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Editors note: Perhaps after this past week, Washington should redesign the US Flag to have just one big Star in the center to represent Washington DC, since all the States gave up the last vestiges of any sovereignty in the Obamacare case SCOTUS case where Roberts ruled the definition of the word State is Washington DC! 

Dear Patriots:

  Let us understand what has been happening over these last 15 decades in which America has been RECONSTRUCTED that Obama refers to in the contemporary as “TRANSFORMATION”;

The American government NO longer has 3 branches of government and before you DISCOUNT this let me explain.

 - When Lincoln and Company’s Civil War ended, the Federal Republic created by the Founding Fathers CEASED TO EXIST.

 -ALL Independence and former Sovereignty granted to the States was stripped from them & became housed under the NEW Central-National government that was created from it (Civil War).

  - Over the next 15 decades, ANY decisions relative to ‘Social’ programs in particular, that were heretofore under the auspices of the State’s, fell under the JURISDICTION of the Central-National government…

 -Whereas before, the Individual States controlled the Magnitude associated with ANY ‘Social’ programs, a One-Size Fits All Variety of PROGRAMS was created by the NEW Central-National government and SUBJECT ONLY TO THEIR INTERPRETATION moving FOREVER forward.
The POWER that would be realized from this, Politically, would be ENORMOUS!

- And over time, as we have discovered, it was in the GOVERNMENT’S BEST INTERESTS to expand these various Social Programs with little, if any positive effects, for ANYONE.

-  With their ability to ‘Collect’ and expand the Tax Basis without OPPOSITION, as the States were now HELD hostage to the behemoth residing in Washington, the 2-Party Duopoly quickly learned how easy it would be to become the Fox in charge of the People’s Hen House, advancing & building a Power Base in ALL things great and small that was originally prohibited to them under the Original Federal Republic.

-  They could Impact & INFLUENCE virtually ANYTHING resulting in a Tactical Divide among the People that served ONLY THEIR POLITICAL INTERESTS.

-Essentially, by playing Many off of one another while they controlled the purse strings, ANYONE or ANY THING could be blamed for the FAILURES They Caused. And over time, with the dumbing down of each ensuing generation since the Civil War, any margin of reflection as to what was going on was lost….as they now also control the ‘educational system’ via their National Education Department who controls the purse strings via the subsidies they WILL or WILL NOT extend to the States.

What a Masterful Concoction of Remarkable Deceit and ALL PLAYED OUT RIGHT UNDER EVERYONE’S NOSES.

The usage by the Politicians of Special Interest groups on a National Level, AND IN CONJUNCTION WITH AN EVER-EXPANDING BUT DIFFERENT DEMOGRAPHIC BASE, simply put RECONSTRUCTION on a Fast-Track.

-  Now it wouldn’t be long before the ‘OLD’ would again conflict with the ‘NEW’ as it was becoming clear to many that more than just ‘changing times’ was occurring but rather a fundamental change in the dynamics of Government Power & Orthodoxy was clearly afoot.

-  Thus People started, for the first time in many a decade, to refer to Their Declaration and the basics associated with the Original Republic’s creation.

And it wouldn’t be long before they started to ‘Connect the Dots’.

-  Now they were beginning to understand what CAN happen when Government controls Those Dynamics associated with ‘Social (ized)’ programs and what the corresponding consequences are- such as OBAMA’S ‘CARE’.

-  In a DESPERATE attempt to STOP what many folks were just beginning to realize, they called upon their States and their State Attorney generals to DO SOMETHING.

-  Thus many States would wind up PLEADING their position before the government’s ‘Supreme Court’- NOT ONCE but TWICE!

-  And the results, despite the Language of the LAW (the 2nd attempt for justice) contained within Obama’s MANDATE relative to State Subsidies, was NOT acknowledged but Re-interpreted by those ‘Justices’- 2 of whom were appointed by Obama.

-  And remember that OBAMA, the race-peddling bigot, would tell us along with MANY OF HIS LIES, that his ‘ObamaCare’ was NOT A TAX….and in the first argument before the government’s ‘Supreme Court’, they based their decision on the basis it was a TAX WHEN IT WAS NEVER ARGUED ON THAT BASIS DURING THE 3-DAYS in which the States presented their case….BUT Chief Justice Eric Roberts pulled that one out of his backside ( a so-called ‘conservative’ appointed by Bush ) that was the swing vote in a 5-4 decision allowing for this Obamination to continue.

(It should be noted that Roberts was the same ‘justice’, the 2nd time around, who based his decision on an ‘Interpretation’ of what the word State meant relative to the subsidies drawing upon their Illegal 14th Amendment that was passed after their Civil War. Does the phrase ‘Kangaroo’ Court come to mind?)

-  Now if YOU have gotten this far, then you might understand that the 3-former branches of Government within the Former Federal Republic created by the Founding Fathers- NO longer exist as they were originally intended.

Rather, they have become a ‘UNI-BODY’ with each being an extension of the other in order to perpetuate the Orthodoxy and Zealotry brought about by the 2-Party Duopoly that controls this entire ‘Gaming Table’.

The ‘Executive Branch’ (Obama) rules by ‘executive order’ while the ‘Legislative Branch’ (congress and the 2-parties each look the other way) while passing ‘Legislation’ that further underwrites Their Chicanery as the ‘Judicial Branch’ serves as Their Policing Agent to enforce the Socialist Abominations they are creating thru their Appointed District Court Judges that interpret their Supreme Court ‘rulings’ allowing them the province to do what they are doing to us.

-  Remember what Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan (appointed by Obama) said when appointed:

“ I will NOT base any of my decisions on Constitutional Law but rather, ‘Legislative Interpretation’ “.

-  As We Confederates would say, the Net result of this is the ‘Blind leading the Decapitated’.

Now are y’all beginning to ‘Connect the Dots’ and understand why Those People and their Special Interest cronies want our Confederate History “Taken Down”?

This has NOTHING to do with Humanitarianism but everything to do with Cultural & Historical GENOCIDE!

Eliminate ANY connection to our former History & Purpose and They Forge for themselves an Uninterrupted & Unchallenged ‘Run to the End-Zone’.

We are living in a CONTROLLED POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT every bit the SAME as those associated with Fascism, Marxism, Nazism & Communism and y’all think this is NORMAL?

A Blind Man could see this coming!

‘When Push Comes to Shove, You MUST Fight for what You LOVE’…..America once understood that.


By the Eternal, but We Confederates have Told Y’all So!

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Will You Join Us Now?



06/29/2015 19:54

I have been making this same argument for years. I appreciate your very concise, well reasoned and articulate exposition of a very difficult truth.

Hopefully the tipping point has arrived and our people will finally cast of the blinders and break free from the chains that bind us.

Pax Vobiscum,

Fr. Ronald Moore +


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