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Picture"Mr. Alexander Sir, you may commence the cannonade." General Robert E. Lee. Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.
Editors Note: I just commented the other day that most of the GOP field was a dustbin of failure. They make the Democrats look intelligent which is not  saying much. The two sided coin, Republicans and Democrats. This article casts him in a negative light because he stands up for the Confederate flag which shows Fox is not on our side either. Jindal may be the first man to step up and realize that  Confederate lives matter to coin a recent phrase. 
Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana Governor and GOP presidential candidate, Bobby Jindal, 44, spoke with Phil Hemmer via satellite on Fox News’ Happening Now this morning to discuss the ever-growing Confederate flag controversy. However, it wasn’t Jindal’s opinion on what States should do about the flag that had people talking afterwords.

While discussing the historic South Carolina Senate vote to have the flag removed from statehouse grounds, Jindal told Hemmer, “Like the same-sex marriage issue, I believe this should be decided on by the states, not the courts. Let the people’s voices be heard. Like many others who hail from the great Creole state, the Confederate flag is a symbol of my heritage, and that heritage has nothing to do with racism or hate.”

It would seem Bobby is once again trying to put mileage between himself and his family’s immigrant past. It’s no secret that Jindal, the first Indian-American governor in US history, is uncomfortable in his own skin. For years now he has tried to distance himself from his Indian roots, and his remarks this morning are just the latest in a long line of bizarre statements and actions.

Take for example Jindal’s recent “limited edition campaign t-shirt” featuring the slogan, “Tanned. Rested. Ready.” Tanned? The Twitterverse immediately started to compare Jindal to Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader in Washington state who came under fire recently for claiming to be black.

Who could  forget the governor’s self portrait discovered by a Louisiana political blogger? Whoever that painting was supposed to resemble is whiter than my Swedish cousin Sigfast.

Mr. Jindal, being the first Indian-American United States governor is something to be proud of. 



Anglican Jay
07/09/2015 08:00

While I'm glad that Mr Jindal believes that states should be allowed to vote of the Confederate flag issue, it isn't technically "his heritage" either. His ancestors didn't settle here three or four hundred years ago or fight in the Confederacy. He was born to Indian immigrants (I don't hold that against him personally). It would be like me moving to Japan, gaining citizenship and then taking credit for past historical achievements of a nation which my ancestors played no part in.

One also must wonder if this is just a ploy to try to pander to white Southern votes just so they won't ditch the GOP?

07/09/2015 13:06

I don't pretend to know what Mr. Jindal's motives are in standing up for the Confederate flag, but whatever they may be, he is the first Southern governor so far that hasn't been tripping over the other governors to make sure the flag was taken down or ridiculed as a symbol of "racism."

Kevin Carroll
07/15/2015 01:11

your absolutely correct in your assessment my brothers, the point is that he didn't back off probably cuz his kin aint like the rest of us brothers- even those nee din some virtue. Well I am just having fun am warning about what is coming to those who have the chance to know.


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