Confederate Society
 By Joan Hough

I encourage you to share this commentary with others. Knowledge is power. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is more likely to be destructive.  (Note:  The REAL definition of ignorance is:  “UNINFORMED.")

 Folks who are offended when they are declared ignorant— might wish to look up the definition before attacking the informer. They will learn that “Ignorant” does not actually mean “stupid." Anyone can be ignorant—even the brightest among us. Of course the stupid can also be ignorant. Ignorance does not discriminate between rapid and slow learners. It may be true, however, that the brightest of us are often more apt at recognizing our ignorance and making an effort to do something about it.

Political Correctness is a method of degrading freedom of speech; it is a sneaky, merging on direct, attack on the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.  Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. Begun at the University of Wisconsin, P.C. was first used to prevent people from recognizing the differences that exist in nationality, beliefs, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Political Correctness  has resulted in all sorts of bizarre attacks on written and spoken language. “Chairman” became an outmoded word—no longer to be assigned as a title for a female “chairperson.”  The use of neutral pronouns such as “his” and “him” in formal written language was denounced and she, her, and them were declared proper substitutes.

This strange feminist movement resulted in the reported recent decision of at least one set of parents to allow their toddler to choose his or her sexual identity. The boy child is now reportedly choosing to wear dresses, to be reared as a girl, and to go to the girls’ bathroom at school. ( One must wonder as to the role persuasion and conditioning play in the child’s home environment.)

Political Correctness in Science places enormous restrictions and pressures on any scientist who disagrees with the beliefs of the majority on evolution, relativity, global warming, cancer cures, etc.

Political correctness or P.C. also means the alteration of one's choice of words in order to avoid either offending a group of people or reinforcing a stereotype considered to be disadvantageous to the group. More specifically, groups which (or whose putative leaders or other activists) claim some status as systemically oppressed or discriminated against will periodically attempt to change the terms by which they are referred to and demand that society as a whole change its usage of words as well.

George Orwell in his Nineteen Eighty Four  defined “political correctness” as a means of limiting thought by controlling language.  In the 1980s here appeared throughout America a movement in which people declared that legally acceptable words, expressions, and selected ideas should be made illegal—that people who used them should be punished. This came to be.  In communities and in the nation today words, expressions, actions, and ideas have been declared politically incorrect; people guilty of using them, are found guilty of  breaking written or unwritten laws and are legally punished by government or punished by the tyranny of the community.  For example, just a few years back in Houston, a very young, elementary school girl was suspended from school because while jumping rope or something, she responded “Oh, that is so gay!” to something said by another child.

Political restrictions on language have been placed by various groups (mobs) of people for the purpose of restricting ideas they do not wish expressed and for silencing opposition they do not wish to develop.

For our own protection we should all learn just what the term “Political Correctness” encompasses. It is a direct offshoot of CULTURAL MARXISM.  Because Confederate descendants, although numbering in the millions, have no organization such as the NAACP or the AntiPoverty group—and no enormous and powerful lobby organization like the Jewish and Labor ones, Confederates are ordinarily ignored or treated with scorn by government officials.  Even the people who have much to write about political correctness have little to say about the multitude of ways it affects Historians and schools and people who would spread long hidden historical truths about the South and Mr. Lincoln and his Republican control U.S. government.

In this brief discussion of political correctness, you are apt to read more about political correctness as it affects our South, than you are likely to have read before.

Political Correctness is most dangerous to Southerners when we only consider its form of “”Don’t say this and do say that!” or “Don’t write this and don’t write that.” or “Don’t read this and do read that.” We are believing the politically correct when we believe that all the so-called new historians who are telling secrets about the north’s treatment of the South are “revisionists,” simply writing history as they wish it and not as it actually occurred. The truth, of course, is precisely the opposite.  It is the “OLD, traditionalist historians” who sell the “revised” history—lies devised by the winners are not true history. Those who perpetuate those lies are perpetuating “victor revised history.”

We are proponents of Political Correctness:

•           If we continue to accept and verbally promote historical lies because, in our ignorance, we are unaware they ARE lies.

•           If we buy the lies extolling the goodness and humaneness of the originators of the Republican Party—and believe the Party’s own propaganda that it was organized by noble men interested only in abolishing slavery,

•           If we refuse to acknowledge the truth—that originators of the Republican Party had every intention of altering the U.S. government from a Republic into a new world order of global government called a Democracy, while it functioned as an oligarchy controlled Empire,

•           If we act, or write, or speak in a manner designed to cater to the ignorance of northerners and that of fellow Southerners,

•           If we choose to remain ignorant concerning the real purpose Alvin E. Bovay had in joining with Horace Greeley to create the Republican Party.

•            If we avoid Confederate topics the powers” have decided are too ugly to be mentioned—might make “ladies” cry, might offend northerners, might incense Republicans, or might make an ethnic someone feel “uncomfortable.”

•            If, as Southerners, we avoid telling the real truth about Abe Lincoln and his Radical Republican Marxists,

•            If we avoid telling the real historical truths about what the United States government did in the South during the “Uncivil” War and during that Republican Radical Marxists designed period of Reconstruction,

•            If we avoid learning and telling the real reasons the South was invaded,

•            If we accept and spread the brainwashed into us lies and deny that the original purpose of the Republican Party was to continue the failed European Socialist War, to begin making Marxism an American reality, by redistributing Southerners’ wealth of land, forests, and money,

•           If we remain ignorant of the role 1848er Marxists played in the origin of and formation of the Republican Party,

•             If we denigrate efforts to distribute Confederate truth and attempt in any manner to halt such distribution,

•           If we condemn the actions of people when they expose Political Correctness,

•           If we know not and know not that we know not—and refuse to listen to the truth about political correctness,

IT CANNOT BE DENIED, We are PROPONENTS/supporters aiders/co-conspirators, and abettors OF Political Correctness.

For Confederates faithful to the Cause, there is no such thing as “not enough Political Correctness.” Any amount of Political Correctness is TOO MUCH!  For many of us, our pro Politically Correct actions are born out of ignorance; for some of us, our actions are the result of brainwashing. Whatever the causation, the political correctness of our speech and our writings and our condemnations of those who challenge political correctness are merely tips of the political correctness iceberg. The humongous iceberg of  now Politically Correct beliefs was first formed and placed into writing in 1848. It was dealt with in a formal fashion in Germany in 1923. Those of us who have studied the subject are aware that the later gathering did not actually “originate” Political Correctness—just re-named the process involved in that portion of  what later became known as a tentacle of “brainwashing.”  The Communist Manifesto had already set into motion a long list of actions, words, and purposes that were to be considered as politically correct by Communists/Socialists/ and elitists Republicans in the 1800s.

Molding of opinions in our America today begins with a child’s enrollment in first grade or kindergarten and with his viewing of many of the “ kiddy shows” on television.  His conditioning continues on throughout his classroom days. Reinforcement to that conditioning is given by previously conditioned parents and other adults.

 “Reconstruction” was a dozen or so year period following the War during which  Republican Radical Socialist/Communists took total possession of Southerners.  They stole Southerners’ lands, trees, farms, plantations, money, books, pictures, pianos, etc., etc., etc.--everything that the soldiers had failed to steal during their invasions. This grand form of theft was made possible because the Republicans placed the South under military law.  Five U.S. Army generals served the Republican-controlled U.S. government as dictators.  Each, a virtual king in his district. (General Sheridan who burned the entire Shenandoah Valley region, was the almighty Lord of Louisiana and Texas.)

 Reconstruction was designed to remold and remake--to reconstruct the minds of all Southerners. The idea was  that Southerner “Bible Thumpers”  were all to made into wonderful replicates of the noble New England Republicans.  One of the “remaking” processes involved the replacement of all Southern teachers with good northern Republican teachers. The South was filled with these during Reconstruction.  Southern school books were replaced with Republican approved, Republican published texts.  Southern schools, community or church sponsored,  had their teachers and their textbooks replaced.  U.S. schools for former slaves were opened throughout the South. Southern white children, digging, picking turnip greens or harnessed to plows (because all their mules and horses had been killed or stolen by Yankees) watched black children skip merrily off to free schools and books paid for with stolen Southern silver. 

Among the many brainwashing techniques used on adult Southerners was the Iron Clad Oath –which most had to be taken if they were to eat. For many Southerners, attempting to earn a living for their families, political correctness became a survival requirement, a pre-requisite for obtaining work—for any kind of paying job. They were virtually white slaves to the U.S. General in their district, and to the US government. Confederate officers were forced to rely on their bartering skills, or to pluck a living from their gardens—selling, as did one General, vegetables on a street corner.

 Governmental brainwashing has continued down through the ages. Should you doubt this, ponder this question— how many of us throughout our 11 or 12 years of public education, routinely, heard the secession of the South defended during the vast multitude of hours we served as a captive audience of governmental teachings? Children today are in school around 900 to 1,000 or so instructional hours each year—in how many of these hours do they hear the truth about our South?

  With scheduled time to be spent today on sex lessons (kindergarten kids to be introduced to the joys of masturbation) as demanded by the United Nations and its supporters, and the U.N.’s advocated New World Order take over of private education, how much time will be given truth telling in any subject?

For a ten year period before and during the War for Southern Liberty, Political Correctness tenets in the words of Karl Marx were successfully promoted  by the United States’ most widely circulated newspaper, The New York Tribune.  The Tribune was, owned and edited by Socialist Horace Greeley, the founder of numerous communes throughout the Northeast.  At the urging of Charles Dana, managing editor, Greeley hired Karl Marx and Marx wrote (even editorials) for the Tribune for ten years.

 Furtherance of the Marxist beliefs was also skillfully accomplished through the publication of thousands of pages of anti-South propaganda by the U.S. Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, and Marx’s close friend, the Assistant Secretary of War, Charles Dana. Northerners were given some very large doses of political correct materials.

The following information, all presented in a verbatim quote, informs us as to what Political Correctness encapsulates. After reading it, the horrific influence political correctness has on American lives should be clearly understood,. 

The bastion of Totalitarian Collectivism [TC] is based upon a culture of political correctness. Before authoritarians impose their rigid formulas for shaping and defining a false reality, the ground needs to be prepared for molding public opinion.  The details and narrative of mind control works best when people have already adopted an urbanity of collective singularity. The nature of “TC” is the next level beyond political correctness. 

A glaring example of the beginnings of an upside down world is outlined in Political correctness has replaced British Politics! It is noteworthy that the two primary totalitarian European regimes of the twentieth century were engaged in their own versions of ideology dogma.

So how did it all start? Political Correctness started in a think tank (called The Frankfurt School) in Germany in 1923. The purpose was to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia. Why wasn't the wonderful idea of communism spreading?

The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):

•             the creation of racism offences

•             continual change to create confusion

•             the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

•             the undermining of schools and teachers' authority

•             huge immigration to destroy national identity

•             the promotion of excessive drinking

•             emptying the churches

•             an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime

•             dependency on the state or state benefits

•             control and dumbing down of media

•             encouraging the breakdown of the family"''"

It was no coincidence that the same themes of cultural destruction affect the British Empire after the “so called” victory over fascism. The cultural Marxism that emerged in the post war era has an undisputed record of causing the decline and destruction of Western Civilization.

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