Confederate Society
By Joan Hough

If one approves the removal/destruction of historical Confederate monuments, historical street
names, historical names of schools, historical names of Confederate benefactors of million dollar buildings, historically beloved Confederate songs, and the historical, beautiful Confederate Battle flag with its Christian emblem, then it must be agreed that everything and anything smacking of or evoking a memory of the Confederate States of America should definitely be erased.

Hip, Hip Hooray! —Let’s demand the erasures be taken all the way and not tomorrow, but today!

Of course this means much of the United States has to be erased.  First to be erased must be 
Washington, D.C. which was named after the first U.S. President, a proud Southerner, a plantation 
owner, a slave owner and one of the few American Presidents adored by Confederates and generations 
since of Confederate offspring—by, quite likely, about 300 million of us alive today.  Confederate 
descendants far and wide are decidedly inspired by the many truths about George Washington of 
Virginia, so Washington D. C. and Washington state must be erased.

Erasing Confederate everything means erasing the U.S. Constitution. It must be erased because 
Southerners, who were Confederates’ ancestors helped write it.  In fact, some Confederates actually 
learned about the Constitution from their very own Great Grandfathers who ratified it. They even 
learned about the right of secession from those same old relatives.  Southerners ratified the 
Constitution. Southerners loved it.

Southerners impressed on their descendants the importance of the Constitution and the meanings of 
its words. They were proud that the word “Democracy” appeared nowhere in the Constitution, the 
Declaration of Independence, in the Articles of Confederation or in any of the original State 
Constitutions before the Yankee Republicans changed them all.

Southern descendants left the Union because they knew the Constitution had been junked by the 
Republican Party when it took over the government in 1861 and began Empire building. Many 
Southerners since have grown up knowing that the north invaded the South because the South valued 
the Constitution.

The erasing of everything Confederate means erasing every single place in the north that has ever 
heard the voice of a Southern Confederate or even of a Southern Confederate descendant—whether in 
conversation or in song.  It means the erasing of any place that ever felt the presence of a 
Confederate descendant as he passed through it. These places must bite the dirt, so to speak, 
because Confederates breathed away some of the stench of northern air and left their footprints in 
the filth of the north’s streets.

Every remaining fragment of Confederate history must be eliminated; the U.S. flag of stars and 
stripes must be erased—for if the legend is true that it was designed by a friend of George 
Washington’s (Betsy Ross Robinson), it cannot continue on. The U.S. flag was contaminated by 
Southern friendship.

Maybe the fact can be ignored that New Englanders fought for the flag in the American Revolution 
while owning black slaves, but the flag must be erased because Southerners who fought for it in 
1776, owned slaves and birthed children and grandkids who fought for Southern Independence in 1861. 

These Southerners learned the art and science of secession from their Southern grandpas who seceded
from another all-powerful central government—that of Great Britain.

Southerners produced by those first American Secessionist Southerners fought against the 1800s 
empire builders in the United States who were Yankees determined to change the Republic into an 
empire and finance it with all they could steal from Southern soil.  Even more importantly, 
Southerners fought against the U.S. flag which was the one and only American flag that ever flew 
over a nasty slave ship. But this truth has been erased from all the politically correct history 
books, so it is irrelevant.

The fact is that the U.S.  flag has undoubtedly been besmirched, so must be erased because 
Confederate descendants fought under and for it in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and all of the “non 
wars” and the present unending police actions since—thus Southerners have contaminated the stars 
and stripes with Southernism.

Because Southerners fought the Yankees and the hired European soldiers who were invading this South 
to make war on Southern women and babies, Southerners themselves must all be 
erased/eradicated/eliminated/  and replaced with loyal Marxist- Republicans. This was just what was 
wanted by Lincoln and his brave, but stay at home New Englanders. They hired foreigners to 
substitute for their sons and fight the war for them, It mattered little to rich New England papas how many 
foreign boys served as Yankee cannon fodder; the South’s goodies must be looted for righteous 

Looting and robbing of the South and extermination of Southerners was also just what General 
William Tecumseh Sherman and his Radical Marxist Republican Senator Sherman brother wanted.  The 
road to riches for Yankees ran directly through the South. This is what the so-called righteous, 
but no longer Trinity-believing Unitarian and Protestant preachers of the north wanted—just what 
the rabid U.S. Senators in Lincoln’s Republican Congress wanted.  No doubt about it, the only good 
Southerner was a dead Southerner according to the wanting to be richer merchant princes of 
Lincoln’s north and their political puppets.

Back to the erasures: The Declaration of Independence needs to be erased because its words declare 
men have the right to throw off the chains of any government and replace it with something 
better—and because those words were written by a slave-owning Southerner in a time when slaves 
throughout the world were not to be considered “citizens.”

The main reason the Declaration must be erased is because its words inspired Southern traitors to 
secede from the Republican-Radical-Marxist controlled U.S. government which gained control of the 
United States in 1861. Only by the dedicated efforts of men of the Marxist philosophy –and a 
successful victory over the South did Republicans manage to get every single one of the planks in 
the Communist Manifesto made into U.S. law—and even make Americans believe that the Founding 
Fathers created for us, a “Democracy” instead of a Republic.

We are told that black folks, a mere fifteen percent segment today of the U.S. populace, believe 
that it is only right that everything smacking of Confederate history is erased. So, erased must be 
the memory of every man who ever quoted any Southern writing or any Southern saying—unless that 
guy’s purpose was to vilify the source or ridicule the quote.

Golly bum! Oh my goodness, oh my soul! —There goes Saint Abe Lincoln right down the good old 
erasure hole. He’s gotta go, for it cannot be denied by Republicans or present day Democrats—honest 
Abe once actually quoted and paraphrased the famous words written by a plantation owning, slave
owning Southerner—a Southerner adored by all Confederates. Yes, Lincoln quoted the U.S. Declaration
of Independence, a document which like the U.S. Constitution and the original state constitutions 
does not contain the word “democracy."

Here are the words Southerner Thomas Jefferson wrote in that document which captured
Lincoln’s attention:

. . . that to secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers 
from the consent of the governed. That whenever a Form of Government becomes destructive of these 
ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, 
laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall 
see most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
. . . . when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariable the same Object evinces a 
design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off 
such government.
. . .

Giving the listeners the impression that he said what he meant and meant what he said, a dozen 
years before he stepped foot into the Oval Office,  U.S. Representative, Abraham Lincoln 
paraphrased these liberty words on January 12, 1848 in a speech he presented before the U.S. House 
of Representatives.  Lincoln boldly claimed:

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off 
the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most 
sacred right--a right which, we hope and believe, is to liberate the world. Nor is this right 
confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. 
Any portion of such people that can may revolutionize and make their own of so much of the 
territory as they inhabit.”
(Lochlainn Seabrook, The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln.)

Certainly the Southern states must all be erased. Louisiana is one of them requiring erasure. It 
came into the Union with slave-owning French men whose King sold it to the U.S. with the clear 
requirement that his French Louisianans must be allowed to keep their slaves.  Louisiana, besides 
being loaded with Confederate slave owners—some black and some white—was filled with black folks as 
well as white folks who fought for the South.

The truth has long been buried that some of the largest of Plantation and slave owners were black 
people.  Louisiana has another Yankee mark against it because it was added to the United States by 
Southern slave-owning President, Thomas Jefferson.

The New England States should all be erased because the people there were the biggest, grandest 
slave purchasers in this hemisphere. They were rich, Yankee shopkeepers and manufacturers; they 
were slave buyers and owners. They owned the U.S. flag topped clipper ship that brought slaves to 
America. They owned all slaves brought to America until they could replace the expensive things 
with cheap, no maintenance Irish or Scot children and adults. They were all slaves, but never 
called such.

New York City must be erased because it was discovered in fairly recent years that a plantation 
containing slaves had once existed right in the very heart of New York City. The national anthem 
must be erased because the son of the author was so horrified by the Republican Yankees' invasion 
of our South that Yankees considered him an enemy and imprisoned him.

Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” song must be erased because so many Confederate Southern 
descendants loved it and loved that it asked God’s blessings. Southerners wanted its easy to sing 
tune and beautiful lyrics to become the national anthem.

The Holy Bible must be erased because in the 1800's the words in it were held sacred by the 
Confederates and, because, despite the words of any U.S. President, those words still hold a 
position of great importance in the hearts of many Confederate descendants. In the 1800s 
Southerners, unlike a vast number of northerners, still believed in the Trinity.  (In Lincoln’s 
“burnt over” New England area occultism and Unitarianism, had erased the Trinity by the time of the 
War of Northern Aggression; The new German immigrants filling the north were not noted for adhering 
to the Christian religion; the “old” Germans, especially those in the South, held on to their 

The cowboy West needs to be erased—because Confederate men, fleeing Reconstruction’s hell, went 
west with their “Yes mams” and their “No mams” and made the West their own.  Many Southerners, 
contrary to what politically correct historians would have you believe, deplored the murderous 
attacks of Mr. Sherman and Mr. Sheridan on sleeping Indian women and kids.

At least 80 million Americans now scattered all over the continent are cursed with Confederate 
genes. Erase these folks. And do this even if those people are black folks because they, if 
Southern bred and Southern born, may have black Confederate ancestors. Confederate is Confederate.

So what is left— the very people who tell us that no one must malign Martin L. King for being a 
Communist—must ignore the photos of him at Commie school classes, must not make a negative comment 
about the fact that the court investigation of his life and his death has all the records 
pertaining King locked away from the public for how many years—75?  (Whatever could be so damaging 
to American people requiring such a horrendous length of time for hiding the truth?  And who has 
the right to hide the truth from us—the same people who insist that truth must be erased?)

And who has the right to arrange things so that a man is placed in the U.S. Presidency with so many 
truths erased that one cannot even be sure if he is a he or a she—or if he is actually married and 
is married to a he or she?  Who can tell if the man even exists or if a present Democrat candidate 
for the Oval Office is alive or dead?   Who has the power to create a presidential creature and 
erase all the information that has been expected concerning Presidents since Southerner and Planter 
George Washington refused to become America’s King?

Perhaps comprehending all that has been presented herein will only result in the reader concluding 
that the entire U.S. government really needs to be erased, because correcting its many problems is 
a hopeless task.  Perhaps the hatred of the people of the north for the South has never been 
eradicated.  Perhaps it is as so many people are now heard saying, “time to separate.”

Our present form of U.S. government is nothing like the originally creation of the brilliant 
scholar-statesmen who gave us a Republic. We allowed the Republic to be mutated into an Empire, and 
then into a Democracy which is now in the process of being altered into nothing more than a tiny 
segment of the Bush-Clinton-Obama’s New World Order of Global Government.

Our United States government was not originally designed by the founding fathers to be an all- 
powerful central government, but a weak central government under the control of sovereign states. 
In the War Against Southern Liberty, Lincoln’s Republicans —adhering to the desires of the 1848er 
German veterans of the failed Socialist War in Europe—just as commanded in the Communist Manifesto, 
took all rights away from each Confederate state—and eventually from every state in America.  In 
order for war and the horror known as Reconstruction to occur—in order for one third of Southern 
manhood to die and most survivors to be left missing eyes, missing arms, and legs, in order for 
thousands of women and children to be left to die of exposure/starvation/ or lack of medicine, in 
order for the central government
to become the monster it now is,  a new Political Party had to be created.  It was.

America’s new political party was the handiwork of Horace Greeley, the Editor of America’s most 
widely read newspaper, the New York Tribune and of Alvin E. Bovay, a known Communist.  It was born 
in the ashes of one of Greeley’s failed Communist communes –the one located in Ripon, Wisconsin. It 
is still with us.  It is the Republican Party.  Its original plans for the U.S. government are now 
plans loved and agreed to by the Democratic Party.  Communism has added to it the cloak of the New 
World Order, but still Communism is what it is—a totalitarian form of government masquerading as a 
Democracy.  It is the enemy of Liberty, of Christianity, of the Jewish religion, of the U.S. 
Constitution, of individual freedom, and most certainly of our Republic.

In merry old England in the lands around Liverpool there are still streets and towns with Viking 
names. And this is in England where the English regularly prayed to God for protection against the 
wicked Vikings who terrorized their coast.  And yet the English have maintained the names the 
Vikings left behind. The English do not possess a “throw away” society—although it may develop now 
that the ethnicity of their population is changing so rapidly.

Normally, the English, like the people in Germany, in Italy, in France and elsewhere in Europe, 
place great value on their public displays of art. They do not destroy their monuments, the 
beautifully inscribed words on their buildings or hide away their historical past. Only in the 
Communist nations have we seen the destruction of the statues of former leaders—and vast episodes 
of name changing of streets, towns and cities-and the rewriting of history according to the latest 
ruling party.

In civilized nations, people do not tolerate those with sick minds who chop up historical 
monuments. Men are honored down through the generations for their accomplishments.  Their names are 
maintained on great buildings and in great art.  Streets and cities are named after them, parks, 
hospitals, mountains, lakes and schools.

What does the present revolting attack on historical truths, on Southern culture—what does the 
hacking up of our statues, the demonizing of our flags and our heroes tell us about America and 
Americans today?  What should be done with the brainwashed among us who persist in supporting the 
lies of the enemies of truth who persist in inflicting cultural genocide on Southerners?

Is it not a bizarre truth, a direct result of skillful propaganda, that today that which was 
abnormal for centuries is now declared “normal” and desirable.  That which was always normal is now 
labeled “bigoted,” “homophobic,” “sinful,”“ xenophobic .” “racist,” etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad 

The attack that should amuse as well as horrify the most is one hurled only at the South’s 
antebellum planters –only those, mind you, in the South. It is said that they were sinners of the 
greatest magnitude because they had –oh my dear God!  They actually had slaves. And, of course, 
nobody else ever had slaves --despite the truth that in the lineage of every man, one finds both 
Kings and slaves. And “what made the Planter’s sins the most horrific was that their slaves were 
black—and whoever had ever heard of slaves that WEREN’T BLACK? ’’

What I find so laughingly ridiculous about this type of viewpoint is the ignorance revealed on the 
part of the sanctified labeler. He, obviously, is one who always sees life from only his own, 
time” eyes. In his abysmal ignorance, he determines no truths because, he sees only through those 
myopic eyes. Sadly, he is incapable of comprehending the significance of the origin of the word 
“slave.”  Even sadder, he is convinced that he is the best judge of what is and what is not 
sin—that all those priests, preachers and rabbis who preceded him down through the centuries were 
such horrific sinners that their judgments concerning sin and slavery were all horrifically 

Only he, the only fully capable judge, knows the truth. Only his is the power to render the correct 
judgment concerning the terrible, terrible, terrible sins of Southerners who held slaves.  His 
intellectual silliness is as great as that of his female intellectual counterpart who teaches 
hundreds of young, rather stupid students that all the mixed race people in America are the 
products of wicked white plantation owners.

Mixed race people, according to that learned professor, could only be the work of sin-filled WHITE 
plantation owners because the white soldiers of the magnificent Republican army could not have 
sired a single mixed race baby. The north’s soldier boys never, not ever availed themselves of the 
sexual delights found in the willing or unwilling arms of a black former slave female-why, they 
fought to free the blacks, not attack them.

So the Yankee sycophants conclude that the imported, straight from the jails of Europe teen- aged, 
hormonal driven “boys” of Sherman’s really cared as to the color or willingness of persons of the 
opposite sex?

Oddly, all real truths had long been thrown away even before the present day attacks on the 
Christian Southerners who had streets named after them and are remembered in gorgeous works of art— 
sculpture, monuments, paintings, buildings, streets, highways, etc.

Some folks might contend that, rather than Confederate names, it is the Bushy names on things that 
should be erased. Bushy libraries—Bushy Airports—will those names soon disappear?   Will the now 
Republican adored Connecticut Yankees themselves soon be erased?  Every aspect of historical truths 
concerning the horrors perpetrated by the War’s villainous bunch of Connecticut Yankees has been
erased. And now all the good things about the South is being erased.  But does not what comes 
around eventually “go around?”

Secession itself continues to be denied as a right—by numerous poorly educated Southerners and many 
more well-educated, of course, northerners.  Certain Southern descendants in 1963 perhaps to avoid 
unpleasantness or even tax problems contended that the War was a war between the states, rather 
than a war between two nations. The War Between the States title supposedly was chosen to supplant 
the “Civil War” name given by the Republican winners.  It should be, however, brought  to the 
attention of persons using this title that it denies the legitimacy of the South’s secession from 
the United States and denies the truth that the war was NOT a war between states, but was instead a 
War Between Two American Nations

The War was not a bunch of noble northern states fighting a group of rebellious sin-filled Southern 
states in order for the noble Yankees to free a bunch of black slaves. The Yankee’s war caused the  
legally seceded, separate Confederate NATION to fight for its liberty, to defend itself again 
invaders sent into it by a government named the United States of America –a government ruled by 
Radical, Marxist Republicans.

Instead of choosing to recognize the legitimacy of a nation composed of states which had legally 
and morally seceded from the United States, instead of naming the war what it really was—a war 
between two American nations, some Southerners declared that the war a contest between THE STATES. 
The name, The War Between the States, was seen by other Southerners as a form of surrender and a
“cowardly cop out” –just as is seen the failure of any Southerner to defend the Confederate Battle 
flag from attacks against it.  Such a name for the war is seen by some as support for the Yankee 
Propagandized lie that secession is treason—that Southerners were all traitors and deserved every
inflicted punishment dealt them by the valiant armies of the United States of America.  Some 
were convinced that only someone with Union sympathies orchestrated that kind of a new name change.

In reality, Mr. Lincoln’s War and his Invasion of the South was and still is “The War Between
Two American Nations of the North and the South,”and “The Continued Marxist European War of
1848.”and  “The War for Southern Liberty,” and “The War of Northern Aggression.”

It was a war followed by a hideous Yankee creation called “Reconstruction, a Time wherein the 
possessions of all Southerners would be redistributed, Marxist style, to noble Republicans—when 
Southern minds, especially those in their children, would be reconstructed—remodeled—rebuilt  so as 
to fit the New England Yankee model.  It was a time in which there would be guaranteed by the 
Republican government the total looting of the South’s land and people. Forever more would be 
prevented any bit of Southern influence on the central U.S. government. Never more would a true 
Southerner take a place on the Supreme Court, or hold the office of U.S. President or have any real 
impact in the U.S. Congress.

During Reconstruction and its continuation, most of the rights guaranteed in the U.S.
Constitution were eliminated as the meanings of the words were redefined or ignored by the Congress 
and the Courts and those in the Executive office. Illegal, unconstitutional additions of 
amendments, not even legally ratified, came to obliterate the Republican form of government, erase 
the rights of the states, and further all the wondrous Communist goals aimed at the development of 
the New World Order of global control.

In numerous instances Congress took it upon itself to alter the meaning of the U.S. Constitution 
illegally—and the people, too dumbed down educationally to resist, accepted lies as truth.  
Congressmen, Presidents, and Court justices raised their right hands, swore to God to support the 
U.S. Constitution, to defend it against all enemies whether foreign or domestic—and lied. The 
people, mesmerized by the new joys of sex, of drugs, of pornography, of freedom from religion, saw 
no wrong in anything the U.S. government did.

The South continues on as the whipping boy of the Republicans and the Democrats, treaties are 
created and gullible citizens are told that treaties supplant the Constitution. “Hurrah,”  says 
Congress, “the North American Treaty is signed. We really didn’t know about it, but that’s ok.”  A 
marriage goes forth between Commerce and the Military.  Potty Politics create messes in bathrooms.  
Secret organizations controlling the U.S. government have no further need to remain secret.  
Billionaires, worldwide, gloat!  The United Nations sends its poll watchers throughout the U.S. 
while Fema waxes strong.  National security is an excuse for murders and pretend murders.

The Republicans and Democrats become one. They choose to keep the borders open, load the land with 
obedient non-white, ignorant, easily managed, here just because they want to work (sure!) natives 
from the third world.

Hurrah! Just as Poppy Bush so said.  THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE!



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