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By: Joan Hough

Higher Education has long led the Marxist Parade.

 Would you like to know the truth about how and why students in all levels of American education have been dumbed down? Are you aware that once America led the world in education, but now is noted internationally for the ignorance of its people?  Read Cry Havoc: The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened by Ralph de Toledano. 

Americans should check out the history of Germany’s Frankfurt Institute and its dauntless collection of Critical Theorists. Those Critical theorists, realizing the failure of Marxist efforts to captivate U.S. working folks (the proletariats), directed their seductive, Marxist efforts toward the intellectuals. They pursued folks in academia and, most especially, the offspring of wealthy Americans. Their Critical theory (a new method designed to bring to fruition Marxist beliefs and goals) accompanied them from Russia to Germany and then to America.

 Under the guidance of America’s John Dewey, the tenets of Critical Theory spread throughout the U.S. Institutions of Higher Learning. Beginning at Columbia in NY, it then infiltrated every area of American culture. The clever Marxists made sure that only a few at the highest levels in academia understood what was transpiring—the rest of Americans—the “sheeple,” had no inkling of the truth.

 The 1930s in our America were the years of the second birth of Marxism in America. The first American birth was in 1849 with the arrival of the 1848er Illuminati-blessed escapees from European jails or death sentences. They were sentenced because of their participation in the Socialist/Commie failed European Revolution. Upon arrival in the U.S. they set to work engineering the continuation of their failed European Socialist Revolution. They succeeded this second time in a war they wrongly termed the “Civil” War.

Following WWII came the Marxist infiltration of Hollywood. It was discovered in 1952-54 by Congress. (Senator McCarthy had no part in the exposure of this Communist effort.) Alger Hiss' exposure as a Communist in the U.S. government began in 1848, but the trial which found him guilty, somehow took two years before beginning. After his prison sentence was complete, Hiss earned vast sums for a national tour of universities as a speaker claiming his innocence—an innocence contradicted by publication of the contents of Russian archives 

 In 1950 Poor Senator McCarthy was crucified by Congress and the Press for attempting to rid our Department of State of Commie control. President Roosevelt, contaminated by his love of Commie Lenin and admiration of Commie Alger Hiss, managed to fool Americans in 1941 sufficiently to involve the U.S. in World War II, and to drag our nation as a charter member in 1945 into the United Nations. Roosevelt, with the encouragement of his alter ego, Harry Hopkins and friend Hiss, managed to give Russia all Lenin desired. It remains politically incorrect to mention this truth.

 The Peanut King, Jimmy Carter, was so dumbed down that he contended that some of his best friends were Communists and they meant no harm to anyone. Carter fired Secretary of Defense James Forrestal after Forrestal spoke against Communism and the partitioning of Israel. (Carter had been threatened with loss of campaign donations from certain wealthy Americans.) Forced by the government into treatment for “supposed” mental illness, Foster died under highly mysterious circumstances declared “suicide” by the authorities.  His own brother, on his way to pick up the “released” James. The brother  was convinced the murder had occurred because James Foster was about to publish his truths in a publication purchased for that purpose.  and

Americans have been so successfully “dumbed down” that most University students don’t know what the American Revolutionary War was about, by whom it was fought and in what century it was fought. They don’t know who won the “Civil” War. They certainly are ignorant of the real reason it was fought, but think it was fought to free the slaves (as if killing Southerners was the only way slaves could be freed). They think Communism and Socialism wonderful. Numbers of High school and University students voted for Hillary and supported Sanders. 

The critical theorists realized that Marxism’s concentration on the proletariat (the working class) could never be successful in the U.S. because working folks had it too good— plenty of food on the table- plenty of comfort in their houses and apartments— plenty of radio/tv/movie/football/boxing, etc. entertainment— so the target had to be shifted to the bourgeoisie—and, especially, to the intellectuals. But even the not-so-bright offspring of some U.S. senators and other wealthy Americans were courted— the qualification of the young ones was based on wealth and potential positions of influence.

The effectiveness of education as brainwashing cannot be denied. Who among us voted for Hillary or Sanders? --only those dumbed down, brainwashed, or greed filled with unfettered desires for power or bucks.   



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