Confederate Society
By: Craig Maus

  Lou Dobbs of Fox News recently referred to the RepubliCON Establishment, the DemonCRAP Party and the Liberal News Media of this country as the “UN-HOLY ALLIANCE.”

Mr. Dobbs is one of the FEW remaining Journalists who reports the news fairly & with an Eloquence that has become, unfortunately, passé.

His command of the English language is unique in this day & age in which other newscasters, so-called, merely parrot the Political Narrative of their ‘station mastas’ crying FOUL when ANYONE attempts honest dialogue.

The double-standard has been with us for decades but is only resonating and being realized NOW because it is no longer possible to IGNORE the actions of the ‘Corporation’, better known as the U.S. government, along with their bought & paid for Media Propaganda Ministries who have combined to unleash upon us a treachery of deceit that has made of them and this government anything but ‘Representative’ OR LIMITED!

Thus a litany of Lies and Deceit has CONTINUED to descend upon an un-suspecting country with each new generation, as mentioned numerous times before, becoming more distanced from the one prior with REALITY becoming the biggest casualty!

The RepubliCON establishment and their DemonCRAP PARTNERS across their ‘aisles’ have played the PRETEND GAME MASTERFULLY and at our expense!

Their combined actions, thus, have remained cloaked and near invisible thanks to a capitulating Media that has acted as their accomplices and collaborators in cloaking their many nefarious actions.


Each of these entities, the UN-HOLY ALLIANCE, represents those ‘Dots We Confederates have been asking YOU to Connect’.

Our Confederate Society has labored long & hard for over 23 years Comparing and Contrasting America past with America present while presenting y’all with Historical Information as NO other that supports our claims.

The UN-HOLY ALLIANCES’ attack on Trump (NO matter what you may think of him) is PROOF-POSITIVE of the INTIMACY between them all and the extent to which Those People will go when their

Mecca of Mediocrity is threatened with TRUTH!

They circle THEIR WAGONS as ONE and EACH & EVERY ONE OF THEIR SO-CALLED RESPECTIVE CANDIDATES UNITE in an attempt to OBLITERATE ANYONE or ANY THING should their Fiefdom become circumspect.

This is the manner in which Those People have been operating for over 150 years and now that the CALAMITY resulting from their Political Paradigm, more commonly known as Political Correctness, that has served them so well during their final RECONSTRUCTIVE LEG (Cultural), has come back to bite them BIG TIME, they are reacting every bit the same as a spoiled child who has finally been caught with their hands clearly in the

Peoples’ Cookie Jar!

What Trump has suggested is NOT an attack on another’s religion- it is simply the Pragmatic thing to do!

And by the way, has been done by other president’s  at various times in America’s forgotten & re-written HISTORY.

The UN-HOLY ALLIANCE Folks is Desperate!

It couldn’t be any more obvious!

But this, again, is what has been going on for decades and now that the Reality of their failed Marxist agenda is unraveling for ALL TO SEE, they are ALL clearly exposing themselves for what they are & have been because of TRUMP!
You see, they have been in control of us for so long they thought it impossible for someone like a TRUMP, an OUTSIDER, to ever again come along and expose them for the ruthless SOB’s they are & for exposing & threatening the Fiefdom of the Kingdom they created & have enjoyed for themselves beginning in 1865.

For folks such as We Confederates, it comes as NO SURPRISE because we have been telling Y’all so for over 150 years just as we have been telling you that……..


Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America



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