Confederate Society
Dear Patriots:

  I will try to be very brief in my commentary:

1)      Blacks killing blacks in most major cities across America APPARENTLY do NOT rise to the SAME LEVEL as 1 madman killing 9 in a church do.

2)      In less than a week, the entire focus has suddenly SHIFTED to our Confederate Flag as being responsible for what occurred in Charleston and being the cause for the rest of the Country’s woes.

3)      Funny how the DemonCRAP Party, with an election coming, has again REVERSED things and raised their clarion banner of Racism once again….this time, but not surprisingly, using our Flag to STOMP on as an excuse to cure the nation’s problems which THEY CREATED!

4)      Running right alongside them is their black constituents in the NAACP.  Their actions, combined with their white counter-parts in State & National government, are the reasons for the conditions affecting EVERYONE today- particularly in the black communities.

5)      Strange how quickly they have mustered petitions and the like to BAN our Confederate Flag once and for all EVERYWHERE as the ‘cure-all’ for what 1 man did in Charleston. They wasted NO time!

6)      Again, what about ALL THE KILLINGS in Chicago- Obama’s home town and ELSEWHERE- & NOT a word spoken about that?

 Need I go on? The Political Narrative associated with their Marxist intentions is staring y’all right in the face.

It has been underway for decades and if y’all think Those People will stop in their attempts to DESTROY anything related to the Confederation- YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN.

Y’ALL ARE SEEING THE same thing HAPPENING RIGHT DOWN WITH RESPECT TO THE flag stomping OF THE Stars & Stripes and the SAME EXCUSES for this behavior, are ENTIRELY THE SAME as those that were initially made when all this NONSENSE regarding Southern/Confederate symbols began when the NAACP enacted their Declaration of War (that they called a ‘Resolution) in 1991.

If ANYONE thinks another can be thrown Under the Bus without ramifications and that it will NOT be DONE TO YOU- Y’all better think again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Now let us speak about those on this side of the Mason-Dixon who have conspired with the Washington Demagogues to foster & fertilize this usurpation:

1)      BELOW is how the Virginia SCV Hierarchy TREATS Confederates. SEE how they treated the Virginia Flaggers. They are NO different than ‘National’- hell, there’s that word again- ‘National’!

2)      ALL they are good for is issuing ‘RESOLUTIONS’ (shake hands with the naacp) in condemning any Confederate Organization for standing up and facing the Marxists down who seek our demise while running the other way as has become their nom-de-plume.

3)      The Hierarchy DOESN’T like Alliance’s and suggests that the Virginia Flaggers stand alone & are ‘BY THEMSELVES’ . THIS IS A FALSE NARRATIVE intended to PREVENT ALLIANCES from happening!

4)      This is how they maintain their lofty perches allowing for their self-aggrandizement while passing out ‘Merit Badges’  similar to the way in which Washington continually Mentally Masturbates one another while AmeriCa burns.

5)      They have become the Enemy from Within on this side of the Mason-Dixon.

And this why they have combined with others over the years to STAB OUR Confederate Society in the back because we have constantly called for a CONFEDERATE ALLIANCE among ALL INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATIONS so this INSANITY we are ALL witnessing today could be STOPPED & PREVENTED.  

6)       I would suggest to those SCV Camps that Identify with us that the time has come to SEPARATE from YOUR Washington in Tennessee.

7)      Put your money where it will do good.

Create the Alliance necessary to presume an offensive designed to draw lines in the sand because Those People (SCV Hierarchy) ain’t gonna do it. Like Washington, it is NOT in their interests to do so and all y’all, as evidenced by ‘Past Performance are ever going to get, is more of their KABUKI DANCE & Empty Excuses for Non-Engagement!

Remember how our ancestors did it- SELF RELIANCE!

They didn’t need others to think for THEM.


They simply had to be the Stewards and Captions of their Own Ships working in consort with their Brothers and Sisters in their neighboring States and that, One and All, is called a CONFEDERATION!

When are Y’all going to say- Enough is Enough and rise up?


Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

We believe in an Alliance consisting of EQUAL Representation whose Mission is Simple- One for All & All for One- the way it once was!

Va Flaggers: Response to the Va Division SCV DEC Resolution


Va Flaggers Response to the Va Division DEC SCV Resolution Condemning the Virginia Flaggers and the ANV/Mechanized Cavalry


As many of you can imagine, we have been flooded with phone calls, emails, and messages since the Va Division SCV Executive Council released a resolution condemning the Virginia Flaggers, the ANV-Mechanized Cavalry, and “all other organizations purporting to represent Southern History and the Confederate Soldier” late Monday afternoon. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of encouragement, kindness and affirmation we have received, and want to share that we are humbled and thankful for the steadfast support of so many good folks.

It has been suggested that there is something akin to another “civil war” occurring in Virginia, or that the Va Flaggers are constantly at odds with the SCV and other heritage groups. This could not be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is that we enjoy widespread support across the Commonwealth, and work closely with many SCV Camps and members on heritage defense and Interstate Battle Flag projects, memorials, ceremonies, and educational efforts. The victory last fall in Danville and the 6 roadside flags that have been raised in the Commonwealth over the past 18 months are evidence of successful collaborations with many heritage organizations, and there are many, many more examples... and with God’s grace and protection, many more to come.

This condemnation was the act of a handful of men, and as far as we have been able to ascertain, without any sort of consensus or approval from the general membership.

How are we going to respond? The same way we respond to any other unwarranted attack…by pressing forward and staying focused on what we see as our calling… standing for our Confederate ancestors, and against those who would dishonor their memory and desecrate their flags, memorials and monuments. As far as we are concerned, the condemnation by the Va Division DEC has no effect on us or our work.

The Va Division, SCV leadership has not supported us since we began protesting the Museum of the Confederacy in the spring of 2012. This very public announcement served to let others know what we have known for quite some time, but will otherwise change very little as regards our day to day operations, and does not change our focus or direction. We remain resolute in our determination to continue the good work started, without reference to those who seem intent on creating public strife and division.

We welcome like-minded individuals who wish to join us and/or support our efforts, regardless of other affiliations, and hold no ill will toward those who choose not to.

God bless ALL who, with humble and pure hearts, seek to honor the Confederate soldier, in whatever manner they so choose, and GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Confederate - Covenant of Honor

“If Americans wish to preserve a country they will recognize, then the first step is to recognize the enemy. Public education is the enemy. The entertainment industry is the enemy. The corporate culture is the enemy. The advertising industry is the enemy. And most of the politicians in both parties are the enemy. An enemy is defined as anybody, or any organization, which is attacking the traditional beliefs of Americans.”—Charley Reese

­­­Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the Sun. Human nature is the same today as it was in the infancy of the Old Testament. And that includes those who covet power and control, using or abusing every device at their disposal. Thus why we are commanded to be "watchmen" - ever vigilant to be the clarion call against evildoers. Our duty is to deny their advancement to protect life and liberty.

The past century has produced the most significant political, economic, and cultural changes in our history. Unfortunately, worthy progression in select areas has been overshadowed by transgression in too many others. The masses are gradually being institutionalized from Judeo-Christian values. They were first lured by compromise, which opened the door of forced tolerance and political correctness. Now they are conformist and don't realize it, which is a shame because even a dead fish can go with the flow.

A conformed society is a contaminated society, where good is oppressed while evil is exalted. Every institution is infected by this radical subculture who dismiss all rational thought and incontrovertible truth. This is especially true regarding vocabulary, as words are redefined or persecuted.

One particular target of unrelenting torment is the term Confederate, to include Confederacy and Confederation. As arguably one of the oldest and respected words in human history, Confederate has been systematically demonized and thus made a pariah in today's societal language. Even the most vile four-letter words draw less attention and scorn.

Confederate is not a Southern concept or even a Founding Father's principle. Its origins go back to the beginning, starting in Genesis 14. One can easily draw a parallel to the current conditions in our country. For those who recall scripture, this is where Abram rescues his nephew Lot from his captures.

Because Lot coveted the fruits of Sodom while ignoring its wickedness, he and his goods were subdued by the Chaldean and Persian invaders who had vengeance to all descendants of Canaan. Though Lot was righteous, he tried to thrive among evil and thus succumbed to their will. Honorable men do not live among the wicked, but instead separate from their evil because discernment and wisdom compel us.

Verse 13 reads: And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederate with Abram.

This tells us a few things. First, we see Abram's knowledge as to Lot's dilemma. And to free Lot, Abram is confederate, or forms an alliance, with these other men. This is Abrams only account of military action, taken only as a rescue measure and not goaded by personal ambitions.

Taking his trained servants who understood both the art of war and Godly principles, Abram freed Lot and brought back all the subjugated people and their  goods from the evil rulers.

Even more important to note is what follows. All glory is given to God for deliverance, and tribute through tithe for his grace. But Abram has one more hurdle, the King of Sodom. The king wants the people yet sets the spoils for Abram. Abram knows the king is political, and senses a "quid pro quo" should he take anything. He instead refuses, lifting up his hands only for God's mercy and rewards. But Abram does acknowledge the independence and sovereignty of Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre by letting them decide for themselves if they want possessions or not.

This is the true nature of being Confederate and being part of a Confederation. It is an alliance with like-minded individuals or groups while respecting their independence and sovereignty. It is a Biblically-based virtue ordained by God, not some moniker conjured up by irascibles looking for trouble.  

The question now is, in this era dominated by evildoing Marxist, are you truly a Confederate or a dead fish going with the flow? Do you feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, craving righteous alliances to repel their continued invasion and restore our culture? Do you believe in independence and sovereignty? Do you believe in sacrifice? Just as important, are you involved with institutions that claim to be Confederate but refuse independence and sovereignty within? Is your "Confederate" institution controlled by self-aggrandizing politicians who resort to threats and intimidation to force your compliance while refusing to really engage the enemy? Have they eliminated sacrifice as a beloved virtue and necessary component against cultural genocide? Has your "Confederate" institution been so hijacked and redefined that it has been "fundamentally transformed" from resolute to retreat? Does your "Confederate" group actually operate as a benevolent dictatorship, trampling traditional beliefs? Do you anguish to separate from petty, yet tyrannical politics?

If so, this is a clarion call to all Confederates - men, women, and our youth - who feel abandoned and disenfranchised. You do have a choice. You can continue your membership as herded sheep within your faux "Confederate" institution or you can free yourselves from their centralized, hypocritical chains. You can stay immersed in their never-ending, narcissistic political campaigning to fill an empty-suit seat or you can separate and become part of a real alliance whose only "campaign" is to deny the enemy our culture.

The choice is yours.


Jimmy Ward 



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