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 By: Joan Hough

All freedom lovers should thank God that there now exists in America an ever growing number of men and women whose superior intellectual abilities are no longer chained down by the indoctrinators who have been busily indoctrinating Americans for a century and a half.

 The indoctrinators (Socialist-Communist-inspired brain washers) assiduously continue to work their magic on the intellects of the American populace—giving especial attention at the University level to all students likely to have any significant amount of communication with the public.  As always, in the history lessons the idea of slavery and evil Southern Planters as the cause of America’s War of wars is embedded in the brains of the students.

  Such assiduous efforts in mind bending, are having an unexpected effect -- one of the highest activities of western mankind, History, as a profession, is dying on the vine.

 Following the abrupt and brutal end of Southern freedom and U.S. Constitutional government, New England Puritan-Republican lies totally covered the historical waterfront. Thereafter came the completely “liberal” biases into the field of history, followed more recently by military leftists’ near violent suppression of all “history-dissenter-professors.” Organized minority groups, probably with government encouragement, join in the fun.  Marxist created “Democracy” has oozed all over the form of our U.S. government that was designed as a “Republic.” 

According to the remarkable, professional “Truth” Historian, Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, “The prevailing ‘mainstream’ interpretations of American history today are interpretations that fifty years ago were current only in the Communist neighborhoods of the New York City boroughs.  Thus Communists’ Glorious” Multiculturalism and their “New World Order” is the latest mantra for Professional Historians and their controllers.  Americans, not updated on left-wing modern terminology, never imagined the real meaning of the jubilant exclamations of “The New World Order is HERE!” shouted during the first and only term of office by U.S. President “Poppy” Bush of the “Watch my lips, there will be no new taxes” reputation.

 In his Defending Dixie, Wilson tells us that Globalism [the stuff the New World Order promotes] is all-important to today’s Historians.  They continue the extension of our national History, which since 1865, has been nothing but a fake.  It is not the history of America, but the history of New England and of only New England.  It is a history written by the Winners of that mean, ugly and totally, barbaric, brutal War of Northern Aggression.

 New Englanders deliberately made American History New England’s exclusive property. They even went so far as to remake George Washington into a “farmer,” instead of a Southern planter. They used the absolute power gained by their Republican controlled U.S. Army over the Confederate nation as a stepping-stone to global control. They did this not only in history, but even in literature, wherein they promoted the dullest, most uninspired New Englanders’ works over those of absolutely brilliant, imaginative, gifted Southern writers.  In the doing, they caused American college students to become literature illiterates --to loathe literature and especially poetry. 

 The environment of academia today is such that most modern indoctrinators, themselves, are intellectual prisoners -- mere conduits passing on all that was passed to them, never bothering to verify it or to take even a peek at “the other side.”   Possibly in most instances their lack of knowing is because such is their choice and they have, in numerous fashions, been remunerated for it.

 Now, almost out of the blue, the historians in academia have begun attacking both the free thinkers--those in their own professions and the amateur outsiders as “revisionists.”   The non-professionals are viewed as amateurs daring to stick their noses into something not their business. The P. Historians have total disdain for the Truth Historians--even the most brilliant of historical researchers among them—the authors of books now receiving wide national acclaim.

  Never will one of the P. historians acknowledge the amazing gifts of authors such as Frank Conner, Al Benson, Walter Donald Kennedy, James Ronald Kennedy, Clint Johnson, Mary Deborah Petite, Walter Brian Cisco, James E. Stallings, Sr., H.W. Crocker III, and persons whose works appear only on Internet –such as the writers on the Georgia Heritage Council and the Southern Heritage News and Views Site and the present site.  Intense attacks are aimed at those scholars with Doctorates in fields other than history—people such as Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo and Dr. John Avery Emison.  Undoubtedly there are other True Historians who annoy the P. Historians.  Certainly all now sharing their knowledge via Internet qualify for P. historian’s disdain.

Should a professionals embrace the task of truth seeking, and express regard for the work of even a single so-called amateur, no matter how many books that professional has written, he is viewed by his colleagues as a history inferior, and turncoat. No grant money from a government agency or from any Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, or other non-profit, tax-free foundation will be coming his way. No honors will be given that professional traitor, not if his colleagues can prevent such.

 Despite all the slings and arrows of the Professionals, however, just as the South was blessed with most of West Point’s finest military men, our land is being blessed with an ever-increasing number of truth-seeking Americans who are super fine, honest, historical scholars.

The P. Historians (Professional Historians) are infuriated that more and more persons of superior intellectual ability are becoming dedicated, non-professional, “amateur” historians.  The Professionals see this as “the Invasion of the Interlopers. ” They take it quite personally, believing that the appearance on the historical scene of the “meddlers” has now reached career-threatening proportions. Fearing that the discoveries of the amateurs may climb to a “life threatening.” level, they react in the typical Saul Alinsky-prescribed manner -- they ridicule, they insult.  The difference in the interlopers’ values and their disagreement becomes for the P. Historians, not only a manifestation of evil, but the reason the invaders must be eliminated.

The Professionals force the idea on neutral bystanders that one must be educated only in history or one is incapable of comprehending history and interpreting it correctly.  They declare all revelations made by a history interloper whom they term a “revisionist,” must be ignored or the findings described as laughably ridiculous. They have convinced themselves, and would convince all others, that just as only one trained in brain surgery should cut on brains, only professional historians should speak of or write about history; John Q. Public must rely only on the P. historians for “true” history—and not just “any old” professional historian, but one that meets the approval of the P.  Historians’ elite, leftist clique.

 And what, you may ask, in history is such an enigma it can only be solved by Professionals?  Your question, of course, is rhetorical for you well know that history is nothing more than time gone by—it is nothing more than “the past,” some of which even we ordinary folks have actually lived through.  History then is something that persons possessing somewhat above “walking around sense” are likely to have some ability to evaluate if they seek and can find the records or other evidence. According to the Professionals, however, unless you are a “P. card carrying Historian, ” no matter what fine research skills you possess or how high is your verbal intelligence, how excellent is your memory, or how amazing is your ability in written language, you must neither speak of history, nor write of it—not even of the past which you have personally experienced.

If you are not one of the P. degreed Historians, according to them, you are, regardless of your level of formal education or the presence of superior intellectual ability, simply too dumb to deal “properly” with history.  Perhaps after you are long dead, they may decide that your memoirs or books or articles or essays are history—that is if they like what you have written, but if the content is politically incorrect—your words are destined to be figuratively or literally trashed, as have been those of countless long dead, extremely bright Confederates.

  One of America’s most gifted, most prolific and most talented of authors, a true member of the literati, had his work consigned to the ash heap simply because he was a Southerner who wrote what the New Englanders did not wish Americans to know.  His name is William Gilmore Sims.  Edgar Allan Poe declared that Simms’ fiction was evidence of genius—that had not Simms been a Southerner, all Americans would have acknowledged his genius. 

Truth Historian- expert  professional historian, Dr. Clyde N. Wilson reminds us of Sims and that there were numerous Southern writers who never received their just due of recognition, but had their work and themselves slandered because they were not New Englanders. Among these were Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville.  Some others received deserved praise, but only because the Europeans’ acclaimed them. 

 Rather than “Amateur Historians,” a possibly more apropos title for America’s new, industrious, truth seeking, non history professional- newcomers, is “the Truth Historians.”  Certainly there is nothing amateurish about their approach to their self-assigned jobs of finding that which for numerous devious reasons, been deliberately hidden from fellow Americans—facts that have been cunningly twisted or totally altered and washed into the brains of the naïve and gullible young and old Americans.

  Some people, of course, defining that word to mean “Revolutionaries,” may see the Truth Historians as iconoclasts. Thinking back to the past and the men and women involved in that first War of Secession, the Revolutionary War, against the all-powerful central government of Mother England, perhaps the label,

“ History Revolutionaries” is, indeed, the title most suitable for current Truth Historians.  They, most assuredly, are in revolt against the lying P. Historical Establishment, and would see the members of that bunch either recant their execration of the South as the national center of all evil or find themselves exposed as liars.

 The “Truth historians” are adept at researching.  They do know how to dig—in archives, in museums, in old manuscripts, in diaries, in books, and in libraries, including the Library of Congress. 

How puerile are the P. Historians to accuse the Truth Seeking Ones of revising history.  The Truth Historians, seeking truth, revise only historical lies—they expose them, they correct them, they counter them with absolute truth.  The “real” History Revisionists were those Creators of the term “Civil War” for a War that was never, by the then definition of the term, a “Civil War,” but an Invasion of the legally seceded South’s nation by the Republican Party controlled United States military.

The Revisionists were the New Party Republicans and the New Englander writers and historians who told and wrote fanciful historical lies based almost entirely on Marxist-Republican propaganda—much of it circulated right out of Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton’s Office and bearing the stamp on it of Charles Dana, the clever Marxist journalist Lincoln chose as his Assistant Secretary of War.  (While Managing Editor of the New York Tribune, Dana, a good buddy of Karl Marx, had Horace Greeley hire the “father of Communism” as the Tribune’s foreign correspondent. During his ten years of employment by Greeley, Marx wrote over 200 Communist articles for northerners to read and absorb.  He even supported Lincoln for U.S. President and wrote him a glowing letter of congratulations after the election.

 Present day P. historians merely accept and repeat the Marxist propaganda, thus they are the leaders of the modern generation of Revisionists.  They revise historical truth.  It is not the so-called “interlopers” who are the Liars.  The “real” Revisionists are joined in their greed-fed folly by political opportunists who accept the Republican lies and by “bought” publicists, including television and theatrical personages, politicians on both political parties and their controllers.  

There can be no honest denial of the truth that the same elitists , the New World Order gang, controlling the two giant political parties propagate all the lies.    The New World Order gang includes the Rockefeller bunch, the George Bushy boys, the Clintonites, Saul Alinsky. Hillary and the Obamites and “the Unholy Foursome”-- the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the International Bankers. These billionaire elitists own the television networks, the newspapers and the Congress; they are deeply involved in the major tax-free foundations. Because of their bucks, their acquired power, and the taxpayers’ money, they have for many years successfully programmed young historians with lies. The tax free foundations, such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc. have conducted formal indoctrination classes for budding historians—converting them easily into well-programmed perpetrators of the “Hate the South and The New World Order is wonderful” propaganda.

  Contrary to all of the insulting depredations of the “Professionals,” the real Truth Historians bring into their work, their “book learning” and  the formal and informal experiences which have developed them to the degree that they can recognize truth when they find it.  They know how and where to search for truth and many of them have not only the expertise required to disseminate it, but true genius enabling their evaluation of it.  Some speak and/or write in a manner more comprehensible than that of most P. Historians.  Despite the highly organized enemies facing them, the Truth Historians somehow manage to share their discoveries with a public enthusiastically welcoming truth.  This is what most infuriates and threatens the professionals.  

 The new Truth History notables possess a strange and uncanny ability for historians-- they can actually think.  To attain this amazing and now rather rare American feat, the “Truth Notabilities” had to endanger their jobs, their careers, their professions, their societal positions, their friendships and even their familial relationships.  The did this in the process of hurling off gallons of Marxist Brainwash and peeling back the thick veneer of lies which has been for more than a century glued over all printed accounts of governmental activities in the United States and even preached from Christian pulpits.

  Truth-historians have virtually to leap over the hurdles set for them via public, government controlled educational institutions.   For some Truth Historians the “regaining of brain function operation” is still ongoing and remains painful. It is difficult because it requires the removing of rose-colored glasses and discovering that men once seen as glorious heroes are, at the best, mere humans with feet of clay and, at the worst, villainous, treasonous, greed-filled monsters. (Even the man who has been sold to generations of Americans as the nation’s greatest president is revealed as the monster he was.)

 Since 1865 the gluing of the veneer of lies has been the handiwork of clever 1848ers, their biological progeny, their political progeny, and their worshiping ideologues, including most P. historians.  Many of Americans richest elitists, operating sub rosa through their tax-free foundations, at the tax payers’ expense, and tax write offs for their own donations, have with dogged dedication to their New World Order, kept the lies ongoing.  They, as members of the New World Order gang, spread all that successful Communist propagandized ideology started in America in 1849.  They continue the work toward the goals Karl Marx manifested not only in his and Friedrich Engels' COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, but also in Marx's two hundred and more articles published by Greeley and Dana--some as none by-lined editorials.   Marx’s work appeared in America’s most widely circulated newspaper,
The New York Tribune” owned by Lincoln's good buddy Horace Greeley. (Lincoln. a newspaper reading addict, undoubtedly feasted on Marx’s words in the paper and in his Communist “Bible”—as is evident if one compares Lincoln’s actions with Marx’s “Ten Commandments.”

  It is not the Truth-Historians whose craniums are so empty that they failed to learn that the nation's non-English speaking/reading Germans bought, read, and swallowed whole the views of Lincoln and Marx expressed in the German language newspaper owned and published by Lincoln. and the one owned by Greeley.  It is not Truth- Historians who are unaware that Abe Lincoln was the first President to institute in America the Marxist plan of Progressive Income Tax. For 85 years before him, America prospered.  It is not the Truth-Historians who failed to understand that it took Abe Lincoln and his Marxist-Republican party to destroy the States’ Rights foundation of the U.S. government and thus to begin the Marxist task of turning a Constitutionally- based Republic into a Communist wanted Democracy.

Present day Professional Historians, their sycophants, their naive followers, and elected politicians in both Parties ignore the non-Constitutionality of the Income Tax and various other shredding jobs on the Constitution and approve of Communism, but more and more voters are beginning to see straight through the Communist propaganda and the lies of the Victors of the War of Northern Aggression.

 Who tells us that it was the Marxist corrupt plan of government control of education that was first, instituted in the South during Reconstruction and then spread throughout the north?  Who tells us that the Central bank (the so-called Federal Bank) was a Marxist plan?  Who tells us that stirring racial hate was a part of the Marxist plan, or that removing U.S. Senators from the control of their states was a well-aimed Communist shot that hit the very heart of our Republic form of government?  Who tells us that progressive Income tax again put into the Constitution in 1913 for all of America to suffer under, was another Marxist plan?  Who dares tell us that the Amendments to the Constitution made during the late 1900s were illegal, according to the Constitution, itself?   One should not attempt to hold his breath unit this is done by a Supreme Court Justice or a pocket-jingling politician of either Party

  Who tells Americans that the Union’s robbing and redistribution of the South’s homes, land, forests and wealth and the elimination of the effect of Southern wisdom on the nation was a Marxist plan?  Who tells us the truth about the Marxist plan to erase the family unit, to have “the village” become responsible for the children, to eliminate marriage because it is the glue that creates real civilization and engenders the desire to obtain and hold private property and pass it on to heirs—something Marxism loathes as Marxists loathed all Southern land and/or home owners? Do not expect to hear this from a “lady Politician” who declares “the Village should raise our children” of from the journalists and the Politians (in both Parties) who have praised her zeal and supposed intellectual brilliance.

The noble P. Historians’ mouths are shut and pens are stilled when it comes to reporting truth.   

 Who teaches that the Uncivil War of Northern Aggression and the Republican Party that kick-started it were both the work of Marxists aided by a few crazed New Englanders and by new immigrants who had never read the U.S. Constitution because it was not written in German?  You did not learn this from the P. historians and all they have brainwashed with their invented revision of historical truth. Only the Truth Historians dare tell that truth.

I say, HURRAH for Truth Tellers.--the honest Historians who, base all they write on facts discovered by their independent studies and by those of their fellow truth-seekers.  Each time these people share those newly discovered truths they prove that the Bachelor of Arts in History, the Master of Arts in History, the Doctor of Philosophy in History or the degrees in Education now serving as Union Cards for Historians, instead of being the prerequisites for acquiring knowledge of historical truth, actually deter the finding of it. The Professional Historians educational process does this by loading the would-be historians' brains down with a fluid comprised of hate-filled propaganda loaded with distorted truths and outright lies.

 Let the snide, mutual back-scratching Professionals profess their academic superiority, as they so desire.  Let them continue to give each other financial rewards and continue slathering each other with deceptive accolades. They fool only themselves. All believers in freedom have begun to recognize that the men and women in academia have hearkened so much to each other for generations that they are either "mind-boggled "or deliberately lying when they prattle what they prattle and teach what they teach.

 Today’s “P. Historians,” no matter their ages, with few exceptions, are seen as: Perambulating, Petulant Pedantic s.” Fussy, and finicky, they are compelled to defend all that they have been taught. They dare not let any newly revealed truths gain any credence in the minds of their students -- to do so would be to admit that they have actually BEEN WRONG! This cannot be! They should all be ashamed to look at themselves in their mirrors!

The Professional Historians (with few exceptions) are the real revisionists.  Because their profession’s revision of truth began so far back in time, most of them neither know the truth nor care about it. They are committed to passing on to the next generation a flame and they are either unaware, or it matters not, that the flame was lit by persons obsessed with Communist Revised History concerning the War of Northern Aggression.  The flame spits smoke over the truth about the War of Northern Aggression.  It hides the real reason the U.S. has been constantly at war.  It makes it difficult to see that the States came together NOT as a Democracy but as a “Republic.”

 The flame’s actions make it easy for the enemies of the Republic to force upon America’s young that it is the duty of the young to genuflect to their “Mother U.S and the new Global Government,” to financially support the nations of the world, to police all nations, to spread “democracy” throughout the globe—even if they must die to do it.

 With all of this, the New World Order gang continues selling their lies that Communism has never stuck a foot into and never had enormous input into the laws passed by the U.S. government. McCarthy, so they say, was wrong.  FDR, Carter, LBJ, Lincoln, the Bush presidents, and Obama were all right—the Communists—those New World Order folks are the ones we should all kneel down before. 

The P. Historians must force upon impressionable students the absolute lie that not only was the so-called “Civil War” fought to free the slaves but that all Southerners knew this for a fact, back then---even the little Southern children. That Yankee elites did not finance the mass Murderer John Brown in order to inform the South that even if it remained in the Union Southerners would be killed?  The War had to happen because the Marxist-Republican needed it in order to redistribute the South’s wealth!

 The madly publishing P. Historians must enforce their lie that Southerner Planters were decadent, cruel, slave beating, slave raping, fornicating monsters—that the Planters ugly wives were prone to torture winsome, nubile, black female slaves, probably out of jealousy, or because the slave had nibbled on a bit of swiped from the candy jar, candy—that all mixed race folks were sired by those nasty Southern Planters.  The P. Historians proof of any of this is nothing more than the lies of a fellow member in the “Hate the South” club.

 Some historians even quote Harriet Beecher Stowe as an Anti-Confederate authority.  Stowe, the imaginative novelist of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, is considered an Expert on the South  although the woman finally admitted that she had simply “dreamed” the contents of her book and had never set one little tootsie in the South until Reconstruction enabled her to buy for pennies some destitute Confederate’s plantation. One, maybe more, of her madly preaching, against the South, Beecher brothers escaped from serving in the war the Beechers so favored, by hiding out part time across the ocean and then in New England where rich fathers hired soldier replacements for their sons and themselves—something never done in the South.

 And of course the P. Historians will not bother to mention that the north, even New York City, had its share of black slaves, as did all of the New England states.  Never will you hear the wily liars tell that not a single black or white slave was ever brought to American by a ship flying a Confederate flag because the Confederate Constitution forbade slave importation. The north’s Constitution did not and that was not changed even when the Republicans had told power in 1861. The take over of the U.S. government by the Republicans did not include banning slave trade—something they could have done easily.   New England-er slave traders even sold slaves and delivered them to other nations long after the end of their War supposedly to end slavery.

  Never will you hear the clique of P. historians explain that if Americans are determined to do flag hating, blacks and University professors should zero in on the U.S. stars and stripes and not the flag with St. Andrew’s Cross for only the U.S. flag ever flew over ships filled with captured slaves of any color.   P Historians will never tell that the second Republican president of the United States, Grant, did not release his own slaves until long after his Republican’s War.

  The Republican Party leaders’ lips or pens will never utter the truth that their War was no War Between the States, but a War Between Nations---started by the very long planned, unconstitutional, criminal mechanisms of Marxist-Radicals who originated the Republican Party.  Only the Truth-Historians report this fact.   Nobody seems to remember that when certain Southerners opted to refer to the War as “The War Between the States” they did so merely because it would make the Winners angry for the South to be referred to as the legally seceded nation it was and the War as what it really was—a move for monsters to eradicate the U.S. Constitution and the major element with a history of creating and supporting it.

How unfair it is that the crimes of the villainous Abe Lincoln, his Marxists, his military, and the United States government go untold, uncompensated for, and the victims’ families never receive any apologies, but consistently hear their loved ones declared villains guilty of treason.

 How unfair it is that citizens of the north who knew the truth about the actions of the Republican Party were kept from voting at the precincts both times Lincoln ran for the presidency, had their personal property destroyed,  and were, by Lincoln, sent to prison without trial. How wrong it is that a Dictator and his supposedly American Republicans unjustly and unconstitutionally punished thousands of northern citizens who knew and understood the U.S. Constitution, the true history of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. And they knew that the Southern states had the right to secede—that any state had that right. They even remembered at least two separate occasions when even the New England states had planned to secede and almost did it.  How true it is that the Republicans were criminals!

Hurrah for the Truth-Historians!  They shout the truth-- the South was right.  The Yankee War, as the Marxists required, was the pre-requisite for the Marxist-Republican’s take over of the nation and the replacement of the the U.S. Republic with a Democracy until global control and their New World Order of Communism could become a reality.  Who, in 1865 could even dream that the year 2013 would see the Marxist goals approach ultimate fulfillment.



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