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Editor's note: Below is a reply to one of our communiques regarding the wasting of uniformed soldiers in places like Vietnam, Korea and Iraq (just to name a few) by the Oligarchy in Washington to advance political agendas and gain more power and control. Many, if not most, of these un-necessary wars are ignited with false flag events to con the American citizenry into believing that they are somehow justified. Please review our presentation in "connect the dots" titled, All Wars are Bankers Wars for more information. 

By: L. Dowless

The American Civil war was actually a war of Fascism versus the anti-Fascist...and the anti-Fascists lost!

  Yes...the rebel flag is in reality, the true flag of individual liberty & freedom...and the US flag the Flag of corporate slavery/Neo-Fascism!

 The developments that came out of the Civil war were...that the check against the centralized government imposing itself on the states, was removed.

 The check against the development of centralized banks and currency was removed..And finally.. legalized slavery was NOT outlawed, thank you, it simply changed hands from those hands of individuals into the hands of  corporations.., all that they must do is label the slaves "inmates", and such a statement is made without any references to specifics along the lines in regard to what constitutes an inmate, or a check of any sort to keep the label from being abused, as it is certain to be so in the near future...In other words, what one has here is the future precedence to a Persecuting Fascist/corporatist American Government, who can legally enslave the people for profit, should it feel that the need ever arises to do so!

Such an occurrence could easily happen when the economy fails for example. The only reason that it did not do so during the 1930's is because the US Government did not have the revenue to implement it, but they had it after WW2. What happened then was that in the 1960's the socialist leg of the forthcoming Fascist government was imposed...During the early 1980's the checks and balances on the corporations had begun to be removed..Time moved on and during Bush's administration the checks against him declaring a national emergency and imposing martial law were removed (the patriot's act)...With Obama's inauguration what we actually had was the official endorsement of the new Fascist collective government...Keep in mind that he actually had two inaugurations, the second one bearing very strong occult overtones.

This one was the official endorsement of the new Fascist collective authoritarian government. Fascist governments glorify the occult, as you should recall from history.  It is plain to see that within the next few years that the plan is to literally allow the corporations to make wholesale slaves out of the American people...I am talking of labor camps/death camps here...All of these negative developments are obviously  intentional..Now one can see what the real reasons are for usurping our precious constitution.  

Yes they are going to confiscate your guns, and very soon...Yes you will have a vastly increased tax mandate, and if you cannot conform for any reason, or will not, then you will be delivered into the labor camps....I say this without hesitation at all...a forced labor, concentration camp system is coming very soon to all Americans.

If one refuses to conform or resists in any way, or cannot keep up with the production rates established inside the camp, then he will be transported into the liquidation system, which will be an Auschwitz like death camp, but much worse, with our more recent discoveries about the human body and our technology, such as lasers, for instance. Someone somewhere really does need to sound the's coming if the economy is not resurrected soon, and no facts exist to suggest that it will..because the US Government is intentionally wanting this repressive development to come. Once one understands this fact, then he can view the entire U.S. history through different eyes, especially from 1960 down to the present time, and for at least 30 years into the future...but we do not have nowhere near that long.!

Now you know how they intend to pay back the Chinese..., with the sweat and blood of innocent American citizens! Why has no one not ever made notice of these facts ever before, and written anything about them? There are lots more that is very obvious that I could say as well...Our history has been twisted(propagandized) Americans have been lied to about their history in the US reeducation facilities(public school systems) There is much much more that I could say here as well! Prejudice against the white south has been encouraged and promoted as a divisive distraction with the purpose of keeping us from taking notice of their true actions and intentions. It is an appeal to emotion..! How can the US citizenry allow themselves to be consumed by such pervasive ignorance?



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