Confederate Society
by Al Benson Jr.

We have arrived at that time of year where the “historians” never hesitate to tell us about Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, and the distinct impression given in most articles and history books is the Lee’s surrender was automatically the end of the War. If not stated directly, it is implied that when Lee surrendered the South surrendered. Not quite so. All that Lee surrendered was the Army of Northern Virginia, nothing else. As commander of all the Confederate armies at that time, he could have surrendered them all. He didn’t. Joe Johnston surrendered his army in North Carolina at the end of April and other Confederate generals surrendered as May and June dragged on. Some, like Jo Shelby, refused to surrender.  They buried their battle flags in the Rio Grande and crossed over into Mexico. Others just walked away. I have been told though I can’t verify it, that Cherokee General Stand Watie did not technically surrender. Rather he signed a “cessation of hostilities” agreement and his men went home with their weapons. A more informed historian than me might know more about that.

However all that may be, the Confederate Government never did surrender. President Davis and his cabinet fled with the intent of working their way west to continue the struggle against Yankee/Marxism. Most of them were captured. A couple got away. But, for all that, the  Confederate Government never officially surrendered. And maybe that was a good thing–because no matter what they ever might have said on paper, the Yankee/Marxist Regime in Washington never stopped fighting the War. With the shooting over, though, they had to change their tactics.

The military historian Carl von Clausewitz once noted that: “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” In other words it’s all political (and theological) whether they fight or negotiate. You might also look at the reverse of von Clausewitz’s statement and note that “peace” is also the continuation of politics “by other means”–depending on how you define “peace.” If you define it the way the Yankee/Marxist does then it’s really not peace, but that term is used to define it so most people won’t realize that the federal government is still at war with them, even though they’ve been told that a “state of peace” now exists. In other words, “peace is war–by other means.” To the Yankee/Marxist it cannot be otherwise, for he is at war with you until he crushes you and only then will you have “peace” with him, and for you, that’s usually the peace of the grave!

So it was in the late 1860s via “reconstruction” and  when the Yankee troops left the South twelve years later after the War ended,  that closed phase one of “reconstruction” and paved the way for phase two. The effects of phase one, however, lingered on in the South, due to the implementation of the public school system and the forced use of Yankee/Marxist “history” books. The residual effect of those was intended to carry over until phase two could be implemented. Phase two of “reconstruction”  was implemented with the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and that continues on until this day. “Civil rights” have now been expanded to include sodomite rights, transgender rights, lesbian rights, illegal immigration and Muslim terrorist rights, including the right to vote and get all the freebies that most hard-working Americans end up paying for and are denied.

So, looking at how our Ruling Establishment operates, I have to contend that the “peace” we are now suffering under is really nothing more than the continuation of the War of Northern Aggression “by other means.”

The first phase of “reconstruction” was not quite able to destroy Southern culture and faith. That’s not to say they didn’t mightily try, but they couldn’t quite bring it all off–and Confederate flags and monuments all over the South attested to that. The flags and monuments were, in a sense, the Southerners’ way of saying “You tried to kill to kill us culturally (and theologically) but you didn’t quite make it.” But not to worry–the Yankee/Marxists plan to atone for their shortsightedness this time around. This time they will make sure they grind both us and our culture into the ground so they can stand with their jackboot on our necks while we cry out “Uncle Sam” or how about “He loved Big Brother.” It’s all the same.

If you don’t think this is what they have planned for us then you have totally misunderstood the Yankee/Marxist worldview. This is exactly their agenda for us, and good Southern folks had better wake up to that fact. The Yankee/Marxist only understands one thing–resistance! You can’t dialogue with him; you can’t negotiate with him, you can’t “be nice” to him. He takes all that as a sign of weakness and plows ahead even more ruthlessly. You have to resist him. You have to continue to resist him. The Bible says “Resist the devil and he will flee.” Same principle–same adversary. Unless we are prepared to do that and to teach our children to do that, we will lose. It’s as simple as that, and we had better wake up and realize it!



04/17/2016 22:53

Mr. Benson has a very good article, which recognizes the devious but open plan to bury our Southern cultural existence and wipe it from memory. It is not only the "the Yankee/Marxists plan to atone for their shortsightedness this time around.", but the plans by those of similar category who have come to populate powerful positions within the South, and who are now proposing exactly that agenda. There is a real need for Southerners to become aware not only about the plans against rightful heritage, but about those who are most intent upon implementing them.

Southern Jewish Life Magazine

Madeline Iles will speak about changing the Historic Natchez Tableaux (seen here in a 2007 file photo) last year, to no longer romanticize the pre-Civil War South, and to include black perspectives on slavery.

Each year individuals are recognized for their selfless contributions to the civil rights movement in Mississippi and beyond. Two years ago, the award and lecture series was expanded to honor more contemporary work around civil and social justice issues."

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Richard Borris
05/12/2016 21:43

I know that there was a battle in Palmetto Ranch, TX in May of 1865, and from what I understand it was one of the last Confederate battles won by the South.


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