Confederate Society
Dear Patriots:

I will SAY AGAIN what Our Confederate Society has been saying for the last 23 years and long before that by Our Ancestors:

“Our Confederacy is the ONLY thing standing between HOPE & HOPELESSNESS!”

 And NO, the Civil War is NOT DONE as the issues then, remain every bit as unresolved today and they had NOTHING to do with slavery! Sadly, they have become WORSE!

America long ago became a Plagiarized country thanks to the Usurpation resulting from a concocted Civil War.

As the writer, herein and attached below these comments, notes we indeed had one of the Finest Fighting Forces this world has ever seen and they were raised in DEFENSE of a nation but NOT for purposes of OFFENSE towards another. That kindred spirit resides in MANY of us today and like our Brethren before us, we too do not correlate or ‘cotton’ to- SURRENDER.

America has been ALTERED purposely through divisive Political means creating the malaise we see today- ALL of which was predicted by our ancestors should we be ultimately overrun by the Greater numbers confronting us/them back then. And as them, we will NOT go easy this time as well.

America has been compromised Politically, Economically and Culturally resulting in a Void of Identity, Origin, History and CULTURE in order for the unspeakable to advance.

Unless SEPARATION is effected, a great HOLOCAUST of despair & pestilence will, not if, come!

It is happening right now thanks to the efforts of 587 bureaucrats in the no-longer People’s ‘congress’ with 2 of the most egregious characters ever to occupy the White House. 
Socialization is beyond obvious but a more sinister Ideology that is driving it has been hiding in the shadows for decades.

Since they did not let us go the first time around when the Folks had a better grip on ‘Life’s Reality’ and the hardships that come from them, and the Laws created from God’s Scriptures with Courts who identified with the Constitutional Interpretation of the Republic’s Laws as opposed to the opposite that exists today, we have no reason to expect our efforts this time will prove successful UNLESS an Epiphany is realized by the Greater Majority….but WE will try NEVERTHELESS NO matter the odds.

This is what will be required as the Government THEN, in NO way resembles the government of TODAY whose Individual Branches are No longer separated but rather, ACT as Intertwining Composites/Branches of one another!.

The Solution is simple- they MUST go their way and we MUST go ours as the ‘Twains’ are NOT at ALL compatible and NEVER have been!

Neither is it realistic to expect them to be ‘reconciled’ by the 2-Party Duopoly that serves themselves at the expense of the electorate which are clearly extensions of one another offering us Nothing other than rhetoric while they continue to pillage & steal from us through THEIR Legislative Process.

 They are simply opposite wings of the Same Bird!  Thus, Resolution MUST come from the People.

Expectations suggesting these problems are ‘correctable’  via a ‘voting process that delivers us NO Real Choices, is and has been for some time an exercise in futility as the 2-Party Duopoly serves as active parasites sucking the blood and bone-marrow from America’s once indestructible core.

That is pretty much the sad but harsh TRUTH of the American condition.

There is NO way around it any longer other than a Peaceful Separation or……….Revolution.

Again, all we ever wanted was NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE LEFT ALONE but our Land was filled with entirely too much ‘milk & honey’ and Those People needed it in order to advance their Pervasive Politics in order to realize their acrimonious position of today wherein they are nothing more than modern-day Pirates conducting themselves every bit the same as Political Vampires!


Respectfully and Confederately,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Will you join Our CSA today and become a Member of it?

By Howard Galganov:

I read and reread the entire script of the REBEL tune called DIXIE-LAND, used as an ANTHEM by Southern Troops during the War Between the States. And not in any of the many verses, did I read a single word about Slavery . . . or against the Blacks.

Click here to read all the versus of DIXIE:

Outnumbered, Outspent, Outgunned . . . There never was a greater, braver, or more passionate FIGHTING FORCE anywhere on modern earth, than the Confederates, who were in my opinion the best America had then and now.

These folk were not, AND ARE STILL NOT the kind of people who CUT AND RUN, or surrender their values no matter how hard it gets.

Click here to see and hear a snapshot of the South FIGHTING for FREEDOM:

History is replete with incredible battles and skirmishes fought by the South to save and preserve their territory, values, and way of life from Northern USURPERS. And unlike the North, which wanted to control the South, all the South wanted was nothing more than to be left alone.

FORGET SLAVERY . . . It was not the reason for the Civil War. Slavery was practiced by very few in the South, with the greatest benefit going to the Northern Industrial Class, while the average Southerner worked hard to make a living and build their society without Slaves.

AND EVEN WITH SLAVERY . . . it was not sustainable, as most of the South was moving away from the costs and horrors of owning Human Beings, while the rest of the South’s Global Market was not in favor of such a vile trade.

SLAVERY WAS THE NORTH’S EXCUSE TO GO TO WAR . . . NOT THE REASON:One way or the other, Slavery in America was on the way-out, EXCEPT, it made a tremendous excuse to go to war against a FREE and different society from Northern Carpetbaggers.

AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS . . . Man for Man, Soldier for Soldier, Cavalry Rider for Calvary Rider, General for General, Courage for Courage – THE NORTH HAD NOTHING ON THE SOUTH.

Had the South had the wealth and manpower of the North, America might be whistling DIXIE today, rather than singing the Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

LIVING AMONGST HISTORY BROUGHT TEARS OF REVERENCE TO OUR EYES:Anne and I traveled the length and breath of the South, from the Mason Dixon Line to the Heartland of Texas. We visited, walked and climbed the hills and ramparts of some of the most Famous Civil War Battlefields, absorbing the history, culture and mood of the time.

And had we been part of the South when war was declared in 1861, I would have been wearing Grey and Shouting the REBEL YELL, as I too would have stormed the Northern barricades and defended the Land of Dixie.

THE LIES AGAINST THE SOUTH:I grew-up as a Liberal, watching Hollywood Movies, seeing how backward was the South. And as a young and fairly observant Jewish Boy, I was led to believe that the South was a vipers’ den of Jew Hatred.

And then I started looking into Jewish History in the Deep South at the time of the Civil War, and quickly discovered how the VAST MAJORITY of Southern Jews gave it their all for DIXIE.

And how the South repaid and honored their Jewish Rebels with the ONLY Jewish Military Cemetery (Richmond VA) outside of Israel, and how General Robert E Lee encouraged Moses Jacob Ezekiel, the first Jew who went to the Virginia Military Institute, distinguishing himself in battle, to use his incredible gift of ART to become an extraordinary sculptor.

AND AFTER ALL THE DUST SETTLED – IT WAS EZEKIEL . . . who created the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, which the LEFTIST BIGOTS now what removed.

DISTORTION OF HISTORY IS BUILT ON LIES, IGNORANCE, AND RACISM:America is under attack on multiple fronts:

1 – LIES . . . It doesn’t matter whether it is part of Media coverage, our educational system, and/or politicians, because the American people of all ages are being fed a deluge of lies about the South, the Civil War and Southern Heritage.

2 – IGNORANCE . . . Because of distorted history, and no will on the behalf of the LEFT to set the record straight, the entire Confederacy, not just the Slave Traders is being treated as if it was the precursor to Nazis.

3 – RACISM . . . It’s all well and good for the LEFT to ALWAYS focus on racism to demagogue their adversaries, WHEN IN TRUTH, the real racists are amongst the LEFT, who are indeed poisoning the American Well through their lies and MIS-TEACHING of history, even after more than 150-years have past since the GRAY fought the BLUE.



Anglican Jay
06/30/2015 14:31

Good article. I just sent in for membership a few days ago. I truly desire to become a member of this great Southron patriot organization in the war to preserve out Christ-centered republic and Anglo-Celtic devotion to kith and kin. God bless.


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