Confederate Society
Dear Patriots, (particularly you Texians):

I would ask that y’all pay careful attention regarding that which I, as President of The Confederate Society of America, is about to say.

The Society will be issuing more details in the days ahead regarding this matter as we have been researching it for some time.

This is another of those ‘DOTS’ of History that have been withheld from YOU, and for ALL the obvious reasons many are just coming to understand, as they relate to a much larger picture!

Texas however, like it’s size, is probably one of the Largest ‘Dots’ as it relates to the Confederate States of America.

Now kindly follow CLOSELY:

1) The Republic of Texas, let me say that AGAIN, the REPUBLIC of Texas was an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY from 1836 thru 1845.

2) However, on *February 28, 1845, the U.S. Congress passed a ‘Bill’ that authorized the ANNEXATION of Texas.

Faced with Imminent American Annexation, Charles Elliot & Alphonse de Saligny, the British & French ministers to Texas, were dispatched to Mexico City by England & France.

They met with Mexico’s Foreign Secretary AND SIGNED a Diplomatic Act in which Mexico offered to recognize an INDEPENDENT TEXAS.

Texas President Anson Jones forwarded both proposals (America’s- if you were to call it that, & Mexico’s) to a specially ‘elected commission’ that was meeting in Austin where the ‘American Proposal was ‘accepted’.

NOTE: The Mexican Proposal was NEVER, NEVER, put to a vote. (Beginning to ‘Connect the Dot(s) as Secession was only 15 years away and things in America itself, at this time, were growing steadily DARKER. This is part of that SAME PERIOD that Our Confederate Society has told y’all about that is MOST IMPORTANT as IT, this entire time period between 1808 thru 1860, HAS BEEN TOTALLY ERASED FROM THE History Books along with just about everything else)

3)  Now UNDERSTAND what followed:

Following the ‘Acceptance Offer of the American Proposal’ (HA!), said proposal was put to a ‘Vote’ throughout the Republic (of Texas) on OCTOBER 13, 1845.

NOTE: To our knowledge,  there is NO RECORD of the number of people who supposedly ‘voted’. (MORE ‘Dot’ Connecting.)

4)      *Now try this ‘Dot’ on for size- On December 29, 1845, the SAME DAY ANNEXATION was to take place, Texas became a ‘State’.

5)      Now here is where ‘things’ get even murkier during a time when there was increasing & growing unrest surrounding ‘Washington’.

The COMPROMISE of 1850 gave Texas 10 million dollars in Federal Bonds to DROP CLAIMS TO THOSE Territories which included parts of Present-Day Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Wyoming.

We will have MORE information regarding this COMPROMISE of 1850 and its contents in ensuing communiques because what was contained in it, will BLOW YOUR MIND.

This and MORE is just the ‘Tip of the IceBerg’ and why Washington to this day, ‘dances’ about TEXAS very ‘gingerly’.


Let us say for the time being, and I do NOT pretend to be an attorney- but if a Smart Attorney were to ‘Inter-Connect these ‘DOTS’ and the manner in which they, shall we say, were undertaken, PANDORA’S BOX not only could be opened, BUT would be OPENED!

 Now let me pose this question to Y’all regarding the manner in which ALL THIS UNFOLDED- particularly with respect to those ‘supposed’ voters who approved the ‘American proposal’ in October, 1845-
THEN WHY WOULD TEXAS JOIN THE CONFEDERACY ONLY 16 YEARS LATER AND WITH THE UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN AUSTIN & MONTGOMERY (The Confederacy’s capitol at the time before Richmond), that NOT only would Texas be part of the CONFEDERATION, but with the UNDERSTANDING THAT IT WOULD COME IN AS & be recognized as :


Now doesn’t this suggest that what occurred PRIOR, as noted above, STUNK, and did NOT have the APPROVAL of the Texians as they were called as it has been made out to be?

In conclusion, and on a somewhat separate subject but related given the fact that current events is running IDENTICAL to those times that preceded us as noted herein- BeWare of ‘Greeks bearing Gifts’ and I am referring to anyone in your SCV Leadership that claims YOUR CAMPS should NOT, repeat NOT, have Autonomy….or make continuing excuses for interpreting the PLEDGE given to us by our Confederate ancestors.

Our Confederate Society, like the Texas Republic herself, believes in INDIVIDUAL DECISIONS and SOVEREIGNTY.

Who better UNDERSTANDS Their Territory than the local Camp Commanders & Folks?

Y’all need, like the SCV everywhere, to be the Captains of YOUR Own Ships!

Once YOU Lose the Sanctity of that Independence and become GO-FERS for a more ‘senior & privileged’ system of ‘Faces’- you become subservient to a SYSTEM interpreted and enacted only by them.

They BECOME THE Interpreter’s for ALL ‘SENSITIVE’ ISSUES and thus Policies are derived from their Unilateral decisions.

This does NOT bode well for your Individual Identity & Sovereignty.

And, as History has shown us all, what follows is APPEASEMENT & COMPROMISE in the name of ‘Fairness’ that underwrites NOT our Ideology but that of others intent on our DESTRUCTION!

The ‘DOTS’ of America’s Original Republic were always based upon LIMITED, repeat- LIMITED control with the entity of the SOVERIGN ALWAYS BEING IN COMMAND.

Once you give UP that ‘Basic’, all else becomes an uphill battle to get it BACK!

Beware of the ‘Role-Reverses’ and do NOT ‘Cede’ your Independence to ANYONE!

Thus Texas is a ‘Cornerstone Dot’ towards SEPARATION- ALWAYS HAS BEEN!

Beware of those who talk of Secession but do NOTHING to even advance it IN OF ITSELF but remember this: Our Confederacy NEVER SURRENDERED!

Thus IT remains in a STATE OF SECESSION needing NOT to do it again but merely SEPARATING from Those same People who ‘Annexed’ us ALL in ONE FORM OR ANOTHER….  resulting, ultimately, in an UN-DECLARED WAR in 1860 that was intended to accomplish the very Same Thing that we ALL Fought to Prevent in 1776 and at the Alamo in 1836- the Loss of our Freedoms & Liberties!

 13 Colonies; 13 Confederate States; 13 days at the Alamo and above ALL-Jesus and His 12 Disciples- 13 !


‘Countries that are NOT aware of their Origin are like Ships without Rudders- Sooner or Later they will be Destroyed on the Reef of Stupidity because of OTHERS’

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America



06/15/2015 10:57

Semper Blogging/ReBlogging!
Dick Gaines, AMERICAN
aka" GyG

06/15/2015 16:29

Hello Gunny!
Thank you for all your support! Pass the word about the Society to your brothers and get them all to join us!


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