s highest of the high “leaders” have caroused gleefully and ritualistically in places such as California’s Bohemian Gardens.   Will there eventually appear on the market religious trinkets for sale such as Marquis de Sade inspired lampshades concocted from baby skins?  There should be a bounteous amount of human material available from the U.S. government-approved abortionists.

     Christianity should have, but does not have the degree of governmental devotion and protection that gives special treatment to members of a new to America religion; Christianity has no special privileges at airports.  Christianity doe not have the degree of protection even accorded the long in America, Jewish religion. 

     Why is this so?  Because Christians do not demand what is their absolute right. Christian preachers no longer possess even one shred of the devotion to Christ seen in northern Christians such as that Methodist-Episcopal minister by name of Henry Clay Dean whose preaching of truth had him imprisoned by the anti-Christ. Dean was an American with the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth about a corrupt U.S. government and the wicked men who ran it.

     Individual families who attempt to stand up for their Christian beliefs have something like this happen:

      Only in numbers is there strength. Christians must stand together.

     The weaknesses of our “in command” leaders are completely revealed by the strange foreign bedfellows they have chosen.  Behaviors of their Middle East buddies are the substance of true tales of horror—yet according to our leaders, it continues to be our nation’s duty to spread Democracy through that area. We must continue, also to support the great United Nations which, just as FD Roosevelt and Alger Hiss promised when they brought it into being, has stopped all wars. Of course it has.



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