Confederate Society
 by: Joan Hough

How we whites are hated---most especially we Southern Christian folks! Who stirs the hate cauldron?  Why the New World Order gang determined to erase our borders and change our language from English to Spanish or Arabic. They will drag our unwilling bodies first into the North American Union and then into their brave New World Order of global control and sophisticated Communism.  They reign supreme in both major political parties.

There is no Party differentiate even involving ceaseless war.

     Is it not an aspect of hate how folks who write our national news relish the Communist-created United Nations' propaganda designed to destroy the American family unit of man-woman and their offspring? Somebody hates the traditional family.

     Judging by Mrs. Clinton’s views, the “village” must raise our children by the rules of all-powerful government and, just as desired by Karl Marx, the family unit must be destroyed.[i]  Marriages, blessed by the God of our Fathers, must be eliminated--sexual perversions -- legalized, sanitized and sanctified! Masturbation must be taught in Kindergarten.  Prostitution and hedonism must be celebrated. The Communist Manifesto must be the new bible-- all-powerful government, the new god. “Tradition” is to be detested, the culture of the South, destroyed.

     In the New World Order, so revered by America’s leading Republicans and Democrats, average white American folks, must by denigrated—hated-- for their kin seceded from the world’s most powerful government and then created the greatest nation on earth. White male Christians designed a government completely based on written law. It was not a democracy—not a socialist-Communist government, not a monarchy, or an oligarchy, but a Republic. They created a government in which minorities (even small states) could not be run over by the majority.  The so-called “popular” vote was disallowed. They designed a government in which one cowboy, mistakenly riding across the land of a big rancher, could not be assigned to death by the POPULAR VOTE of other cowboys.

      If only Americans would learn the evils of Democracy before they vote another man into the u.S.[ii] Senate--learn of that time when we, the “people” controlled our national Senators, learn how Commies manipulated Americans into relinquishing this control and accept instead the Popular Vote as the means of electing u.S. Senators. Not only did each state lose control over its senators, but so did the people.  Senators, once elected by POPULAR vote, became free to sell themselves to any person or group, and to be blackmailed, threatened, and bribed.  Our Republic sank further into the mire called Democracy.[iii]

      The Communists insist that Democracy is their gateway to world control. Highly educated 1848'ers, “New Germans,” the original American Marxists, arrived here in 1849 with plans to initiate war against the men of the South. Their major goal, to replace the nation’s original form of government with a Democracy, could only be achieved by destroying the political power and lives of the genius Southerners dedicated to the preservation of the Constitutional Republic.  Marxists succeeded. They established the gateway to their New World Communist Order. They altered the original definition of "civil war" to cover their sins and gave as their purpose the myth that their war was for the purpose of giving freedom to slaves.

     The Marxists, so carefully referred to by politically correct historians as “Radical Republicans,” birthed the Republican Party, shredded the Constitution, and created a democracy.  They hushed the voices of wisdom (Southern voices) with genocide and a holocaust. With murdered Confederates barely in the ground, they resolutely installed a brainwashing program in the South and then throughout America.

    Their Communist War in America was against religion—most especially against Southern Christianity. One of the Marxists’ honored disciples (General Sherman) declared the war a "holy war” —inferring that he was doing God’s will.  That arsonist-atheist strove to make the remnants of a Christian population in his north believe his version of truth. Strangely, Sherman, although detesting Southern planters, failed to voice the Marxist Republican Party’s cover-up story that “the war was to free the slaves,” instead he declared Southerners’ treason the reason for the north’s Invasion of the South. He claimed that no state could constitutionally leave its creator—that the Union birthed the states.  He, his Republican Senator brother, and Lincoln all told that same lies, including the one “that the South was openly, manifestly the aggressor.” [iv]

      With the take over of the minds of generations of American children, the desires of the 1848er Communists became law; Democracy was entrenched in America.  Future voters were deliberately fed lies as truths for so long that few Americans today remain capable of digesting truth.

       How many Americans comprehend that all of the Communists' TEN COMMANDMENTS are now incorporated into the laws of the uSA?  The Communist backed laws are a rung on the New World Order ladder and are direct attacks on States Rights.  They were originally enumerated in Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto written in 1848 at the behest of the European Illuminati.

      A number of the Communist commandments were illegally added as amendments to the u.S. Constitution.   Among them are ones authorizing income tax, and the popular election of U. S. Senators and certain amendments declared passed immediately after the War of Northern Aggression although not legally ratified as required by the Constitution.

     Ninety-nine percent of our present politicians fail to utter a single word of truth about our altered government; they persist in spending our bucks (and bullets) to “teach the world to sing of Democracy.”  At least that’s the motive they profess in support of the New World Order.  Perhaps because of their Communist controlled education they are unaware that the word “democracy” appears nowhere in any official document of the founding fathers—not in the state constitutions (written before the Marxist-Republicans forced their rewriting)--not in the Declaration of Independence, or the Articles of Confederation, and not in the u.S. Constitution.

 Democracy was a type of government viewed as an anathema by the founding fathers.

     Is it not appalling that our modern elected leaders have never mentioned any of the truths revealed in this message?  Presidential candidate Ron Paul did, so the Republican elites necessarily declared him a nut and shut the mouths of his legal, supporters at the Republican Primary Convention—and in the doing, lost their chance, perhaps forever, to take back the White House.

     The actions of the Republican leaders gives credence to the belief that both parties are controlled by precisely the same people—Republican and Democrat elites, holding hands and playing "kissey-kissey" in the clubs of the Unholy Foursome --  The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, and The International Bankers controlling the so-called Federal Reserve Bank.

     How many Americans know that beginning in 1861 there was a significant presence of Communism in the u.S. government? How many know that Mr. Lincoln’s “Eyes and Ears of the Union,” his Assistant Secretary of War—Charles Dana, a born in America Communist, was a close buddy and deciple of Marx and Engels? 

    Who has bothered to learn that Dana, sent by the New York Tribune to cover the 1848 Socialist (Communist) Revolution in Europe, became enthralled with Europe’s Communism and Marx?  Upon returning home he, with Horace Greeley, hired Marx as a foreign correspondent for their New York Tribune, the Union’s most widely read paper.[v]  For ten years Marx wrote for the Tribune and received byline credit for over 350 articles. To his displeasure, many of his other works were published, sans bylines, as editorials.[vi]  Certainly men all over the north, including newspaper addict Lincoln, soaked up Marx’s Communism.

   The Marxian diatribes of the Tribune were eclipsed by the filthy propaganda cranked out by Dana and by Edwin Stanton, the U.S. Secretary of War. The War Department’s evil tidings flooded the north,[vii] fueling Yankee refusals of Southern peace offers, arousing undeserved, fury-filled hatred for Southern planters, and causing Lincoln’s U.S. Senate to order deliberate torture of all captive Southerners held in Yankee prisons.

     With propaganda, Lincoln and his Edwin Stanton-Charles Dana controlled War Department made acceptable to northerners (1) the U.S. government’s barbaric War on civilians (deliberate killing/kidnapping of Women, children, the sick, the handicapped, and old folks and (2) tortures on helpless, imprisoned Confederate soldiers (some young as 12). The tortures were far worst than anything done at Guantanamo Bay.

     Yankee inflicted Southern genocide and Holocaust should be remembered as a direct result of carefully orchestrated, carefully stirred hate. The Marxists’ poison pens produced an eternally full cauldron of hate-- never ceasing today to attract eager stirrers in classes ranging from ditch diggers to University professors and U.S. Presidents.

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[ii] The lower case “u”  is employed to emphasize the truth that in the original documents of this nation, the words “united States” were not begun with a capital letter because each state was a separate, sovereign nation, maintaining that sovereignty except for the limited amount each transferred to the central government.

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