Confederate Society
By Al Benson Jr.

It should be common knowledge by now that when liberals, socialists, and communists have something on their agenda they seldom quit until they get what they want. Much as I hate to do it, I have to credit them for their tenacity in pursuing their agendas and I could wish our folks on the right had a little more of that tenacity. When the communists and their buddies lose a fight they come back next year, and next year, and so on until they wear their opposition down. And their “opposition”—in many cases, like the judge in Luke 18 that feared neither God nor man, will end up giving them what they want just so that they will no longer trouble them. Christians and patriotic folks have not yet learned that lesson. Most of our folks fight one battle, lose it, and tuck tail and run home and we don’t even think about coming back next year—and so the leftists win by default.

Several years back there was a big fuss in Mississippi over the state flag. The “progressives” (liberals, socialists and communists) claimed the flag represented “racism” and slavery and they wanted to replace it with some watered-down rag that had no cultural or regional significance whatever—the same game they play in all the Southern states—replace yet another Southern symbol with cultural genocide on a piece of cloth.

Some of the good folks in Mississippi resisted their efforts and traveled around the state to rallies and meetings educating the public (because they sure didn’t get it in public school) as to what was going on and who was doing it. There was finally a referendum put up that allowed Mississippians to vote on whether to keep their current state flag with the St. Andrews cross on it or to adopt the proposed politically correct and insipid rag.

When the folks in Mississippi had the chance to vote they voted 67% or right around there, to keep their current flag. There were some black folks that voted to keep the current flag. So the far left lost that particular battle. Now, after nursing their wounds and planning new strategy for a decade and a half, they seem to be drifting back.

There was an article by a Donna Ladd on for October 30th which had several comments about the state flag—none of them good. She started out her article saying: “Ah, the flag. The Mississippi State flag is like that obnoxious relative at a family gathering. He’s offensive, disrespectful and not representative of your family’s values at all—one hopes—but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So you put up with him.”



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