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by: Joan Hough


  Never was there a collection of people more hated by Communists than were our Southern Planters in the 1800's. The Communist's hatred for them was but one aspect of their loathing for any and all capitalists, that is, for landowners, “the bourgeoisie.”[i]  Since 1848 the Communists’ ongoing hatred of capitalists has been a major motive for their every attack on the U.S. constitution, on the people who honor the Constitution and on the States’ rights guaranteed by it. By 1861, Communists’ detestation for Planters had smeared over on all white Southerners because the vast majority of Southerners were landowners. In the north, property ownership was not widely spread. The north was a land overrun with recent mostly German immigrants unable even to speak or read English--men who had not obtained property. [Not only were the new immigrant Communists unaware that the vast majority of Southerners were landowners, but Communists also lacked the knowledge that black Southern land-owning capitalists (planters) existed in impressive numbers, and some of them even owned hundreds of slaves.[ii]]

     The contents of The Communist Manifesto, the Marxists’ bible, had everything to do with the “Civil War hate-inspired” attacks on all Southerners- and especially those on Southern Planters.  (Interestingly northern slave ship owners and slave sellers were excluded from the Commie hatred.) 

    After Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were employed by the Illuminati to write The Communist Manifesto in 1848. Marx, with the help of Charles Dana, acquired the only job he ever held for any length of time in his life; he became a foreign correspondent for the most widely circulated newspaper in the United States, “The New York Tribune.” [iii] Mr. Lincoln’s buddy, Horace Greeley, owned this paper.[iv]  Charles Dana, a Tribune reporter, became inter-meshed with Marx and Engels during the Socialist Revolution in Europe. Dana had Greeley hire Marx. Dana, a determined Communist, later became, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of War, and Lincoln’s “eyes of the Administration.” [v] Greeley and Engels became pro-creators of the Republican Party [vi] and with the cooperative efforts of the Communist 48'ers—those WAR Republicans, put Lincoln on the Republican “throne.” [vii]

     Without the new immigrant Germans’ vote, Lincoln would not have been elected. He was elected by an element of voters who knew the least about the type of government so carefully crafted by brilliant Americans in the 1700's- These immigrants not only “knew the least” about American institutions, they despised them the most.[viii]

      Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Ten Commandments (the Manifesto)  for their brethren. They obviously did not go up into the mountains and find their Commandments inscribed on stone tablets, but somehow they managed to come up with, surprisingly, the same number as found in the Holy Bible—ten of them. It must be assumed that atheist Marx, a Communist hater of religion, was familiar with the Old Testament’s commandments because of rabbis in his family.

     For the purpose of this series of articles, only six of the Communist Commandments are considered:

1.    Abolition of property and land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. Private ownership of property was not to be allowed! Property taxes prove that nobody today really owns property in America, but simple is “leasing” it from the government.   America has more “public lands” in 2013 than contained in most nations in Europe.

2.    A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.[ix] Lincoln obeyed this command and gave America its very first Income Tax and Department of Revenue. Income tax makes possible the existence of the all powerful central government a their central banks, and the wars necessary if the New World Order goal is to be fulfilled

3.    Abolition of all rights of inheritance. Said the Commies, “How dare a vast majority of Southerners own land and houses and their children inherit such!” The death tax is an offshoot of this belief.

  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.[x] This command was well heeded and gleefully followed by the Republicans, i.e. General Sherman and his Radical Republican Senator brother both became so filthy rich as the result of “their” war, General Sherman was able to bail out his friend Grant when Grant lost all of his bucks after serving as the 2nd U.S. Republican President. During Reconstruction all the Republican military Generals in dictatorial positions throughout the five divisions of the South, a virtual flood of Yankee carpetbaggers and some turncoat Southern scalawags, followed the confiscation commandment to the very letter. The U.S. government also somehow has possessed thousands of acres which it uses today for Parks where it shares with millions of visitors the Marxist propagandized “truth” that enslavement of course by nasty Southern folks and decadent white Southern plantation owners who were cruel were the cause of the war, and that only through the efforts of noble warriors of the Constitution-loving United States government, could the slaves be set free.  Surprisingly, not a word is even whispered that the north had slaves for 200 years while the Confederacy only had them for five years and that northerners PAID by government to free their slaves by manumission—most often took the money and sold their slaves to the South.

The 6th and 10th Communist commandments guaranteed that Communism had a great opportunity to forever keep all that it obtained by hook, crook and sword:

  6.  Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State, meaning in the hands of all powerful central government. This was to prohibit the communication of politically incorrect ideas and to control travel of politically incorrect citizens and their publications.

10Free education of children in public schools.  This was to enable effective brainwashing and guarantee all the Constitutional changes made by the Commies in government would be maintained by future generations of Americans for centuries. 

Note:  The Marxist (or Marxist influenced) efforts never end. A recent modern land grab job done by the united [xi] States government testifies to the success of the Commie plan to eliminate private ownership of property by individuals. The United States government now owns more American land than that found in the acreage of numerous nations in Europe.

Communists so disguise their personal truths that even their detractors may fail to realize that Commie tenets of anti-capitalism apply only to non-Communists and even to those Communists at less than the higher echelons of Communism. Some present day, evidently important, Russian Communists who are now American citizens, are able to travel annually to and from Mother Russia, to summer in Germany and winter in America. (Do they vote in Russia and America? Russians living in the U.S. own camps, apartments and homes in Russia, in Germany,  and maybe elsewhere. The Chinese Communists in the high ranks have equal or even more latitude in their lives. Life is very good for “some” Communists. Everything is coming up roses for them until the next flood of purges begins.  Unfortunately Communists in America seem immune to purges.

Some Americans who have contended for years that evil Southern planters were the cause of the war now tell us that they have recently been enlightened--that “God has revealed the truth” to them. They now know, so they say, the true motive for the South's secession from the united[xii] States government and the real reason that Republicans invaded the Confederate States of America.  They now declare that motive and real reason was the Constitution.

 Most researchers, unfortunately, continue to miss the actual truth---that the real motive of the invaders of the South was based entirely in the New World Order goals of Communist men and women whose political affiliation was their religion. All-powerful government was their god and  those men wishing to head it, were commanded to dismantle America’s Republic. Southern planters (with the wisdom of the ages) stood in their way.

 The 1848 Marxist Republicans were no ordinary folks, but brilliant, highly educated, extremely determined, totally dedicated intellectuals--revolutionaries from Germany. Their genetic descendants, as well as some persons in the highest echelons of government and society, captivated by their New World Order dream—continue in the year 2013 to push those same Communist goals.[xiii]

  The Marxist-Communists were so clever that upon arriving in America, copies of their Manifesto in their pockets, they entrenched themselves in types of jobs allowing them to influence others.  They became active in churches, in politics, in Unions, in the military, and in schools.  Charles Dana was instrumental in arranging their employment.[xiv] The Commies involved themselves in the business of influencing Americans working in shipping, in government, in entertainment, in journalism, and in businesses.  They organized a political party—the Republican Party.   They especially sought out and invited to membership disgruntled Yankee souls with axes to grind and a penchant for rabble rousing concerning abolition. At the time, surprisingly, there were few abolitionists in the north -- a large number of truly humanitarian abolitionists were, instead, among the Communist-hated plantation owners in the South.  It was true that Southerners were seeking humane and safe ways to achieve the releasing of millions of barely civilized black aliens. Thousands of slaves had already been freed and were prosperous, as in Louisiana.The Invaders brought Southerners’ efforts to a complete halt. 

   Here before, through all their years, the now newly enlightened Americans were so brainwashed, that they believed the men and women of the “evil” planter class were holding and beating all the noble slaves, so had to be wiped out. The Southern babies must die also because theirs was evil seed.   Planters had corrupted all Southerners, so Sherman’s murders of civilians were all justified and besides, it was a lie that Sherman burned any homes or his soldiers raped helpless women of both races. Planters, concluded the brainwashed, caused the war by influencing common citizens of the South to fight “to preserve slavery.”  Such ignorance of historical truth!— Because of the still alive ( in 2013) Constitutional Amendment (The Corwin Amendment) passed in 1861 and even ratified by some states, including the north’s) all the Southern planters had to do to keep slavery “in perpetuity” was to pay Mr. Lincoln’s tariffs! [xv]  The South was America’s richest area—paying money for the continuation of slavery was certainly possible and might well have been done had the South’s secession really been because of any fear of losing slaves. 

But our suddenly enlightened Americans once swallowed an entire pack of Marxist-created lies, they believed:

1.               The South was the only place throughout the history of the world- where folks were ever held in slavery.  Southerners would never have freed the slaves unless forced to do so by killing off most white folks and all planters in the South.

2.               The Vikings never had slaves.

3.                The English never had slaves.

4.               The Muslims never had slaves

5.               The Orientals never had slaves and neither did American Indians.

6.               The French and Spanish and Portuguese never had slaves

7.               People in all the nations in the world never had slaves

8.               New Englanders never owned and cruelly mistreated slaves—more horribly than anything done in the South.

9.               Entire settlements of homes of free blacks in the north were never deliberately set afire by white northerners

10.            The Africans never had slaves and never sold them to the New Englanders who held them in their own homes and factories until cheaper Irish slaves appeared--

11.            Northerners did not discriminate against black people, only Southerners did.

12.            No Northern states ever legally declared horrific enslavement or other punishment for any free blacks who attempted to settle in one of their states –even while the so called war to free slaves was ongoing.

13.            Only black people were slaves; white people were never slaves anywhere in the world, not on the island sugar plantations of the English and especially not in the United States’ north.[xvi]  Five-year-old boys were never enslaved chimney swifts in jolly ole England. White children kidnapped in England were never sold to northern factory owners as slave labor.

14.            The New Englanders did not continue buying and selling black slaves to other nations for a number of years after they won their war “supposedly” to free slaves held by “supposedly” decadent, wicked Confederate Planters.

15.            Everyone in America in the 1800's knew that the “Civil War” was fought to free the slaves—started because the South wanted to keep slaves forever and Slaves were horrifically mistreated by Southern planters.

  Deliberately “dumbed down” by educators who know which side of the bread their butter is on, almost all Americans today remain unaware that most white male immigrants detested and despised black people but simply joined the army of Generals, such as General William T. Sherman, to obtain loot, land, and citizenship.

  Marxist 1848'er Germans thought the Invasion of the South correct and joined in it thinking:  We should be the rich ones, we should hold all the national power, we hate Southern Planters because we are jealous of their Southern Culture and their Influence on America –besides, they own more stuff than we do. We will redistribute their wealth among ourselves.

 Most of the 1848'ers were convinced that Southerners were the main obstacles to their New World Order. Once the South was defeated and Southern men were prohibited from them or their States ever again having any real influence on the national government, including the Supreme Court, many of the Germans returned to their homeland “to participate in the war of German unification and the Franco-German War in 1870-71.”[xvii]   Too bad more did not go.

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