Confederate Society
By: James W. King
Camp Commander, Albany Georgia
Sons of Confederate Veterans

  The Confederate States of America (CSA) and the Confederate Battle Flag are symbols of resistance to the tyranny and despotism of an overreaching, socialistic, highly centralized and authoritarian dictatorial government; so it’s no wonder the elite power brokers want it erased from memory. While it was waved by racists during the Civil Rights movement, so was the American flag in at least equal numbers. In fact, the American flag flew over a “racist  America ” far longer than the Confederacy stood as a nation. These facts demonstrate the abject hypocrisy and vapid thought processes of the elites, the race hucksters and their propaganda machine.

    The culture war on the South is ongoing and at the highest level the Socialist-Communist Left (aka Democratic Party) and One World Government (New World Order) proponents are leading the attack. Americans who condemn, berate, disparage, and demand the Confederate flag and CSA monuments removed are acting as "Useful Idiots" as defined by Communist Vladimir Lenin years ago. Socialism and Communism are operating under the cloak and guise of "Humanitarianism" and those Americans that have been deceived are many. Black Americans were especially targeted for indoctrination and the efforts have been highly successful. Polls indicate that about 80% oppose the CSA flag and other CSA memorials. Racism is a Communist word coined in the 1930 era as part of the "divide and conquer" plan to take control of America by pitting white and black Americans against each other. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and others were trained at the Communist Highlander school at Monteagle Tennessee. 

    It is very important that we know and understand who America's enemy are and what the enemies goal for America is. The two primary goals are to establish totalitarian Socialism and Secular Humanism (the belief that there is no God and that man, science, and government can solve all problems).  To accomplish these goals America's Constitution and Bill of Rights are being violated and knowingly misrepresented and shredded by activist Supreme Court judges. Calling the Constitution a "Living Document" is a scheme developed by these liberals that allows them to interpret it as they choose rather than as America's founding fathers (who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia) intended.

   Over the last month following the tragic shooting in a South Carolina church by a mentally deranged and probably drug influenced 21 year old white male who had been photographed with a CSA flag, the liberal Left has made unwarranted and unethical attacks against everything associated with the CSA. The mayor of Memphis Tennessee and the city council voted to remove the grave and statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The fact that Forrest was an early civil rights advocate for blacks is ignored. In 1875 he gave a speech for the "Pole Bearers" a forerunner of the NAACP promoting black Civil Rights. Numerous weak kneed and emasculated Republican politicians who are historically ignorant and either do not understand or care that the Confederate flag represents the same values as the original Betsy Ross U.S. flag have joined with the Socialist-Communist Left in denouncing and removing the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag represents limited constitutional federal government, states rights, resistance to tyranny, and christian values and principles.

  James Webb who was Secretary of the Navy under president Ronald Reagan and later a Democratic Senator from Virginia is quoted as saying  "to tar the sacrifices of the Confederate soldier as acts of racism is one of the great blasphemies of the modern era". 

   In the late 1980's the NAACP was experiencing great reductions in membership numbers so they began a crusade against everything Confederate instead of addressing crime, school dropout, unwed mothers, and teen pregnancy.  The "Culture War" against the Conservative and Christian South began about 1830 by the Socialist North and has continued unabated to this day.  What we are witnessing today is an all out attack on Western Culture and Civilization and a movement toward a totalitarian Socialist "One World Government". Historically ignorant indoctrinated Americans acting as Vladimir Lenin's "useful idiots" as serving as a vanguard for the attacks. For over 50 years the liberal left has talked multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, and freedom of speech but they obviously don't include Confederate Americans. Political correctness does not allow it.

From Craig Maus in response to Mr. King-
Thank you for sending your article to me James-

You ‘echo’ Sir that which The Confederate Society has said would come for over 2-Decades should the efforts of those in Washington remain on-going & successful.  

Sadly, the resulting ‘Discriminatory & Divisive Political Policies’ of those in Washington are but the Tactical Applications associated with an odious Ideology that has long been in play for over 150 years.

An Ideology that continues to gain in Size & Power thanks in large part to the manufactured dumbing down of each Generation via a controlled EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT resulting in the most prolific example associated with the- ‘Ask Me NO Questions and I’ll Tell Ye NO Lies’ axiom associated with the human condition.

By NOT taking the action we and others suggested long ago, an Enormous Price is NOW being extracted from ALL.

This is what is to be expected when the Illusion of ‘Fairness’ under the guise & Doctrine of ‘Social-Humanitarianism’  percolates & permeates from the same Political Ideology whose extract is every bit the same political poison that was once known & totally forbade within the original American Republic.

The result- Cultural Obliteration brought about by the obscurity known as ‘Political Correctness’ leaving this Country & any responsible for the fabric of its creation Defenseless!

By any other description-Genocide via a Tactical Application known as Neutralization.

This is how Many Countries throughout World History have fallen, becoming Victims within a self-created parody emanating from Political deception. Washington brought this about & referred to their skullduggery as……

“The Acts of RECONSTRUCTION” and have been using them ever since 1868.

Nothing less than an All-Out counter-offensive will serve as the preventative measure needed to lessen, and hopefully, prevent the  further Political Usurpation, Eradication & Exploitation now being waged upon Each & Every One of us NO matter ones colour or gender.

Adding to this onslaught, as our Confederate Society has noted, has been Washington’s Leftist Lackey Lieutenants within each of their Special Interest organizations who simply advance their Political Poison realizing ‘special gains’ in return for their capitulation.

America’s  RECONSTRUCTION began long ago. It has remained a ‘Political Genetic’ employed by BOTH Parties that are entirely beyond anything resembling ‘Representative’.

      Both have been engaged, clearly, in America’s Transformation.

      Anyone still believing or thinking otherwise is already a statistical Casualty but are Not yet aware of it.

Refusing or deciding to ignore America’s plight remains tantamount to writing one’s own epitaph.

There is NO ‘cavalry’ or ‘Santa Claus’ coming to save the day.

If you want to STOP this madness, then YOU will have to do it along with those who not long ago were thought of us as being ‘nuts’ for simply understanding & predicting the entirety of what was to come and befell us all.

It is now before everyone!

OUR History included men & women who understood these simple political parameters who combined that sense of awareness with a STEEL RESOLVE that few, if any, ever dared to cross.

It was a Sacred Bridge…..but look at how things have changed via Reconstruction?

What we are witnessing today is the RESULTANT Genocide of a Country that has been materially RECONSTRUCTED because of a concocted War created by Political Usurpers.

 The accompanying Eugenics and what those policies have done relative to what Those People did, have had the predictable results our Confederate Society claimed they would.

One did not have to possess a crystal ball to see the future but simply possess the same STEEL RESOLVE once common place & associated with our ancestors.

Our Confederacy possessed this quality & UNDERSTOOD these ‘parameters’ only too well.

We may have passed the ‘Point of No-Return’ but I remain hopeful that ‘things’ are still ‘salvageable’……..but Time is fleeting and It waits for NO Man!

ALL this and more should have been seen for what it was worth when the naacp, one of Washington’s many Special Interest Lackey’s,  fired the ‘first shots’ in 1991 with their ‘Resolution’ against ALL THINGS SOUTHERN and MOST Particularly Confederate.

That was when many a ‘Bell’ should have sounded throughout this Country, particularly HERE IN DIXIE!

Those People, like their White counter-parts, are but an extension of an Ideology created from a ruthless War that was designed to re-create the purpose of the Original Republic whose original government was a LIMITED Federal Republic & at their Greater Expense of one & all alike NO matter your color or gender….and always using  ‘Fairness & Humanitarianism’ to hold the upper hand allowing for Deception to perpetuate.

Those People have ‘ridden this pony’ to their un-ending delight.

Thus, We have ALL become Statistical Casualties resulting from Those Peoples’ Socialized endeavors.

 They are the equivalent of Political PLANNED ‘PARENTHOOD’.
Race has become their ‘unfiltered’ dynamic allowing for this American Tragedy to go unfettered without a single voice ever being raised for fear of becoming the ultimate social pariah- a ‘Racist’!

The naacp used this methodology in the South and upon our Confederacy to re-charge their waning batteries in 1991 as any and all human civil rights actions had been heretofore dealt with in their entirety…… but a New & Improved Dynamic was necessary in order to maintain their realized Power Crystal and it was more than clear as to what was COMING.

AMERICA has since been running away from itself using every excuse in the book to avoid the unpleasantness associated with the definition of character, resolve & Involvement!

This Black Lives Matter Movement is simply another example, extension & outgrowth similar to that of the naacp’s in 1991 thanks to an Altered dynamic that serves the few at the greater expense of the majority.

It is nothing more than a Political Cloaking Device that subordinates the cardinal Truth that was once intrinsic to the general welfare of the greater WHOLE!

Illegal Immigration is akin to this narrative as we are NO LONGER A NATION OF LAWS but a NATION OF EXCUSES maintaining positions based upon perceived Dynamics associated with ‘FAIRNESS’….the ultimate precursor to the obliteration of the Declaration and Constitution that spoke of LAW and NOT a manipulated SOCIAL FRANCHISE associated with Political Fairness whose ‘CORRECTNESS’ is destroying us ALL!

In 1991 James we approached the SCV Hierarchy.

We told them to use their CASH CANNONS & turn them around & point them in the direction of an enemy that was clearly targeting & descending on us here in Dixie.

We shouldn’t have had to explain to them WHY as the WHY was clearly apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

*We were told to go and whistle ‘DIXIE’!

ALL organizations have their Fat-Cats who simply want to ingratiate themselves at another’s expense.
 And they are NO different James.

The South once despised a Scalawag MORE than the Yankee.

The South knew the difference and I’d like to think we still do.

 * The time is long overdue James when the Good Southerner’s and Good Northerner’s SEPARATE themselves from these Pretenders in Charge and say NO MORE EVERMORE.

We MUST close ranks before our time runs out James.

Once again I would respectfully suggest a Confederate Alliance be established CONSISTING of all like-minded men & women across this country who can still understand & distinguish the Smell of Stench and what it portends from the reality at hand and come together as Brothers & Sisters before it is too late.

The Camps MUST rebel and use the money they freely give to the Fat Cats who have sold them out and turn their Cash Cannons around and point them in the direction of the enemy that is advancing and burning our cities in the name of excuses associated with a Political Dementia brought about by an Ideology whose liquidation of mankind has been seen the world over time and again….. an IDEOLOGY once known to these former Sovereign States of this Original Republic’s Confederation.

Deo Vindice!

Separation NOW less Certain Holocaust Tomorrow!


Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America



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