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  A brief commentary by Craig Maus, CSA President on Al Benson's article below: 

Obama is probably the most egregious ‘president’ this country has ever seen and the Most Obvious relative to his Dogmatic IDEOLOGY hidden behind a veil of various charades that enabled him to get where he is enabling him to do what he has done.
 However, although the most egregious as mentioned and probably the worse than any, combined with his apparent Muslim commitment that one can only presume cloaks his real religion (Islam), he is Not alone.

Since Lincoln’s Civil War, there have been a number of ‘president’s’ from the 2-Party Duopoly that have taken ‘liberty’ with their position, albeit with Congress in tow, resulting in a continued loss of OUR Liberty allowing for further Political Usurpation.

However, the worst of any prior to Obama is in-arguably Lincoln who totally shelved the U.S. Constitution he claimed he was ‘representing’ in pursuit of a Central Government Hegemony and waged an Undeclared War against another Country (the Confederate States of America) that Congress NEVER approved!
He arrested and jailed civilians and military personnel alike (in the North) who protested and questioned his Illegal Actions without so much as due process UNDER THE Constitution and, like Obama, DIDN'T blink in the slightest.

The RESULT of his actions and his similarly grotesque cabinet of the time, all of whom were bonafide Socialists, Transformed this Country and what we have today is an Extension of those actions & events!

It took ‘Those People’ 150 years to get where they are today and Obama and his Minions both within and without of ‘government’, REPRESENT the Political Carnage that was created long ago.
Many of the things that Obama has done and made ‘Legal’, just as what Lincoln did, will NEVER be reversed BUT WILL SERVE AS precedent FOR ‘OTHERS’ IN THE DAYS AHEAD that are NOT that far off!

What EVERYONE is seeing and witnessing are the IDENTICAL CONDITIONS, but worse (if that is even comprehensible), as those surrounding Lincoln and his Band of Socialist Architects that decided the South’s position to Secede.

 It was, as stated, the 2nd American Revolution but WE did NOT initiate it!
We Seceded Legally & were Invaded Illegally because of the actions of ONE MAN- ABRAHAM LINCOLN- and WITHOUT the APPROVAL of a ‘Constitutional’ Congress.
It has been downhill ever since.

 The Nightmare of 150 Years ago was bound to catch up with us and have ultimate repercussions. It has come back to HAUNT us as the REPUBLIC that existed then… is now NO more because of it!

 That REPUBLIC will Only be again if we SEPARATE. ‘Played like a Fiddle and Washington remains the Riddle’

by Al Benson Jr.

The issue seemed clearer to some (but not all) in 1787. When the Constitution was presented for ratification in Virginia the issues were much better understood than they are today. Of course people back then had not had the dubious “benefit” of our government school system with its obfuscations and omittances regarding our history. It was pretty well understood in Virginia, as well as in other areas, that the issue was a strong federalism, or centralism, as opposed to a loose confederacy of state governments where states rights were to be the rule–the dreaded (by historians) Compact Theory!

In his speeches against ratification Patrick Henry noted that the delegates in Philadelphia had overstepped their bounds in that they had not been sent there with power to create a central government, but only to amend the Articles of Confederation. However, in light of the results of that convention it does seem that some went with other motives in mind. Henry warned the Virginia delegates that they were not to consider how they could increase trade nor how they could become a great nation, but rather how their liberty could be secured. Henry said, and quite accurately, “…for liberty ought to be the direct end of your government.” He made another prescient statement in this regard when he said: “If you give too little power today, you may give more tomorrow. But the reverse of the proposition will not hold. If you give too much power today, you cannot retake it tomorrow, for tomorrow will never come for for that.” In light of the direction this government has gone in from 1787 until now, does any sane person wish to argue with Mr. Henry’s logic?

Author, economist and columnist Gary North wrote a book almost twenty years ago now called Political Polytheism which dealt with much of this. For starters he noted that: “…The Constitution removed Christian religious tests as the judicial requirement of the judges and officers of the new national government. That, in and of itself, delivered the republic into the hands of the humanists. Nothing else was necessary after that. From that point on the secularization of America was a mopping-up operation.” That’s a much different assessment than most of us have been fed regarding the Constitution, even in Christian circles, or might I say, especially in Christian circles? I have to admit that when I first saw North’s book and skimmed it, I was a little hesitant about his thesis. As the years have passed I have become much less so.

And he made another trenchant observation, one that many of us, myself included, had not even thought of at the time. I since have come to where I can see his logic. He said: “The sought-for Constitutional balance of the one and the many, apart from the Bible and Old Testament case laws, is unattainable.” In other words you cannot have the proper relationship between a central government and the state governments apart from Scripture. So the further this country departs from Scripture and God’s law the more impossible it will be for us to really do anything right, especially in the area of differing governmental jurisdictions. By the same token, the “checks and balances” we have been told will keep the different branches of the national government in their proper spheres won’t work either.

North also noted that: “Like Newton’s universe apart from God’s constant, active providence, the ‘balanced Constitution’ will eventually move toward centralized tyranny (the fear of the Anti-Federalists) or toward dissolution (the fear of the Federalists). Both movements took place in 1861-65.” The Anti-Federalists feared tyranny; the Federalists feared secession. North’s comments add a whole different perspective to the question of the Constitution and what it really says.

Back in August of 2004, Gary North wrote an article called Conspiracy In Philadelphia. He also wrote a book by the same name. He observed: “In 1787 the states, with one exception (Rhode Island) were explicitly based on faith in God. In most cases, elected state representatives were required to swear their belief in the Trinity. The new constitution made all such oaths illegal for federal office (Article VI, Clause III). By means of the 14th Amendment (1868), the U.S. Supreme Court has applied this prohibition to state governments completing the transformation in the case of Torcasso vs. Watkins (1961). I told this story fifteen years ago. In response, the silence has been deafening.” Mr. North, like many of us over the years, has learned that the movers and shakers, the ruling elite, the country’s “other masters” will simply ignore what they do not want dealt with, and they press their lackeys in the “news” media to do the same, and the media bombards us with sports extravaganzas and “reality shows” to the point where we do not have the time or inclination for any serious reflection. If the truth can be out there and almost totally ignored by the general populace, Christians included, they don’t even have to bother shoving it down the “memory hole” anymore. Most people today will gaze at the plans for their own destruction and that of their kids–and yawn.

However, for the unusual few that may be concerned about the truth and how it might affect their children and grandchildren, Mr. North has posted his book Conspiracy In Philadelphia on the Internet, from which it can be downloaded. My son downloaded it for me and for a friend of mine at church. It can be found at and I would encourage those who have genuine concerns about our “founding document” and its background to download North’s book and see what he has to say. Knowing about Mr. North, I am sure his analysis will be penetrating and worth your time.



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