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Dear Patriots:

…..and so it begins again, and just as it began before….

  As noted herein, courtesy of our Brothers & sisters within The Virginia Flaggers, that which is occurring in South Carolina has set off the Long-Planned Confederate Assault these Marxists have been waiting & thirsting for.

   Let me say again, if in y’all haven’t been reading our communiques, that which is happening today is EXACTLY the same as that which was transpiring PRIOR TO 1860. There is NO Difference other than our Southern States are now be run & controlled by Reconstructed Politicians.

 The Conditions, the Methodology and the Intended & Planned for End-Result is IDENTICAL!

There are some in this country who cannot remotely grasp the significance of this because they are living in that ‘Reconstructed AmeriKa’, having succumbed to Indoctrination resulting from an ‘education’ so altered and so re-structured that they think of anyone speaking as I/We do as one who has lost their ‘cookies’.

I don’t wish to sound repetitive but once again, WE PREDICTED THIS WOULD COME.

Perhaps, even some among YOU thought us to have been ‘over the top’ and too extreme but… we did our Historical Homework and we did it well.

When others were making excuses for the Political Actions being undertaken back THEN, that paved the way for today’s Political Actions, we Confederates were ‘Connecting the Dots’ and telling y’all we were being set up.

Perhaps NOW, you are at where we were at 23 years ago when, as you, we couldn’t believe what we were ‘unearthing’ in those History books of old that were telling an altogether different story from the ones we too were exposed to in the ‘Public Classroom’? To say it went into the depths of our Souls was an understatement.

After all, coming to grips with the Fact that what we ‘ learned’ & what were taught was nothing more than a Grand & Colossal Political Lie, can be very daunting & overwhelming.

But God challenges us all in various ways and at various times. He indeed works in ways only known to Him.

And today, as it was long ago, we are reminded of what occurs when we leave the ‘Candy Store’ un-attended and to the Whims of a ‘Manager’ we Trusted.

It isn’t long before that ‘Manager’ takes from our ‘Candy Store’ to open his own…. leaving ours empty & in ruin.

This scenario has been seen and lived 1,000 times over throughout World History and unless the Vigilance to which we were once responsible for is practiced and applied daily, the NET result is Transformation via Usurpation eliminating or altering the original.

Only through a United Confederate Front consisting of ALL CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS can You and We expect any worthwhile leverage to be realized.

What should we have learned by now- WE HAVE PLAYED BY THE ‘RULES’ expecting those who seek our demise to play fair & square as well.

That is this side of the Biggest DUGH right behind NAIVETY.

Those People do NOT play by any set of rules and have NOT played by any set of rules since 1865 and few before 1860.

They Play ONLY by their own Known ONLY to them!

If you think the People who raped, pillaged and burnt our countryside in a War they deliberately started have altered any of their ways, then you deserve what is happening today.

If however, you have come to realize the ‘game’ that is and will continue to be played, then I suggest you join with us and make every effort to help us convene, and as soon as is humanly possible, an Alliance meeting post haste.

Have y’all been listing to the various RepublicRATS- THEY ARE ALL JUMPING ON THIS BANDWAGON BECAUSE IT SPEAKS TO THEIR POLITICAL IDEOLOGY as there ain’t a lick of difference between ‘em.

For God, Family and the Restoration of the Original Republic of the CONFEDERATION,

I am,

Respectfully & Confederately,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Will YOU join us Now?

It’s Now or Never Folks!



From: [] On Behalf Of Virginia Flagger

To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Va Flaggers: Gov. McAuliffe Wages War to eliminate Virginia SCV Tags

The Virginia Flaggers strongly condemn the announcement by Governor Terry McAuliffe that he plans to attempt to eliminate the Sons of Confederate Veterans state sponsored vanity license plate, because it includes an image of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. 

The license plates were made available at the request of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and have been in use with no issues for twelve years.  The organization is made up of citizens of the Commonwealth who can trace their lineage directly to an ancestor who was a Veteran of the Confederate Armed Forces.  Members work, live, and worship every day alongside men and women of every race, creed, and color, and there have been no reported incidents of anyone being harmed by the license plates, or any disturbances caused by their use.

Sadly, is likely to change almost immediately with Governor McAuliffe’s decision to stir up this controversy, and his insistence on exploiting the tragedy in South Carolina for his own political aspirations, which will serve to divide the Commonwealth, and create strife and dissension where none existed.  The governor's pandering follows a wave of similar attacks against the history and heritage of the Confederacy that have cropped up across the South in the wake of the announcement by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to completely reverse her pre-election position, and suddenly support removal of the Battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia from the soldiers’ memorial in Columbia.

Since that announcement, emails, phone calls, and messages of support for the Virginia Flaggers, along with offers of assistance and have been pouring in, and we are in the process of mobilizing to meet what looks like will be a huge demand for flag installations in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Across the South, her citizens see these continued attacks as an organized attempt to eradicate our history and heritage, and we are ready to stand and defend the honor of our Veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

We call on the Governor to retract this divisive proposal, end the discriminatory assault against Virginia’s rich Confederate history and heritage, and allow all of the Commonwealth’s citizens the opportunity to honor their ancestors, heritage, and celebrate their culture without prejudice. 

Grayson Jennings

Va Flaggers



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