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By Joan Hough

First I must preface here the reason I claim that I am peculiarly equipped to defend the First Amendment rights of free expression of religion in the United States of America.  I am not a “Born Againer.”  I have not attended any Church service, other than a funeral, in seventeen years. I do not pray five times each day.  I do not believe that my personal religious beliefs are important when it comes to making judgements about the way that people of deep religious convictions in American are being treated in our nation today because of the usurpation of “Law Making” by nine black-robed vulture-politicians thinking themselves “the Supremes.” I do not feel compelled to make others believe as do I about God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. I do, however, deeply resent the constant attacks on Christians and Christianity that I have observed and continue to observe. I am knowledgeable that the original government of the United States was created by Christians for Christians and that government became great because of Christians.

 In the crediting the effect of Christians on our American government, I force myself to ignore the anti-Christian horrors perpetrated on Southerners by the Republican government in the late 1800s.  After a century and a half, the effect of the north’s genocidal, anti-Christian attacks has  been ameliorated by the sweeping of Southern truths under the historical carpet.  Readers doubting the credulity of the existence of “anti-Christian” attacks on the South during “the War of Northern Aggression” should read a chapter entitled the north’s “Infidelity of the Clergy.” Actions of the Yankee Men of God are castigated in a chapter in a book by northerner, Methodist-Episcopal minister Henry Clay Dean. The book is   Crimes of the Civil War and Curse of the Funding System.  The anti-Southern Christian movements of the north are also revealed in much of it ugliness in two chapters in Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln’s War, by D. Jonathan White:  Joe Stromberg’s chapter “Blood on the Pulpit: Northern Clergymen, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the Abolition of the South,” and i Richard M. Gamble’s chapter, “The Warfare of the World in the House of God.” The tragic thing about the north’s attack on Southern religion is that it was perpetrated by Unitarian influenced Christian preachers, fallen away from the belief in the Trinity and anxious to punish and kill the “real” Christians.

Today we are witnessing a greatly similar attack on religion, but on a national level—directly created by an unrestrained by Congress, Supreme Court. I am sickened and revolted by a seemingly national, governmental adoption of the Marxist-Communist-Critical Thinking cabal’s hatred for religions—especially for the Christian one. I am appalled at the sudden special preferences being accorded the Muslim religion by the Supreme Court and by our national and local politicians. A religion requiring the murder and rapes of infidels by its true believers is, for all practical purposes, being given not just protection by the Federal courts and the U.S. Congress, but preferential treatment. One must suspect that a similar treatment would be given any group claiming cannibalism as a religious ritual.

With all of the above in mind, I believe myself perhaps not intellectually equipped to do so—not clever enough to do so, and, perhaps, not allowed by the Court’s reinterpretation of the First Amendment to do so, but, no matter, I do so—I oppose the Supreme Court for their illegal law-making. I do so because I am aware that no matter the opinion of the Supreme Court, I absolutely possess the Constitutional right to cross swords with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. President, the ACLU, the NAACP, the Anti-Poverty folks, the Muslim advocates, the Illegal-Invader Advocates and, in fact, all anti-Christian groups—including the Supreme Court.  And yes, I do indeed consider the Court and the U.S. Congress, anti-Christian.  

In the reading of a 1996 published book entitled Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution & Religion, authored by David Barton, I was horrified to read, in case after case after case of ridiculously ludicrous Supreme Court Anti-Constitutional rulings—the most anti-Christianity rulings the world has known since the Dark Ages.  Who am I to judge? Someone who is one of those ordinary Americans the writers and men ratifying the U.S. Constitution considered capable of comprehending the U.S. Constitution—one of those people for whom the Constitution was written in words even we only English speaking folks can understand.

 Contrary to what the U.S. Congress, lawyers and judges would have us believe, our nation’s Founding Fathers never intended that only judges, lawyers and the wealthy elites would be able to understand the U.S. Constitution.

Upon reviewing an overly large number of the religious cases Barton details—all dealt with by the “El Supremoz,” I can reach no other conclusion, but that the present Supreme Court’s actions demand the judges receive instantaneous replacement. Definitely the “good behavior” clause should be enacted against all of the Supreme Court justices and many, many of the Federal Judges scattered about all over the nation. The Supreme Court justices’’ virtual re-writing of laws –their re-interpreting laws according to their own personal whimsies is unconstitutional. In short, they are all law breakers! A couple of the Supreme Court justices have even attacked the U.S. Constitution in public speeches and advocated junking it and replacing it—thus abjuring their oaths to God to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. These unelected members of the judicial system have joined numerous members of the U.S. Congress and are now the “domestics.”  One female justice has even stuck her snooty and biased nose into the current presidential election in an attack on the Republican candidate—her attempt to get a fellow Democrat elected. Such bad behavior requires punishment! Not surprisingly, she was also the one who recommended replacement of the U.S. Constitution with an African one.

 The Court’s justices need judgment passed on them. The Supreme Court is most certainly, no longer a court for “we the people.”  It has become a lawmaking body—a virtual collection of dictators without any checks and balances, incapable of correctly interpreting the U.S. Constitution, it actually creates laws by redefining words and combining amendments.  It does nothing according to the intentions of our nation’s founders.  it has become the latest dispenser of the most prejudiced anti-Christian verbiage and laws in American history. It has, without the oversight of any higher authority, created a new law by twisting the old Laws and plopping them into a residue of anti-Christian, Marxist/Critical Thinking excrement. Its judges have reinterpreted and melted together Constitutional Amendments into something so foreign to the intentions of our U.S. Founding Fathers, that the result would be totally unrecognizable to Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Sherman and all of the other brilliant Americans involved in the creation and ratification of the original U.S. Constitution. 

 There has been no effort by anyone to slap the snooty faces and bloody the ever so superior noses of the judges on the Supreme Court or in the Federal Courts throughout the land.  Most of the States, as the results of Abraham Lincoln’s divine redefinition of all things Constitutional, have been so neutered and weakened—their Constitutionally guaranteed states’ rights buried so deep in a mountain of political dung, that they are incapable of bloodying anybody’s noses except those of the police who dare defend themselves against ethnic criminals or forget themselves and happen to arrest an illegal, murderous border jumper. The states can no longer even dump their own garbage, much less that of the all-powerful central government’s “Supremes.” We, the common folks, can only hope that some of our states are sleeping lions we can awaken.

The most numerous rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court are religious ones. If Americans were to become aware of the enormous clump of Supreme Court cases in which truth has suffered under bizarre, figuratively drunken rulings, there would be something that might be termed “a run of the Court.” Nine black garbed effigies might even be wreathed in smoke.

David Barton competently proves that the unelected paltry politicians, whom we honor with the title of “Justices,” now have complete control over how, when, where and if any public religious activities can happen in our America. The discerning eye of any wide awake American has noted that the Supreme Court justices function as if it is a necessity that Christians have all their historical, long possessed traditions and Constitutional rights taken from them and bestowed on Muslims and belligerent atheists.

Just how did the modern Court take control over religion?  It did so by trashing the limitations of the religion clause of our Constitution’s First Amendment. The Judges did so, all on their little own, by deciding to add the words “separation of Church and state” to their every consideration of any and all things religious.  The initial happening this began in the year 1947 in a Supreme Court decision in Everson vs. Board of Education. It was then that the Court leaped on that wagon so loved by the anti-Christians; the court reinterpreted the First Amendment by including in it the new and incorrect AND ABSOLUTELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL “separation of church and state” metaphor.  All judges since then have used that illegal term to justify their anti-Christian rulings.   Somewhat later Supreme Court justices finagled a way to combine the First Amendment with the 14th Amendment and since then they’ve pushed us whole hog into the religious slaughter house they operate—but that combination will not be considered here and now.

The judicial men and women are, of course, not stupid—they well comprehend the meanings of words and fully realize that  separation of state and religion is not now,, has never been, and should never be a part of the U.S. Constitution. They know that the First Amendment says precisely what the nation’s Founding Fathers and all Americans believed when the Constitution was ratified—CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.   It, of course, was clearly understood by all Americans that only Congress has the power to make laws—the Supreme Court cannot and the President cannot.

The Court has, in essence, written and installed a new anti-Christian law and propagandized their personal belief that there should be a separation of Church and state in all things, even the bright and beautiful. They have propagandized so successfully that even most ordinary Americans now accept the lie that the Founding Fathers believed in the separation of church and state. THEY DID NOT! THEY INSISTED THAT THE GOVERNMENT STAY COMPLETELY OUT OF ANY ASPECT OF RELIGION.  

Practically since the ratification of the Constitution until recent years, the Court did not mention the “separation” idea in its decisions.  All of a sudden, a recent judicial adoption. Barton informs us that in actual cases, it has since been cited in seemingly countless cases:

“In fact, in actual cases filed under the First Amendment’s religion clauses in recent decades, the First Amendment was cited by courts in less than three thousand cases while the separation metaphor was cited in over four thousand. Strikingly, in examining First Amendment controversies, courts are more likely to cite the separation metaphor than they are the First Amendment itself.”

Americans would be absolutely flabbergasted and dumbstruck if they ceased for a few hours assuming a potato-like, couch-football watching position and actually read a list of the cases the Supreme Justices have misjudged. The decisions the Justices have rendered  are too bizarre to be anything other than the direct result of personal religious biases

  Barton presents for our edification a lengthy listing of many of these very cases. He n provides for us a list of 38 unprecedented Court decisions that are mind-boggling to any American with e a smidgeon of “walking around” good sense and even a modicum of knowledge concerning the contents of the U.S. Constitution.  For the details of these cases, consult Barton’s text.

 It must be understood, that even for the most innocuous of things the court calls a crime, if one resists the arresting authorities, one can be killed. Barton reports the results (court rulings) of some most interesting cases criminalizing actions which Americans  have always known as being our right. Those actions can now get us arrested.

1.                   While riding a public bus, we can be arrested for performing a Constitutionally illegal act, if we give a fellow rider a book containing Bible stories.

2.                    We can be arrested if our organization uses the word “seminary” or give a Bible degree unless the state pre-approves our Bible curriculum, your teachers, etc.

3.                   We can be arrested if we install a historic memorial for the dead that contains a cross—or if we continue to display such a memorial no matter if it is a hundred or so years of age.

4.                   We can be arrested if we display the Ten Commandments in a public courthouse or government building—no matter that it is so displayed throughout the U.S. Supreme Court and in other federal buildings. (Six Supreme Court rulings behind this arrest.)

5.                    We can be arrested if we display the Ten Commandments in a collection of other historic documents related to American law. (There are Four Supreme Cases creating this law.)

6.                   We can be arrested if our public cemetery has a planter in the shape of a cross, for if someone views that cross, it can cause emotional “distress.”

7.                   We can be arrested if our city seal includes one that depicts a religious element. (Six cases so declare this.)

8.                   We can be arrested if our nativity scene on public property is not “sufficiently” surrounded by non-religious secular displays able to make our religious one look less religious. (Judges for Five cases say so.)

9.                   We can be arrested if we or some other   Christian, prays a public prayer that reflects personal faith and beliefs. (Judges say so in seven cases) [of course it is ok for Muslims to take over public streets in Yankee cities and blare their prayers and call to prayers over loud speakers, is it not?]

10.               Even though a bill’s wording may be entirely constitutional, it the legislator’s INTENT is a religious one with a religious activity in mind, this is unconstitutional and somebody can be arrested. (Judges ruled so in one case.- Mind reading is evidently also a judicial skill.)


Riding the same judicial horse, we see judges scattered all over America telling us we are to be arrested if we:

1.                   Park on a state parking lot with a religious sticker on our bumper.

2.                   While presenting a military flag to the family of a fallen warrior say—even at the request of the family- God bless you and this family, and God bless the United States of America.”

3.                   Fail to obey the order of a Judge who in a  DeFuniak Springs, Florida case, ordered that a copy of the Ten Commandments in the courthouse be covered so jurors will not be prejudiced against the defendant when they read “Do not Kill.”

4.                   If you are a senior citizen in Balch Spring, Texas eating in a community center and say a prayer over your food.

5.                   If you are a school employee and wear a small cross on a necklace in Russellville, Kentucky.

6.                   You can be arrested in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia and Nebraska for handing out religious literature on a public sidewalk or for preaching in public areas.

7.                   Saying words from the Bible can cause you trouble. In York, Pennsylvania, a jury sentence was overturned for a man who brutally clubbed to death a woman in her seventies because the prosecuting attorney mentioned seven words from the Bible.

8.                   You are a criminal, a law breaker if you, a student, include a religious image in your artwork.  (Four judges so decreed this in different cases concerning Schuylerville, Jefferson County, and  Baldwinsville.)

9.                   In Palm Beach County, student artists whose artwork containing symbols such as a cross or a Bible are to be treated as supporter of gang symbols, profanity and satanic signs.

10.                Odd, indeed, is that fact that courts have ruled in NINE WESTERN STATES that public school must REQUIRE THREE WEEKS OF INDOCTRINATION IN THE ISLAMIC FAITH.  All students  MUST PRETEND THEY ARE MUSLIMS AND PRAY TO ALLAH.  They are to be encouraged to take Islamic names, call each other by those names, wear Muslim garb, participate in JIHAD GAMES and read the Koran throughout the three weeks. The same Court ruled it unconstitutional for those students voluntarily to say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. (Two cases support these two laws.)                


11.               You can be arrested if you use a school PA system during a national crisis and ask students to pray for victims, or if you allow students to engage in student initiated and led classroom discussions concerning religion. A federally appointed monitor must be provided to ensure religious speech prohibition compliance.  (One case determined this.)

12.               Just forget fine art in historic paintings, If they depict anything religious, they must not be publically exhibited.  You can be arrested for exhibiting them.  (Two cases on this.  [ I do remember when there was a infamous painting of Jesus Christ that was exhibited and despite public complaints was not removed from the exhibit despite the fact that it was openly  declared to have been painted with urine.]

13.               Ten Commandments may not be displayed in school because students on their own might read, mediate upon, respect or my goodness gracious me- obey them. [Five cases on this-  ACLU is good at winning!]

14.               Somebody can be arrested if a valedictorian mentions his own faith in his speech.  That’s unconstitutional! That speech must be read and censored before it is presented (Four cases – four judges so order) .

15.               No public school official can attend a Baccalaureate meeting in a religious building. (One case behind this law.)

16.               No praying allowed in the opening or closing of a school graduation ceremony.  (Six cases, six judges so ruled.

17.               You can be arrested if you present to students the Declaration of Independence and other writings’ mentioning of the Creator. (Five judges have so ruled in five cases).

18.               You can be arrested if you allow a classroom library to contain Christian books or a teacher to be seen with his personal Bible. (One judge so ruled in one case.)

19.               It is unconstitutional for advertisers to include religious content in paid advertisements seen in school settings.  (Three cases, three judges.)

20.               It is illegal—unconstitutional—for anyone known as a Christian to deliver a secular speech in a public school—even if it an anti-drug speech and the speaker is a member of the President’s Drug Task Force.

21.               It is illegal—unconstitutional—for a Kindergarten kid to ask what birthday is celebrated on Christmas. (Sioux Falls case- judge so ruled.)

22.               You can be arrested if you display Christian holiday symbols. IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO DISPLAY ISLAMIC AND JEWISH RELIGIOUS HOLDAY SYMBOLS, BUT NOT CHRISTIAN ONES. (SKOROS VS. CITY OF NEW YORK, 2006). [The Christmas tree, centuries back, was made popular by a Christian monk. Guess the judge in this case is ignorant of that truth or Christmas trees would also be banned. Jewish merchants, knowingly or unknowingly, certainly display the Christmas tree in their stores.]

There has been a major transformation in the practice of traditional Christian behaviors –causing the punishment of little school children for saying a prayer over lunch, or wearing a shirt that has “Jesus Christ” on it, or bringing a Bible to school. In Texas Children and their parents were threatened with having the kid picked up by Child Protective Services --because the kids had Ten Commandments book covers. Even valentines are declared illegal if they have a Christian message. Students in Dickson, Tennessee high school can write a paper on any topic-witchcraft, the occult, etc., but not about Jesus Christ unless they desire a 0 grade.

Anything Christian is now unconstitutional—according to the Supreme Court lawmaking politicians. Their now politically correct wishes have had an almost allegoric bomb-burst into being since the Everson decision in 1947.  Brought full steam ahead from Europe to the United States in 1848 was the Hate the Religion plan to kill Christianity.  The Supreme Court justices are making sure, at long last, that plan is fully implemented. Will Christians and all Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution sit passively by and let nine black scavengers murder Christianity—kill Jesus again in America?  If so, then get ready for the circuses wherein the Christians are thrown to the lions in order to entertain the voters while our great Republican-Democratic One World Order leaders lead our sovereign U.S. into extinction via membership in their New World Order.



John Hall
08/06/2016 18:11

Thank you for publishing the truth about the Supreme Court and its illegal legislative activism. It is time for us Christians to stand and face the firing squads, or it soon will be.


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