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    By Joan Hough

The brainwashing is accomplished in ongoing, never ceasing actions conducted by teachers in ordinary American classrooms or by ignorant,“Politically correct” leaders in organizations meeting regularly throughout America. Politicians, clergymen, journalists, professional communicator, etc., tout these arguments in order to feather their own nests. Ironically, while claiming to support the U.S. Constitution, these folks do their best to totally destroy it.

1.      The Civil War was fought by the north to free the slaves and by the South to keep the slaves.

2.      Southern states were so eager to fight the north to keep slaves, that they illegally seceded from the Union—which, of course, made Southerners guilty of treason.

3.      The South started the war by firing on peaceful U.S. troops at Fort Sumter in a cowardly attack which completely justified the United States bloody rampage if retaliation throughout the South.

4.      White Southerners have always been noted for horrific racial prejudice. Blacks were given  perfect equality in the north when Mr. Lincoln was president. Southern prejudice justifies any and every attack ever made on the South in the 1800s and today.

 “Not a single one of those arguments is true” (Frank Conner in The South Under Siege).

The question is if all of these arguments are lies, why do they continue? Why is it that educational institutions of so-called “higher learning,” throughout America still turn out PhDs preaching these lies? Why do even Southern cities have countless young folks exposed to and conditioned with such lies?

Frank Conner explains it all perfectly:  “ Why then are these arguments so pervasive? Because he who wins a war gets to write the history books about it. In starting and then waging the “Civil War” to its gory conclusion, the U.S. government perpetrated sins of a magnitude and quantity unparalleled in American history. “[Emphasis added.]

 Thereafter, the government wished desperately to hide those sins beneath a heavy coat of whitewash. Since most of the accredited historians were (and are) Northern liberals (later joined by Scalawag liberals—i.e., Southern turncoats) in full sympathy with the nationalist aims and actions of the federal government, they have cooperated willingly to supply the whitewash ever since the war.”

Conner explains that in the 1960s, history teaching in the U.S. fell entirely under “the despotic control of the Marxists (where it mostly remains today).” He tears apart every one of the north’s arguments and then crystalizes his conclusions:

The United States of America attacked and conquered the Confederate States of America for the purpose of forcing the Southern states back into the Union at bayonet point and converting them into dirt-poor agricultural colonies of the Northern capitalists. Thus a more honest name for the war is the “War of Northern Aggression.”

In waging that war to further his own political career, president Lincoln was directly responsible for the deaths of 623,000 men, the maiming of hundreds of thousands more, and the destruction and destitution of the South. And with that war he destroyed forever the unique principle upon which the United States had been founded: government with the consent of the governed. Thereafter, the United States became just another bayonet-rule country, which paid lip service to “freedom.” 

At the conclusion of the Radical Republicans’ War, northerners were forced to whitewash Abe and his actions in order to conceal the horrors of their own.

Note:  If you are serious about learning and spreading the real truth, rather than the “made up-pretend” historical version about the war that eliminated the U.S. Republic— If you would learn the honest to God truth about that war that Abe Lincoln illegally declared all by himself,  then do yourself a favor and read Conner’s “The South Under Siege.”  His is a fabulous work!      



06/07/2015 13:03

Im curious why Southern and Confederate apologist never mention -- and may not know -- what Southern leaders boasted of, till they lost?

Are you unaware of the Southern War Ultimatums of 1861? I bet you are.

Are you unware of the US Senator, slave owner, who got KS act passed, then went to Kansas and boasted he was killing to spread slavery? This was before Lincoln even ran for Senate. Can't blame your own folks actions and bragging on LIncoln.

In fact, Lincoln got back into politics because of Southern killings torture and terror, and their bragging about spreading slavery against states rights.

I notice Southern apologist are afraid- - it seems so -- to show what their own leaders boasted of at the time. Jefferson Davis, for example, was emphatic -- States rights did not apply to Kansas,for slave issues. Slaves were not human beings, specifcally not persons, they were property. As such, Davis argued, Kansas, state or territory, could not prevent slave owners from taking their slaves there.

He boasted of it -- why don't you mention it?

Davis logic, by the way, was the Dred Scott decision that blacks were not human beings (not persons). So in a way, Davis had a point. The problem with that logic, Davis and Atchison were already killing and terrorizing in Kansas, but when that did not work, Davis arranged for Taney to put in the language that blacks were not persons, and ordered the fed gove to protect slavery. But the killing and terrorizing, and boasting of killing to spread slavery, was already underway.

You should compile a list of War Ultimatums, speeches bragging they were killing to spread slavery, books demanding the spread of slavery or the white race will be exterminated. It might help you appreciate Southern leaders at the time.

Also take look at Southern newspapers-- where they demanded the arrest and execution of those in the North, just for speaking against slavery IN THE NORTH.

Those who spoke against slavery -- even though it was in the North -- were Godless men, against virture, against decency, against reason, they should be hung or put in jail for life.

I just wonder if you are afraid of what your Southern leaders boasted of, or don't know.

If anything, the US educational system has done a lousy job exposing what Southern leaders bragged about and did, at the time -- until they lost

06/15/2015 16:24

TO: Mark Curran,,

Well we would expect nothing less from a Yankee hailing from Morton Illinois home of dishonest Abe. Have you gone to the Lincoln memorial to worship your idol in DC? The Southern leaders boasted of being left alone by meddling politicians on your side of the Potomac and Ohio rivers. They boasted about living a Christian life and of honoring the foundations of the constitution which was State Sovereignty, a concept revolting to Lincoln, T. Stevens and other 48'ers who came here to create what they lost in Europe in their failed revolutions. The were against trade barriers imposed by them by the northern States who had the power and numbers to impose restrictive tariffs on Southern States to impose their will as they saw fit. The godless men sat in Washington City using religion like current corrupt politicians do to bamboozle the people and continue with the charade or kabuki dance and puppet show that exists today. The South had it owns people, culture, language and many other distinctions that are forgotten by most folks including people like yourself who are deficient in any real knowledge of the war. I usually dont post moronic comments on our website but did yours to just to fire back at a Marxist who reflects the enemy within.

I asked Joan if she wished to respond to your comment as well and she had this to say: I can’t hear a word this guy says—because of the sloshing noise of his brainwash. His Marxist controlled Abe Lincoln’s own words prove the War for Southern Independence was not waged by the Aggressive North in order to free a single slave. He needs to read Lincoln’s own speeches.
Ignorance must be bliss for some folks. We who know the real, the whole truth are repulsed by such ignorance, so have made a point of studying all information concerning the War and the Marxist created Reconstruction. We even know that Republicans killed Lincoln.

Joan Hough

Lonnie Wadsworth
06/09/2015 21:30

Joan......I love the design of the CSA and wonder if there are some patches being made for CSA members to wear on various coats,jackets,etc. ?

06/15/2015 16:26

Great Idea, we ran it past the board and most are in agreement. We can have the patches made and can send out an email when they are ready! Thank you my Confederate brother for the suggestion!


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