Confederate Society
 By: Craig Maus, President of the Confederate Society of America

 Many today are scratching their heads wondering & asking just what in the hell has happened to America?

Well, in a nutshell, ALL the Political Correctness that YOU were being subjected to beginning in the 1960’s & escalating like the cancer it always was, disguised & initially SOLD YOU in the form of many necessary ‘Appeasements’,  enabled the ENABLERS to re-write & re-purpose America to their collective satisfaction.

Thus ALL their programs, etc. that followed & the SPAWN created & raised from them, has been turned on You much like the captured cannon that was ONCE in YOUR possession wherein the people who made it so, now have ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY of the ‘Similar Fairness’ derivatives they used to Disenfranchise YOU from the America you once knew & loved.

In short, YOU have been lied to and hoodwinked !

In the interim 50 Plus Years have passed and the Social Cancer created by design by “Those People” (as General Lee always called them) has mutated into a Malignant Mass of ‘Inoperable Proportion’ in the form of a Dumbed Down Electorate who think & believe they are every bit as Entitled as THOSE who created this abortion long ago.

Thus they cannot be reasoned with as any attempt to do so is futile thanks to the mutated Socialization realized & brought about by a 2-Party Duopoly who long ago SOLD AMERICA OUT!

The differences realized over the last 50 years in which YOU thought YOU were somehow ‘guilty’ for any others’  grievances has finally come back to bite you squarely in the backside because this is what they intended to do….. and if you find further excuses to hide from this FACT, then I respectfully submit that YOU are part of that Other America that is now beyond ANY HOPE of SAVING.

Let me put this into a Similar Context:

Ø  155 years ago this SAME MALIGNANCY was being raised by the Same People THEN, as TODAY, but with ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE- A Large ‘Section’ of this Country knew and understood what was going on and would NOT make ANY excuses for accepting it.

(Read Mr. Al Benson’s & Mr. Walter Donnie Kennedy’s book- Lincoln’s Marxists for ‘starters’ as it provides a Road Map of the ‘THEN Players’ who were involved in America’s PLANNED RECONSTRUCTION)
Ø  This planned Reconstruction was in the making many years PRIOR to 1860 but finally reaching its zenith in 1860 wherein Several States finally said:

“ We Have Had Enough”, LEGALLY SECEDING in an attempt to remove themselves from the POLITICAL MALADY that was clearly afoot emanating from a Socialized Ideology that was every bit present THEN that most today have NO understanding of!

Ø  In short the Country THEN, clearly knew the Difference between one who was ‘Pissing up Our Backs but attempting to convince us ‘otherwise’ (Rain), and the direction they were definitely headed.

Today, a vast majority of this Country can NO longer differentiate between the TWO but cannot, ‘Equally’, distinguish the difference from the resulting SMELL AS WELL.

Time is waning Folks and the longer one and all who are ‘Awake’ who still possess a keen sense for SMELL continue to think and believe that either of Washington’s Duopoly will correct and reverse what it has taken them 150 years to create…. is living in a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

They have NO intentions of doing so!

Your ‘government’ has been compromised and is OWNED & OPERATED by Numerous Multi-SPECIAL INTERESTS both Nationally and Internationally and ONE GLARING EXAMPLE AMONG MANY is the Clinton Foundation who made millions upon millions by selling our Country to the Highest Bidder thanks to a ‘Secretary of State’ by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton….. while OUR SOLDIERS WERE DYING TO “Spread BUSH II’s infamous Democracy crap” that was nothing more than a cover for their New World Order’s EXPANSIONISM.

I will end here because the LIST of transgressions, beginning Officially AFTER 1865, is soooo long it would exceed the fiat paper whose phony money ‘Those Peoples’ Treasury have been printing & likewise compromising away resulting in a $20 TRILLION Debt and that does NOT include the $120 TRILLION Dollars in UNfUNDED Liabilities.

And if YOU still have ‘Cause to Pause’, consider this:

Ø  In 2000 when Bush II was anointed, the National Debt was $ 5 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Ø  He took it to $10 TRILLION by the time he ‘LEFT’ and the Muslim Curator otherwise known as Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA, in the on-going name of “Social Injustice”….BUT THIS TIME CREATING a  worldwide stage for their Ideology to further expand upon, unlike 1860 WHEN IT WAS IN ITS Infamous Infancy on a National ORDER’

will have taken it to $21 TRILLION by the time his sorry ass leaves.

Are Y’all ‘Connecting the Dots’……or are Y’all still ‘Scratching Your Heads wondering WHY & HOW AMERICA HAS COME TO THIS POINT & CONDITION?

YOU have been Lied to Consistently & with Each & Every Lie, another Pillar of Your Heritage, History, Origin & Purpose has been TAKEN FROM YOU!

Of the 325,000 Confederate Soldiers who Died Fighting for us, 299,000 of them had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Institution of Slavery.

They came from the Hills, Mountains and Towns and were comprised of Farmers, Smithy’s, Horsemen, Shopkeepers, Teachers and YES, even the Clergy.

So WHY in GOD’S name do you think was the Reason they FOUGHT?
Could it be because they TRIED to PREVENT ALL from happening that has Happened since......,

Resulting in more Wars, Deaths, Carnage and an America that does NOT remotely resemble in ANY WAY what it once was?



Rich B.
06/09/2016 22:21

America is to far gone now from any type of economic recovery. Even the local and State governments are owned by special interests.


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