Confederate Society
By: Jimmy Ward

This brings to mind the Nuremberg trials from whence the Nuremberg Codes sprang - setting the guidelines for medical research involving human beings. We often site Hitler, his Nazis, and the Holocaust as examples of a monstrous regime who pressed doctors to engage in Frankenstein-type research methods.

Sadly, we are just as guilty. As I've posted many times, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, we have slaughtered nearly 60 million children. If you only factor the six million Jews slaughtered by Hitler, you realize we are over 9 times worse than Hitler. Apparently, we learned nothing from the Nuremberg trials except to follow their example.

Add this current abominable practice and you can understand why our country is in the shape it's in. Since big money will be involved, one can see this encouraging more abortions.

And we talk about human rights??? God forgive us.



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