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Dear fellow Confederates- trying to put things into perspective?

The object behind their curtain is actually not a shiny ball but a very big dot!

Besides the usual removal talk of the Confederate battle flag from Charleston, over nothing it caused, the Republicans have been demanding FEDERAL law overrule the local and State laws. Those allow these illegal aliens to occupy in their sanctuary of domicile and convenience. The issue is not immigration, it is rule of law, who has it, and how is it adjudicated. States like California do not care about borders as other States do. So we allow people that think like that to rule those that do not. The rule of law was once respected before politicians and lobbyists took control after the 17th amendment. Then the remaining sovereignty of States issue was wiped out a week ago by SCOTUS. They decided the meaning of the word State. The States are 1 and in Washington politics the State is DC.  So now I have to worry about what happens in California just like North Carolina? I don’t think so. That is the argument!

Here we will expose the Republican hypocrisies as they maneuver for support, by laying low until they say so, but while doing so shine through as to where is the puppet handler that holds that shiny ball. That may sound like double speak, but it is Confederate speak for saying we see right through their charade and games.

 Then those same Republicans see no difference in that issue, besides what Trump said, because the name of the game to them is make money in a campaign, play the game and don’t upset any Democrats in the process. And whatever you do, don’t upset the Mexicans or any Hispanic as that would set off the Marxist one worlders. They (Republicans) see control and sovereignty in Washington just like Democrats do, but if they allowed States to work together and seal that border it would be done in two weeks. Bureaucrats are big fund raisers too and money talks and politicians are buyers of political correctness which enriches.

Why do Republicans throw the Confederate battle flag under the bus to stay in league with democrats and the brainless society?

And then further this action by distancing themselves from a hard border policy? They all dump on Trump just like they dump on the flag to avoid blame.

I say the issue- or shiny ball- is why are those republicans always so spineless and cowardly when anyone asks them a hard question? Are they not being controlled by the same puppet master as the Democrats? Who could that be? We know and your about to find out.

And Then why do they convince Confederate minded Americans to vote for them and against DemonCrats when they both wish to abolish all things Confederate?


When Democratic socialists (who rule the government) scream to use Federal Laws to “trump” their own State Laws  on every issue until it suits them to use State Law to trump the Federal one regarding immigration,  then it is easy to see the dichotomy and blatant hypocrisy of those people too, just like Republicans. Then when an illegal causes crime and they give him a free pass in California they push the subject back to gun control (another shiny object -almost shinier than a Confederate flag) hoping they can continue to master the American narrative. This they skillfully do via public education and the media, so then you really have the essence for a perfect storm…. don’t you?

I have no desire to have anything to do with California, but if they want to destroy their State, sobeit, leave us in the Confederate States alone. We will not make it easy for illegal immigrants to break laws and gain status and if those people can do better in California they can go there. It has nothing to do with Republicans screaming for Federal Law. It has everything to do with properly executed law that either exists or should exist at any State level. Republicans always find a way to blame someone else for their mess, been doing it to the Confederacy since 1861. They tell me “Hey Kev, it is the lesser of two evils”. I’m not playing that game anymore.

Then there is a rumor that 48 people were shot in Chicago because they have guns that came from the South. Always the whipping  boy, always the goat. God said it wasn’t going to be easy, but it never stops because we never get together to stop it.

When is it that some will snap out of it and dump the Republicans? So what if the Democrats win? Sometimes you have to purge the entire cabal and if it means you get Hillary or Bernie then sobeit to that too. The only way for Confederate principles to reign is if we entirely boycott these sham elections. They threw us under the bus big time, so pay back is a bitch.  Do you want to negotiate Mr. Republican? Ok let’s start with getting our country back, how’s those bananas,  ha, negotiate.

Look at Greece? That is another interesting story and where you will finally find the puppet master hiding.  Here is an uber Liberal society who has more balls to stand up to the IMF and the OWG (there you go) than anyone in America. Why shouldn’t they try to break off the tit of Europe and grow that economy without the help of outsiders? That is a pristine set of islands and countryside with rich history, if they couldn’t fix that, send me over there as it isn’t rocket science. Break off with the Liberalism social welfare state, take on a little work ethic and make a county bloom. Tell Europe to screw the pooch. Sell your debt to Putin and that will really put those aristocrats at the IMF in a pickle boy! One day that debacle is coming here folks and guess what, when it does we won’t have the stones to face down the IMF, and to tell them to f-o, and we will surrender whatever last shreds of sovereignty we got left.

And so we have these politicians that conservative people can pick from. Jeb the conqueror who has waited for his turn and will triple down on the disaster of his family legacy, Trump bomb-hurling pompous one, Rubio who was Jeb’s lapdog in Tallahassee he is waiting in line for next cycle, Christy the Tony Soprano wannabe thug, Rand Paul who threw flag under the bus and may have been  our last great chance but is nothing like his Dad, then we have Carli, the I love Islam, Fiorina, and Lindsey the scalawag Yankee loving Graham and don’t forget about Rick Santorum who said States rights were over-rated. There are many more but you get my point. This is your choice!

The real shiny DOT to this Confederate is that these parties are two wings of the same bird!  Tweet Tweet….Tweet that.

Deo Vindice!

1776……. 13 slave States separated from a tyrant,

1861……. 13 slave States separated from a tyrant.

One flag got blamed.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Republican.

Kevin Carroll, VP Confederate Society



Anglican Jay
07/07/2015 10:38

All the more reason for the South to separate again. Free Southern states would be allowed to control their own borders and decide who may or may not come in if they chose. We could set up our own immigration policies without having the fed-enforced Voting Rights Act stopping us from doing so.

In regards to immigration, I think that we should stop immigration altogether (whether legal or illegal) so that our regional historical populations don't become minorities because of a rising tide of Third World colonization.

Jeff Paulk
07/13/2015 11:18

Anti-Confederates – The New Age Nazis

During the reign of Adolf Hitler, the free world was appalled at the Nazi regime’s attempt at the genocide of an entire group of people, their history, symbols, everything. Most today, even the leftist liberals, would agree that this was an inexcusable atrocity which should never be allowed to be repeated. But it IS being repeated. No, we don’t have the concentration camps and death squads – yet. We do have a Marxist government and a group of people, some of whom fought for “civil rights” 50 years ago, working in a feverish frenzy to completely annihilate anything, and everything, Southern, Confederate, or Christian because they are “offended” by the supposed meaning it represents. Their being “offended” is based on irrefutable lies which have been taught as truth to many generations of Americans. Nothing Confederate ever has or ever will represent slavery, hate, or racism. This government, and its lemmings, cannot stand to permit anything to exist which represents what the Confederacy actually stood for; defiance in the face of tyranny, self reliance, individual liberty, abiding by the Constitution of our Founders, living by Christian principles, and a limited government. Slavery? There is plenty of proof that the Confederacy was not fighting to save slavery, nor was the north fighting to end it. Just read the Corwin Amendment, passed by the 36th Congress on March 2, 1861, and the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution, passed by the 37th United States Congress on July 25, 1861.

Many of those claiming to be “offended” love to compare our Confederate symbols to the Nazi swastika. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all honesty, the U.S. flag much more represents the emblems of the Nazis than does anything Confederate. Numerous atrocities have been committed under that flag. The New England slave trade flew that flag on their ships while transporting their cargoes of human flesh to America. Under that flag, tens of thousands of innocent Southern civilians were raped, murdered, and burned out of their homes. Some were even kidnapped and sent north to work as slaves in factories. (Research the atrocities of New Manchester, GA). American Indians were butchered, raped, and run off their lands under this flag. And these people actually have the gall to call OUR symbols Nazi symbols? In their attack upon our heritage, “those people”, as General Robert E. Lee called them, have opened up a Pandora’s Box leading to their own demise. “Those people”, who supposedly represent the “tolerant” segment of society are actually anything but tolerant. Besides being historically ignorant of our true history, their view of “tolerance” is a one way street. We must be tolerant of all the slander, lies, and immorality they spew out, but they don’t have to be tolerant of anything relating to Southern heritage or Christian values. Yep, sounds like Nazis to me. “Those people” have no idea that while placing the noose around our necks that they are placing it around their own necks as well. The attacks upon Southern heritage and history will not stop with Confederate symbols and monuments. It will continue to pick up momentum until all things American are eliminated from sight. With all the influx of illegal aliens polluting our society, who doesn’t think that this evil, Marxist government will not listen to their cries of “Oh, the U.S. flag offends me; your monuments to American heroes offend me; your history offends me”?
Yes, the New Age Nazis are in full force, trampling upon our civil rights, heritage, and history, and we have turncoat, Scalawag governors who have jumped on the Cultural Genocide Bandwagon and can’t rid the earth fast enough of anything Confederate, Southern, or Christian.
Hosea 4:6 says, “My people destroy themselves for lack of knowledge”.
May God help us.


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