Confederate Society
By Dave Bertrand 

ommunism in America has gone from behind the scenes in isolated college classrooms and smoke filled offices in Washington D.C. to outright damnation on a major scale....creating fear among their leaders that a Trump presidency will destroy everything they have spent their lives preparing for.

Chuck Hagel, (Obama's Secretary of Defense) during a BBC interview, stated his concern: "The World Order (New World Order) is crumbling and that's sad to see(sic), since we created it for a strong alliance among nations, and now it's falling apart(sic)."

What does that mean?? It means the "Alliance" to (jointly) destroy (other) countries that do not participate in a New World Order by which the United States and the United Nations would dictate international laws and require countries to maintain a defense system....arms sales by the Military Industrial Complex defense contractors and ultimately financed by an elaborate scheme (once called) "Global Warming Carbon Taxes" to "Climate Change," which mega producers of energy, including you, me and the dog next door, would have to pay a "Carbon Tax" to move about the country, and would limit farm animals that feed the world, because they fart.

You are out of "Carbon Tax Credits?" You either stay home for the rest of the month, or be forced to carpool with someone. That's taxation without representation, an oppressive tax that would deny us our Civil Rights. ObamaCare does exactly that !

Under the United Nations, we have already seen the groundwork for controlling our resources, neighborhoods, and land grab tactics under U.N. Agenda 21. HOA's are foreclosing on homeowners that are delinquent with fees, or because you failed to comply with the correct approved color of your house, and a property owner built a pond on his property and is now in jail. Protecting a turtle in Nevada has wiped-out approximately 50 ranchers of their homes and the Bundy's are still in jail.

"Sustainable Living," is a U.N. Agenda 21 enterprise in a majority of small communities and cities. 

The objective is to destroy the middle class with rules and regulations set by the United Nations to make us more poorer and to force us to buy cheap products from other countries (via lopsided trade deals), compacting people into smaller apartments and houses, while a select few at the top make outlandish profits.

The New World Order destroys a country's sovereignty and (our) Constitution....which makes it easier for law makers to limit the 1st amendment and the eventual total confiscation of weapons, thus destroying the 2nd amendment. The United Nations ban on weapons is on the books....therefore, no weapons, tyranny advances, ultimate slavery and control is accomplished with socialism as the means of production and communism is the strong arm.
Then came Donald Trump, a self professed anti-New World Order billionaire, and the world went crazy.....

Many countries that would have benefitted from a "Carbon Tax" fund from certain major world powers, paid by the citizens (serfdom), and would have been easy money for those countries. In-turn, they would spend that money on military hardware from the United States. And of ongoing false flag enemy would always threaten a country's sovereignty.

Now that al Qaida / ISIS, a CIA created bogeyman with radical elements, (Obama lost control over)....are now being destroyed by Trump and Putin.....causing the Queen and Merkel stress over a potential downsizing of NATO. The Rothchild empire and all their minions cannot conceive losing their military force (NATO) with Russia sitting at their back door like a hawk in waiting.

No doubt, Putin would like to re-unite the lost Russian satellite countries with the "mother country."

However....the difference now is a possible peace accord between Putin and Trump to slow everyone down from their grandioso ambitions of world control. NATO will stay intact and the real culprit in the Middle East is a nuclear Iran, but with collective persuasion....Iran will be contained and happy if Trump and Putin are happy. Even if Trump has to take-out every military and missile site in Iran, Putin is likely to condemn but not react. Under a Hillary would mean WWIII.

Those NOT happy, since all decades of planning and discourse around the world, since Hitler failed, now becoming a failure for the Rothchild empire et al, and exposure of communism, not seen since the days of McCarthyism when communism was exposed, has now taken to the streets in-order to train and indoctrinate colleges and political organizations with George Soros (Media Matters) funding, is paving the way to hell.

Europe is falling apart because of Obama's refugee created false flag, and because of BREXIT....other European countries will follow suit, which furthers the downfall of a "World Government." The strategy by Obama and Clinton would have created a worldwide demand for order...a New World Order, just short of using "Project Blue Beam" a DARPA plan to stage a false flag alien attack or a "second coming" to help rein-in demand for a New World Order by a worldwide population affected by a crisis.
However....we cannot discount the spiritual and evil dimensional influence that encompasses the earth.

Good versus evil is real and we as humans must remain steadfast and alert. The New World Order is anything but good and the humans leading the effort are very influenced by the forces of evil. If there is such a thing as Satan....George Soros is him in the flesh, a man that Trump will eventually have arrested, if Soros is not killed in the meanwhile. Of course, there are plenty of other Satan loving Sal Alinsky types to take his place of whom dedicated his book "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer....and we know that Hillary's mentor during college was Sal Alinsky and now many colleges follow his radical writings. 

The sub-level promoters of communism, the Sal Alinsky followers, Clinton, Obama, Soros and terrorist Bill Ayers are organizing as we speak, even though Hillary may have been assured freedom from jail, she and her Muslim and illegal alien Hispanic supporters are moving forward under fabricated ideas that Trump is going to continue banning Muslims and will begin deporting illegal aliens. Thanks to FakeStream Media, but mainly the Communist News Network (CNN) the hysteria is unfounded and not true. "It's not a Muslim ban."

President Trump is fulfilling most every promise to the American people, but is NOT a promise to the socialist Left communist thugs organized by Clinton's followers i.e., LULAC, Le MEChA, La Raza, the Chicano Brown Shirts (Reconquista de Aztlan) the Communist Party USA, C.A.I.R., Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter.....the thugs are burning down their own institutions, cities and shootings are up 100% in major cities around America since Trump took office.

THEY will get their deportations and mass incarcerations, since THEY want to validate their hatred for the American people, but mostly for Trump.

In the meanwhile....the New World Order planners and schemers are sitting back and hoping the violence will lead to a Civil War to force Trump's hand and his impeachment and/or assignation. If anything....THEY are working on the 2020 election, propping Hillary up (again) with support by Hollywood, Democrats, and the Communists.

Personally...I see no end in sight of the violence unless the Trump administration takes an aggressive move to wrap these people up very tight and not budge an inch. Because he gave Hillary an inch, she is taking a foot....and her thug following will do the same.

On top of the internal chaos in America, we have an enemy to the south (nothing new) and Trump has told Mexico, he will send the U.S. military into Mexico if necessary to destroy Drug Cartel strongholds, but if anything....I think Trump will militarize the border. He really doesn't have a choice...

The Liberty Movement fought like hell to change the rogue government, but now we must be vigilant and forceful when necessary, strong and determined, while countering the psychological warfare of the Fakestream Media at every turn.

We cannot lose this country matter what.    


Speaking in the Senate on March 2, 1953, Senator McCarran said:

"I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. ... However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. ... I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation."
The following commentary is provided by Craig Maus, President of the Confederate Society of America regarding Dave's article above.

 In 1992 our Confederate Society declared this:

*  The 3 Major ‘News’ Networks have become the propaganda ministries of a NATIONAL government that hasn’t been a Representative Republic for decades;

*  The ‘educational system’ has been likewise compromised;

It is currently serving as another extension for this NATIONAL government allowing for their Proxy & Ideology to be further advanced thru a NATIONAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT of their own creation.

It was created from a supposed need for ‘educational equality’.

Rather, it has served in displacing ALL elements relative to this Republic’s former being, serving instead the manifest of an altered Political Orthodoxy who emulates ‘representation’ but is anything but;

It has become a mechanism through which the NATIONAL government operates freely & with wanton obfuscation while systematically advancing the SOCIALIST narrative under the guise of ‘public education’.

Thus Any & ALL TRUTH’S ever associated with the American Republic have been conveniently eliminated or compromised away.

This in turn has created the ‘stage’ that allows this NATIONAL government to reign supreme while removing itself from any & all accountability while simultaneously replacing accountability with equivocation.

This is what we are seeing today resulting from a Socially-Adjusted America whose cloaking instruments provides for & allows the various Social-Manifest’s to proceed unchallenged & in direct conflict with the original Republic’s mandates.

They dare to call it by a new name- Political Correctness.

This can only have devastating consequences for ALL;

*  Further, Special Interest Purveyor’s such as the NAACP have become likewise, ‘Enabler’s’ for the ENABLERS within this NATIONAL government.

Their Resolution from last year’s 1991 Declaration clearly attests to our claim.

They are clearly NO longer satisfied with their original mission as it pertained to Civil Rights.

Power is now their collective mantra and they have clearly become yet another Arm of this NATIONAL government creating more miss-giving’s via divisive rhetoric & tactics that will prove to have negative, devastating & cataclysmic effects in the days & years to come.

It is clear that they, along with their Imperial Masters within this NATIONAL government, are procuring for themselves a Marxist Dais that has been long in the making beginning in earnest after the Southern Confederacy lost in 1865.

*  This will prove to be the final nail in the Republic’s coffin if the Malignancy of RECONSTRUCTION is NOT reversed.

Ultimately, a Political Polarization is bound to be realized that will become the catalyst that will DESTROY US as Chaos & Anarchy can only result as was noted by John C. Calhoun in 1831!


This and more we had the temerity to declare & speak of nearly 25 years ago.

As such, we were called Radicals, Yahoo’s and of course, the ‘nom-de-plum’ of all names, Racists.

As a result, a salient vitriol was quickly dispatched to SILENCE our voices.

        Miss-information, combined with Revisionist History & coupled with the never-ending contemporary orthodoxy of racism was affixed to folks such as we!

…‘There are NONE so blind as those whose eye’s refuse to see’…

Racism would serve the Marxist Propaganda machine mightily with few, EXCEPT US, willing to confront this progeny of deceivers.

As a result, America’s former Republic was now nearing the final stages of that RECONSTRUCTION that had begun in earnest in 1865!

Sadly, ANY ATTEMPT to put forward a SENSIBLE & COHERENT presentation wherein the ‘Dots of History Past’ could be presented that would reveal what had been in progress over the preceding 127 years stood about as much a chance as a snowball in hell.


     It was apparent to this Confederate Society that a Confederate Alliance was paramount & essential if we & our former Republic stood any reasonable chance of surviving.

Sadly, attempts to bring this about were torpedoed by those whose self-importance proved to outweigh the ‘merits’ of those whose lives were given to prevent this nightmare of a

Socialist NATIONAL government from ever coming about.

Instead of the needed confrontation that was required, the ‘cardinal quintessence’ for non-action became their clarion resolve absolving themselves from any & all serious actions that were necessary & obvious.

This abrogation from responsibility simply helped to accelerate the Republic’s demise as we knew it would.

Ultimately Confederate History, which was every bit the same as that of the American Republic, would come under a blistering attack.

It represented & reflected too much of that ‘Contract’ that was the basis for our former, Original American Republic… it was clearly in the ‘ideological’ way of this NATIONAL government just as it was in the way long before 1860.

You see Folks, America’s Original Confederation was the embodiment of our Republic and “Those People” in Washington, along with their Special Interest counterparts, could ill afford to leave anything remotely associated with it & us left standing.

We & their Marxist IDEOLOGY were in direct conflict with one another.

You might say that the RED STATES & BLUE STATES were clearly defined long ago….. but y’all were NEVER allowed to ‘Connect those Dots!’

Thus the REMOVAL of ALL THINGS relating to our Confederation (Confederacy), that were essentially representative of America’s Original Confederated Republic, had to be eradicated at ALL costs.

This is what MANY today have difficulty in bringing themselves to accept much less consider.

        The GENOCIDE of American History was as necessary as it was key If the NATIONAL-CENTRAL government of UNLIMITED SIZE was to proceed unabated.

        Social ‘Unfairness’ became the ‘rallying cry’ of their Marxist ilk.

        It served a clear purpose allowing them to attack America in ‘plain sight’ with many contributing to this GENOCIDE out of sheer fear.

        Many simply forgot how to FIGHT BACK!  

        It existed everywhere- particularly in the work force and many feared for their jobs & personal well-being.

       Thus in the name of Social ‘Un-Fairness’ did the Marxists flourish, prevail & advance.

       Contemporary ‘Racism’ shielded their attack that was now a full onslaught.

*   The Charleston Shooting, years later, provided the FINAL contrivance (excuse) for these Oligarchs.

This is what they had been waiting & yearning for.

Now they had ‘something’ to feast upon & used the unfortunate actions of a DERANGED PERSON, who supposedly held a Confederate Flag sometime prior, to garnish the support  necessary to ‘Neutralize’ Us, the Truth & most of America from her Original Republic once & for all.

Thus any retention of history or information in general relative to us as a People and a Confederation would be eradicated- GENOCIDE pure & simple under the guise of Social-Equality & Necessity…A.K.A., Marxism 101.

“Those People” could ill afford in leaving ANY rampart ever associated with the majesty of our History left standing.

We have always been a major thorn in their Marxist sides.

ANY knowledge relative to the ‘Connection of Historical Dots’ would reveal to anyone with an ounce of GOD’s common sense how we were ALL being screwed!

*  Nicki Haley of South Carolina would lead the way in this ‘FINAL NEUTRALIZATION’ and what better a ‘candidate’ than one of ‘cross-denomination’ to further SEGREGATE the TRUTH from one & all alike.

She was a ‘package perfect’ for this undertaking.

This was the EXCUSE they had been anxiously awaiting for- the EXCUSE that would provide them with the ability to MUZZLE any left standing on the Podium of Patriotism.

Now what has this got to do with the material from Dave herein and belowEVERYTHING!
    You see Folks, Washington long ago implemented a Policy of RECONSTRUCTION.

    It was intended always to remove any & all from any battlement that could potentially threaten the Orthodoxy of their ‘Imperial Throne’.

    In so doing, any retention of former History had to be removed from any recognition in order to avoid potential recrimination.

    The Oligarchy could ill afford to find itself in a position whereby Accountability & Explanation could undo what they spent the last 150 years in procuring.

    Additionally, they had to ‘set the bar’ so high as to make many Americans think that they & only they could lead them to the ‘Promised Land’ and thus, the Dumbing Down process was as Deliberate as it was Contrived coinciding with the advent of their NATIONAL ‘EDUCATIONAL’ DEPARTMENT.

    Combine that with the Deliberate Destruction of the Middle-Class via their  ‘Re-Distribution Policy’, created as another extension emanating from their so-called ‘Socialized Policy of

In-Equality’,  & the Pharaohs of Washington were just inches from their intended ‘end-zone’….having proceeded without interference for decades.


Ever hear the expression- ‘The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men that go AWRY’?

     Theirs was a ‘WEB always intended to DECEIVE’.

     Like a contiguous virus concocted in a lab, such betrayal was bound to afflict many raising heretofore questions they thought were to NEVER AGAIN surface.

     NECESSITY does that at times….  

     And thus many began to hear those Voices once again that Washington & Friends thought they deposited in the ashes of their heinous & concocted War they dared to call ‘Civil’.

You might say “Those People” thought those Voices had Gone the way of the Wind…

funny how GOD has a way of re-uniting his Flock with them…

*   Led by the DemonCRAP Party with the RepubliCON Party acting as the ‘cover’, “Those People”, as General Robert E. Lee so profoundly described them so long ago, thought they had sealed the deal and fully expected Hillary ROTTEN Clinton to take it ‘IN’ for the LAST TIME.

*   “Those People” thought it was going to be a slam-dunk thinking their web of deception was in the Final Stage of  America’s ‘MAKE-OVER’.  It was all but insured but….

“They thought they had Neutralized us Irredeemable, ‘Bible-Seeking Gun-Toting folks here in the Red ‘Country’.

They NEVER thought an anomaly like TRUMP could ever get ‘elected’…BUT HE DID BECAUSE OF US IN THE RED STATES & COUNTIES of America.

      What YOU are witnessing today & what is happening across America folks & in both houses of ‘congress’ and at those Institutions of ‘higher learning’ who have been INSTITUTIONALIZING our children, is precisely that which our Confederate Society told you would come about  25 years ago.

     Remember what us ‘Radicals’ said in 1992 when we predicted what would, NOT IF, result when y’all turn the other cheek to those who have only THEIR OWN SELF-INTERESTS at heart?

     You are seeing the very  ‘KICK-BACK’ associated with & emanating from a MARXIST IDEOLOGY that has been walking among us for decades.

We Confederates warned you of this!

     We were simply ‘ahead of our time’…..just as our Confederate Brethren before us were ahead of their time when, in 1860,  they too tried to tell us ALL what was going on.

Where is this going & can it be Contained or Controlled?

     In our opinion, it CANNOT!

      It is simply far too gone and far too en-grained & the BLUE STATES & COUNTIES clearly underscore this.

      Co-existence with them is IMPOSSIBLE.

      Theirs is a cancer whose Ideology is beyond any hope of redemption.

      NOTHING you or I say can change this.

      Their Ideology & Ours are Polar Opposites of one another… impossible of co-existence.
      Theirs is compelled to DESTROY ALL OTHERS at ANY & ALL COSTS!

     We are simply in THEIR way…. JUST AS WE WERE IN THEIR WAY SOME 155 YEARS AGO!

*   In closing, I find it interesting how they now clamor for “Sanctuary States that would allow their Pervasive Ideology to reign supreme above us ALL!

Strange when you think about it… how when we Confederates LEGALLY sought to SEPARATE ourselves from these same maniacal Marxists via LEGAL Constitutional Secessionwe got Invaded…. despite representing the legal wishes of our former STATE Citizens  who had earlier elected that ‘congress’ that choose to look the ‘other way’…

*  These are the same people today who, having admonished us Confederates for decades, NOW want to do ILLEGALLY what we did LEGALLY more than 150 years ago!

Are YOU ‘Connecting that DOT’?

*  I guess they NEVER ‘learned’ from their Marxist ‘teachers’ that they have been ‘FEDERALLY NATIONALIZED’ resulting from Lincoln’s War.

They are NO longer STATE CITIZENS as we ALL once were but have been made ‘Federal Citizens’… the same as we & subject to the SAME WHIMS of this NATIONAL government .

However, in our case, we became UNWILLING SURROGATES resulting from an Illegal & Undeclared War that put us into Submission as unwilling Surrogates.
But they have been extolling the ‘virtues’ of their NATIONAL government as long as it ‘worked’ for them.

But now that the RED STATES PULLED AN UPSET, that which was formerly NO GOOD for the GANDER, according to THEM, should be now made GOOD for their Goose!

They are NOW being ‘serviced’ by the SAME NATIONAL ‘JAILER’ who, had Hillary had won, would have had their TOTAL SUPPORT!

I guess this is where ‘EQUALITY’ NO longer applies- wouldn’t YOU say?  

        I find a sordid type of amusement in this irony …..

        NOW they MUST ‘satisfy’ their ‘appetite’ at the Same Trough from which we have been forced to eat for the last 150 years…..
I SINCERELY HOPE THEY GET THEIR DESIRED ‘SANCTUARY STATES’…. for then, perhaps, may we also get Ours at long last!

After all, what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander…. isn’t it?
…’What goes around comes around’…less we ever forget!

So FOLKS, y’all are now getting a TOTAL ‘glimpse’ of what we Confederates saw coming & why we WANTED NOTHING to do with “Those People”.

Courts of ‘LAW’ would ‘suggest’ that CONTRACTS are binding…..

However, It ONLY WORKS if the Original Signee’s who agreed to the Original CONSCRIPT are present…..

It is an altogether different ‘CONTRACT’ when the ‘Party of the First Part’ ELIMINATES the ‘PARTY of the Second Part’….wouldn’t YOU say?

‘Connecting the Dots’ yet?

Yes, We CONFEDERATES tried to warn you….



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